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Medical Tourism Facilitator 1-877-461-7936 Gateway Health International was founded on the belief that people are entitled to safe, quality and medically advanced health care while maintaining superior value.

Whether clients are looking for health care services that are not available in North America, not available in a timely manner or are looking for a cost effective alternative, Gateway Health International serves to empower its clients by providing information about exceptional medical facilities and arranging customized care. Gateway allows clients to take control of their health while ensuring a seamless experience that manages all the details, so clients can focus on their health and relaxation. We pride ourselves on our relationships with the medial staff and facilities we have relationships with and in the trust our clients place in us. Gateway searches out American accredited facilities that have a focus on international patient care, high doctor and nurse ratios to patients and medical facilities that offer state of the art technology and procedures. We also co-ordinate after care with recovery resorts, physiotherapy, private nursing, concierge services and any other needs the client may have. Gateway Health International is a resource to manage the details of your trip from travel arrangements, accommodations, medical documents, confirming appointments, providing points of reference for your recovery and of course, enjoying your time at your destination. The approach used by Gateway is a holistic one, we can arrange all the details required for a seamless recovery while our clients devote themselves to a relaxing recovery.

Mission: The goal of Gateway Health International is to be the best medical tourism facilitation company. We fulfill this goal by providing exceptional client care, innovative and safe procedures and a network of world class medical facilities, doctors, clinics and recovery centers. We are the silver lining in our clients medical journey, taking away the stress of logistics and research while maintaining a personalized approach.

MS funding under fire | Local | News | Barrie Examiner ‘They won’t pay $12,000 for a one-time procedure’ 0 By Cheryl Browne, Barrie Examiner Wednesday, April 3, 2013 8:15:20 EDT PM Barrie resident Steve Garvie tangles with his golden lab, Magoo, while taking a break from advocating for more widespread use of CCSVI. He leads the CCSVI Foundation of Canad...

Ottawa doctors behind breakthrough MS report A team of Ottawa doctors is preparing to publish a full report on its breakthrough multiple sclerosis treatment study that has so far eliminated the disease in those treated.

ANNETTE CHASES MS MIRACLE - The National Enquirer Controversial new treatment brings new hope for multiple sclerosis-stricken ANNETTE FUNICELLO, her devoted husband says.

CCSVI in New Zealand

My morning thoughts and questions to Dr Sclafani on TiMS;

Dr S I have been reading up on the research that shows infection is an early co-incident factor in heart attacks and strokes and I find that there is lots of talk about spasms in arteries.

*Does this also effect veins?

The work being done regarding vein health is indicating that the valve issues are more related to general vascular health. The research on diet, vit D, stress etc is really an extension of after the fact issues through life that have negative cumulative effects that create the problems you are treating. For instance endothelial health improvement is a must for CCSVI success!

My talking around the traps tells me that the doppler findings of CCSVI are actually changing over time (month by month), not fixed or only worsening. They are transient which makes sense for some of the findings.

The 'possibility' that plaque build up due to infection causing the fluctuating stenosis findings is very realistic. The process of build up and leakage of fluid plaque and then clots is a strong possibility for the waxing and waning post PTA. The collagen changes are an indication of healing from inflammation, which is likely to be caused by infections by pathogens such as Lyme and CPn bacteria.

*Do you see similarities in vein walls that correspond with artery spasms?

*And is there research and studies indicating vein wall spasm?


National MS Society-Supported Studies Point to Possibility That Dietary Salt May Stimulate Activity. MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn't.

2 year angioversary

Wonderful Success!

St. Patrick's Day, 2013, will mark 2 years since my angioplasty for chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). It improved several of my symptoms at...

CCSVI in New Zealand

Interesting article on illness clusters.

This is an interesting article and imo there may be other reasons for the connection of clusters and that may well be bacterial infections that can diversify their total symptom package to each patient by the history of the patient. The use of diet throughout life to 'protect' against infection by the use of Herbs which can be anti microbial and anti bacterial during ones life span is a classic example of how in periods of life the bacteria can infect and adapt to to the immune system and also modify the immune system.
CPn research is showing the stealth of bacteria and the outcomes by the variety of diseases implicated by finding high levels of CPn bacterial load, see

"Illness Clusters: The Reason Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome "Bring Friends"
By Adrienne Dellwo, GuideDecember 31, 2011

Most people with fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) also have a few other illnesses, and both research and observation have long shown that specific illnesses tend to accompany FMS and ME/CFS.
In a review of FMS literature, noted researcher Dr. Muhammed Yunus presents evidence for the cluster of illnesses we generally see all having a key feature in common: central sensitization (CS). As a group, they're called central sensitivity syndromes (CSS), although some of the conditions are classified as diseases.
The many illnesses Yunus identifies as CSS include:
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome
TMD/TMJ (temporomadibular disorder)
Restless legs syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Systemic lupus
Ankylosing spondylitis
Inflammatory bowel disease
Carpal tunnel disorder
Myofascial pain syndrome
Multiple chemical sensitivity
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Gulf War illness
Interstitial cystitis
Yunus says it's important for doctors to be aware of these overlaps so they can accurately diagnose and manage FMS when it accompanies other conditions.
What is Central Sensitization?
Usually when we hear about sensitization or sensitivity, it has to do with an allergy. In an allergy, the body becomes sensitive to a particular substance and thereafter reacts inappropriately to it.
The central part of CS refers to the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain and spinal column. The central nervous system, in these conditions, because sensitized to "noxious stimuli," which is basically any input that's unpleasant - pain, bright light, certain noises, etc. As with an allergy, the body begins to react inappropriately to that input.
As a result, what should be mild discomfort becomes pain, an obnoxious noise may trigger pain or anxiety, and light pressure from a waistband may cause a burning feeling on the skin and a deep ache in the muscles and connective tissues.
Yunus says evidence supports the theory that CS is a causal factor in these illnesses and the reason that they so often occur together. (Causal factor means that it is one of many causes that come together and not the sole cause.) Having one CSS predisposes you to the others."


New news from our friends in Naples, offering CCSVI from 7000 Euro's Since its presentation to the scientific community, the so called "Big Idea" of prof. Zamboni, according to which at the base of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) there would be a close correlation with some abnormalities in extracranial veins configuring the frame of Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insuffi...

CCSVI Weekly News Digest

New news from our friends in Naples, offering CCSVI from 7000 Euro's CCSVI Weekly News Digest, by Nat'l CCSVI Society: Weekly magazine covering latest on CCSVI, MS, other neurodegenerative diseases & healthy living

Can Medical Tourism Save Us From Obamacare? - The rise of first-rate hospitals abroad may provide a vital lifeline for Americans.

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