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Sun Life offers a free Webinar for parents, teachers, mentors, caregivers and students who have questions about going back to school.

As we’re faced with a new reality, this year’s back to school conversation is more important than ever. On September 3 at 2:00 pm, join us for a free webinar on how to help children feel good about going back to school. This webinar will feature mental health experts and will be hosted by Lumino Health, an innovation from Sun Life.

Register today! Returning to school should be an exciting time for kids of all ages. But 2020 has not been a normal year. With this webinar, mental health professionals will share ways to help you and your children feel good about going back to school. Hosted by Sun Life and Lumino Health Lumino Health, an innovati...

Gil Hedley on Foam Rolling: IT Band Speech

Decompress rather than compress. 🙃 In this video I demonstrate the IT Band on a human cadaver, and discuss the anatomy and the implications for foam rolling.

The most important skill in the future will be the ability to "connect the dots"​ in your own way! Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions.

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Could a weekly massage alleviate arthritis pain? - Medical News Bulletin | Health News and Medical Research

Results show the positive benefits of Massage Therapy for arthritic conditions. Arthritis pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Researchers recently investigated whether massages can help alleviate the pain.

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Protective essential oil attenuates influenza virus infection: An in vitro study in MDCK cells

🤓🤧🤒😊 Influenza is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. The recent pandemic of a novel H1N1 influenza virus has stressed the importance of the search for effective treatments for this disease. Essential oils from aromatic plants have been used for ...

The Secret Life of Fascia - Official Trailer

Join Scientist Robert Schleip and a team of experts on a fascinating journey exploring the missing link fascia (connective tissue) plays in sports, fitness, health…

Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy

When we dive deeper into the human anatomy...

What is a body? This question has driven me for many years, and your own answer to it affects your behavior. You act according to your model. So it pays to be conscious of how you speak about it... the following video taken from my Vancouver "What's the Fuzz?!" event is a brief discussion of this topic that you might find helpful. Enjoy!

More Pampering for those in Pampers | Global Wellness Summit TREND: Reframing the First 1,000 Days More Pampering for those in Pampers There have been numerous studies on how touching—or lack of touching—can affect a baby’s development—with human touch having a special power for premature babies. Preterm birth is now the single most important cause of...

5 Reasons Executives Should Schedule A Massage Today Most people still view massages as a luxury item. But some business leaders are starting to look at massage more as a necessity just like working out and eating healthy. Study after study keeps touting the benefits of massage. Here are five reasons why you should stop making excuses and book that ma...

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The effects of sleep deprivation on your brain.

A sleep expert explains what happens to your body and brain if you don't get sleep.

Anatomy In Motion

What is Fascia?
Fascia is tough connective tissue that creates a 3-dimensional web extending without interruption from head to toe. Fascia surrounds and infuses every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and organ, all the way down to the cellular level.

The fascial system affects every system and function in your body- musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic, etc. The white, glistening fibers you see when you pull a piece of meat apart or when you pull chicken skin away is fascia.

What is Fascia made of ?
Fascia consists of a complex which has three parts:
1. Elastin fibers - This is the elastic and stretchable part of the complex.

2. Collagen fibers - These fibers are extremely tough and give support to the

3. Ground substance/matrix: A gelatinous like substance that transports metabolic
material throughout the body

What does fascia do?
The fascial system generally supports, stabilizes, and cushions. Fascia creates separation between vessels, organs, bones, and muscles. It creates space through which delicate nerves, blood vessels, and fluids can pass.

What are Fascial Restrictions?
In a healthy state, the collagen fibers wrap around the elastic fibers in a relaxed, wavy configuration. Trauma, repetitive motion, inflammation, or poor posture can cause the fascia to become solidified and shortened. These thickened areas are referred to as a fascial restriction. Fascial restrictions have the capacity of creating up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch in a restricted area. That crushing pressure can compromise any physiological system in the body resulting in pain and dysfunction.

The fascia throughout the body is all interconnected like the yarn in a sweater or a complex spider web. A restriction in one area of the body creates tension throughout this web pulling on other distant structures. This explains why some people may have pain that appears unrelated to their original injury. Furthermore, myofascial restrictions do not show up on common standardized tests such as x-rays, MRI, CAT scans, etc.

Fascial restrictions can pull the body out of its normal alignment, compressing joint surfaces and bulging disks, resulting in pain, loss of motion, and weakness.

Info collected from Spine - Health, Mayo Clinic, NIH & Medterms
Art by Dan Beckemeyer

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

This a great article for anyone who is hesitant to try massage therapy for the first time. Remember, your massage therapist is a professional and non-judgemental part of your healthcare team; talk to them openly about any questions or concerns you have.

Joanne Tosh - Canmore Massage Therapist

If you're looking for a gentle way to get you through the in between season duldrums, give this a go! It's a fairly easy yoga practice that get's all the joints moving for flexibility with some strength work. Adriene is great and does not take herself too seriously!

Danette May


Super Simple Fat Burning Chocolate Ice Cream 🍦

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Day of the spa :)

GWS 2017: Massage Works Because It Changes Your Whole Physiology | Tiffany Field

Tiffany Field, PhD, Director, Touch Research Institute, U.S. interviewed by CG Funk, Global Director, Funk Consulting, U.S. at the 2017 Global Wellness Summi...

75 percent of the Cost of Chronic Illness is Preventable

The fountain of youth requires regular massages.

4 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day This article was written by Julie Hambleton, B.Sc. Julie is the co-founder of The Taste Archives. Some people can perform and learn new yoga positions with ease, and make it look effortless. Others, however, can find it quite intimidating or difficult to get started. If you belong to the second gr...

[11/25/17]   Are you curious about the beautiful human tissue called fascia that connects throughout our body?

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Box 61131 Kensington RPO
Calgary, AB
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