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Jane Says/Facedope is the creation of our founder Colleen McGillivray. She has created facial oils which are dosha specific. They bring balance to every skin type and are handmade with the finest ingredients available.

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One day we will be able to be back like this in class🙏❤️ In the meantime weekend plans in B.C. fell thru so the final touches will be put on Jane Says cleansers and toners! We’ve been testing them out for a few weeks now and love the results! Do you prefer foamier or creamier cleansers? Please comment below if you have any feedback to offer. Enjoy your warmer weekend everyone and remember to love yourself✌🏽🥰 #newproducts #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #greenbeauty #loveyourself photo cred @mcg.captures

Vata blend is for super dry skin. A rich blend of macadamia nut oil, avocado, sesame and olive oil. Sweet orange, geranium and lavender make this blend smell so beautiful. During these super dry winter months even if your skin is Kapha or pitta, Vata can be used on drier areas like your neck and hands. Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside as well💧💦#greenbeautycommunity #greenbeautyproducts #vata #supportocalyyc #stayhydrated

Ayurveda is an ancient healing modality originating from India. It is based on the philosophy that everyone is made up of the elements of air, fire, water, earth and space. Each person is a combination of these elements but almost always has one or two which are dominant. The idea is to bring balance to these attributes by applying the opposite effect. Jane Says products are specific to each dosha and what the skin characteristics particular to that element or dosha. They are designed to balance out oiliness, dryness or sensitivity. And they all hydrate, nourish and leave skin revitalized. A truly holistic approach to skincare🌸🌱Go to our website and take the dosha quiz at the bottom of the homepage to learn your dosha if you don’t know it. It not only encompasses skincare but also nutrition and what activities you should be doing to bring balance to your entire being. Mentally and physically. Remember to inhale the aroma of your Jane Says products before application and massage to receive the aromatherapy benefits as well. Sending out love to all our supporters always❤️🌸🌱🌎 #ayurveda #ayurvedicskincare #cleanbeauty

At Jane Says we celebrate LOVE!❤️Pitta dosha will be on sale for $45 ( ($15 off) until Valentine’s Day! A gorgeous blend of rose, jasmine and sandalwood in decadent base oils of rosehip, rice bran, jojoba and hemp seed. Makes for a beautiful sensual present. Now go love eachother! ❤️❤️❤️ use coupon code PITTALOVE at checkout #valentinesdaygift #celebratelove

Jane Says LOVES getting reviews from new customers😍 received this one today 🙏 I cannot rave enough about my Face Dope! The difference this formula makes is noticeably amazing. My sensitive skin is prone to reacting to many facial oils but this special blend has my skin looking and feeling fresh, alive and pampered. It’s given my skin a beautiful healthy glow. I cannot be without it! - Tracy Bader

Development and design of the new cleansers, toners, roller balls, and a muscle salve are coming along! Excited to introduce these to you all🥰 creating and being in a flow state is the best place to be💕Knowing that if you love something...others will love it too ...s a great feeling. Continuing to make the highest quality and healthiest products for you🌱🌸your skin absorbs everything you put on it and everything in these holistic products is actually good for you🌱🌸At Jane Says we continue to send out strength and love to businesses and people who are affected by this pandemic( pretty much everyone)❤️🙏❤️#cleanbeautyrevolution model @chantalmt babe photo credit @mcg.captures

Received another great review today from a therapist I work with at Leela @katherine.rmt.yyc She said... I wanted to write a review on this product! Where do I start! During this covid pandemic I have had to be in a mask for 8+ hours a day I was having the worse time with my skin. I have tried everyrhing but this stuff has helped my skin alot. I tend to use it at night I need the extra hydration! Living in calgary is so dry. there's vitamin e in it and rose hip that helps calm my skin. I'm almost done my first bottle getting ready for my second! ❤ Thank you so much Katie! So glad it’s helping you. This picture is of me ( creator of Jane Says) my skin hasn’t been dry all winter either! I love that what I make works better than anything else I’ve tried😊🥰 I hope everyone has a great day. Spread love✌🏽 #ilovefacedope

Love having Doctor of Acupuncture Kirsten Carson carrying Jane Says/Facedope and using it in her Ayurvedic Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments🙏❤️she’s amazing!

Years ago this young woman 🙋🏻‍♀️ hustled to create the dream of sharing TCM Acupuncture full-time, guiding others through her small business: Life on Point.

Jump ahead to 2021 & I’m STILL fired up to grow, learn and share this medicine in new ways with you!

So! Thank you for all my patients who trust and seek my guidance. For you, I am grateful. ♥️✨🙏

Thank you to The ODD Agency for bringing the Life on Point brand alive.

Thank you to Esme Beautiful Ramsay & Trinity Wellness Centre for supporting me with the space to share this medicine.

Happy to support & collaborate with these local woman owned businesses Pranic Forest Artisan Apothecary , Jane Says Blends & Tsubaki Skin for all skincare products used in treatments!

And a big thank you to all the practitioners I work closely that keep myself and patients healthy!!

Just wanted to wish our supporters all the Best in the New Year✨🙏💕and thank you all for buying natural skincare that is really good for you. Jane Says is proud to make the highest quality product we possibly can. Much gratitude and good vibes to you all! #naturalbeauty

I’m making and sending out a bunch of Facedope orders today so Santa can get them under the tree in time! Please get your orders in ASAP. Remember you get a free 12 ml balsam fir essential oil with every purchase and I’m covering half the shipping until Christmas (your cost is $10 anywhere in Canada) Merry Christmas to all you wonderful customers/people out there!🎄❤️🎄and Thankyou so much for supporting a small, local business this Christmas💕🙏🎄✌🏽

From now until Christmas Jane Says will be giving away a free 12 ml of Balsam fir essential oil with every order! In a diffuser it will make your entire home smell like a Christmas tree🎄it’s so nice!
Also, I’ll be sharing the cost of shipping and will ship anywhere in Canada for $10! Use the discount code FREEBALSAMFIR when you checkout on the website online store to get your gift and also select the Christmas shipping option there too.
This Christmas it’s more important than ever to SHOP SMALL AND LOCAL! Be unique and give the gift of Facedope🌱🥰 Merry Christmas everyone! It won’t be the easiest one we’ve ever had but I hope we can all find some peace over the holidays🙏

Hey everyone just wanted to remind you that if you’re buying Facedope off the shelf at the Leela locations @leela17th @leelaecospa or from Dr. Kirsten @life_onpoint,,, these blends are designed so you can add your own CBD oil to them. We aren’t allowed to sell them off the shelf like that to you but you can add your own! The Edison brand CBD oil found at any dispensary is recommended as it is the only one in a base of sunflower oil, which is fine on your skin. Most of the others are in a derivative of coconut oil which can clog your pores. Add 4 dropper fulls to your 50 ml bottle. Works out to 40mg of CBD. This amount adds a massive anti-inflammatory effect to your skin which helps with acne, aging and any sensitivities. You also receive the internal, calming effect of the CBD. We highly recommend you add CBD to your Facedope!!Thank all you beauties for your continued support of this small business. We appreciate everything!🥰🌱#cbdskincare #hempskincare #naturalskincareproducts #ayurvedicskincare #naturalbeauty #leelaecospa #yyclife

You can buy Facedope off the shelf at Leela Eco Spa locations in Calgary! Book a facial with me (Colleen McGillivray) at our Boutique location, and I’ll introduce you to our gorgeous facial oils that will leave you glowing and hydrated🥰Jane Says blends are completely natural and made with the highest quality ingredients available🌱🍃🌸🌎#leelaecospa #leelaecospaboutique #facialoil #naturalskincare #hempskincare

Lately I’ve been playing with the Facedope formulas! 😊🌱Pitta 🔥is now formulated for sensitive and/or maturing skin. Almost half my dosha is Pitta (I’m mostly Kapha) but my skin is starting to show signs of age (GASP!) 😂 Anyways, I decided to make myself up a Pitta dosha blend while I was making some for others. I’ve been using it for a few days and I’m actually shocked at the results. 🥰😍😱🤗Wrinkles are literally disappearing. Pitta dosha is a blend of rice bran oil, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, rose essential oil, jasmine essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, a drop or two of veg glycerin ( or else I found it was too sticky so I’ve brought the amount waaayy down and it’s not sticky anymore), aloe Vera juice a tiny bit of my magic water. This combo is beyond decadent and is an anti-aging power house! Anyone (men too!) who is concerned with maturing skin can use this blend! Direct message me if you want to try it out or you can always order on my online store at Janesaysblends.com. The link is in my bio👍#natural beauty #natural #greenskincare #greenskincareproducts #ayurvedicskincare

Received a wonderful product review today! So thankful for this feedback❤️🙏

I love Jane Says Face Dope!! For years I’ve tried different face washes, moisturizers and masks and Jane Says face oil beats them all! Easy to use, locally made and it has a great scent. I have personally found Face Dope to even help me sleep soundly at night! I can not recommend Jane Says face oil enough to friends and family!! -Nick Gray

Making Vata Dosha tonight to be sent out to Toronto in the morning. This is a decadent blend of macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, hemp seed oil, essential oils of sweet orange, geranium and lavender. Vitamin e and glycerin are added for extra anti-oxidant effect and deep moisture. This is for drier skin types🌱🌱Made by hand with love and intention! Thank you for the support all💕🙏 so grateful. #naturalskincare #hemp #facialoil #ayurveda #naturalbeauty

-I love my Jane Says Face Dope! It has moisturized my skin like no other serum and improved its’ texture. The scent is wonderful and makes me feel like I just left the spa! - Cathy B. #lovetestimonials #sograteful #loveourcustomers !!💕

Gotta love testimonials! Grateful! 💓

Hammered Moon

I was SO nervous doing my video tonight. I messed up explaining this awesome product. Doh! I am not the type to normally try new products for my face as I have extremely sensitive skin but I am glad I did. Colleen McGillivray and I did a barter/trade and all I can say is Her facial oils are fantastic!! Her facial oils are infused with hemp seed oil and made with locally sourced ingredients . I just started using her product recently and already notice a beautiful glow to my skin and my face feels fresh and hydrated. She is also doing a promo right now. $60 instead of $70. She has something for all skin types and even has a dosha test so you know what product suits you best. Check her out.

Jane Says wants to keep giving everyone a bit of a break during this extended quarantine... While this is going on all product is $60 a bottle and if you buy one you get the second for half price! Enter BITOFABREAK2020 at the checkout in our online store to get this great deal! Much love to all of you and try and stay positive💕we will get thru this together🌱🌎❤️

We sure are missing going to our favourite yoga studio 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘Yoga and Beyond in Kensington during this time of isolation. This beautiful round window looks out onto Kensington Road in Calgary. Hopefully soon we will be able to practice together again... until then don’t forget to use your Facedope in your self care rituals right now. We all need a little help❤️ photocred @mcg.captures @arielleschmidt my gorgeous daughter 🙏 @ohm.oplata @modulecreativeagency #yogaandbeyond #yoga #ayurveda #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #naturalskincare #hempbased #hempbeauty #organichemp

Jane Says Blends's cover photo

[04/03/20]   The online store is now open!
When this process began about 9 months ago the world was normal. Nothing is normal right now but we must go forward. If you need a pick me up and some self care in this difficult time our blends offer soothing comfort for your skin.🌱💚
If you can’t get out to buy skincare my store is open for you offering prompt delivery. Go to the website and take the digital online quiz, at the bottom of the home page, to determine your Ayurvedic dosha. This will determine what Face Dope to order to bring the maximum benefit to your skin type. Each blend will leave your skin radiant, moisturized and perfectly balanced.
From nature to your doorstep, blended with love and intention 🌱🌎❤️🙏

Jane Says Blends


Jane Says

Introducing Face Dope! Ayurvedic facial oils infused with Hemp Seed Oil to nourish skin, mind and body. These facial oils are dosha specific (Ayurvedic) and blended with pure, locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Skin issues such as dryness, eczema, sensitivities, aging or oiliness will be balanced and skin is left healthy, glowing hydrated and radiant🥰🌱🌎
Hemp seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which hydrates and soothes. The essential fatty acids in hemp will also encourage collagen production.
Face Dope is a luxurious, health driven approach to skin care which you will love to have as a daily part of your self care routine❤️🙏
Visit our website to take our digital dosha test if you don’t know yours yet. Then order your product based on your result.

janesaysblends.com Face Dope facial oils are Ayurvedic (an Ancient healing system from India) and dosha specific. They act to balance out your skin, whatever your skin type. CBD oil infusion nourishes skin, mind and body.

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