Teleaudiology survey - your opinions wanted! I am a parent of a child with hearing loss and also a researcher at National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL). I am leading an initiative to understand what research opportunities there are to improve the lives of people with hearing loss using teleaudiology. We are looking to hear the opinions from people with hearing loss, parents of children with hearing loss, and hearing professionals about what they think about teleaudiology (even if they don't know anything about it!). If you are happy to share your views, please complete our online survey Thanks for your help!
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Families from across Australia have congregated in Sydney for the country's first braille camp for vision-impaired children.

For many visually impaired children, everyday tasks can be a challenge. The camp helps develop those skills and to give them the confidence to use them.

More than 100 vision impaired children took take part in the four-day Teleschool braille camp, run by Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children.

The Teleschool program that they run provides therapy services and educating children with hearing or vision loss in regional remote Australia.

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Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Thank you Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children for the privilege to attend Braille Camp 2018. Braille is key to our children's literacy and the ability to read/write no matter the medium means access to information, understanding and knowledge. It truly "does take a village" and thank you for being there for us.
Every Australian student learns how to read & write but there are those who don't just use letters. Children who suffer from visual impairment use braille & today at a special class kids from across the country got some incredible lessons.

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children #7News

NextSense is a not-for-profit that provides services for people with hearing or vision loss. We work with both children, adults and their families to educate and create an individual program of care that meets their unique needs.

We’re a registered NDIS provider, and we work with you to achieve your goals and potential. With the support of generous donations, NextSense provides vital support for children and adults, more cochlear implants than any other service in Australia, and is a world leader for research, technology and professional education in our field.

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Looking to take the next step in your career in supporting people with hearing or vision loss?

Be part of the next generation of experts, teachers, and specialists with the NextSense Institute Master of Disability Studies.

Hear from past students about the course and where it took them, by attending an exclusive information panel:
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Are you the parent or carer of a child with vision and/or hearing loss? Access our library of educational eBooks to get expert advice on how you can support your child to thrive and reach their full potential as they grow.

Our range of more than seven titles, written by leading experts in hearing and vision loss, are available for less than $2 per book.

Topics include strategies to support your child’s language development, how environmental factors impact your child’s vision, how children with limited communication can improve learning opportunities, and much more.

Download these valuable resources on Apple Books for all iPhone and Mac devices. Stay tuned, versions for Windows and Android are coming soon.

[The first frame of the video shows the text 'Learn strategies and tips from our educational eBooks.' on a pink background. Frame two shows the text 'Cortical visual impairment (CVI): Understanding vision impairment' on a blue background below two images of young children playing indoors.] Frame three shows the text 'Emerging Language: Everyday Language Activities,' on a yellow ribbon below a collage of coloured squares and images of children's activities. Frame four shows the text 'Assessing the vision of children who have limited formal communication: Understanding vision impairment' on a green background below three images of the came child, looking in different directions. Frame five shows the text 'Vision impairment and sign language: Understanding vision impairment' on a yellow background below three images of a man's face and hand at increasing levels of focus. Frame six shows The text 'Visual acuity simulations: Understanding vision impairment' on a blue background, with the text '1/60, 3/60, 6/60, 6/24, and 6/6' in decreasing sizes in a white dot graphic on the right side. Frame seven shows the text 'Near visual acuity simulations: Understanding vision impairment' on a green background, with the text 'N48. N36, N24, N18, N12, and N10' in descending size in a white dot graphic. Frame eight shows the NextSense logo in motion.]

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Over the past five days, Chris Ashenden, one of our talented NextSense School teachers, has been working hard as the Team Manager of the Australian Deaf Cricket Team as they compete in the International Inclusion Series.

The Aussie Deaf team played their sixth game against their English counterparts today, with the outcome yet to be released. With two matches left in the series, we are vouching for the Aussie team to bring home victory.

The International Inclusion Series is an opportunity for all three of Australia's National Disability Squads—blind, deaf, and intellectual disability—to play eight games each against England's deaf and learning disability squads, and New Zealand's blind cricket team.

We wish Chris and all of the Aussie teams the best as they finish up the series.

You can learn more about the series and check out the results so far here:


We believe everyone should be able to live life to the fullest.
That’s why NextSense provides dedicated, innovative, and personalised services for people with hearing or vision loss. Whatever your goals, we’re right here—with services to help you achieve your full potential.
Learn more about how we can support you to redefine what is possible:
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A big thank you Hyundai Help for Kids for giving some of our lucky families the amazing opportunity to attend the Brisbane Lions Round 13 AFL match against St Kilda this afternoon. And thanks to Dan and Callum for your special message.

Five families will be greeted on screen and welcomed into the Hyundai Help for Kids iView space at the Gabba—we are sure they will have a wonderful time.
[Audio description: Dan: ‘A big shoutout to NextSense and welcome to the Hyundai Help for Kids iView, have a rawsome time.’ Dan and Callum: ‘and go Lions! There is happy, upbeat music playing in the background].

[Video visual and audio description: Two players, Callum Ah Chee, number 4, left, and Dan Mcstay, number 25, right, stand outside in front of plants and bushes wearing their Lions jerseys. Callum is wearing giraffe ears and green binoculars around his neck. He is holding a large stuffed lion toy, which he pats for the first 6 seconds of the video. Dan is wearing zebra ears and blue binoculars around his neck. Dan looks at the camera as he speaks for the first six seconds of the video, smiling. Dan says: ‘A big shoutout to NextSense and welcome to the Hyundai Help for Kids iView, have a rawsome time!’ Then Dan and Callum say at the same time: ‘and go Lions!’ as they pump their fists upwards and smile. There are the following graphics overlayed across the video: the Hyundai Help for Kids logo in the top left and the Brisbane Lions in the bottom left. There are two maroon banners below each player with the Lion’s logo saying: [left] CALLUM AH CHEE, NUMBER 4 and [right] DAN MCSTAY, NUMBER 25.]


Our early intervention services are grounded in evidence-based principles—and that is why we have a team of experts around every child, alongside a dedicated key worker.

As part of our dedication to evidence-based principles, we’re contributing to an international conference taking place in Austria over the next two days, the biennial Family Centred Early Intervention International Conference.

The comprehensive analysis, or Consensus Statement, from the conference held in 2013 already influences how we support children and their families at NextSense. This year, these key learnings are being updated to highlight the voices of leaders, families, and individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Learn about our early intervention approach, which is built on a team around each child 👇


What's the difference between a hearing aid and a hearing implant? What is it like having a cochlear implant?
Come to a free Discover Hearing Implant information session next Wednesday 15 June 10am at NextSense Gladesville to hear experiences directly from a cochlear implant recipient and learn whether a cochlear implant is the right option for you.

Learn more 👉


We’re delighted to announce that award-winning Australian headphone manufacturer Audeara has joined us as a corporate partner and will be supporting our work with children and adults who experience hearing loss.

When companies like this it means we can go that step further in ensuring each child, adult, and their family receives the quality, evidence-based support they need to lift the limits on what’s possible for them.

Thanks so much for joining us to help our clients reach their personal potential.

Learn more:
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Recently, a group of intrepid fundraisers took flight―exploring outback Queensland and the history of Qantas―in the name of supporting children and adults with hearing and vision loss.

Ticket sales for the 20th anniversary flight and the popular raffle draw raised an impressive $70,000. These funds will help NextSense take our education programs to even greater heights, extending our reach and influencing the field of sensory disability education.

Learn more 👉
[Image shows a large group of people in a curved line, including fundraisers and Qantas volunteers, standing on the tarmac in front of a Qantas jumbo jet. The sky in the background is bright blue with blotted white clouds.]


William, who is deaf, and his partner Michael, who is hearing, recently shared how they embrace their differences to build a loving, healthy relationship that navigates both hearing and Deaf worlds on the ABC Australia program ‘My Story.’

Professor Greg Leigh caught up with William afterwards to discuss his experience with NextSense, the importance of inclusivity, choice, and for people to be supported on their unique journey.

Read more about William's story here:
[Image shows William, sitting in an orange lounge chair smiling. He has his legs crossed and arms on the arms of the chair. He is smiling and there is a wall of colorful books behind him].


It’s something very special to hear first-hand how you have helped a person overcome barriers and experience a whole new future. Our academic award winners Martin and Jacob addressed our 161st Annual General Meeting this week—and the room was captivated. We’re so proud to have worked closely with Newington College and Redfield College to support these high achievers in their education.

It was also wonderful to come together in person with so many loyal supporters and partners at our AGM—the past year had its challenges but we continued supporting children, adults and families and building our future, together.

Check out our photo gallery from the event

[image shows the NextSense Annual Report, titled 'The Future. Together' sitting on the lap of an AGM audience member sitting down.]


The NextSense Annual Report—launched at our 161st AGM last night—is a celebration of strength through adversity. We celebrate all that we did and achieved in 2021, to break down barriers for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or have low vision. We thank our amazing supporters, feature Caio’s early intervention hearing journey, showcase how Joshua is achieving his goals and look towards what’s next.

Go to the NextSense Annual Report


[The first slide of the video shows the text '10,300+ clients supported.’ on a blue background with a white soundwave graphic running along the bottom in the background. Slide 2 shows the text ‘ 5,000+ individuals supported by cochlear implant services’, on a green background, with a white soundwave graphic running along the bottom in the background. Slide 3 shows the text '1,200+ children supported with early intervention’, on a pink background, with a white soundwave graphic running along the bottom in the background. The final slide shows the NextSense logo on a yellow background].

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