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Dr. Farrah and Dr. Jessica have been treating me for dry eyes and keratoconus. Staff here are extremely helpful and friendly. My eyes continuously felt dry, gritty as if there is sand or dust in them, and lately I started experiencing light sensitivity as well. After several discussions we decided that scleral lenses would be the best way to address the issues I was having with my RGP contacts as well as my dry eyes and keratoconus. After less than a week I have felt an immense improvement and love the way my eyes feel and look. I would recommend Eyedeology to everyone.
How many years you take for learning Optometrist?
We never have a problem coming to visit our friends at Eyedeology! There's always something fun to do while we wait.

Eyedeology is a friendly and professional eye clinic in the heart of downtown Calgary. We offer full eye exams for all ages, dry eye clinic, specialty contact lenses, myopia control, diabetic exams, cataract evaluations, glaucoma, and optical services.

Our mission is to provide the best care for your eyes – your window to the world. We take pride in providing customized eye care, products and vision solutions based on your lifestyle, occupational and recreational needs. As part of your eye exam, our Calgary Optometrists Dr. Farrah and Dr. Wong will address your concerns, assess your needs, and discuss all your visual options and preventative eye care measures. We are passionate about eyes and committed to helping you protect your vision for life. We encourage patients to be proactive and preventative when it comes to their vision by having annual eye exams.

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Welcome to Self Care Sundays. A day in nature does wonders to help you reconnect to yourself. Taking in the sun, the sky, the fresh air, the trees, the snow, & much more helps you to disconnect & recharge. The stillness of nature reminds us that we too have that within us.
As we start a new week, let the us reflect on the words Lao Tzu: "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

** don't forget your sunnies with 100% UVA & UVB protection) when outdoors, all year round! 😎

Welcome to Friday's with Farrah πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ January is a great time to reminder yourself to book in for your annual eye exam.

Most people think an eye exam is simply getting a prescription for glasses. It's more than that. Did you know that you can see well and still have an underlying eye condition (ex. glaucoma or macular degeneration in their early stages). The eyes are the windows to your body. We can detect medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure by looking into the eye.

It's important to note, a screening eye test is not the same as a comprehensive eye exam (reviews both your vision and eye health) with your Optometrist.

Our goal at Eyedeology is to ensure your eyes remain healthy throughout your life. Annual eye exams are the best way to ensure your vision & eye health. Your eyes deserve an Optometrist and we would love to be part of your health team. Make yourself a priority and make eye exams part of your yearly health checklist. #fridayswithfarrah #annualeyeexams

Welcome to 20/20 Tuesday's. A new year often comes with new year resolutions, so this year make good eye health and eye hygiene one of your beauty resolutions! Not sleeping in your eye makeup at night is a must to prevent eye infections, styes, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), dry eyes, overgrowth of mites on the lashes and even damage to your beautiful eyelashes. Did you know that left-on mascara can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break, and fall out faster?

Getting in the habit of cleaning off your eye makeup nightly is the first step but also consider that not all makeup removers are created equal. Have you read the ingredients in your eye makeup remover to see how safe they are around the eyes?

After doing some research, our search for an all-natural eye makeup remover led us to the We Love Eyes eyelid and eyelash foaming cleansers. Created by Dr. Tanya Gill, OD, We Love Eyes is the first Optometrist developed and formulated cleansing system for the eyes. The tea tree oil based foaming cleanser is antimicrobial and works against bacteria and demodex mites on the eyelashes which are often the source of inflammation, infections (styes and acne rosacea) and dry eye symptoms.

There is also a a tea tree water based formulation available which provides the benefits of tea tree without the oil, making this type of cleanser a great option for cleaning eyelash extensions.

The best part is these products are all natural, all vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, formaldehyde-free and petrochemical-free! So whether it’s safe makeup removal or relief from dry eye & blepharitis symptoms this system will do the dirty work for you. The best way to figure out what type of cleanser is best for you is to have a discussion with our Optometrists so that we can determine together what type of cleanser would best suit your eye health needs. To Learn more on how to use this cleanser scroll back to watch our video.

Eyedeology Eye School - Eyelid Forming Cleanser 101

Did you know by cleaning your eyelids daily you can prevent mites called demodex from infesting your eyelids & clean out debris, dead skin cells and make-up residue. Ask your Optometrist which cleanser is right for you. Learn more on our video.

Welcome to Self Care Sundays. Today's reflection was inspired by our Manager Karen. In these times of uncertainty, as part of self care, we are reminded of looking at things half full rather than empty. By doing this, we are reminded of being grateful for what we have rather than what's missing. It's this appreciation that will help reduce stress & anxiety.
As we start a new week, let's reflect on how full our jars truly are. It will shift your perspective, help you cope & perhaps give you another direction your did not think was possible.

Eyedeology Eyeschool: Brushes 101. Learn how to clean your eyelids. Pick yours up in office or through our online store.


Welcome to 20/20 Tuesdays and 2021! It's hard to believe we are already in a new year. Looking back on 2020, it was a year whose name made us anticipate something special, only to meet those expectations with a strange and often harsh new reality. 2020 was supposed to be a big year for Optometry. In eye care, 20/20 vision is synonymous with the ability to see clearly but no one could have forseen what 2020 would bring. From online classes to working from home, cancelled trips and even toilet paper shortages; 2020 was a year full of frustrations and unexpected challenges.

There were times when I felt overwhelmed and worried about the uncertainty of the future and yet I told myself that I will not break easily. Even in the darkest of times I was inspired by the courage and resilience of those around me. From the selfless healthcare providers working tirelessly on the frontlines to those speaking out about racial injustices. This past year was one that forced us to ask tough questions about how our society works and what kind of world we want to live in for the future. As we send away the year that felt like it was never going to leave I am once again reminded of our ability to overcome, to innovate and to live on.

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. I will treat this past year as a lesson to not take for granted precious things such as health, freedom and time spent in the company of good friends and family. I am comforted by the new things that I have learned and tried in this past year that I may not have discovered otherwise.

As we walk into 2021 I sincerely hope that we can all find the strength that has gotten us this far and can continue to support those around us, especially those who may be struggling, with kindness. Let's create the type of world that we want to see. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy start to the new year. #2020tuesdays

Welcome to Self Care Sundays. Starting the new year focusing on self love, one of our greatest lessons of 2020. Simple acts of self care such as gratitude, making time for yourself, healing, & nourishing your body & soul can bring joy during times of uncertainty.

In the words of Russel Nelson: "The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives." As we begin 2021, let's start off by choosing joy.

πŸ“·: @sixnfive

Welcome to Friday's with Farrah πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ It's 2021 - Happy New Year to everyone! We made it through 20/20 the words I use everyday in my career to let my patients know how well they see. Hindsight is 20/20 as it was definitely a year of vision, awakening and looking inwards. A year that was unexpected, unpredictable & untamed.

2020 had its challenges (the highs & lows, fears and tears) but with change comes growth. We had a chance to pause, reflect, re-evaluate & realize how much better life could be.

2020 has taught me:
A. Resilience
B. Invest my energy into the people & connections that matter most - those that support & uplift me
C. Being the moment
D. Rest and Rejuvenation
E. Faith & gratitude every step of the way
F. To always shine my light, be fearless & lead with love

As we start 2021, Iets bring our new learnings to help us grow into who we truly are.

Welcome to Self Care Sundays. With the new year around the corner, it's a great time to self reflect on our learnings from 2020.

2020 reminded us of the importance of community, love, gratitude & the knowing that you are enough ... you always were.
Lets end the year with these simple learnings and remember to begin the year keeping things simple.

As we begin a new week, we leave you with: "Live simply and appreciate what you have. Give more. Expect less." Stephen Covey #selfcaresundays

πŸ“·: @spiritdaughter

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays from all of us at #teameyedeology! We are ever so grateful for your support his year and couldn't have done it without you. Wishing you all the love, happiness and blessings of the season. πŸŽ…πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„

Dec 25-28: closed
Dec 29: 830-5
Dec 30: 12-5
Dec 31-Jan 3: closed
Jan 4: 830-5

Welcome to 20/20 Tuesday's. You may have heard of makeup brushes for putting on makeup but did you know there are brushes to remove eye makeup as well? Just like we use a toothbrush to clean our teeth every day to remove plaque and and build-up, eyelid margin cleansing brushes are designed to clean at the base of our lashes to remove bacteria, dead skin cells and stuck-on makeup like mascara which can be difficult to remove easily. This helps to keep our eyelids clean and healthy and reduce the risk of getting eye infections, styes and dry eyes.

@weloveeyes makes a fantastic trio of eyelid brushes designed by Optometrist Dr. Tanya Gill:

1) The Eyelid Margin Brush allows for precise placement of your favorite lid hygiene cleanser and the soft-tiered brush is both gentle and easy to use, making for comfortable daily usage.

2) The In-Between Eyelash Brush is ideal for cleaning between your lashes which promotes eyelid margin and lash follicle health.

3) The Eyelid Margin Scrub Brush targets and removes debris along the lashes and it can also scrub away capped oil glands along the eyelid margins.

Best of all, these brushes are safe to use on natural lashes, false lashes and lash extentions. The reusable nature of the brushes also reduce waste from cotton pads and swabs. Stay tuned Tomorrow for our Eyedeology Eye School video to learn more on how to use them.

It's the first day of the Winter Solstice & a very Happy birthday to both Krissy and Anastasia. We are so grateful for both of you being part of team Eyedeology. May this new milestone & year be full of love, abundance, growth and happiness. We wish you the best always. #hbd

Welcome to Self Care Sundays.It's ok to not be ok! The holiday season is upon us and it's also the ending of 2020 a year full of challenges and growth. Many of us are experiencing burnout, anxiety and depression. With the rise of Covid & recent restrictions, we have seen a rise in the number of suicides, drug abuse & family violence. Many of us are experiencing a higher work load and trying to balance life.

Its ok to not be ok. Your not alone. Part of self care is to put yourself first, speak up and reach out for help. Being vulnerable allows you to heal from within. By talking it out, your voice can be heard. We have lost to many to the silence.

Carry on with courage. Breathe even though you don'tt know how everything will turn out. You are allowed to let hope fill your being. You are free to surrender, let go, & start over trusting the light within has guided you here. You are more than where you have been.

As we begin a new week, we leave you with the words of @sushmitasen47 : "They say there is light at the end end of the tunnel ... I say why wait, let's light up the tunnel." #selfcaresundays

πŸ“·: @sushmitasen47

Eyedeology Eye School - Mascara 101. Did you know that you need to change your mascara every 3 months? Learn tips and tricks on how to keep your eyes healthy when using mascara.

Welcome to 20/20 Tuesdays! Did you know that mascara should be discarded every 3 months?
Mascara is the one beauty product that should be replaced the most frequently because when applying mascara to your lashes, the bacteria and skin cells from the lashes are placed back into the tube once the wand is reinserted, and can easily grow inside the tube. Mascara should be disposed of every 3 months to prevent the risk of eye infections.

Waterproof mascara should be avoided! The waterproof formula often contains waxes and silicone which can help the makeup last longer against sweat, tears and water but this can also dry out the lashes and even cause them to fall out. Waterproof mascara is also much more difficult to remove and excessive rubbing of the eyes can cause more irritation to the delicate skin around the eyes.

One of the most crucial elements to eye health is not sleeping in mascara or makeup in general. The eyes and skin need to breathe. Clumps of mascara can block the oil or meibomian glands along the lid margin which produce the oily part of the tears causing irritation and dry eyes. Removing eye makeup with a gentle oil based remover will reduce your risk of blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), dry eyes and eye infections. One of the best ways to enhance your natural lashes is to make sure you have good mascara habits! More to come tomorrow with Dr. Jessica on Mascara 101. Stat tuned. #2020tuesdays

Welcome to Self Care Sundays. Many local small business and Calgarians are in hardship and struggling to survive. It's in times like these that we need to turn to our communities for support.

As a community, we can stand together & support local. Shop local businesses this holiday season. A little step goes a long way & it can save a business from having to close its doors.

Part of self-care is our need for connection & community. We are in this together. Let's keep Calgary strong and united.

As we start a new week, we leave with this beautiful piece from @rupikaur_ new book #homebody. #selfcaresundays

Welcome to Friday's with Farrah πŸ™‹ It's been a week of celebration starting with my birthdayπŸŽ‚. 20/20 has given me the gift of perspective. During this challenging year, I reflect on all the growth and lessons learned along the way.

This year my focus was making myself a priority. I've chosen to live more consciously & nourish and nurture my being by living in the moment. I've had more opportunity to spend time with my loved ones & I've realized that love and kindness are what matter most & being surrounded by community.

I'm grateful for this year as it's kept my faith strong and trust in the journey. This weekend, we celebrate Kushyali, the birthday of the Aga Khan. Happy birthday to our spiritual leader. I'm blessed to have your guidance in my life. I'm looking forward to our family zoom celebrations, eating delicious healthy food and dressing up. Have a great weekend everyone πŸ’‹ #fridayswithfarrah #hbd

Eyedeology Eye School - Eyeliner 101 - learn how to apply eyeliner the correct way with Dr. Farrah!

Welcome to 20/20 Tuesday's! Many people use make-up daily, and we know to avoid harmful products around our eyes but could the way we are applying our eye make-up be causing dry eye problems or irritation?

With the increase in online make-up tutorials many of us have probably seen a video or two on how to apply eyeliner or how to achieve the perfect smokey eye look. However, as much as eye make-up can enhance the way our eyes look, it can also harm our eye health if applied improperly.

One important rule to remember for eyeliner is to avoid makeup near the lid margins which is the part of the eyelid that touches the surface of your eye. We also have the openings of the oil glands in the eyelids are located within the eyelid margin. If you block these glands with makeup, it can lead to dry eyes as these glands get plugged, dirty contact lenses, and even styes. A good rule of thumb is not to tightline or put makeup on the waterline (the rim of the upper or lower eyelid between the lashes and the eye). You want to have your eyelashes between your makeup and your eyeball to give your glands some room to breathe. Always apply eye makeup on the outer part of your eyelids.

As Optometrists, we believe it’s important to educate and increase awareness on choosing safe eye makeup products and practicing a safe and healthy makeup routine. After all, the placement of these products directly on and in the eye can affect our eye health and vision. If your wanting to learn more, book in for a complimentary consultation and stay tuned this month for more tips. #2020tuesdays

Welcome to Self Care Sundays. As our numbers continue to rise, part of self-care is keeping yourself safe and healthy. Taking precautions like wearing a mask, keeping your distance & practicing good hand hygiene plays a big role in self-care. So let's work together to keep everyone safe including ourselfves by doing our part.

Something to keep in mind when wearing your mask, you may experience Mask Associated Dry Eye (MADE). Dry eye symptoms such as dry, gritty, burning, or stinging eyes can be worsened by mask wear because the masks significantly reduce the outward spread of air. When a mask sits loosely against the face the exhaled air is blown upwards onto the eye surface creating a quicker tear evaporation leading to symptoms of dry eyes.

MADE may encourage people to rub their eyes for temporary relief which can increase the possibility of unwashed hands touching the eyes increasing the potential of coronavirus infection in the eye. To avoid this, make sure your mask fits properly by using tape or wearing a mask with an adjustable nose clip to create a better seal around the bridge of your nose. If you are using tape, avoid areas close to the eyes as it can interfere with your ability to fully blink.

If your suffering from dry eyes, book an appointment for your dry eye assessment at our office. This month on our feed, we will we sharing more tips on skincare and dry eyes to help you wear your mask more effectively during our driest season.

As we begin a new week, we leave you with the words of Mahatma Gandhi "You must be the change you want to see in the world." #selfcaresundays

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