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Thinking about the health benefits that will be wasted because people think acupuncture hurts or aren’t aware of all it can help with .. 😔💰❤️‍🩹


Use up this year’s Acupuncture benefits and address health concerns early on, before they develop into more serious conditions. ✨

.. and massage, chiro, dental, osteo, naturopath benefits.

You deserve some self care!! ♥️


This is the reason why Jane Says really tries to make the highest quality product possible. Why we use only the best ingredients for your skin and for you. So grateful for you all🌱🌎✌🏽💙💚


We can access the energy of expansion, moving forward in life and to let go of the resistance that holds us back through calming Liver and strengthening Kidney. ♥️


It is true satisfaction knowing you will feel better. 😀🔥


What’s your skin telling you? And why are you ignoring it with medical, topical treatments?

“Skin is supposed to react to the world around it. The skin is a go-between for your internal and external environments; it’s your body’s built-in communication center. After all, what better way to get your attention?”


Adult acne, digestion, sleep, emotional blockage, PMS, migraines ALL treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Real beauty products
—-> Your smile. It’s a glow. 😊

(+ sleep, exercise, laughter & hydration ..to name a few)


“My body is mine. It belongs to me.
And I will not hide it, or apologize for it.
There is no sin in a woman’s skin.”


“If we could see souls instead of bodies, what would be beautiful?”

🖊- 101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think



No one is responsible for our happiness .. but I sure do appreciate the things that add to it!


Acupuncture is completely safe during pregnancy.

Acupuncture is effective for conceiving, maintaining pregnancy, alleviating fatigue, nausea and discomfort then inducing and nourishing mama postpartum.


Empowering, sharing, learning, laughing, crying and growing with those who seek an ancient healing medicine is the basis of my incredible work that I am very proud of. ♥️


Our TSUBAKI Gua Sha can be purchased

Please DM us if you have any questions!


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Our liver energy relates to ANGER & LETTING GO, which is at its highest in the spring. 🌸

Balance Liver Qi (energy) and let go of anger/irritation/stress by:

Eating sour foods, exercising, singing, deep breathing, dancing, finding creative outlets, take prescribed herbs, get acupuncture, cupping and LAUGHING. ♥️✌🏽✨


I will be offering “pay as you can appointments”. Because EVERYONE deserves access to healthcare.. including Acupuncture.

Watch story updates for openings and upcoming available dates. New and current patients can book.


You know that look of beauty when someone is happy, healthy and full of life? Me too.. and that can’t be bought, injected or lathered on.

Say bye ✌🏽 to elaborate night time routines, investing in toxic beauty products, anti-aging and changing your face to reflect societies ideals.

Walk into 🥰 confidence, self-worth, energy, joy and changing society’s ideals to reflect your face with natural treatments like Acupuncture.

(& natural facials by 😍)


Take a hike. ✌🏽❤️ 〽️🔆



Please see available appointments for January as online booking is not showing availability. Please DM or email to book.

Upgrading our booking system soon! 🤩

I apologize for this inconvenience. 🤍⛑


All of our beauty tools can be purchased at and while your there, book in for a Gua Sha facial with Dr. Kirsten!!


“If you’re happy and you know it.. you probably just got acupuncture”


Acupuncture in this space. ✨

Healing for you to stay or get well. I have to say, it’s pretty freaking swell.

Digestion, pain, acne, fertility, sleep or stress. A peaceful place to decompress. 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏼

You’re welcome whether you’re a Matt, Betty or Blair. You can also get did your nails, skin and hair! 💇🏻‍♀️💅

I’m a TCM doctor not a rapper, not a poet. I love sharing this medicine. My patients know it. ♥️

That’s all I got, not a lot..

But when you see this sign, up high in the sky, let it be a reminder that whatever you need …we’re near by.

AND that your super fly, you can’t deny😉✨..ok I’m done. Goodbye.

.kaila.rmt .manisha.nd

.artjunkie .byxavi


(PS. let me know who I missed so I can add them to our list of beauty souls!!)


Fact: you do not need to be exceptionally beautiful, talented or successful to experience the things that make life profound. ♥️


Acupuncture is therapeutic healing.

Scientific studies demonstrate this as Acupuncture can regulate our autonomic nervous system functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, metabolism, sexual response and concerns such as anxiety, and sleep.


Our heart energy relates to JOY, which is at its highest in the summer. ☀️


Cupping bruises are an indication of what’s going on in your body and why the problem (pain, tension, poor digestion, circulation) exists.

📸: DAO Labs


Smiling is a holistic, natural “medicine” that helps us feel positive, look more attractive, approachable and age better!

From an aging perspective, wrinkles that develop as a result of smiling are associated with a happier more positive appearance ✨🥰


Holding down the fort at Esme Beauiful Ramsay for the next 3 weeks as all Acupuncture treatments remain open. 🔥🤩

Missing all the ladies who had to close their services. Lots of love to all of you ♥️ Esmé Beautiful Salon Bowie

Photos from Dr. Kirsten Carson, Acupuncture's post 04/29/2021

Pain Relief 🤩

Patients love cupping for pain relief because it works by removing the stagnation in your body that is causing the pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine says “When Qi and blood flows, there is no pain.”


📸: The Fullest

“That is the definition of white supremacy - the unshakable sense that your beliefs are better/smarter/truer/more valuable than the beliefs of others.

They are not.

Is it possible that ancient medicine that has been practiced for thousands and thousands of years may have something to offer us?” -Jessica Dofino


Myth: Acupuncture benefits cover Acupuncture only.

Noooope. Acupuncture benefits cover all ancient TCM techniques, INCLUDING facial cupping (which increases circulation, relaxes muscles, tones and lifts, and strengthens the skin!)

📸 Local facial cups: .skin

Photos from Dr. Kirsten Carson, Acupuncture's post 04/06/2021

Fertility! 🤰🏻✨

These woman sought out the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and received Acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine and specific guidance which successfully facilitated their fertility journey.

TCM assisted IUI, unexplained infertility & preparing the body for pregnancy.

This medicine works and is even PROVEN “to increase the efficiency of IVF by 50%.”

Thank you for inviting me along your journey ♥️ Much love.


Curing patients is bad for business.

Example: “Pharmaceutical companies make billions from addictive painkillers [and other prescription drugs]. They don’t want you to know about alternatives offered by holistic health care practitioners like myself.”

They don’t want you to know that Ancient medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine works for a variety of health concerns.

TCM has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, rather than creating a profit. And I’m down for that!


She says it best ♥️✨


Are your WTF lines strong right now too!?

Spring (15 days away) is Liver time! When Liver is out of balance, we can get irritated, experience headaches, PMS and wake up around 3AM.

Cosmetic Acupuncture can help calm your WTF lines by balancing your Liver, calming the mind and helping you to relax.

At home: Ensure your energy is moving with exercise, breathing, eating sour foods and expressing emotions through journaling, singing, talking to a friend or punching s**t (like your pillow).😌🤬


☯️ ✌🏽 ☮️


Unknowingly we are told how we should act, look and be. I’m not sure if that can ever be totally avoided but start to have awareness how society impacts your decisions. The less you let it impact your choices, the more you become you. ♥️✨and that’s beauty!


Nothing. ♥️✨✌🏽


High levels of cortisol from stress decreases the production of klotho, a hormone that regulates the ageing process. ✨


Who doesn’t have a “pain in your neck”, (any kind of annoyance, difficulty or grief) in your life right now? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Gua Sha can help and is covered under Acupuncture benefits. The scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine is much more than needles. ✨

Cosmetic Acupucnture


Cosmetic Acupuncture treats everything from poor sleep, digestion, stress, women’s health, immunity, weight and pain that effect the health of your skin.

True beauty lives on the inside and that’s where we start. Acupuncture is a natural, pain-free treatment that encourages your body to heal unbalanced areas and stimulate collagen production. By addressing these imbalances Acupuncture can relieve interior issues and in turn reflect a healthy exterior.

The treatment consists of cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. Gua Sha, cupping and reflexology tools are used before placing needles in specific areas on the face and body.

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