Kingsgrove Animal Hospital

Kingsgrove Animal Hospital


Welcome to puppy preschool, Loki 🐶 #aussieshepherd #puppy

Kingsgrove Animal Hospital TATE Animal Training Enterprises
Toph, the stumpy tail cattle dog just graduated from puppy pre school Kingsgrove Animal Hospital. Congratulations, Toph!

#dogtraining #puppypreschool #cattledog #puppy #toph

Here are a couple of members of our current puppy class at Kingsgrove Animal Hospital.

1- Roger the German short-haired pointer
2 - Maddy the rottie x German Shepherd
3 - Whiskey the cavoodle

Do you have a favourite?

TATE Animal Training Enterprises #puppyclass #puppies #dogtraining #gspofinstagram #rottweilersofinstagram #germanshepherd #cavoodle
Are we sure that a few hours ago this dog was zonked out at the vets? If it wasn't for the fact he's two stones lighter we'd be questioning things...... Kingsgrove Animal Hospital... care to explain? :P
Thanks so much Michael to leave us in very very good hands while you are on you very deserved holiday !!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😻😻😻😻😻😻
happy new year!! to all you wonderful people.😀😀😍

We are your friendly local veterinary hospital, always striving to deliver the best care at the most affordable price. Our staff are all well trained in small animal medicine and surgery, with fully-qualified nurses and experienced veterinarians.

We are able to offer exceptional medical care and surgical expertise in more complicated procedures including orthopaedics (cruciate repair - TTA, TTO and MMP, complicated/simple fracture fixation etc) as well as all types of soft-tissue surgery. We also have boarding facilities for cats and dogs (advance bookings essential), as well as groomers able to clip/bath your hairy companions when require

Operating as usual

[09/15/21]   Check out our NEW website!


Now that things have settled some and we no longer run the risk of upsetting the squeamish, we can confirm that Alibi is 100% back to his annoying ass self who can't sit still for 2 minutes.

There's still some swelling but everything is heading in the right direction.

... still in awe at the kick-ass haircut Dr Michael from Kingsgrove Animal Hospital gave him!

Photos from Animal Welfare League NSW's post 26/07/2021

Photos from Animal Welfare League NSW's post


Humans prefer pets over other humans

[07/18/21]   COVID 19 update: we will still be open for normal consulting and surgery but will not be doing the following procedures:

1. Nail clips
2. Wing clips
3. A**l glands expressions

And also food or medication pickups need to be ordered over the phone prior to entering the building at a designated time to limit foot traffic.

At the moment we are limiting it to 1 person entering the building per household/family per visit. You will also be required to wear a mask and not be able to enter the consult room with the Vet to limit movement. You will also need to check-in, and this will be confirmed by our staff upon entering the building. We also ask that you take a seat when you enter if you are coming in for a consult in seats closest to the front door.

If you are from the restricted LGAs including Canterbury-Bankstown please only book an appointment if it is absolutely necessary/an emergency at least for the next few weeks until it all settles down. Vaccinations can probably wait for a few weeks. Please call or message the clinic during opening hours for more info or message this page and one of our Vets can chat with you regarding your pet(s).

Stay safe and let's get through this before summer!

Kingsgrove Animal Hospital
[email protected]


Does your pet have STINKY BREATH!? We have a new water additive available that will eliminate smelly teeth. This type of product is not normally promoted by us given all contain some sort of alcohol/xylitol/chlorhexidine which are considered potentially harmful. Oxy-fresh does not contain any of these harmful additives. Pop by to grab some oxy-fresh and perhaps a quick Dental Check to see if any intervention is needed!

Does your pet have STINKY BREATH!? We have a new water additive available that will eliminate smelly teeth. This type of product is not normally promoted by us given all contain some sort of alcohol/xylitol/chlorhexidine which are considered potentially harmful. Oxy-fresh does not contain any of these harmful additives. Pop by to grab some oxy-fresh and perhaps a quick Dental Check to see if any intervention is needed!

Surviving life in isolation may not be about Netflix or Zoom catch ups — but your furry friends 02/07/2021

Surviving life in isolation may not be about Netflix or Zoom catch ups — but your furry friends

Don't forget the hairy children and giving them a cuddle for helping our brains cope with another lockdown!

Surviving life in isolation may not be about Netflix or Zoom catch ups — but your furry friends For some people, animals are the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 lockdown, and the Ipswich Hospital Foundation is launching a virtual pet parade to improve the mental health of local residents.


Quinn: Mmmmmmmmmmm......

Quinn: Mmmmmmmmmmm......

Gardening Australia: Series 32 Episode 5 12/03/2021

Gardening Australia: Series 32 Episode 5

We have a lovely protected ecosystem in Sydney at North Head! Watch the episode below to see the beautiful headland at Manly. Unfortunately it was affected by out of control backburning which significantly burnt much of the protected area after this footage was taken.....

Gardening Australia: Series 32 Episode 5 Jane Edmanson visits a local legend's natural oasis, Costa Georgiadis meets mini mammal pollinators, Tino Carnevale has seed saving secrets, Jerry Coleby-Williams checks out a shop growing fresh food with aquaponics.

[12/20/20]   Merry Xmas celebrations to all our lovely clients hairy and not! Xxoo stay safe and stay home! Here's hoping 2021 is a brighter year!

Christmas Opening Hours:
Wed Dec 23rd - 9am - 4pm
Thurs Dec 24th - 9am - 2pm
Fri Dec 25th - CLOSED
Sat Dec 26th - CLOSED
Sun Dec 27th - CLOSED
Mon Dec 28th - CLOSED
Tues Dec 29th - 9am - 4pm
Wed Dec 30th - 9am - 4pm
Thurs Dec 31st - CLOSED
Fri Jan 1st - CLOSED
Sat Jan 2nd - 9am - 4pm
Sun Jan 3rd - CLOSED
Mon Jan 4th - Resume Normal Trading Hours

Afterhours emergency -
1. SVES - Rosebery - (02) 9197 5800
2. VSOS - Miranda - (02) 8376 8767 26/11/2020

'Alarm bells should go off': Puppy sale scams increase fourfold amid pandemic

Support rescue! Fetching Dogs and Firefly Animal Rescue! Puppy prices have soared during the pandemic and so too have the number of scams targeting buyers, with the consumer watchdog reporting people have been swindled out of more than $1.6 million this year.



Have you seen anything cuter today 😍🥰 biggest thank you to Sarina from Fuzz Design for donating her time and skills to photograph our babies 💕 we are so blown away by Sarinas talent!


Flashback Monday | Murphy & Oreo reminding everybody that love is four-legged word #cute #kitten #kingsvet


Dr Chris Brown

Sometimes you’ve gotta dream big 🥛🤞😂


Being cute is so exhausting! #kingsvet #puppy #amstaffsofinstagram


This is Kenzi, she loves us and we wuuvvv her too ❤️


Meet our new clinic mascot Molly the Westie! She loves long walks on the beach, swimming and the occasional peanut butter treat ❤️ 18/08/2020

Help save Iksha's eyesight organized by Sonja Ractivand

Please donate a little to help this little one! And if you know anyone that wants a lovely little dog please contsct Fetching Dogs Iksha is only 1.5 years old and she is facing the risk of losing her eyes. Help us raise fu… Sonja Ractivand needs your support for Help save Iksha's eyesight


Kingsgrove Animal Hospital


Kingsgrove Animal Hospital


Funny Stuff

Title this!


Dog Sleep Farting Makes Cat Angry

Dog Sleep Farting Makes Cat Angry


FOUND FOUND FOUND .... This is Pirra a rescue dog that was meant to come in today for surgery... unfortunately she slipped her lead in front of the clinic and ran down Morgan Street... please call us in 97896648 if you know her whereabouts thankyou


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Our Vets with most cats....


Life is tough when you're small @billi_the_dach paid us a visit today!


Freckle/Queen of Sheba!


Opening 14th April! Call 9789-6648 to book appointments #kingsvet Belmore Vet has moved to NEW LOCATION @ 267 Kingsgrove rd, Kingsgrove.

[03/20/20]   Coronvirus update for Belmore Vet:

94 Kingsgrove Rd, Belmore
M-F 8.30am to 7pm
Sat 9am to 4pm

We will be open as usual if you are in need of any assistance with your pets. However if you are displaying symptoms including breathing difficulties/cough/fever please look after yourself/others and contact your local GP or hospital. Your pets need you to be healthy in order for them to be ok. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via phone during opening hours or message us on facebook and we can talk you through any issues with your pets. We have taken some precautions here at Belmore Vet including limiting each consult to one person with their pets to improve spacing and limit spread within the clinic during your visit. Our staff will be cleaning surfaces regularly.

We all need to do our part until this problem settles down and hopefully we can slow spread to ensure everyone is safe particularly over the winter months. But we will be open for all your pets needs if required.

If for any reason we are unavailable please go straight to the local 24 hour emergency centres at:

1. SASH North Ryde - 1/1 Richardson Place, 98890289
2. Sydney Vet Emergency and Specialists Rosebery - 675 Botany Rd, 91975800

Stay safe and stay home as much as possible!

The Belmore Team. 27/02/2020

Double H Canine Training Academy... Epic Service Dog Training Failure Ryker giving it his all before flunking our of Service Dog Training School


Fetching Dogs

Our foster carers are the backbone to our rescue.

Fetching Dogs do not run a shelter. Every dog in our care is living in a foster home with our foster carers who treat and love them just as one of their own dogs.

We can only rescue dogs if our carers open up their hearts and homes to them. They are integral to what we do.

This picture shows what it is all about as new pup Miska is held and loved by her foster carer. Being in a home environment will give Miska the skills to transition more easily into her new home in the future when it is time.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer then please complete a foster carer application form on our website:

If you want to know more about foster then feel free to ask questions below and/or read:


Anyone want a hairy puppy?


To save you all searching, once again Patron retains his fattie title!

It's been a big couple of days for the little Alco's. Friday saw the dreaded worming (a day earlier than normal) - pink goop everywhere but where it should be. Don't worry it got down their gob eventually. Thankfully next worming we're moving on to the chews so these little carnivores will lap that right up!

Totally humbled and with much thanks, Aunty Donna H gifted them with their first ouchie - their microchip! Don't worry Donna, Abs forgives you! BTW, can the boys complain any louder through this "ordeal"? 🤣

Saturday saw us take over Belmore Veterinary Hospital where Dr Michael gave them their first proper health check and vaccination. I believe the words "porkers" were uttered quite freely. We just have to give Absinthe a bit more love as she didn't have quite the same body condition as her siblings - as Daddy Luke said "on it!". With this ouchie Patron, Cider and Cuervo thought they were being murdered... the rest never even noticed and that universal myth was proven - girls are always tougher than boys :P

Once again we were left without words and some water in our eyes - Amey (dad to Mikey from the Superman Kids litter) - surprised us by picking up the tab for their first vaccinations. Or as he told it "I'll shout this round". Amey is a truley special person who lives for his kids and we are so grateful to have him be part of this little village xx.

Mumma Joy also got a health check and got the tick of approval. In much better condition than when she arrived she has put on a nice layer of body fat and now weighs 19.2kgs! With vet advice, we're closing down the milkbar and will be able to devote even more attention to getting her to optimum weight and body condition. With absolutely no shame she was conning everyone in the clinic for treats... we also discovered she knows "paw" and "drop" and upon provision of the noms bathed anyone's face in kisses.

The pups themselves are maturing way too quickly for our liking. Social little butterflies they love nothing more than meeting new people... some are just a bit more insistent about it than others. We've also introduced a new rule for anyone coming to visit - no open toed shoes. Your footsies will thank us.

Little alliances are forming and when one is cranky with the other they are not backwards in making it known. The only time it's 7 against 1 is when they unite to bite Cider's ears... poor chicken, he's got to get himself some game.

At feeding time we still have to remove Sangria from the buffet otherwise it really becomes a case of all you can eat. A watchful eye is being kept on Lashes and Absinthe to ensure they get their fairshare. Lashes is more of a grazer who gets diverted easily, walking off to do other things mid-chew. Absinthe is slow as... takes one piece at a time, chews it about 50 times then swallows... and acts all surprised when she goes back for more to find it all gone!

We're getting closer and closer for Sonia to take their glamour shots - I'm already wetting my pants knowing these kids will NOT cooperate. Especially Lashes who, from birth, has had a major aversion to the camera 😜

So that's the wrap up for another week... much more to come as they develop but for now take a step back, breathe and go "where the heck have the last six weeks gone?".


We are currently not accepting EOIs - keep an eye on this page where we'll make it known once their adoption profiles are up.


This Morning

Omg baby koalas are sooo cute! Squeeaal!

We sent Dr Scott to Australia to see first-hand just how badly the animals have been affected. Here's the emotional moment he rescued a mother koala and her baby joey from a burnt tree... 🐨 04/01/2020

(no title)

Please donate to the rescue collective if you can spare some change, as they do great work up the east coast for all the injured wildlife. They also have a page.

AND PLEASE SHARE! The Rescue Collective works together with like minded people, to support animal rescue, wildlife organizations and their volunteers across the East Coast of Australia


Happy new decade and year everyone from the Belmore Vet team! Lots of love and thanks for all the Christmas presents and cards and love from all our lovely clients and their pets! Pirate Panda also says happy new year and asked me of course why the bowl is empty!

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