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Dr. Kathryn is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor offering natural health care at the click of a button. Working with Dr. Kathryn is your opportunity to unlock access to preventative measures and treatments for your whole family. With a focus on nutrition and lifestyle medicine, you can address current concerns while paving a smoother road for your future. Dr. Kathryn has been working in Calgary, AB s

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I know what you’re thinking. “But Kathryn, you’re too young to retire!”

Or at least that’s been the popular response so far. 😆

Here’s the thing. I love Naturopathic Medicine and its been my greatest privilege to work as a Naturopathic Doctor for the past 13 years.

I’ve met the most incredible people and have learned so much about what they value for their own health and the health of their families.

But the time has come to wrap up that experience and knowledge to create a different impact within healthcare (and dream up new ways to promote health and wellness in our community).

It’s pretty exciting.

So what does this mean for YOU?

My formal announcement went out to all active patients last week, so look for that in your inbox for more details. But here’s the short and sweet version:

1. I will be available for appointments until Dec 31, 2022 (and I’d love to see as many of you as I can!).

2. If you are looking for a referral to a new ND, I have fabulous recommendations. I promise to leave you in good hands.

3. This social media page will remain active, but will look different. I hope you’ll stay and hang out.

If you have specific questions, please send me an email or message. I want to set you up for success.

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P.S. this works great for adults too.


Sophisticated: “having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge”.

Ya, I’m interested in more of that.

But in my experience, most people would not use this word to describe their health.

With respect to their immune systems, people will typically tell me theirs are “weak” (if they often get sick) or “out of control” (if they have allergies or an autoimmune condition).

And in my experience, they hope I can “boost” or “balance” their immune systems.
Preferably in an all natural pill.
Ideally for $20 or less.

And as much as I love things that are cheap and cheerful, your immune system demands more.

Not because I want it to, but because nature made it a team sport, where various players work together to overcome the challenge.

The overall design may seem complicated (especially if you’ve studied pathology, microbiology, and immunology, or are struggling to get to the root cause of your own condition) but I’m going to do my best to break it down into bite-size pieces so you can start to see the beauty in the design.

And its in that beauty where the opportunities to improve are.
P.S. Spoiler alert: nutrients and microbes are key players!
But you already knew that 😉

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I am thrilled to announce that I be joining starting THIS Saturday.

This is a dream come true to work alongside some of my most esteemed colleagues to bring back one of my favourite treatments to serve you and your families.

Spots are limited and services offered are intentional. Why? Because I am zooming in on what I really love to treat- the relationship between your environment (allergens, food, nutrients, and bugs) and your immune system (and all the parts of you affected by your immune system).

I will share more in upcoming posts, but you can fast-track straight to my website to learn more and/ or book an appointment. (Link in bio.)

And if someone you know is struggling with , , , , , chronic infections, or just the good ole fashioned “too many sick days”, then please invite them to follow along here or book an appointment.

It feels good to find my new home. And I can’t wait to see some of you there!


We have to keep the romance alive!

But many of us have a complicated relationship with food. Some of those reasons are within our control, but some can feel beyond it.

I work with patients every day that are still learning how to find the right balance between nourishment and reality. And since everyone’s reality comes with different preferences, medical diagnoses, allergies, prescriptions, “time to cook”, and digestive capacity, the balance isn’t always obvious.

But it’s worth finding. And mentoring for our kids.

Because once food becomes a tool that makes you better, the two of you become the ultimate power-couple.


I spent too much time (and energy) blaming my genetics for the things I didn’t like.

No one told me I had options.
No one told me I had influence.
No one told me what would be worth trying.

So I had to take the long road and figure those things out myself by becoming a Naturopathic Doctor.

Now I want to help others get the head start I wish I had.


This is why food matters.

⚠️ Food is one of your biggest exposures to the outside world. Literal strangers being invited into your body every day.

🏋️ The real work begins AFTER you eat it. Digestion, absorption, detoxification, and elimination are where the magic happens. To run these highly specialized tasks it costs you a lot of energy. And the unhealthy stuff costs more.

⏱ Food leaves an impression. Even after you've flushed it down the drain, your digestive tissues, bacterial balance, insulin sensitivity, immune activation, and inflammatory response can linger for hours to weeks after a meal.

Food is a 3-times-a-day opportunity to power your health.

And over a lifetime, it adds up.

Make the most of it.

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Naturopathic medicine isn’t about turning your life upside down in order to “be healthy”.

It’s simply a series of nudges.

Nudges that help you and your tiny humans fall back in alignment with the natural intelligence of the body.

Nudges that provide essential resources to grow, repair, protect, and play.

Nudges that remind you that this thing called “a body” is actually your biggest fan, and works tirelessly around the clock so you can focus on other things.

Or at least that’s how I see it. So I’ll keep sharing it.

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My kids are often called “unicorns” 🦄.

And equally often, I’ve been told how “lucky” I am to have such healthy and well behaved children.

And although I do consider myself incredibly lucky (and I like to think I offered them top notch genetics) the reality is that I don’t think it was all luck.

Because when I became a parent, I already had an advantage.

Since I trained for and practice as a Naturopathic Doctor 👩‍⚕️, I had a head start.

⭐️ I was very aware of what things power the human body, and what could trip the circuits.
⭐️I was very aware of the things that could go sideways, and what it took to stay centered.
⭐️ I knew I could be the trusted resource my kids needed to become the person they were born to be.

Am I perfect? Absolutely not.
Has parenthood been a huge dose of patience and humble pie? You know it.

But there are a few non-negotiables that bring me peace and confidence as a parent. And those things aren’t magic or luck- they are teachable and often measureable.

What are those non-negoatiables? I’m glad you asked. Here’s what I use to create the advantage:

✅ Building Blocks (aka. Nutrition to grow)
✅ Body Guards (aka. Friendly bacteria & natural immunity)
✅ Self-esteem (aka. An inner cheerleader that promotes confidence and self-advocacy)

Each one of these areas could be a masterclass, so if you’re feeling like you need more details, then please follow for future posts where we explore them together.

Or if you live in Alberta 🇨🇦 and are interested in giving your own child (or you!) a head start, please tap the link in my bio to book a private consultation to get started right away.

I hope you’ll join my mission to build more Vitamin Powered Kids who are healthy, happy and resilient.

Because I deeply believe that healthy kids build happy families. And happy families will are the best medicine.

(Plus, the world needs more 🦄’s!)
P.S. can we call them VPK’s? I do love a good nickname.

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You know that feeling when you read something and think “that’s so me!”

Me too. All the time.

In a world where information is abundant, and people are educated and savvy, it is incredibly common to read something and assume it applies to you.

I have had many patients over the years come in and tell me with great conviction that they have:
⁉️Adrenal fatigue
⁉️ Thyroid disease
⁉️ Candida
⁉️ Vitamin/mineral deficiencies (or that they “for sure” eat well enough to be sufficient)
⁉️ Lactose Intolerance
⁉️ Food sensitivities
⁉️ IBS
⁉️ “Too much” inflammation

And they may be right.

But as a regulated health professional, I can do better than assume any of the above.

And equally, it is my responsibility to objectively look for information to provide answers to my patients’ questions and curiosities, and/or to direct options for treatment when needed.

Some of these tests can be provided by your provincially funded doctors 🇨🇦, and some of them are not. I can help you navigate the differences and decide what is the best fit.

Do you have any health-related questions you’ve always wanted an answer to? Comment below or send me a DM to share what’s on your mind! (please do not provide any personal information, as social media isn’t a safe place for sharing sensitive information).

P.S. No one calls it “adrenal fatigue” anymore. That’s so 2001. 😂


I asked my daughter what family means to her. And without hesitation, she said:

😁 Happiness
👏 Kindness
❤️ Love
🤝 Sharing

She nailed it.

So today, let’s celebrate everyone who makes you feel or do those things.

Because if they meet that criteria, then they are family.


This is my Gramie. Do you see the resemblance? I hope so. Because she is what I’m shooting for 🎯.

She has been a big inspiration for my entire life. Here’s a short list of why…

1. She (and my grandfather) skated in the ice capades, back when they called it the “ice capades”. In my mind, there was nothing more glamorous and exciting.
2. She is the proud mama of 5 beautiful daughters (one being my mom, of course!) Yes, the XX genes run deep in my family.
3. My favourite places in the world have always been where she is- her farm in Ontario (best organic blueberries you could ever find!) and her home in Florida, where I got married and escape to as often as I can.
4. She obviously eats salad 😂

And in addition to all this, she is a big part of why I sought out Naturopathic Medicine in the first place. She knew what ground flax seeds, vitamins, and garlic could do before it ever made the news. She lived the kind of lifestyle I craved- regular exercise, healthy food, and competitive card games to stay sharp.

And today she turned 92. 🎉
That’s worth celebrating.

Gramie- I will always be chasing your footsteps. I hope I make you proud.
#92 ❤️


I know, I know. You don’t win friends with salad. 🥗

But according to Lisa Mosconi, PhD, author of The XX Brain, you can win a younger brain. Especially for us ladies!

“Women are far more likely than men to suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines, brain injuries, strokes, and even Alzheimer's disease.” 😔

It’s not our fault, but it is our problem.

Lucky for us, we are problem solvers. And the “ask” on this one is easier than most of the other 10,000 things we do in a day.

✅ Commit to a salad before dinner. ✅

Could you do more? Absolutely. Get it, girl.

But you may not need a full diet overhaul to start reaping rewards. So take the easy win.

Now if only someone could tell me exactly how many salads I need to make me look 11 years younger…🤣



Opportunities to build health are everywhere. If you know what to look for.

My template for success looks like this:
✅ Load up on nutrients/foods that build cellular stamina.
✅ Get your microbes balanced and working for you.
✅ Set boundaries around the behaviours, things, and people that protect your energy, focus or confidence.
✅ Join networks of people who are all doing the same.

Because accidents, diagnoses, infections, and unexpected challenges will come. And a heathy backbone will go a long way when they do.


You can’t see them by ultrasound, colonoscopy, biopsy, MRI, or x-ray. And even standard blood tests will leave you guessing in this department.

Which is why it is so common that people tell me “everything is normal” even if still don’t feel well.

It’s not a failure on behalf of the other tests. Those screening and diagnostic tools are incredibly valuable for a variety of reasons, and I’m always glad to see these results when they are available.

But in my world, they can’t “see” what I’m looking for.

So we have to look a different way.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to know more about through testing but weren’t offered? Or maybe you didn’t know could be tested? Let me know in the comments below 👇


Amen, sister.

These are the words a patient said to me earlier this week. And I could not agree more.

So I wanted to share it.

Because if you think this too, then you’re one of us.

And I’m glad you’re here.


Vitamins do NOT equal minerals.

This is the most common misunderstanding I hear in my practice and read online. I think most people “know” they are different, but they somehow get lumped together as if they are one thing.

It probably came from the idea that you can have a one-stop-shop known as a “multivitamin” that does it all.

But vitamins and minerals are different, and that difference matters when we start to think about treating different problems and people.

And the infamous “multivitamin” may only have some vitamins, all vitamins, and maybe (if you’re lucky) some minerals too.

So should you take a multivitamin? I find this has become a heated question. Some people think a multivitamin can fix any disease known to man, while others think its a waste of money. There is a lot that goes into both of those positions, so lets start with what we should all agree on.

Do you need vitamins? Yes (in fact, by definition, vitamins are required for life).
Do you need minerals? Yes (because you cannot make them).

So I think the better question is how much of which nutrient(s) does any one person benefit from?

That is exactly what I hope my posts will help you discover and appreciate. Micronutrients are my passion, and they are often misunderstood and underutilized. And those are two problems we can easily fix.

Do you have any burning questions about vitamins and/or minerals? Please let me know so I can include them in future posts!

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History was never really my thing. But in the last 2 years, I’ve found myself asking “how did we get here” more than ever.

Here’s why.

We’ve seen (repeatedly) that co-morbities increase the risk of hospitalization, intubation, and death during this pandemic. (PMID: 32845042).

What are these “comorbities”?
Cardiovascular disease & Hypertension
Chronic kidney disease
COPD (and other chronic lung diseases)
Diabetes mellitus
Obesity (BMI > 30)
Sickle-cell disease

So when I ask myself “how did we get here”, the pain point for me is the fact that many of these comorbities have a diet and lifestyle root. And I happen to love those roots.

So how did so many people end up with these same problems? Were all of them just super uninformed, hungry and lazy? Absolutely not. I refuse to believe that.

So in my quest for answers, I got curious about the history of Canadian nutrition guidelines to look for clues. And I summarized some of those milestones in the image provided.

If you can read the tiny print, you’ll notice that recommendations reflect the threat of FOOD SCARCITY (ie. not getting enough food) up until 1992. Yes, you read that right. Not long ago.

This is significant because it was a big paradigm change. For years, we were telling Canadians what to eat based on the assumption that disease was caused by a lack of food/nutrition.

But in 1992, our food supply was secure, so the focus shifted to how to eat “more” to fuel our energy needs. To be clear, this was a huge “win” to be in that position. But it had some unintended consequences.

It pains me to say that some of these co-morbities are likely an unintended “side-effect” of our enthusiasm for food security coupled with a lack of long term data of how the human body adapts to “more” food.

But the good news is that we’ve learned a lot since then, and in 2019, Canada made a new guideline that was a sign of progress.

So as we all dig deep to fight back against this 5th wave of increased case numbers, please remember that you are not powerless. I will help you learn how to let food be your weapon against disease.

Let’s become the strongest generation these viruses have ever seen.

Photos from Dr. Kathryn Doyle, ND's post 01/09/2022

I still remember the days when nutrition advice was only found in magazines and tv commercials.

I was raised during the hype of frozen tv dinners, chef boyardee, and SlimFast shakes.

I legitimately congratulated myself for “cooking” my own lunch by opening a can of something and heating it up on the stove. I had no idea what was in it, but I felt confident I had “made” it.

There were commercials leading me to believe that bread was full of vitamins, and that frosted flakes were part of a complete breakfast. It was a delicious time of my life.

But I felt terrible. And my self-esteem knew it.

So pretty early in my life I learned that I had to start thinking outside the box (literally). What seemed to be ok for all my friends wasn’t working for me.

And thus began my love affair with nutrition. I didn’t know where it would lead me, but I knew it was worth chasing.

And I deeply believed there was a science 🧪 to it, and that people deserved to know more about it.

So thank you for following along as I attempt to fulfill this mission and generate more nutrition confidence for my IG community.

And in case it’s not already obvious, I’m an OG in the nutrition and wellness world, literally a dinosaur in Naturopathic years. So I’m always up for answering questions and receiving insight from real people like you! And if you’re a researcher, or work in the health and wellness space, then let’s connect! I’d love to learn from you too.


The words may not be an exact match, but you get the idea.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 12 years of practice, it’s that nutrition is confusing. Everyone has a different idea of how it works.

And most people put a lot of pressure on step 1 (ie. choosing what foods to eat).

But I have to tell you, each step is important. And as a Naturopathic Doctor, I see the other steps cause problems on the regular. But it’s really hard to explain using technical and anatomical terms that people can’t relate to.

So I’m taking a risk and am betting most of you have shopped on Amazon before (or any kind of e-commerce). They are so good at notifying you once each step is complete, so it gives you an appreciation of all the touch points from start to finish. And if there’s an issue somewhere along the way, you get a heads up.

So I’m piggy-backing off their notification strategy to give you an insiders understanding of how food turns into nutrition.

Hold on, let me say that again…
”how food turns into nutrition”.

Because food is only food, unless your body can transform it into the parts you need (like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids) and get rid of the parts you no longer need.

My hope is that the above image offers you a framework of all the steps that have to “go right” in order for you to feel well and gain the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

It also provides some clues as to why there is not a one-size-fits-all diet that makes everyone look and feel like a superhero. If you already connected the dots on some of them, then we’re going to become fast friends.

I will cycle back to this metaphor when we start to zoom in on specific nutrients to understand why we may need more of them. So it may be worth saving this post to keep it fresh in your mind.

Comment below if you found this helpful!

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