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Welcome to Music Therapy Center Curaçao. MTCC offers you information, treatment and products in Music Therapy at Curaçao and the Caribbean area.

Words can not always express what we want to say... Music is a language without words. In music we can communicate and express ourselfs. Music Therapy is a evidence based treatment. Together with the therapist you will explore different music instruments, make music or listen to music. Music therapy is appropriate for everybody and all ages. Music therapy is offered to individuals and groups. The main goal is to accomplish change, improvement, on psychological, social and physical needs. Music Therapy Center Curaçao stands as a center for quality and professionalism. We also offer Life Coaching, Consultancy, Workshops and Trainings. We are situated at Prinsenlaan Curaçao in the building of Neuropsychology Practice Minds Matter. For more information: [email protected] Phone: +5999 8695255 / +5999 5296127

Bisti bo oordopjes!

Un mensaje pa Korsou di nos rei di tumba 2019 Tumba Hubenil Kòrsou Sontje Mercelina! ''Korda bisti bo oordopjes!'' You can buy your #earplugs at all botica's from Nafl 5,- or contact Quota international Curaçao (FB), they have a lot of information. Felis Karnaval di parti di Music Therapy Center Curaçao! Danki na mayor pa permit.

Karnaval a yegaaa! Proteha bo orea! #Protect your #ears! More information you can find at Quota International of Curaçao facebook.

Dimas zonido ayó oido. Protehá bo oido durante karnaval

We are pleased to announce that Dengeline Isabella is the winner of our questionnaire ‘’Kiko bo sa di Terapia di Muzika’’. Marjon Roos met her at the University of Curaçao where she studies. When asked her how she knows a lot about #music #therapy she told that by listening to the information we gave at the Marshe Salu she filled in the form. The price: a nice #Toshiba #headset. We want to thank all participants for taking the time to enter the contest.

E #Konstesta nan riba e #preguntanan #si of #no:
1. Terapia di muzika ta un forma spesialistiko di tratamentu (si)
2. Terapia di muzika ta aktividat pa relaha (no) (no solamente!)
3. Terapia di muzika ta un terapia pa mucha (no) (tur edat!)
4. E studie di terapia di muzika ta riba HBO nivel (si, i master)
5. Terapia di muzika tin benefisio pa hende ku demensia (si)
6. Den terapia di muzika e terapeuta ta duna les (no, tratamentu)
7. Terapia di muzika ta kai bou di terapianan di arte (si)
8. Na area Latino Amerikano tambe por studia esaki (si)
9. Klinika Capriles, Yudaboyu tin terapia di muzika? (si)
10. E terapia ta duna na diferente instansha I particulier (si)
11. Na Korsou tin 6 terapeuta di muzika (no, nos tin 2 ainda...nos ta warda esun nan ku a studia bini bek!)

Good day Music Therapy friends! Ken a gana nos kontesta? At Marshe Salu 2019 we had a contest to win a over-ear #stereo #headset 🎧🎼, by answering some questions about #Music #Therapy in Curaçao! A lot of people filled in the form. So, who answered the questions right? We will announce it soon!

Jon Samson/ CoCreative Music

Music Therapist wins Grammy Award!

Jon Samson MA MTBC, the first Board Certified Music Therapist in history, accepts the Grammy for Best Children’s Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards.
Also look for his video on this channel where he attempts to help Ellen DeGeneres figure out what to do once she’s opened a yogurt.

On behalf of Yudaboyu Curacao GGz Curacao and Music Therapy Center Curaçao we want to thank you Martijn Hell for the inspiring and educational workshop introduction ''zachtjes balen' with 'spanningsthermometer' and Turtle 'Toontje' 🐢, tools to the regulation of tension and anger for children 🥵😅🙂😉. Especially for the Arts Therapists among us it was so nice to have you, a Vaktherapeut colleague, Drama Therapist. Thank you!

Music Therapy Center Curaçao's cover photo

Sometimes we #make #it #happen...we often have more to do than we can possibly do, but we just need to feel good about our choices (David Allen). Well, this was a good choice. It wasn't easy. But now, with this course, Music Therapy can be better understood and interventions more specific, for diseases in neurological area such like brain damage, Parkinson, Dementia, child development. Thank you Leticia and Camilla Pfeiffer from -Red Iberoamericana de Musicoterapia y Neurociencias

Visit from #Bonaire to see the GGz Curacao Music Therapy room! Giselene, musician/nurse from kas di kuido Fundashon Mariadal who was at the workshop given by United Through Music in Bonaire came to Curaçao! Music Unites!

#Bon #Siman!

The power of music.....thanks to MusicTeacherResources for sharing.....

Muziektherapie forensisch-psychiatrische kliniek vergroot kans behandelsucces

New research on #music #therapy!! (Take a look at the video) In Curacao forensic and double diagnosis patients at GGz Curacao and JJIC (Jeugd Justitiele Instelling) receive Music Therapy. Music Therapy is a #evidence #based form of treatment in healthcare, offered by professional Music Therapist #Vaktherapeut. Muziektherapie in forensisch-psychiatrische klinieken lijkt het vermogen van patiënten om hun aandacht vast te houden te vergroten.

Next year Latin American Congress of Music Therapy is in Colombia! 🎶🎶 We will do our best to attend the congress! For more information contact our music therapy center Curacao. Saludos!

Se acerca el VII Congreso Latinoamericano de Musicoterapia (del 11 al 15 de febrero del 2020, en Bogotá-Colombia). En este importante encuentro muy pronto conoceremos los avances de la “teoría y práctica musicoterapéutica: raíces,
perspectivas y evolución en Latinoamérica”

Recordemos que la formalización del proceso de inscripción para participar en el congreso, se realiza a través de la página web oficial del evento ingresando se encuentra el botón de inscripción y el botón de pago electrónico.

En ese sentido, para quienes realicen el pago del 4 al 22 de diciembre de 2019, tendrá un costo de USD$150 para profesionales y
USD$110 para estudiantes. Y quienes lo realicen del 23 de diciembre de 2019 al 7 de febrero de 2019, la inversión es de USD$180 para profesionales y USD$140 para estudiantes.

Nuestros canales de comunicación están abiertos para recibir sus comentarios, dudas o sugerencias, y toda la información sobre el evento se podrá conocer a través de la página web, nuestras redes sociales (Facebook, Instagram y Twitter), y el correo electrónico [email protected].

Agradecemos su atención y estaremos atentos para brindarles nuestro mejor servicio.

New training "ik ben top" and "pensa prome ku hasi" will start in March 2020! Both are in Dutch and Papiamento. With a lot of #music and #mindfulness excercises!

De laatste training van 2019 is vorige week van start gegaan!!! De nieuwe trainingen beginnen weer in maart 2020.
Vanaf nu zal er bij inschrijving van uw zoon of dochter voor een van onze trainingen een aanbetaling gevraagd worden. Helaas zijn wij hier toe gedwongen doordat ouders hun zoon of dochter inschrijven, maar op de dag van de start van de training niet komen. Niet afgemeld en al die tijd een plek bezet gehouden voor een ander die wel had willen komen.
Voor meer informatie neem contact met ons op! #pensapromekuhasi #ikbentop #trainingen #studiobalansa #musictherapycentercuracao #kids #fun #workingtogether #curacao

Masha danki internaat Casa Manita! About #Music #Therapy. We will work out the brainstorm for Music Therapy services at your center. Friday morning #information in #christmas #mood. Jitske you did it great! Jingle bells rock!!

Music Therapy 2020 | University of Pretoria | Conferences

Bon dia! The #World #Conference of #Music #Therapy in 2020 will be held in South Africa. Take a look at the site! The congress theme is Polyrhythms of Music Therapy!

Thank you for 400 likes!

Studio Balansa

Aanstaande woensdag 4 december start de training "Ik ben TOP!" Een pedagogische training voor het vergroten van zelfvertrouwen en weerbaarheid van kinderen.
Leeftijd: 6 tot en met 10 jaar. Voor meer informatie of aanmelden stuur een PM!

United Through Music

Music #Unites, it brings people from different #cultures and #backgrounds together in one language! Music opens dialogue. Thank you so much Gislene (Nurse at Fundashon Mariadal #Bonaire and Jitske (student Music Therapy Center Curaçao) for this beautiful song. You both immediately understood each other in the same language: music! Thank you Fundashon Alzheimer Bonaire for making possible this great training week about personalized music in dementia care with Jet Thoonen, Karen Wanjiru and Marjon Roos. On behalf of Music Therapy Center Curaçao.

Check out this new training for children! "Ik ben top"! Language: Dutch and papiamentu. Start december!

Op 4 december start de training "Ik ben TOP!" Een pedagogische training voor het vergroten van zelfvertrouwen en weerbaarheid van kinderen. Er zijn nog 3 plekjes vrij!!!
Leeftijd: 6 tot en met 10 jaar. Voor meer informatie of aanmelden stuur een PM!

🍰🎶🎻🥳 After 8 month course of #Music #Therapy in #Neurorehabilitation Marjon Roos is now certifed to use music therapy in medical rehabilitation area. For our Music Therapy Center Curaçao another step! Also on the way to #Evidence #Based Music Therapy in Curaçao!

Festejando y culminando una vez más un año concluido de nuestro curso de Neurorehabilitación y Musicoterapia online con fantá[email protected] colegas de Argentina, Brasil, España, Curacao, Ecuador, Paraguay. Pensando fuertemente para analizar casos juntos ;-) Gracias por acompañarnos un año más!

Morning opening with Music in elderly care Curaçao

Morning opening with music @Kas Hugenholtz - Sentro pa Demensia and Music Therapy Center Curaçao wish Leo Martis a lot of inspiration at Miracles of Music Congres and at HAN University of Applied Sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) #lesson for students in the Netherlands next week!. Leo, exito!!

Miracles of Music

Miracles of Music congress 12 november 2019 - Netherlands... about music in care! This intervention in Nepal is consciously focusing on relieving this little girl's pain. The therapist encourages her to play so her attention stays at the xylophone, hearing the calm guidance of the guitar, while her injured burned arm is treated.. ...❤️❤️🎶

Ook Maud Van de Worp doet mee in de film Mind & Music die 12 november wordt getoond. Bijzonder is dat Maud in Nepal werkt in een brandwondencentrum voor kinderen met werkelijk zichtbaar resultaat van #muziektherapie.
#Nepal #meermuziekindezorg #zorg

Jitske and Marjon #Music #Therapy #case #client #music #therapy at the Nashko conference. 😁🎶

Thanks thanks thanks thanks to our Music Therapy Center Curaçao student stagiair ArtEZ Jitske van Buuren for helping, supporting and playing therapist role in the Music Therapy case! You did it top! 🎻

Thank you Naskho Curacao! Inspiring #Workshop #Vaktherapie about Trauma in Music and Art Therapy by Marleen de Valk and Marjon Roos!

Nashko Renaissance Hotel Curacao here we come!! Today workshop Art and Music Therapy in Trauma Treatment, Marleen de Valk and Marjon Roos. With Jitske our music therapy student!

Miracles of Music

The biggest #Music in #Care congress in the Netherlands! 12 november 2019! 🎻

Wij willen muziek de plek geven die ze verdient; in het leven, de zorg en het onderwijs.
Muziek is goed voor de ontwikkeling en gezondheid van ons brein.

We wish colleague #Music #Therapist and teacher at HAN University of Applied Sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) Barbara Krantz a lot of succes at her presentation at the Miracles of Music Congress in the Netherlands this november! We are happy to #announce that Leo Martis our muziekbegeleider elderly care and Quentyn Gomez our soon to be music therapist, will attend the congress on behalf of Music Therapy Center Curaçao. More information soon!

Muziek als communicatiemiddel bij ouder en kind.
In deze workshop maak je kennis met de interventie Zing en Groei: muziektherapie voor ouders met jonge kinderen (0-6 jaar). Je leert hoe het komt dat kinderen al vanaf hun geboorte met hun ouders kunnen communiceren en je ervaart aan den lijve hoe muziek de relatie tussen ouder en kind kan versterken.
Barbara Krantz en @jules van der Staaij vertellen je er alles over. #meermuziekindezorg en opvoeding

Thanks you participants for your #registration 🙂✏️, this course is #full now.
A new course will start after 6 weeks. (#children in Papiamento/Dutch)

De training 'Pensa prome ku hasi' die aanstaande dinsdag start is VOL! Nieuwe data worden deze week bekend gemaakt. U kunt altijd informeren of aanmelden voor de nieuwe training. 🙏

2 PLAATSEN VRIJ / 2 LUGA HABRI! Nos lo start dia 22 OKTOBER ku grupo di mucha training "pensa prome ku hasi!" "Denk voor je doet"


Op 22 oktober start Studio Balansa in samenwerking met Music Therapy Center Curaçao de training PENSA PROME KU HASI.

Snel afgeleid zijn of moeilijk kunnen concentreren, veel energie, creatief, een vol hoofd, prikkelbaar zijn wiebelen op de stoel of niet kunnen stilstaan, dromerig zijn, een flapuit.

Herkent u uw zoon of dochter hierin? Meld hem of haar dan nu aan voor deze training!

Psychotrauma & psychiatrie

Bon dia! Come to Naskho Curacao Curaçao #Psychotrauma and #Psychiatry congress 25-27 October and attend the 🎵🖌 #Vaktherapie workshop on Sunday in the afternoon!
13:30 -15:00
Workshops sessie 3: Vaktherapie beeldend en muziektherapie bij de behandeling van trauma Marjon Roos and Marleen de Valk. Inschrijfgeld $ 75 per sessie (halve dag) [toggle open="true" title="Vrijdag 25 oktober 2019"] Van - tot Onderwerp Spreker 18:00 - 19:00  Registratie     Voorzitter: H. Wijbrand Hoek 19:00 - 19:05 Opening Roland Anton [...]

#Music #Congress in Curacao this weekeind named WOKE Music Conference. Workshops about music production, song writing, music video production, DJ branding, artist marketing, etc.
Interesting also for our #students and internees #music #therapy! 🎻

11-12-13 OKTOBER
Also official launch of streaming platform Trackdrip 🇨🇼🇨🇼⭐️⭐️⭐️

New training starting!! ''Pensa prome ku hasi'' ''denken voor je doet''
Pa #mucha #kinderen #children! With Studio Balansa. We will start this training soon. Contact us for more information WhatsApp:
+5999 52967127

Na de tussenvakantie van oktober start Studio Balansa in samenwerking met Music Therapy Center Curaçao de training PENSA PROME KU HASI.

Snel afgeleid zijn of moeilijk kunnen concentreren, veel energie, creatief, een vol hoofd, prikkelbaar zijn wiebelen op de stoel of niet kunnen stilstaan, dromerig zijn, een flapuit.

Herkent u uw zoon of dochter hierin? Meld hem of haar dan nu aan voor deze training!

Take a look at the website or page Miracles of Music , #congress november 2019 Netherlands!

WELKOM! Onze Muziektherapeut in opleiding, Jitske van Buuren! 🎵🎼🎹🎻🎻Jitske is 4de jaars student aan ArtEZ Muziektherapie Enschede! Un duuushi tempu di stage na Music Therapy Center Curaçao, among others GGz Curacao Yudaboyu Curacao Klinika Capriles and Minds Matter Neuropsychology #Curaçao. September tot januari. Exito Jitske! 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

Get #informed about music therapy all ages and mindfulness for children and... get #entertained!

Saturday #Mindfull #Music workshop, a music and mindfulness program for children, by Neeltje Emonds Studio Balansa and Marjon Roos Music Therapy Center Curaçao at the Wellness fair! Chill by 32 degrees!

Active weekeind MTCC at #Welnessfair, #salu, #nature, #balance # life #music #therapy and more!

Welness Fair Landhuis Klein kwartier today and tomorrow!

We are ready! Music Therapy Center Curaçao and Studio Balansa today and tomorrow from 10 to 18:00 at the welness fair Landhuis klein kwartier!

Music Therapy Center Curaçao invites you to attend BO SALÚ, Curaçao Wellness Fair 2019. We will have a booth to give you information about #Music #Therapy, how it works and it's benefits. Also there will be 2 #workshops, for this wellness event in cooperation with Childcoach Neeltje Emonds from Studio Balansa!
Entree grátis. Landhuis Klein Kwartier, 14 i 15 di September, 10'or di mainta pa 6'or di anochi.

Muziekinterventies verminderen stress - Universiteit van Amsterdam

Music interventions reduce stress! Stress is niet goed voor de gezondheid. Dat realiseren we ons meer en meer. Maar hoe kunnen we stress verminderen als we dagelijks met stressverhogende omstandigheden te maken hebben? Een team van wetenschappers heeft de effecten van muziekinterventies onder de loep genomen. Hiervoor hebben ze de re...

About #Generations & #communication 🙃😉 The digital age transformed the way we listen to #music and maybe experience music. Our favorite songs are on YouTube, IPOD, MP3, Smartphone, tablet and more....So a little music history:

Specially for our MTCC friends under the < 20 🤓: This is a music cassette from the 70's... Do you know what a #pencil and a #cassette have in common? (Abo sa Kiko e cassette ku e potlot tin di haber ku otro? / Weet jij wat ze met elkaar gemeen hebben?)

Brains work in sync during music therapy: Researchers make major breakthrough using brain hyperscanning

Another #milestone in #music #therapy #research abroad. Music therapists report experiencing emotional changes and connections during therapy. Researchers have been able to confirm this using data from the brain. 😃👏Date:
July 25, 2019 Source: Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge UK) For the first time researchers have been able to demonstrate that the brains of a patient and therapist become synchronized during a music therapy session, a breakthrough that could improve future interactions between patients and therapists.

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Bisti bo oordopjes!
United Through Music
Morning opening with Music in elderly care Curaçao
Seminar Alzheimer Kada Tres Sekonde
Children Frater Evonius School in poster contest
Pasku ku Live dinner music!
Pasku na Frater Evonius school
Arts Therapies workshop Statia
Webinar Music and Memory Curaçao
MTCC invited to Mrs R's 80th birthday




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