The Ananda Centre - Central Coast

The Ananda Centre - Central Coast


Amazing page and great posts. Have to share with everyone.
hey guys just wondering how far i got to go with stall holder payments from the fair?
Looking forward to sharing these beautiful events with the Cootamundra tribe. Chanting Concert and Voice workshop.

Hi Darren, I would like to attend your tarot workshop in a couple of weeks if there is room for me. I will phone the shop on Tuesday with my details. Blessings.
Hi Darren + Robyn. Lydia Falzon might also be interested if you guys are planning on doing anything in Young for the Cherry Festival this year.

Satsang Meetings
Professional person to person counselling and coaching services. Spiritual Developm We see you as whole, not defined by your problems.

At ANANDA - The modern art and science of soul psychology is a bridge between ancient, evidence base researched eastern philosophy, quantum physics and modern positive psychology. We focus on the today’s westernized community who are responsibility rich and time poor. We help people with a large range of life challenges from crisis, trauma, grief, and depression to chronic health issues and burnou

Operating as usual


Silent Retreat Galong Monestry NSW December 2nd to 4th Contact Robyn for more details


🙏Meditation Weekend Retreats - The Pathway to Higher Consciousness CC
🙏Silent Healing Retreats - Central Coast
🙏Silent Retreats - NSW
🙏Primordial Meditation 4 day Intensives
🙏Mexico - Temple of the Heart Week Retreat
🙏Bali - Return to Love Week Retreat
🙏2024 - INDIA!

The Awakening Process - Events Workshops Retreats Newsletter 27/08/2022

The Awakening Process - Events Workshops Retreats Newsletter

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The Awakening Process - Events Workshops Retreats Newsletter The Awakening Process is a series of practices, programs. events and retreats based on Evolutionary Wisdom. Retreats - Australia & International Workshops Private Consultations Social gatherings Online training Soundbath Journeys Primordial Meditation Breathwork The Pathway of Enlightenment  The...


Evolutionary Spirituality or “enlightenment” does not require special initiations, ancient indoctrinations, proof of life after death or superhuman talents.

Modern understanding of conscious awakening of the Soul only requires experiencing the simple state of oneness with Being. It is the state that no longer needs to be defined by an entity, deity or experience outside of resting into the silent presence of awareness which permeates the core of the entire existence.

In this state of connective ness it assumes a position of infinite, inseparable and immeasurable knowing that transcends all lower levels of consciousness. In transcending the lower levels of consciousness ones true non dual nature is exposed in all that is essentially you and yet so much grander than you.

Your true nature, no longer defined by name or form , rests eternally in ever- present radiance , free from the human condition that was once subject to impermanence and the concept of life and death. – Be still , stop following the mind and its need for enlightenment to be a special way ...and set yourself free – Robyn


BALI 2022 - Return to Love Retreat Ubud
October 14th to 21st 2022
Bring a friend to share and recieve $100 off each!

Eat , Pray , Love, Chant , Dance , Meditate , Breath....Repeat

Join us as we immerse in a deeply rejuvenating , soul inspiring and self loving week away in tropical paradise Bali.

Planned for you is a week of fun, adventure, quiet time, massages, yummy food, laughter, swimming, exploring Balinese culture, dancing, waterfalls, yoga and workshops on cultivating a peaceful and a seamless life.

Are you ready ?
To step fully into your own love?
To step fully into your light?
To step fully into your power?

*** On retreat you will learn how to Truly Love Yourself...
You will unlock a new level of love, and start receiving your own love in a way, that you will live life from an abundance of love.

*** You will remember to Shine the light you are...
You will realize how much light there is inside of you, and begin to shine and radiate that light out into the world.

*** Unlock your own power...
You will tap into the unlimited power that you hold, and get the tools to access it, so that you may move towards your purpose and live in alignment with your higher self.
This 8 day Self-Love Bali Retreat is for you who are ready to open up you heart in a whole new way, ready to love yourself, and ready to stand in the full capacity of your own love and power.
This will be a deep dive into the heart, into realizing that you are enough, and shedding every old story that you carry along which tells you otherwise.

This will be a chance for you to step into a new way of living your life, a chance to listen to the voice of your soul, and to break free from all that is holding you back in this life.
You will experience trauma release, deep soul connections, opening up to- and accessing the life force energy that runs through you.

You will find yourself receiving deep healing, experience balance of ego and self, heightening your intuition and awareness, more body love and acceptance of your physical form, confidence and belief in yourself, unlocking and trusting your souls purpose.

Are you ready to reclaim what you are and what you came here to be?
Included in cost

Airport arrival and departure transfers (Flights not included)
Tours and park entries
7 Nights twin share accommodation ( Single supplement available upon request)
7 breakfasts
3 group meals

Whether you’re an advanced meditator or just starting your meditation journey, this retreat will help you find clarity within your practice. We'll be hosting daily Meditation , Mindfulness and Yoga sessions based on practices of Inner Silence , Dance and Music for the Soul!

Robyns self love teachings are greatly inspired by the power of developing your own personal spiritual connection. Come learn what it feels like to tap into the abundance of love available to you right now with a week of nurturing your connection to the universe, to yourself and the amazing body your soul has chosen to call home.

Experience a powerful ritual at the Holy Water Temples near Ubud. Join a local ceremony with our local guides to cleanse your energy and bless your body in the waters of this sacred place

Immerse yourself in nature as we take you on an excursion through Bali’s rainforest. Imagine walking along a vibrant green jungle path and descending down until the leaves and branches give way to a stunning natural waterfall.


An unforgettable sound healing experience. Spend an hour inside these grand structures and let their uplifting vibration cleanse and magnify your body and soul.
FREE time to spoil yourself with massages, spa treatments, shopping, resting by the pool or hanging out with friends!

$1850pp share
from $2150pp single
from $2300pp villa
Contact Robyn on Messenger for more information
Registration $200 deposit ( non refundable)

Contact Robyn for more booking information


Enlightenment is when we no longer fear death. To no longer fear death one must meet its silence and surrender into the abyss of nothingness.

When physical death occurs our humanness dies and we are free from suffering.

To die to your humanness ,the ego and its attachments while you are alive will free you from the illusion of human suffering so you can live liberated & at one with existance of Being.

Photos from The Ananda Centre - Central Coast's post 12/07/2022

Join the next Global Primordial Meditation Online and Live group Course July 28th intake!
Live at Ananda Umina NSW & International Zoom

Photos from The Ananda Centre - Central Coast's post 08/07/2022

Are you tired, stressed , depressed or experiencing physical pain or illness?
Have you tried Reiki?

Reiki is a meditative and energy healing practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch.

Contact Robyn for more information
28 years exp Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher - Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Soul Coach
Umina Beach Central Coast


Weekend Awakening Retreat!
Central Coast
Return to Love - I AM Presence
A journey into the sacred ground of Being, inner Stillness, Self Love & The Power of Presence.

Friday July 15th to 17th
Contact Robyn for more information


Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher Degree 3 day Intensive training.

Are you feeling the urgency to become a healer and Reiki teacher?
Have you been 'called' to participate in the spiritual awakening upon earth?

One of the most important aspects of the Reiki Master-Teacher training is the complex process of stimulating and activating energy-transmission (also called: attunement or initiation) with all the associated Reiki symbols AND the full comprehensive training program that teaches the student how to confidently present Level One and Level two weekend practitioner training courses.

The energy of Reiki and the activated symbols is transmitted to the student’s mind, body and spirit. After training as a Master-Teacher you will be qualified to teach and share the gift of Reiki with others, through initiations and passing on the Reiki knowledge to others.

The Training includes:

🙌 The Initiation Rituals of the Usui andTibetan First and Second degree

🙌 Teaching of the Usui Master and Tibetan Symbols

🙌 Full weekend layout teachings

🙌 Aura Cleansing, Chakra assessment and balancing

🙌 Sacred Space clearing

🙌 Level One and Two techniques and meditations

🙌 Master Manual & Reiki Master Certificate

🙌 Level One and Two workshop PowerPoint presentation files

🙌 Level One and Two student certificate templates

🙌 Level One and Two student manual files
Initiation Sacred Mantra Activation mp3 file.

Students of Tibetan lineage $1250
Non Tibetan lineage $1550

Pm Robyn for more information and training dates...or drop your name below 🙏🙌


A Meditation on the Indefinable Nature of the Divine
God is Love. How many times have we heard the word “love” being used to define that which is ultimately indefinable? I suppose it is because that’s the only word that can even bring us close to grasping the ungraspable. When we use “love” to define that which is transcendent, absolute, and metaphysical, we’re using it to describe qualities and attributes that are non-ordinary, that represent a higher dimension of human experience, intuition, and cognition. That is why the love that is God is transpersonal,because it points us far beyond our unique individuality or the unique individuality of any other.

God is love. When the most revered mystics from the world’s great religious traditions speak to us about the love that is God, they almost uniformly declare that the nature of that higher non-ordinary, transpersonal love is peace. They say that the love of God is experienced as a peace that is indescribable, a “peace that passeth all understanding.” A peace that is so rapturous and all-encompassing that in its embrace, all fear and self-concern vanish from consciousness. It is a peace, they say, that will set us free.

God is love. The reason the love that is God can set us free is because that unqualifiable peace was the very nature of existence before the universe was born. Before the universe was born, before time and space existed, there was only peace. When we dive into the deepest depths of our own consciousness, deeper than our thoughts and memories, deeper than even our awareness of the world around us, we discover this very same peace—a mysterious and infinitely compelling emptiness where there is no time, where nothing ever happened, where we are always utterly free.

God is love. The love that is God is the experiential discovery of that deepest dimension of our own selves and of reality itself that the Buddha called the “Unborn,” the “Uncreated,” and the “Deathless.” Spiritual masters refer to it as the Ground of Being. In order to discover it for ourselves, we need to follow in the footsteps of the great ones. That means to close our eyes, turn within, and let the world disappear. It means to pray and meditate with such utter sincerity that all that is left is Being—timeless, formless, infiniteBeing.

God is love. But the love that is God is not only peace! The love that is God is also the evolutionary impulse—the powerful desire to exist in and as the universe, the surging energy and intelligence that gave rise to the creative process. From nothing came something! God is the driving force at the heart of the entire cosmic unfolding.

God is love. The love that is God is Eros, the sexual impulse, the biological imperative to procreate. Eros is the felt experience of unbearable ecstasy and urgency simultaneously. It is the felt experience of the universe endeavoring to give rise to itself within our own bodies. Eros is the felt experience of the restlessness of God once he or she chose to create the universe unendingly.

God is love. The love that is God is the uniquely human urge to consciously create. Human beings are the only species that are driven by a compulsion to innovate—to give rise to that which is new. Indeed, the architects of human culture and civilization throughout history have been those great individuals, those rare geniuses, who have taken bold leaps forward in their own fields. Their evolution-inspired passion has created and continues to create our shared world anew.

God is love. Finally, the love that is God is the spiritual impulse, the mysterious compulsion to become more conscious. Why is it that some individuals are driven by a deep desire to pe*****te the profound mystery and infinite complexity of existence, while others are not? It is because they are awake to the love that is God, as the spiritual impulse, that drive that compels them to pray and meditate and endeavor to develop without end. In fact, they will not stop until they make that perennial breakthrough that makes it possible to know the unknowable and grasp the ungraspable.

God is love. I believe the love that is God is both Being and Becoming. The love that is God is both the experience of that transcendent peace that passeth all understanding and the dynamic, ecstatic urgency of the evolutionary impulse—the energy and intelligence that created and is creating the universe.

God is love. The love that is God is One and not two. The love that is God is both the liberating bliss of transcending the world and it is also, simultaneously, the awakened inspiration and passion for its ongoing development and perpetual evolution.

The love of God is everything.


In 2021 The Primordial Meditation Process was researched at The Alpine Neurofeedback Centre in New South Wales Australia where Robyn underwent a Quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis and report with Director & Principle Neurotherapy Practitioner - Lara Schulz.
In the one single practice of Primordial Meditation ALL states of higher consciousness are reached therefore concluding as quantitiative evidence that PMP is unquestionably an outstanding evolutionary practice for the Conscious Awakening for our modern world.
NEXT Primordial Meditation International 10 Week online course intake begins on July 28th 2022 for the special LAUCH price of $295 ! Normally $999 - Contact Robyn for registration link!

Return to Soul: A Transformational Guide to Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness (The Awakening Process) 16/06/2022

Return to Soul: A Transformational Guide to Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness (The Awakening Process)

Return to Soul only $4.33 at Amazon/Kindle

Return to Soul: A Transformational Guide to Spiritual Freedom, True Peace and Inner Stillness (The Awakening Process) “Illuminating, compassionate, and compelling ... a must-read for those new on the spiritual path, the disenchanted seeker and the advanced soul.” —Tenzin Saveon, Tibetan Buddhist Nun “Robyn's message is a response to the call of the heart and soul with words that invit...


ReSet Breathwork, Meditation, Sound & Reiki Healing Journeys

Goulburn - 4 hour workshop
Wagga Wagga - 4 hour workshop
Tamworth - 4 hour workshop
Bathurst - 2.5hr
Dubbo - 2.5hr

PM Robyn for more details


Tibetan Usui Reiki (June 11th & 12th) FINAL registration booking Tuesday 7th! Join us for a weekend of extraordinary and powerful wisdom teachings from the Tibetan Lineage of Energy taught by Tibetan Grand Master Sanyassin Russell Carlon
This weekend Central Coast
PM Robyn for more details....


Free your Mind...

Life is busy - it can be difficult to slow down enough to fill YOUR cup.

Do you crave a break from your usual routine, your mobile phone and your chattering mind?

Imagine...stepping away from your devices, from your responsibilities and your worries for 3 glorious days.​

Imagine...having your whole weekend planned for you, and all meals prepared by a private chef.

Imagine...what you will discover about yourself in that space: your inner peace, your calm, your clarity and your answers.

Silent retreats give people a chance to disconnect from their hectic worlds by providing them with a peaceful place to commune with themselves.

Retreats serve to get people back in touch with themselves so they can be more effective when they return to their real life.

At the Free your Mind Silent Retreat you get to relax, awaken , re-set and recharge through silent reflection along with gentle yoga, meditation and sound healing.

"The best way to find yourself - is to lose yourself'

Meditate - Relax - Deep Rest - Re set - Regenerate - Recharge

When you take the time to retreat from the busyness of your daily life and focus on your inner awareness and the present moment you will discover the infinite depths of your true being.

But it’s not enough to merely taste spiritual depth. In order to live an awakened life, we must also abide in these depths long enough for them to become our natural resting place.

During the Free your Mind Silent Retreat, you will be supported with activities and inquiries to sustained awakening.

This is an opportunity to enter into awakened consciousness and rest there for an extended period of time. As a result you will see how different your life can be.

One of the hallmarks of Robyns work is her commitment to teaching from the heart of her our own direct experience in the moment. She will be in this retreat with you, doing the practice, moving beyond our own comfort zones into new terrain and sharing her discoveries with you.

This is a silent retreat which means we encourage you to experience introspection.

This Silent Meditation Retreat includes workshops, vegetarian meals and comfortable , twin-share accomodation with private ensuites.

In order for you to get the most from this experience, this retreat is strictly technology free. For your peace of mind you will be able to provide loved ones with a contact phone number should they need to get in touch with you. Your phone and devices are to be handed in for safe keeping upon check-in.

2 night weekend reteat : commences Friday at 5pm and finishes on Sunday 12 or after lunch at 2pm – giving you time to travel back home with some beautiful renewed insights into slowing down and having moments of stillness in every day life.

Sacred Silence
Sound Healing
Labyrinth Journey
Insight Journalling

Deposit $100
Cost: $650 EB Paid in full by 9th September
$725 After 9th September

Your host:
Robyn Collins: Spiritual Teacher of Evolutionary and Soul Psychology, Tibetan Reiki Master, Primordial Meditation author & Transpersonal Psychotherapist - 28 years experience.

PM Robyn for more details


Return to Love - I AM - Presence Retreat
Central Coast NSW
A deep journey into the Sacred ground of inner Stillness , Self Love & The Power of Presence

WEEKEND RETREAT Return to Love I AM - Presence Retreat

July 15th-17th 2022

A deep intimate journey into the Sacred ground of Inner Stillness , Self Love & The Power of Presence
Hearts Opening Ceremony
Inner Wisdom Inquiry
Loves Breathwork
Self Love Immersion
Keys to Awakening
The Souls Journey
Sound Healing Circle
Djembe Drum Circle
Labyrinth Walk

For more information PM Robyn


The Awakening Process (c) Primordial Meditation July 7th 2022 International Intake!
Intro 1 -
The aim of this teaching is focused on realizing who and what you are as a Soul, a spiritual being (Absolute reality) having a human experience (Relative reality). It is about awakening from the mis perceived state of separateness, the Relative reality to the Absolute reality of the One Source. Therefore , this teaching is focused enlightenment.
Here, in the Primordial Meditation Process, I share the channelled teachings from the Primordial Being of consciousness itself as a Living Practice for Direct Awakening.
The Primordial Meditation Process (PMP), is stepping into our Multidimensional self, no longer limited by just the world of relativity. It is a direct pathway to Awakening , Transcendental Consciousness , and a complete contemporary approach to connecting with your higher self, for soul to soul connection , unity and spiritual development.
PMP is a simple meditative practice for directing the attention away from the ego mind to the source of conscious awareness, inner silence and presence.
As PMP is only ‘pointing’ attention away from stressful thoughts and beliefs, it is simply a pathway to the goal of attaining self-realisation or full conscious awakening. It is not associated with any spiritual path or religious organisation.
The Primordial Meditation Process is a guided practice that awakens and transcends the third, fourth and fifth dimensions of consciousness or also known as "states" of consciousness* which become accessible only as one engages in regular practice of meditation.
PMP opens you up to realms of higher consciousness and self-awareness that you’ve only read about. When you develop a regular meditation practice, you will quickly notice mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. You’ll feel calmer and more centred, no matter how turbulent your world gets.
Discovering the perfection in the present moment is the goal of Absolute Union with the Divine, the Primordial Infinite Source.
When you experience the stillness of present-moment awareness, you open yourself to dimensions of expanded consciousness, creativity, intuition and a multitude of positive changes that will empower your life. The more you learn to quieten your internal dialogue through meditation, the more you gain access to your soul. And from that place you start making choices that can enhance just about every aspect of your life.
The magnificence of meditation isn’t the high you experience during the practice, but the inner peace that you carry with you through the rest of your life. May you now experience that deep abiding inner peace your soul has been longing for. I will now guide you through this gentle practice that will help you see and feel the world through the eyes of love-consciousness.
Primordial Meditation is done in Silence.
Silent Meditation has always played a central role on the spiritual path. By allowing us to step directly beyond the mind and ego, authentic meditation provides us with both a direct experience of the goal and context of spiritual life and an opportunity to ground our being in that ultimate context.

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MEDITATION Hour of Primordial Power
True Awakening Retreat Bali May 2017
Silent Awareness - Robyn Collins FT Guy Johnston Acoustic
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No 8 , The Postern Umina
Umina Beach, NSW

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Tuesday 11am - 5pm
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