Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage

Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage


Corey Fiske is a knowledgeable, thorough, caring, chiropractor that has taken care of my wife and I for many years. We highly recommend him.
I would highly recommend Dr. Fiske Chiropractic office. He has treated each of our family with all different problems from knee to back to spine issues. His goal is always to get you up and going as soon as he can. Dr. Fiske is a super kind and caring person one who always goes out of his way for your needs.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice offering Chiropractic, Massage, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage is a multi-disciplinary clinic located in the heart of Downtown Calgary. The clinic offers chiropractic, and massage therapy treatments, as well as custom orthotics, Active Release Technique and Cold Laser Therapy.

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What a year it's been! We can't thank you enough for being our patient. Cheers to a wonderful, healthy, and happy 2023.


It's almost that time of year again...what are you putting on your list of New Year's resolutions? Whatever it is, we hope it involves doing something positive for your health!


Santa sure was kind to us this year-after all, he gave us the best gift ever-all of you as our patients. We hope you have a very with your loved ones!


Feeling twisted like a candy cane? Time to visit us!


Don't forget to take a break--you deserve it!


Planks are good for a number of reasons. They can even help reduce back pain as they work to strengthen your core muscles.


Wheres Waldo?

Waldo is taking over the Big Apple, He will be back Thursday December 15th Call in to book an appointment with him before the holiday break.


Have you been told you have scoliosis? We've got a number of adjustment techniques and other natural services that may help. Contact us to learn more.


We love welcoming your little ones into our practice. Care for them is always gentle and focused. We look forward to seeing your family again soon!


Pssst…you don't have to wait until the new year begins to take control of your health. Call today to get your appointment scheduled!


Mondays are for fresh starts. "Like" if you agree!


It's ! What are you doing to celebrate? Comment below


Do you know what to look for in a shoe? Here are a few tips when it comes to picking out your next pair. If you're experiencing foot pain, ask us about custom orthotics and how they could benefit you.


Consider adding this delicious herb to your next meal!


Book with us today!


Turn the page on a new beginning in your life. Start today!


Better days are ahead...they're called Saturday and Sunday! Wishing you a happy weekend!




Massage appointments still available this week, call us to book!



Happy Halloween from our family to yours!


Here's your reminder to drink more water! It helps your body function at its best, and even helps keep your spinal discs hydrated.


The key to success is to focus on the goal, not the obstacle.


Always remember to enjoy the journey.

Why Is a High Cadence Useful For Runners? 10/19/2022

Why Is a High Cadence Useful For Runners?

Any competitive runners or just for fun athletes check this out!

Why Is a High Cadence Useful For Runners? Running at higher cadences reduce forces on the body while lower cadences increases them. Running cadence can easily be increased. The results are immediate and sustainable. Increasing running cadence may be a simple and cost-effective first-line treatment compared to changing footwear, and other ap...


Know someone who wants to improve health naturally? We'd love to help them. Have them contact our practice to book a visit and learn more.


Did you know? Physical therapy isn't just for adults--patients of all walks of life and those of every age can benefit from focused physical therapy. We're proud to offer PT in our practice!


This October, we're celebrating breast cancer awareness month. Did you know that over the past 60 years, the number of breast cancer survivors has tripled? Medical advancements have come a long way, but we've still got a ways to go. To all of those who are fighting, surviving, and thriving, we want you to know that we're with you and we support you! 🎀


Do you recognize this posture? If it's you, or a friend or loved one, we'd be happy to help. Book an appointment with us today to improve your posture.


If you find yourself reaching for pain medicine every day, put down the bottle and pick up the phone to make an appointment. Discover how natural chiropractic care may help you naturally.


Did you know? Oranges are high in Vitamin C, which is not only great for your immune system, but also the connective tissue throughout your body.


Looking for a natural way to reduce back pain and strengthen muscles? Yoga is the perfect combination. Here's an example of one pose that could help you feel better.


Patients of every age and stage of life are welcome here. We can't wait to help you accomplish your goals in health. Book a visit today!


We see patients all the time who are dealing with technology induced wrist pain. Find out if we can help by scheduling a visit with us!


We hope you have a healthy day. Here are some tips to make sure that you do!


Sometimes, we don't know the piece is missing until we find it. If you know someone who could benefit from natural health, send them our way. We can't wait to help them express their true health potential. #

Our Story

Fifth Avenue Place Chiropractic & Massage is a multi-disciplinary clinic located in the heart of Downtown Calgary. The clinic offers Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, and Massage therapy treatments, as well as Custom Orthotics, Active Release Technique and Cold Laser Therapy. We have a team that will get you moving again the way you want to. Come see us, we would love to meet you.





105, 420 2 Street SW
Calgary, AB

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 8am - 6pm
Friday 8am - 6pm

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