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Langdon Medical Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic located in Langdon, AB 25 min East of Calgary.

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Doctors in Scotland can now prescribe nature It's been shown to have numerous health benefits.

Happy Canada Day!
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Dr. Gabor Maté - Toxic Culture | Bioneers

The Canadian physician and best-selling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts is a brilliantly original thinker on addiction, trauma, parenting and the soc...

The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering

Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths discloses the ways that psychedelic drugs can be used to create spiritually meaningful, personally transformati...

Sask. Health Authority declares HIV and syphilis outbreaks in North Battleford, Lloydminster areas | CBC News The Saskatchewan Health Authority has declared outbreaks of syphilis and HIV in the area of the Battlefords and Lloydminster. Fifteen new cases of HIV were reported in North Battleford between January and May 31.

Alberta Medical Association

"Wise Prescribing and De-prescribing: Opioid Skills for the Frontline Clinician" is a course developed by the University of Calgary in conjunction with Alberta Health Services and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. The training provides instruction on safely prescribing opioids and how to taper existing patients off the drugs. Although designed specifically for family physicians, this training is available for any interested physician or specialist.

Eat To Live Daily


ONE QUESTION: Who is cooking your food?
Great eye opener from Michael Pollan
Video Edit: @IIn the NOW

How to discipline your child effectively - Jordan Peterson

From the Jocko podcast Full video:

How Emotionalism is Slowly Replacing Rationalism Jane Austen's Marianne Dashwood is a perfect example of today's society, whose every action seems to hinge on an emotional outbreak.

CCHR Florida


The huge developments that happen in the story of depression and the antidepressants happens in the late '90s, when a range of different studies increasingly seemed to suggest that these antidepressants — although they're helping a lot of people — when compared to placebo versions of themselves, don't seem to do much better.

Surrender to Awaken Retreat Surrender to Awaken Retreat

[03/07/19]   The Kind of Love You Deserve

More than anything, we long to be seen.
To be held in a safe, non-judgemental, all-accepting presence, and be seen through loving eyes.

And being seen is what we fear the most.
More than death, we fear intimacy’s piercing gaze.
And yearn for it all the same.

It takes such courage to show yourself!
To take off your mask, when you look and feel your worst to take off your mask (the one that was suffocating you anyway) and to say, “Look. Look. Here I am, world”.

To let yourself be seen
before you’re ready.

When you feel the most rotten, the most dirty, the most wretched and unloveable, the most unevolved, the most boring, the most confused and lonely and broken and sad and angry and hurt, to let yourself be seen there.

There, in that sore, shameful place.
Let light in.
Come out of hiding and invite someone into your ‘private’ world.
Let them witness the real, authentic you.
Before that pitiful defence called ‘personality’.

Say, “Look. Look, friend. Here I am”.

Take the risk of being loved!

Take the risk of being loved!Take the risk of being loved!
The risk of being rejected, yes.
The risk of being shamed again, laughed at again, ridiculed again, maybe.
The risk of being seen as a failure. As sick, or broken, or ugly, or weak.
But the risk of being loved?

Yes. Take the risk today because life is short, and it’s exhausting trying to repress your authentic self. Let yourself be witnessed in the raw. The vulnerable you. The you without protection, without answers, without expertise. The imperfect you.

Because the deepest shame is only healed in love’s light.
And your flaws were always longing to be touched with an awareness so tender that it would birth entire universes to find itself.

And you can fall now into the arms of a loving friend.
Who will hold you.
Naked. Unprotected. Imperfect.

Just as you are.

This is the kind of love you deserve.
True human love which is also God’s love.
The kind of love that bathes you in gentleness when you feel the most ashamed, the most frightened, the most lost.
When you feel the smallest.
A huge love that holds you.

Never settle for less.

The right way to use your right brain | Thimappa Hegde | TEDxBITBangalore

It is said that men are from mars and women are from venus. Dr Thimappa Hegde talks at TEDxBITBangalore about how men and women use their brain differently a...

Brain’s Wiring Connected To Sensory Processing Disorder Researchers at UCSF have found that boys and girls with sensory processing disorder (SPD) have altered pathways for brain connectivity when compared to typically developing children, and the difference predicts challenges with auditory and tactile processing.

10 Signs That Your Child May Be Experiencing Auditory or Sensory Processing Difficulties

10 commons signs and symptoms f auditory processing difficulties. See if you recognise any of these. This may be the real reason your child behaves the way t...

How overparenting backfired on Americans | Jonathan Haidt

Being raised indoors might the reason young Americans struggle in the adult world. - American childhood is going, going… gone, says Professor Jonathan Haidt....

Parents for Choice in Education

"How can the Education Minister celebrate compliance to this poorly-written legislation when 700,000+ children could be at risk of scenarios like the one described in court, in which a child was taken off school property during class time -- without parental knowledge -- and provided with graphic sexual materials?"


Concerned Parents of Alberta

Clearly the program is not working. This was a failed social experiment and we are now seeing the consequences.

“Of the 20 million new STDs reported each year, about half occur among young people between the ages of 15 to 24.”

When will the government stop using our children for social experiments that have long term negative effects on society? It’s time we take radical sex agendas out of our schools!!!!

Oilpatch job losses pushing more Albertans to take their own lives, experts believe | CBC News The suicide rate in Alberta has increased dramatically in the wake of mounting job losses across the province.

Stollery Children's Hospital

For the past five weeks, one-year-old Lukah Mitchell has been at the pediatric intensive care unit at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. She is currently listed for a multi-organ transplant. Her parents Tanis and Kody want to increase awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation in Canada. They are encouraging families to talk with their loved ones and register their intent to donate.

[11/29/18]   We ban the hangman yet allow assisted death

The Council of Canadian Academies will present its views to Parliament next month on the proposed extensions of Medical Assistance in Dying to include “mature” minors, the mentally ill and by prior directive.

It seems incongruous that Canada is considering euthanasia for the most vulnerable members of our society while perpetrators of the most horrific crimes avoid execution.

Former prime minister Pierre Trudeau spoke eloquently against the death penalty: “Are we, as a society, so lacking in respect for ourselves, so lacking in hope for human betterment, so socially bankrupt that we are ready to accept state violence as our penal philosophy?” So is it contradictory for a society to embrace voluntary euthanasia while banning the death penalty? (MAID in Canada is overwhelmingly by voluntary euthanasia rather than the optional assisted suicide). To answer that question we need to take those arguments used to decry capital punishment and apply them to MAID.

Capital punishment can kill the innocent. Euthanasia can kill the coerced and the incompetent. Both capital punishment and euthanasia are irreversible once enacted in error. Capital punishment is morally wrong because of the intrinsic value of human life; so, too, is euthanasia.

Capital punishment brutalizes the prisoner, the executioner, society-at-large, the law and human rights. The requirements for MAID can brutalize a suffering patient. (e.g. if death is not “immediately foreseeable,” MAID should be refused.)

After providing euthanasia, some doctors in Ontario “found themselves overwhelmed by the act of killing another human being.” Euthanasia can have devastating effects on friends and family, especially young children. Only a handful of countries allow a citizen to demand death at the hands of another citizen. Most countries believe that the state-sanctioned killing of a citizen is wrong. Rights are universal; if one person has the right to die, then we all have the right to die.

Capital punishment is more expensive than life imprisonment. MAID is vastly cheaper than treatment or palliative care. It’s barbaric to promote cost reduction through the killing of the sick. (Note the case of 42-year-old Roger Foley in Ontario.)

The death penalty is unique as a punishment. Euthanasia is unique as a “treatment.”

In the U.S., the death penalty is applied unfairly across capital cases. No one can truly ascertain that some MAID applicants - and not others - “deserve” death.

Capital punishment fails to deter serious crime and can martyr a terrorist.

The glamourization of MAID in the media can cause suicide contagion - the Werther Effect.

The mentally ill offender should be treated, not put to death. Civilized societies strive to prevent suicide in the mentally ill - not collude with delusions.

The death penalty is inhumane (even by lethal injection, as reported in the Lancet in 2005). There is potential for difficulty with the administration of euthanasia.

Capital punishment is unnecessary, especially with life imprisonment without parole. Autonomy allows a person to refuse care - that doesn’t commit the state to provide death at the hand of another citizen.

Misguided compassion has blinded sympathetic people (including the Supreme Court of Canada) to the similarities between voluntary euthanasia and the death penalty. Logical consistency requires a society to have both or neither.

Perhaps we should reconsider Canada’s direction by paraphrasing Trudeau’s words: Are we, as a society, so lacking in respect for ourselves, so lacking in hope for human betterment, so socially bankrupt that we are ready to accept state violence as our health-care philosophy? Kevin Hay is a specialist family physician in rural Alberta and a columnist.




Dr. Gabor Maté: Parental Stress and Its Impact on Kids

Physician Dr. Gabor Maté discusses parental stress and the negative impact it has on children. He sat down with host Cheryl Jackson at the KMT ...


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