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Jaffe's Covid-19 quarantine update. Still bored.....
Myself and my family want to thank Hari and Jamie (hope I remembered names correctly) for their compassion and understanding on coming to our house to help our Lucy over the rainbow bridge. We were so heartbroken. Your help and understanding made a very difficult experience just a little more bareable. Knowing she was going with respect and love. Thank you.
We can't thank Crawford, Christine and The Point Clare Vet Team enough for the emergency care and compassion they gave our beautiful big bear; Terror, last week.

Unfortunately, Terror has taken his final rest, but we feel comfort in knowing he didn't suffer. Thank you for looking after our boy for the last eight and a half years.

Rest In Peace Big Bear - We Love You Forever πŸΎπŸ’œ
Beautiful Jaffe is now 10 months old. We love him to bits, in spite of him still being very naughty. He pretends to be an angel and as soon as you let your guard down, off comes your finger. πŸ˜€
Anyone else have any ideas?
Christmas is going to be fun this year with Jaffe around.πŸ˜€
This is a ridiculous video but well put together. Thought other pet lovers would appreciate it!
Happy hump day everyone!
Here's an update on the little ginger kitty we adopted from you, now known as Jaffe. He's settling in very well, befriending our other cat Daisy, who generally doesn't like anybody, and terrorising our dogs, chasing them around the house.

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Operating as usual


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!
May it be filled with lots of adventures with your furbabies πŸΎπŸ’•


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from the team at Point Clare Vet πŸ’œ

Photos from Point Clare Vet Hospital's post 20/12/2022

Meg πŸ’œ

Case of the week 🐾

Meg presented to us after her owner pulled a paralysis tick off her. He noticed she was wobbly on her legs and struggling to breathe and brought her in to the hospital.

When she arrived, our nurses noticed immediately that Meg was critical. She had collapsed and could barely breathe. She was rushed out to the treatment room, where she received oxygen, some medication to calm her down, and tick antiserum to mop up any toxin still remaining in her bloodstream.

Meg’s condition was the most severe kind of tick paralysis and her prognosis for survival was unfortunately poor.

Meg’s owner knew the seriousness of the situation but was willing to give treatment a go. Meg received a full body shave to facilitate further tick searches and another large paralysis tick was located. Meg also received a Bravecto Spot-On tick treatment.

Meg was discharged home to be nursed carefully. She had antibiotics for the aspiration pneumonia she sustained from breathing in her saliva.

When she came back for a recheck 5 days later she walked in the door wagging her tail!
She was a fighter and one very lucky lady.

The first photo is Meg after her initial stabilisation in hospital, and the second one is Meg at her revisit. We just can’t believe the amazing recovery she’s made after being so critically unwell. πŸ’•

While Meg’s story is a success, most dogs that become as unwell as Meg with tick paralysis aren’t so fortunate. Prevention is key - many options are available for ongoing tick prevention.

Call us today on 4324 5488 to discuss tick preventatives in your pet.

Photos from Point Clare Vet Hospital's post 19/12/2022


WE NEED YOUR HELP to find these adorable boys a forever family. 🐾


Friendly reminder to order prescription food or medication your pet requires over the holiday period. There may be delays due to public holidays and suppliers closing for the Christmas break. πŸŽ„



πŸ‘‰ We have seen an increase in the number of tick paralysis cases on the Central Coast - on top this there is currently a nation wide shortage of tick antiserum, leaving vet clinics with a limited supply.

πŸ‘‰ Up to date tick prevention combined with daily tick searches are key to help keep your pet safe from these dreaded parasites.

Signs of tick paralysis-

πŸ’₯ Change in bark or meow
πŸ’₯Wobbliness in hind legs which progresses to the front
πŸ’₯Difficulty breathing

If your pet is showing any of these signs they need to see a vet asap
Please call us on (02) 4324 5488 if you need any further information.

Photos from Point Clare Vet Hospital's post 05/12/2022


Adorable 9 week old male kittens available for adoption πŸ’•
All are up to date with their vaccination, worming and are microchipped!

About their personalities -

🐾 Black and white kitty (1st photo) this boy is brave and the first to try a new challenge. He loves the other adult cats in the household as well as his siblings. He also loves his tucker!

🐾 Black kitty (2nd photo) he is sweet and a little shy. Very Independant and loves to play.

🐾 Grey with white legs kitty (3rd photo) has such a delicate little face. He loves to talk, always ready to play and loves snuggles with his brothers.

🐾 Grey kitty (4th photo) this curious boy loves cuddles with humans and siblings.

If interested in finding out more about adopting them please text on 0411 497 567


Little Miss Ivy having snuggles with her mum after her stay with us πŸ’•

Photos from Point Clare Vet Hospital's post 18/11/2022

Nexgard Spectra PROMO πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Buy a six pack of NexGard Spectra for your canine friend and receive two free doses! 🐾
That’s 8 doses for the price of 6- Valued up to $58!! πŸ’ƒπŸΌ


Purchase any 3 or 6 pack of NexGard Spectra and go into the draw to win an awesome prize pack- valued around $250 (picture of prize pack included) 3 pack =1 entry, 6 pack = 2 entries 🐾

Photos from Point Clare Vet Hospital's post 24/10/2022

Meet this beautiful little lady- Harper the Basset hound! She visited Dr Julia to have her ears checked πŸ’•


Happy Vet Nurse Day to our incredible nurses and to all vet nurses around the globe. 🐾

Thank you for dedicating your heart and soul to the animal kingdom and for all you do for creatures great and small. πŸ’•


We are closed for the public holiday today-
Thursday 22/9/22. πŸ‘‘
Should your pet require urgent veterinary attention during this time -please call or visit the Animal Referral hospital, 401 manns rd West Gosford, 4323 3886.
We will be open as normal from 8.30am Friday 23/9.


Adorable Leo patiently waiting for his treat after visits with Dr Crawford πŸΎπŸ’—


Get in quick. Entries closing soon! Good luck 🐾


We’re running a dental month...


Post a photo in the comments of your HAPPY pet to go into the running to win an awesome prize pack containing-

πŸ’₯ $100 OFF your pets next dental procedure
πŸ’₯ A bag of Royal Canin dental biscuits (dog or cat)
πŸ’₯ Oxyfresh water additive

Competition closes 9am Friday 2/9/2022 and winner will be announced the same day
1 entry per pet
Must be able to pick up prize from our clinic



We’re running a dental month...


Post a photo in the comments of your HAPPY pet to go into the running to win an awesome prize pack containing-

πŸ’₯ $100 OFF your pets next dental procedure
πŸ’₯ A bag of Royal Canin dental biscuits (dog or cat)
πŸ’₯ Oxyfresh water additive

Competition closes 9am Friday 2/9/2022 and winner will be announced the same day
1 entry per pet
Must be able to pick up prize from our clinic


Happy International Dog Day 🐾
What better way to celebrate humans best friend than to share a photo of our teams very own dogs!

Share with us a photo of your pooch and tell us what you love most about them πŸ’•


We think tiny Humphrey would be a perfect member of our reception team πŸ’•


We are often asked - β€˜What can I do to help keep my pets teeth clean?’ 🐾🦷

There are a number of things that we as pet owners can do to help keep our furbabies oral health in tip top shape-

πŸͺ₯ Routine 6 monthly dental check ups

πŸͺ₯ Routine scale and polish

οΏΌπŸͺ₯ Daily teeth brushing

πŸͺ₯ DentalοΏΌ kibble- these are larger in size and textured so they clean their teeth with every bite plus they also contain other goodness that help keep plaque and tartar at bay.

πŸͺ₯ Dental chews - these can help clean teeth by wiping away plaque and tartar build up, freshen breath and provide lasting effects that help fight bacteria.

πŸͺ₯ Dental toys - designed to clean the teeth as they are chewed.

πŸͺ₯ Dental supplements such as daily water additives can assist with maintaining a healthy mouth by fighting plaque and tartar and freshen breath.

Please call us for any further information!


August is pet dental month πŸͺ₯🦷

Did you know that around 80% of dogs and cats aged over 3 years old have some form of dental disease?

Signs of dental disease to watch out for-

*Bad breath
*Plaque and calculus build up
*discoloration of teeth
*inflammation of gums
*Broken or wobbly teeth
*difficulty eating
*sore mouth/ swollen face

If you are concerned your pet is showing signs of dental disease make an appointment with their vet for a dental health check!


Tiny Boo we love you πŸ’• we can't wait to watch you grow big and strong and be apart of your journey throughout life 🐾


Bob just chillin with the ladies at reception πŸ’•


Two peas in a pod πŸ’•
This adorable pair came in to visit us at our Umina clinic- Mishka needed her arthritis injection and Chewie came in to keep her company! 🐾


β€˜I’ll take 2 packets of liver treats please!’ 🐾

Good boy Alfie πŸ’™ visited Dr Crawford for some help with his sore ears.



What does a golden puppy do when they visit the vet and meet a fellow golden?
INSTANT PLAY session of course πŸ’•πŸΎ


Do you know the signs of arthritis?

The cooler weather can intensify the pain of arthritis in our furbabies. Although there is no cure, we can certainly make them more comfortable and alleviate their pain so they can live life to the fullest!

Signs to look out for-

*Difficulty getting up and down from a sitting or laying position
*Walking stiffly or limping
*Hesitant to jump up into car or climb stairs
*Licking and guarding sore joints
*Changes in behavior- they may seem more β€˜cranky’ due to the pain.

How can you help your pet?

Your vet can help diagnose and determine the ideal arthritis plan for your pet which may include anti inflammatory medication along with

*Soft padded, raised bedding
*Making sure their sleeping area is warm and draft free
*Joint supplements and diets
*Regular walks to help keep them fit and maintain a healthy weight
*Using Jackets and coats to keep them warm

For more information call our friendly team on 4324 5488


Meet Murray πŸ’™
This beautiful boy bounded happily through our doors to see Dr Christine for his vaccination and cuddles- he also had fun but busy day having cuddles at work with his mum πŸ’•πŸΎ


Kitten cuddles with Astrid the baby Sphynx πŸ’•πŸΎ


Coco is tiny but he is mighty πŸ’•
Dr Christine was lucky enough to see this beautiful boy for his final puppy vaccination today 🐾


A little humor for the day...

Photos from Hilarious Ted's post 13/12/2021

Photos from Hilarious Ted's post


A dumb smart boy

Credit: brevitycomic

Photos from Doggo's post 07/10/2021

Photos from Doggo's post


They are not just pets, they are family.
Sending love to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and to anyone who has ever had their heart broken by losing a pet.

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