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The Light Within offers Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Bars Sessions, ThetaHealing and Intuitive Life Coaching Listed are some of the Sessions that I am currently offering with a brief description: BARS Session: $70 / 60-90 minutes The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head, storing the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

There are bars for Healing, Body, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Aging, Money just to name a few. A Bars Session typically lasts about an hour. If you like check out this Fun 3 minute video about the Bars For those who are more into knowing the Scientific side of what Bars does for our bodies you can check out this link: Bars and Regulation Thermometry: Review of Access Bars by Neuroscientist: Reiki Session: $70/hr Reiki is a Japanese term that can be defined as miraculous and sacred energy of the universe. It is a hands-on healing modality that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is based on the idea that "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. It is safe and gentle, yet powerful. When receiving Reiki, the client goes into a deep meditative state. Reiki helps to clear, recharge, and balance the energy systems of the body. Life Coaching Sessions: $80/hr In these sessions we will talk about what you are looking to change in your life. What is holding you back, what limiting thought patterns are holding your current reality in place. We will then use either ThetaHealing or Access Consciousness to clear the patterns you have locked in place. Follow this session with a 1/2 hour BARS or Reiki session for an additional $40

Tamra Oviatt - Sacred Activations

Me 2018 and 2019



When you feel like you are loosing everything. Like Your World is falling apart. You're at the Bottom of the hole looking down at all the chaos that is going on around you. Look UP! See that Light? That is YOU! Stop allowing yourself to wallow in the crap. This is where you can create the most majik from. It does not matter if your guidance is asking you to move toward something you've tried it in the past and it failed. You are not the same as you were back then. YOU are STRONGER! Take charge of your Reality, OWN IT! BE THE POWER that YOU ARE!!

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If we desire to See and Live a different reality we must Stop falling into the same thought patterns that we have been taught and bought into. We must do our best to not buy into those thoughts about our current reality or situation. For it is those thoughts that are creating the reality that we see. We must Re-Train our Brain. I find going directly to Gratitude helps. Gratitude for everything including the opportunity to see that I don't have to buy into REACTING. It takes time, some longer than others. Never Give Up. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going. You can do It!! It's not the size of step that you are taking, It's that you are taking a step.
Love and Light to You!

[11/22/15]   We often get so caught up in the Drama that is going on around us. What others are saying, what they are doing, What they are choosing. STOP What can you CHOOSE NOW! When we shift our perspective and realize that these things are playing out for reasons we cannot fathom. We can't understand. What we could do is choose to send Love and Light. What if by doing this it begins to shift the Entire Universe into a higher awareness and vibration. What if we chose to ask questions rather than go into Judgement of the situations and circumstances. How does it Get any Better Than This? What is Right About This I am Not Getting? by staying out of the Judgement it opens us up to more possibility. You are the Creator of Your Life. Choose for You,

Love and Light ~ Brenda

Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution

How do you change your vibration in an instant?

This morning walked my dog. She chased some birds in the field. The magpies were not impressed. There were about 11 of them swooping at us and cawing, I could feel the heaviness of the situation. Still following us 50 yards later I was like "If your going to speak so loudly I will make sound" I started to whistle a tune....... There was no more sound from them, they stopped following us and they flew away to another direction. I changed the vibration of the situation by not allowing it to take control over me.

We can do this in any situation, we have to be willing to Let Go of our Ego, Our Fears, the pattern that keeps us stuck in the same reality. It's up to You to Choose differently, Choose the Vibration that we desire our life to Be. Choose to Be in Alignment with our Higher Selves.

Love and Light ~ Brenda W.

[06/23/15]   Where have you been hiding? The world/Universe has been waiting for you, to step into your confidence and shine. What is holding you back from Being the magic you are? What Lies have you bought into as your reality that if you would acknowledge them as lies would allow you to Be and Do what you really Desire? It's time to fly little birdies, You were Born to Fly!

[06/23/15]   What are the Access Consciousness BARS?

The Light Within

I've often read/heard people say that you can not receive unless you are open to it. I guess it never really made sense to me until recently.
So often when something we classify as dramatic (like loosing a job) happens to us we immediately (because that is how it has always been done before, like a habit) fall into the OMG!!! Then we start to think of All the things that will happen now that this "situation" has shown itself. Thus, keeping the pattern of Not Receiving in place. You have started to project the energy of the outcome by putting the walls up and blocking the Infinite Possibilities that the Universe has to offer you.
Instead of falling into that same pattern ( you must remain conscious of where your thoughts are) Keep the space open, What else is possible? Clear the judgement of it. Stay focused, KNOW that this is an Opportunity for you to Change your thoughts and Allow for something better to show up in your Life.
~I Have Now Seen What Can Be Created~
About 2 weeks ago my Husband lost a job he never really wanted anyways, just before that happened he had applied to a job that made him feel excited. Had an interview and then was let go from his current position. Our first habitual response? You guessed it OMG .. but just as that came into the mind we both new this was it... we destroyed and uncreated all that and allowed the energy to remain open to the Universe. He started his new job this week. : )
We are the only ones who have control of what we think and how we CHOOSE to React in every moment. It's called Free Will. If you are serious about wanting to change your life, You have to CHOOSE it !! You are in Control, You Always have been and the Universe is just Waiting for you to get out of the Way!!

~Sending you Love and Light~

So often we are trying so hard to manipulate and change our current reality. We don't like what we are experiencing or seeing so we struggle with it and try to make it do what we want to see. We have been pre-programmed to label experiences as good & bad and when they are "bad" we are taught we have to struggle. If we just stepped back, observe and accept what is without judgement we can then open ourselves up to Receiving Everything the Universe has to offer. By doing this we are then Accepting/Receiving what we have created and taking back our Power to create more of what we enjoy.
What if instead of getting caught up in the judgement of it we chose to fully Receive All of the possibilities that it has to offer?

Each time You move forth and take action upon the ideas and inspiration that comes to You, You are Opening Yourself up to the Higher Vibrations of You, Of The Universe. Let go of the chatter that tries to talk you out of it. Know that by taking the steps forward You are Creating a Space of Limitless Possibilities and Confidence to Manifest the Life You Desire. Step into Your Power, The Truth of Who You Really Are!
Shining Light and Love Upon You Now...................❀ BW

Know that the Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give is The Gift of Love, The Gift of Yourself and The Gift of the Truth of Who You Are. Let Your Light Shine and Be Open to Receiving the Love that Returns to You. Blessings to You All and Your Loved Ones ❀

During those times when it seems there is only darkness and you are having difficulty finding the Light, Know that You Are the Light. The Light is Always within and around You. If You can but Choose to take a moment within The Darkness to Feel, To Know, To Visualize the Light, Surrounding You, Within You. Know.... Always Know You Are The Light. No Experience can take that away from you for it IS the Truth. Find The Light Within. Use it as Your Anchor.... Your Life Saver.... Your Hope... Find The Strength to Be Within It, without thought.... Just Be

Sending Love and Light to All of You Who are Requiring it Today. Blessing You All ~ BW

When a situation or experience arises that you find discomfort in grab a pen and paper and start to write All of the emotions and how it is making you feel. What is it bringing up to the surface. What is needing to be brought into the light. EVERYTHING that comes up write it down. Use whatever technique works for you to release and surrender each of the beliefs on your list to Creator and replace it with the positive side of what you just surrendered. Step out of the past and into your truth.

With Love and Light ~ Brenda

When we attempt to Push or Pull experiences into or out of our Existence we are showing ourselves and the Universe that we are dis- Satisfied with what We have Created in our life. Leading to self judgement and dis- Approval of ourselves. We are the Creators of our own life, Not anyone else's life. Accept the Greatness of You and Know that each thought and action is a Choice, Your choice. Choose to Accept the present moment and All it has to offer you. Your messages are within these moments, its up to you to See and Listen.

Love and Light ~ Brenda

Life is meant to be Lived with Beauty and Love. There are some Experiences that we may encounter, that may not seem to reflect this. However that is Our Own interpretation of it. Look at what you are being shown and Rise Above It. It is showing you something that requires your attention. See it, Feel it, Bless it and Let it Go. See the Love in Life, The Gift of Laughter, Smell the Air with each breath. KNow you Are Loved and Love Yourself for taking the steps needed to Make a difference in Your Life, The World and The Universe.

Blessings~ Brenda

Show Yourself who is in control. Take control of your emotions, Your Beliefs, Your Reality. If you have to Pretend like you did when you were a child then do it. Take time to step fully into pretend mode, feel it, Live it, Love it and continue on Your day with the Love and Energy of All Your Dreams!!

Blessings - Brenda

Trust in the Divine Timing of your path. Know that as You go through this life with Courage and Strength, holding True to Your Beliefs, You will begin to See the Light in All That Is. It is a Conscious Choice that You make to Free Yourself from the old patterns of thought. Follow Your Guidance and leave the excuses behind. The only one holding you back is you. Trust in Yourself and who You Are. You Are Divine, You Are The Light. You Deserve to Be Free. So, Free Yourself from the shackles of Ego and Live Life with Love. Trust.... Know..... Believe

Love and Blessings ~ Brenda

Take a moment ..... Feel and Imagine Your True Essence....Know that You Are Connected to All That Is. Like a fluorescent light plugged in at both ends.... Your crown to Creator and Your Feet to Mother Earth..... You are In control of how bright You Shine, Visualize Your Light Emanating from Your Body.... From Your Soul......... Feel the Love that You Are, You Are Love, Pure and True. Blessings.


SEE the Gift in the Butterfly, See the Gift in the Flower,
See the Gift in the Clouds, See the Gift in the Stars,
See The Gift In YOU!!


The Universe Can Only Give You That which Your Frequency vibrates at. When You clear and Connect with Your Inner Light You Raise Your vibration. The More Inner work You Do, the Higher Your vibration will Be and Thus Allowing Your Dreams To Manifest. Life Gets Better, Easier......
Your Surroundings and Interactions will reflect Your Inner work.


Do You Have Questions? Is there something that you are struggling with and looking for help to move through? You're uncertain of the signs you are receiving? What you are being shown? If so, chances are that someone else out there is going through the same thing. Post your question on this comment thread and I will pick a question at random to have answered.

There are times when we could all use some help, but are unsure where to go or who to ask. Some pass through easily, understanding the messages they are receiving. While others are uncertain and that uncertainty starts to burrow a hole. Next thing you know you're hidden from the light and need help to get out.

β™₯ Love and Light β™₯
Brenda β™₯

Letting Go of Judgement is One of the Most Amazing gifts we Can Give Ourselves. When we make judgement on anything, be it a situation, something we/someone created, a persons actions or behaviors, We are in Actuality placing judgement upon
our-self. This then will create a lack of self Love.
Love Everything and Everyone, See Yourself Within All That Is, Ask Questions, What would Creator do in this Situation? Live Life from Your Truth, From LOVE. Forgive and Bless others. We are All here for our Own Reasons, Our Own Lessons and Experiences. Rise Above it knowing You Are in complete control of Your Actions and Words. Have Patience with Yourself, Your Inner Child, for you are Learning a way of Living that is New to You. You Can Do It......... One Step at a Time....... If you happen to fall down, Pick Yourself Up, Brush Yourself Off and Try Again. You Are Loved, You Are LOVE!!


Do You Truly Understand just how Amazing You Really Are?
Sit for a moment and Imagine Seeing Yourself in Your True Form, Your True Beauty, Your True Light........ Feel That Love That Is There For You, That Is Within You. Know That When You Take Time To Feel This Love, You Are Connecting To Your Higher Self and Allowing More of You Into Your Existence. Opening the Doors To The Miracles of Life, The Miracles of Love.
Open Yourself To The Flow of This Love, Know That You Are Love, You Are Deserving of Love, You Were Created In Love. Get To Know Who You Really Are...... Love You..


You ARE Your BIGGEST Fan!!! Allow Yourself to Cheer for You, Allow the Love Your Higher Self has for you, that IS You, to Fill Every cell of your Being and Ignite Your Power, Passion and Fire within. Love You and watch as You Create a Life of Love and Beauty.


Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

You are a Divine Being First, having a Human Experience. Remember who You Really Are. You Are the Light, You Are Love Pure Divine, You Are Joy, You Are Abundant. All that You Insist on Looking outside of Yourself for, IS Who You Are, It Is Within You. Although it may seem painful and difficult at times, Remember the truth of You and Feel Your Energetic Vibration Rise and Connect with Your True Essence. Love You, and wash away all the false beliefs you have created about yourself. Love You and watch yourself grow into the Butterfly You Knew You Would Become.


Love and Be Proud of Yourself for how far You have come. You have Accomplished and Released So Much. You have Grown and Expanded Your Energy. Each step you take to be more of who you really are opens new doors. Trust in the process, Know You are a Part of the Divine Plan. Plant the seeds for your dreams and fill yourself with Love. When the time comes you Will See the fruits of Your labor and Know Why you are here.


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Certifications: ~Reiki Master Practitioner since 2009 ~ThetaHealing Advanced Practitioner since 2010/11 ~Access Bars Practitioner since 2013.
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