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Welcome to Music Therapy Center Curaçao. MTCC offers you information, treatment and products in Music Therapy at Curaçao and the Caribbean area.

Words can not always express what we want to say... Music is a language without words. In music we can communicate and express ourselfs. Music Therapy is a evidence based treatment. Together with the therapist you will explore different music instruments, make music or listen to music. Music therapy is appropriate for everybody and all ages. Music therapy is offered to individuals and groups. The main goal is to accomplish change, improvement, on psychological, social and physical needs. Music Therapy Center Curaçao stands as a center for quality and professionalism. We also offer Life Coaching, Consultancy, Workshops and Trainings. We are situated at Prinsenlaan Curaçao in the building of Neuropsychology Practice Minds Matter. For more information: [email protected] Phone: +5999 8695255 / +5999 5296127

Wat zingen doet met je gezondheid

Kanta! Kanta! E ta hoopi bon pa bo.... ta duna alegria na mucha, ta baha stress na grandi! E ta super bon pa salu! 🎤🎼 Je favoriete lied luidkeels onder de douche zingen, lofzangen in de kerk, treurliederen tijdens een begrafenis, protestsongs of wandelmarsen: zingen doet wat met mensen. Wat precies, en waarom?

#Felis #dia #di #Mama! #Bon #siman!

Universiteit van Curaçao -Information Managing day 2019.

📌 Whether profit or non-profit, information and document managing is for all of us! 📝Business, Education, healthcare or other area: it’s about #innovation and #sharing! To hear new ideas, developments, organizational models and future #society #challenges....Friday 10th of may at Information Managing day 2019, by Ictual and Pro Doc It. And we missed Mr Kenneth Vinck!

Tayer Kantika di trabou - Elia Isenia ||* Lebombo Curacao | Events

1st of May! Dia di obrero! Labor is from all times and often is hard. Music and labour are inseparable in all cultures. Music at work has a positive influence on body, mind and soul. Singing during work makes work easier, motivates and helps us cope with fatigue. We want to share this video with you: a very old ''Curaçao labour song''. A #workshop by one of Curaçao's greatest #artist: Miss Elia Isenia. #Felis #Dia di #obrero and take a good rest!

En konekshon ku dia internashonal di museo, un total di 16 museo aki na Korsou a habri nan porta ku programa i tayernan interesante pa publiko. Museo Ka'i Or...

Un Bosque EnCantado

Interesanti tambe pa e #vaktherapeuten-nan na Korsou!

Also interesting for Arts and Psychomotor Therapists in Curacao.

Charla “Cognitieve Gedragstherapie den konteksto kurasoleño" - oradó: Irving Picus
Lezing: “Cognitieve Gedragstherapie in Curaçaose context” - door: Irving Picus

22 mei 2019, UoC, 19.00-20.30 uur


What a Wonderful World | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Have a nice #Easter!

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest video releases: Playing For Change is proud to present this video of the song "...

HBO-opleiding Vaktherapie voltijd Nijmegen (Creatieve Therapie) -

Studie #muziektherapie #Terapia #Di #Muzika! Esaki ta 4 anja HBO. Na HAN HAN University of Applied Sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)tin posibilidat pa kore stage derdejaars di 10 luna na Korsou! Help als vaktherapeut mensen vooruit! Kies voor de hbo-studie Vaktherapie aan de HAN in Nijmegen. Keuze uit beeldend vormen, drama, muziek of psychomotorisch.

Projectorkest Curacao! We alle became fan of Opera music!
We' d like to thank you in name of all #care #organizations , Music Therapy Center Curaçao and Music & Memory Curacao!

Yesterday we gave a special opera performance (Act I) for invited guests of all ages. The audience was invited and coordinated by Music Therapy Center Curaçao, Sheila Payne and José Reyes. Looking forward to today's show (Act II). And this Saturday, the 13th of April, we will present the full opera show at the Fort Church. See photos for an impression!

E Tabata tremendo Djaweps I Djabierne anochi. Un danki na tur invitadonan!

Thanks all care organizations and clients who came to the Opera! Thanks to Project orkest Curacao, Karen Wanjiru, Jet Thoonen and Clayton Thielman!! From Music & Memory Curacao, thanks to Mayra I Sheyla Payne!

It was a succes! Opera per Tutti - ode to Venus. Thanks all invitees Thursday and Friday for your presence at the opera di Tutti! Thanks to kunstkring Curacao, Ilja de Bell.

[04/12/19]   Tabata hopi #exitoso e muziektheater ayera anochi!!! AINDA TIN UN PAR DI LUGA pa awe nochi!! Gratis concert voor (zorg) Organisaties Reserva aworaki for di 12:00 solamente via app! +5999 5296127!

Interview bij Jinek: 'Muziek is geen luxe'

[Zie voor hires version: ] Muziek is gezond voor ons brein en moet daarom een grotere rol spelen in ons dagelijk...

E sala ta yenando! Eksperensia algu otro I schrijf in! Ainda por inskribi awe ku manjan (#organisashon nan di kuido, #stichting etc!!) Pa DJAWEPS OF DJABIERNE. [email protected]

Arts and Music Therapists can dynamically work at #corporates #businesses with teams or individuals on specific topics like #effective #communication. With different interventions we do not only focus on the spontaneous interactive creative processes, but the goal is to let people look at and think of a topic from a completely different angle, experience based!

It were two inspiring Thursday evenings at Archivo Nashonal Kòrsou! There we (Marjon Roos assisted by Music Therapy student Quentyn Gomez) gave lessons communication: ‘’Effectief Communiceren'' and ''Gesprekstechnieken’’. It was to students of ProDocIt (professional document and information managment). Thank you Mr Kenneth Vinck for the invitation. Also we want to thank 3C Constructive Coaching & Consulting for recommending Music Therapy Center Curaçao. The students worked hard as you see, but we also used a lot of interactive experience based interventions from the Arts Therapies.

De communicatieve en structurerende krachten van muziek zijn bij uitstek geschikt in de behandeling en begeleiding van mensen met autisme. We wish you all a good #Autism #Awareness #Day

For World Autism Day: how music therapy is making a difference!

#INVITASHON!! Organisashon nan di kuido, klientenan di nos Music Therapy Center Curaçao, pa un i tur ku ta interesa! Abo ta konose e tipo di muziektheater aki? Un oportunidad uniko pa sera konosi! Lo bini 2 presentashon #GRATIS i nos kier a invitá boso! Un invitashon di De Curacaosche Kunstkring. E lo bira hopi interessante. E #SHOW #KLASIKO ta bunita i edukativo! Geef op trempan pa garantisá lugá. Pa mas informashon mira e flyer!

Today is #Down #Syndrome #Awareness #Day.
#Music #Therapy is a wonderful way to improve #attention, #memory and other #cognitive abilities, but also #social and #emotional development skills in children with Down Syndrome. There are worldwide many Music Therapists working with children with Down syndrome. For more information fee free to call or mail us.

Muziektherapie op Curaçao en de ontwikkelingen in het Caribisch gebied

Do you want to know More about #Music #Therapy? Go to our website.

E Muziektherapie @#Prinsenlaan1 #Emmastad #Curacao

4. #Duuushi #Karnaval!!!
(Juengio and his mommy Juhaily Halmeyer today).
Have a nice Carnaval!

Juengio at the Marcha di Mucha:
1. "These are my earplugs. I’m waiting...waiting...waiting..."
2. "I think I hear music,.. let’s plug in!"
3. "Yes!!! There they come!!"

Bon dia! Do you have e a nice Carnaval Pic with earplugs? Send it to us, we will post it on our site.
Ministerio di Salubridat, Medio Ambiente i Naturalesa, Quota International of Aruba I Quota Korsou. Also from Music Therapy Center Curaçao: Enjoy Carnaval but think about your ears!
DISFRUTA DI KARNAVAL PERO KUIDA BO OIDO Zonido duru den nos orea, por kousa daño na nos oido. Ta rekomendabel uza dòpi pa orea pa redusí e efekto ku ta dañino pa bo oido. Esaki ta konta sigur pa nos muchanan.

#Music #has #power #to #unite. A type of Music Therapy is the #Community #Music #Therapy: a way of doing and thinking about Music Therapy where the larger cultural, institutional and social context is taken into consideration by the music therapist. The therapy is not only directed towards the individual. The goal is engage, build a interrelation between communities, neighborhood’s, schools and social movements, with music.

#Vacature #muziektherapie #Curacao #werkervaringsplaats voor een kortdurend project als pilot. Stichting AJJC met ondersteuning van MTCC

#Music speaks what cannot be expressed in words…
Beautiful day... sing a song...listen to music. Together with your loved ones. #Happy #Valentine's #day!

Thank you for the presents Gerda and Barbara! Meeting with HAN University of Applied Sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) And dushi #Happy #hour with art therapist Marleen de Valk, music therapist Marjon Roos and their internees of this year! Quentyn + Julien Muziektherapie (music therapy), Katinka + Minke beeldende therapie (art therapy)!

Thank you Barbara Krantz and Gerda Van de Peppel, lecturers from HAN University of Applied Sciences /Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) for visiting us, the #Arts #Therapists (#Vaktherapeuten) at Curaçao. They had meetings at different institutions among others GGz Curacao Klinika Capriles Yudaboyu Curacao. 👍

Bon siman!
E kongreso Latino Amerikano di #terapia #di #musika e anja aki na Colombia juli 2019, ta wordu pospone pa 2020 februari. Esaki ta door di e situashon aktual politika I sosial na Colombia. VII CLAM - Congreso Latino Americano de Musicoterapia - 2020. Kisas ku nos di Korsou Music Therapy Center Curaçao por inskribi ainda pa un presentashon.

Due the political and social situation in Colombia, the congress will be held next year and not in July this year. #Music #Therapy VII CLAM - Congreso Latino Americano de Musicoterapia - 2020


0048 Innovative Approaches. Impact of an Active Music Therapy Intervention on Intensive Care Patients - AACN

Another #evidence #based research #Music #Therapy The support active music therapy as a nonpharmacological intervention in #intensive #care #units. Groundwork for future research on M in critical care units using larger. American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) DOI: /api/sitecore/journals/AacnJournalsSso?url= Volume: 28 Issue: 1 January 2019 Pages: 48-55 Full-Text PDF Fees Member: $0.00 NonMember: $10.00

Muziektherapie op Curaçao en de ontwikkelingen in het Caribisch gebied

For information about #music #therapy in @curaçao, you are also welcome to check out our website.

Hello everybody! Every last Saturday of the month we offer #Mindful #Music for mother/father/granny's and child! Language and songs: Papiamento/Dutch and English. You learn about music with your toddler (#peuter #kleuter) ! It has benefits for both: child and parent. By #music #Therapist Marjon Roos and Childyoga teacher Neeltje Emonds. See you next month? More information: app/call +5999 5296127 of [email protected] or: [email protected]

Did you know that #Music #Therapy is indicated in treatment against #depression? In Curaçao at GGz Curacao, in the elderly care on our island and at the Music Therapy Center Curaçao clients experience the benefits. Worldwide different studies are made on depression. One is of Finnish researchers. They evaluated 79 people between the ages of 18 and 50 with depression. Forty-six participants received the standard care, according to Finland Health Care District includes five to six psychotherapy sessions, antidepressants, and psychiatric counseling.
The other 33 participants received the same standard treatment, but also received a total of 20 bi-weekly music therapy sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. The musical expression in the sessions were based on a selection of music instruments, including a mallet instrument, a percussion instrument, and an acoustic djembe drum. The therapist and the client had identical instrumentation, and all improvisations were recorded for further processing and discussion.
Depression scores were measured at baseline, at three months after the intervention, and at six months. After three months, the participants who received music therapy plus standard care showed significant improvement in depressive symptoms than those just receiving standard care.

Quota International of Aruba

CUIDA BO OIDO den CARNAVAL 65!!! #quota #quotainternational #quotawechangelives #cuidabooido #protectyourhearing #shattersilence

To all our clients, partners and everyone who supported our Music Therapy Center Curaçao in 2018.. Thank you!
#Happy and #Prosperous 2019!

#Music #Therapy #Netherlands - more and more in medical cares.
#Terapia #di #musika na Hulanda no solamente tereno di #Geestelijke #Gezondheid pero tambe den Hospital. Kisas algu pa nos #Hospital #Nobo?

Elk jaar liggen ruim 500 pasgeboren baby's op de intensive care neonatologie van het UMCG. Kwetsbare kindjes, vaak ernstig ziek, veel te vroeg geboren, nog geen kilo zwaar. Hun hersenen zijn nog onrijp en kunnen door stress en pijn beschadigd raken. Om hun stress te verminderen krijgen deze pasgeboren baby’s vanaf nu live-muziektherapie: een muziektherapeut speelt aan bed zachtjes muziek. We weten dat de helft van hen zal achterblijven in motoriek, gedrag en verstandelijk functioneren. Alles wat we kunnen doen om de ontwikkeling van deze kwetsbare baby’s te stimuleren, doen we.

Who gives the #300th like (from Curaçao) and follows the Music Therapy Center Curaçao FB page? Than this nice little box of 👂#earplugs is for you!
Use earplugs at end of the year pagaras and other events! We will give you tips for adults and children. ✨

Inspirational morning at Stichting AJJC! 🎵🎶
With Music Therapy student Julien de Boer, in name of #Vereniging #Vaktherapeuten #Curacao and Music Therapy Center Curaçao we gave information to a group of social workers and management, about Music Therapy as one of the Arts Therapies. Thank you!

Music & Memory Curacao

Today in the Netherlands is #Music #Therapy #Day!

Het is vandaag de europese Dag van de Muziektherapie!

In Nederland gaat vandaag de film Miracles of Music in premiere tijdens het congres met dezelfde titel.

De film en onderdelen daaruit zullen ook voor educatieve doeleinden worden gebruikt tijdens de Miracles of Music Meetings en als instructie voor mantelzorgers, verzorgenden en zorgprofessionals in de thuissituatie.

Hier op Curaçao feliciteren we Marjon, ons kerngroep-lid en oprichtster van Music Therapy Center Curaçao!

#dagvandemuziektherapie #muziektherapie #miraclesofmusic #musicandmemorycuracao #musicanddementia

Meeting with Neeltje Emonds from Studio Balansa. Evaluation and follow-up different #Music #Therapy and Play Therapy projects 2018, among others the 'Projekto di Terapia' Kolegio Sur Herman Joseph. 🎶

Music Therapy Center Curaçao congrats Verpleeghuis Betesda Curacao with it's 30 years aniversary! It were12 years of #music #therapy, now Betesda is certified Music & Memory Curacao and more music to go! Pabien!

Verpleeghuis Betesda Curacao 30 years!! We are proud of being part of it for 12 years (2005-2018) and more colorful years to go with #music #therapy at Betesda! Keep the good work! Congrats of Marjon Roos and team Music Therapy Center Curaçao!

Bon dia! Awe na mashe di salu GGz Curacao nos Music Therapy Center Curaçao huntu ku Music & Memory Curacao lo papia tokanti Muzika I salubridat. E marshe ta kuminsa for di 3 or!

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Video's (alles zien)

Children Frater Evonius School in poster contest
Pasku ku Live dinner music!
Pasku na Frater Evonius school
Arts Therapies workshop Statia
Webinar Music and Memory Curaçao
MTCC invited to Mrs R's 80th birthday
Little R on the bari in music therapy
Music workshop at Fundashon Uni




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