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Welcome to Lynne Murfin MD. Restorative Medicine, Transformative Care. At Lynne Murfin MD, we work with a Functional Medicine operating system and clinical model that integrates science, research, and clinical insights to assess, treat, and prevent chronic disease.

After more than 25 years as a traditional medical practitioner, I realized that it was time for a new way to care – a better way. I wanted to explore total health beyond the absence of disease, and combine the best of traditional medicine with research based alternative practices. I wanted to gain a clearer and more complete picture of your health, inside and out. This is what I wanted for my future - and yours too.

Operating as usual

An ode to 2020. Let’s rise together. via @chopra

How COVID-19 Causes Loss of Smell Olfactory support cells, not neurons, are vulnerable to novel coronavirus infection

We simply don’t get enough direct sun to our uncovered bodies in chilly Alberta! Hypovitaminosis D or Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in our patient population. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that assists in mood and sleep.

In the clinic we have our patients search out a Vitamin D/ Vitamin K combination drop. This combination is supportive of great bone, great brain and great heart!

In addition red blood cell magnesium levels are depleted in over 95% of our practice population. This quietly presents with irregular heart rate, chest pain, twitches, cramps, anxiety and infertility.

Thank you @deannaminich for your beautiful bold statement of truth.

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“Do all that you can, with all that you have, in the time that you have, in the place where you are.”
- Nkosi Johnson

In Functional Medicine the center of the matrix is mind body spirit soul. It touches every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Our childhood relationships with our major caregivers - usually our parents - have had a great influence on our expectations, attitudes, emotions and actions in our important relationships as adults. There is a massive body of research on the recurring experiences a young child has with her parents - which are affected by the child’s temperament - and which lead to one of four modes of attachment to them:
secure, insecure-avoidant, insecure-anxious, and disorganized. One good reason for discussing this further is because attachment modes tend to persist into adulthood and become the underlying, default template for our important relationships.

A large portion of humankind grew up with insecure-avoidant and insecure-anxious attachment, but the good news is that we can change that template so that we experience a greater sense of security in our current relationships!

Here are some methods of recognizing and changing your template if needed:

• I have benefited enormously from the practice of mindfulness through breath work and meditation. I find sound and mantra a very efficient way of shifting from an insecure-anxious to secure state of being

• As much as possible, seek out nurturing and reliable people, and take in the feeling of being with them.

• Explore a deeper self-understanding of how your childhood affected your relationships with your parents, especially in early childhood; acknowledge/witness any insecure attachment.

• Find refuge - where have you found refuge? Refuge includes people, places, memories, ideas and ideals - anywhere you can let your guard down and gather strength and wisdom. I find refuge by walking in nature and feeling enveloped by Mother Earth.

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Photos from Lynne Murfin, MD's post

Dr. Jeff Bland is often referred to as the father of Functional Medicine. He has written four excellent articles in Medium recently - see link below - that I urge you to read!

From Dr. Jeff Bland:

“Six months ago, I started studying and writing about COVID-19. At the time, I didn’t know it would become an ongoing project. Many people were making predictions back in the early days of this worldwide health crisis. But with each passing month and shifting season, this modern pandemic continues to impact our daily lives. For the time being, COVID-19 appears to be here to stay. Does fear also need to be our constant companion?

I have just published my fourth article on Medium and I urge everyone to both read it and share it. There is fear, yes. There is anxiety, yes. There are also choices we can make everyday that can impact our personal immune resilience. Have you made your plan for navigating our complicated new reality? In this article, I provide some recommendations for how to get started and a diagram you can refer to for guidance.”

Read it here:

The expansive
quality of joy
helps us to
accept things
as they are.

Joy is not
an emotion.
It’s a state of presence.
- @daniellelaporte

Happy Autumn Equinox! This is a beautiful time to let go and release the past, Reset and give birth to something new! As one cycle ends, we can celebrate the beginning of a new season.
What are you ready to let go? What would you like to give birth to?
#autumn #fall #equinox

Mid week shout out to all our patients - we love you ♥️

“I think everyone is just trying to get home,” said the mole.
- ‘The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse’
- Charlie Mackesy

Aren’t these bud vases to die for?!

In the twenty-first century, people routinely work ten, twelve, or more hours a day when you factor in commuting, & working from home. The pandemic has created even more need for juggling childcare & elder care with many of us on the job and on the go from soon after we wake up in the morning.

Our evolution however, in hunter-gatherer bands over millions of years, moved at the pace of a walk, in rhythm with the seasons and with the rising and setting of the sun each day. It’s a good guess that our ancient ancestors only took a few hours a day to find food and shelter and spent the rest of their time relaxing, hanging out with friends and star gazing. Certainly there were occasional massive stressors yet the point remains that the human body and mind evolved to be in a state of rest or leisure - in other words, on a break - much of the time.

So, promise yourself that you’ll take more breaks! Even if most of them are brief, even a minute or less, their accumulative effect will be really good for you!

Personally, I’ve been slowly learning how to say no. No to low priority activities, no to great things I just don’t have time for, no to my appetite for filling up my calendar. Saying no will help you say yes to your own well-being, to friends, to activities that really feed you, to an uncluttered mind.

How do you get more breaks?

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Bifidobacterium Adolescentis Strains Identified as GABA-Producers - Kara Fitzgerald ND Naturopathic Doctor

This is such an exciting breakthrough toward a more intelligent understanding of what probiotic strains to implement for better brain health.

Dr. Lynne Murfin Several mood-altering human neurotransmitters originate from microbes in the digestive tract. Now science is starting to dig into which bacterial strains are responsible.

Have a glorious long weekend out there enjoying the last of our summer days!
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I thought I’d share how I try to care better for my body especially through periods of turmoil and change.

Imagine that your body is separate from you and ask how your body has taken care of you over the years? Has it kept you alive, has it given you pleasure, has it taken you from place to place?
In turn, how well do you take care of your body? Have you learnt to soothe it, feed it real nutrient dense foods and exercised it? On the other hand, in what ways might you run it down, feed it junk food or intoxicate it?

Kindness begins at home.
Your home is your body.

I have committed to exercise my body each day and do a long hike each weekend with my sisterhood. What are you willing to commit to. Let me know. Let’s inspire one another. Please write below.

#kindnessbeginsathome #yourhomeisyourbody #befriendyourbody #edworthyfalls #raelake #elbowlake #alberta #kananaskiscountry @ Kananaskis Country

How to Get the Unquantifiable Benefits of Cold Showers

Heading off to the mountains this Sunday to hike up to Rae Lake for some brown adipose tissue (BAT) activation!

Dr. Lynne Murfin The surprising side effects that science can’t measure and money can’t buy

Sunday Funday! April, Kate & I took off to Kananskis Country for our dose of green therapy today. We covered a lot of ground chatting through all things sleep, exercise, organic food, intermittent fasting, brown fat & hormone related as we hiked up to Chester Lake & Elephant rocks!

In the past 20 years we’ve learnt important and sometimes counterintuitive things about exercise in women.

Cognition is a biggie. Exercise keeps you smarter longer. In fact, sleep and exercise are your two best weapons against Alzheimer’s Disease. Takeaway message: walk more to keep your wits about you.

Firmer skin. Some of the genes affected by exercise even involve your skin. Exercise keeps your skin young and may turn around sagging and other forms of skin aging even when you start to exercise later in life.

Better sleep. Exercise heats your body, so later when your temperature cools down, it may help to induce high-quality sleep.

Well-being. Inactive women report four- to sevenfold lower well-being.

#move #greenwalks #getoutside #getmoving #sisterhood #sistersquad #brownfat #cognition @ Chester Lake (Alberta)

5 Great Reasons to Try Cold Submersion Therapy * Lynne Murfin MD

Cold Submersion Therapy is NOT new by any means. It is the most ancient of therapies dating back to the dawn of humankind. Our own Kate Lomas has been practicing it for about 6 months and has never felt better. Read her blog about the benefits here

If you would like more information on the benefits for your health, contact Lynne Murfin MD today at [email protected] or (587) 390-0180 Cold Submersion Therapy produces many different positive effects on the body. Lynne Murfin MD's Kate Lomas can teach you the proper method.

From The Lancet – Very High Cortisol Predicts Poorer COVID Outcome - Kara Fitzgerald ND Naturopathic Doctor

Focus on loving up your parasympathetic vagus nerve with spending time in nature, focused breathing, moving your body and getting a massage!

Dr. Lynne Murfin As with most things biology, there is a relatively tight range for optimal: insufficiency of compound X is a problem and excess of compound X is a problem as well, for a different, but related, set of mechanisms…. I have been particularly interested in this concept for the duration of my career, s...

CDC Says Three COVID-19 Symptoms Are Most Common

Liposomal Glutathione & N-Acetyl-Cysteine are great protection from covid lung by reducing the level of Oxidative Stress

Dr. Lynne Murfin

Remember to ask: What’s the GIFT in this?
This is a great tool to stay rooted in your heart and focused on growth, especially in difficult situations.
The answer may not appear quickly, so have patience. But if you keep asking yourself this question, with an open and compassionate heart, you will find the gift. - @marieforleo

#pandemic #resilience #stayrootedinyourheart #gift #thedarkservesthelight
@ Lynne Murfin, MD

Join Jane, Lynne Murfin MD IV Clinic RN, EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 10 AM⁠ for a Virtual Chat. ⁠

⁠Lots of beautiful dialogue happens in the IV Clinic, in-person, and online.⁠ This is a supported and safe space for patients with chronic illnesses. No long-term commitment; drop-in as often or as little as you like.⁠

Please contact [email protected] or (587) 390-0180 for the Zoom link.⁠

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What shimmers among the rubble? In sudden change, parts of our reality crumble. You are being given an opportunity to strategically put the parts back together in a way that serves your dreams.

I just love this art by @golsa.golchini
It reminds me of what shimmers for me among the rubble. The pandemic has certainly created chaos, both exciting and uncertain. It brings such a sudden change of pace that new ways of doing things become part of the joy, the light in the unexpected.

I’ve been able to walk my 10000 steps along the bank of the river in the late afternoon each day with the children and dogs splashing about with gay abandon!

#joy #joyinthejourney #light #theunexpected #creativechaos

Yaaaaaas! Keep moving for great brain blood flow and neurogenesis! So grateful for @kelseythekraken for holding me accountable for moving and grooving my body three times a week! Check her out if you need to get motivated.
Thanks @lenadunham @saragottfriedmd

“No dream will serve you if you’re forcing yourself to make it happen”
- @daniellelaporte

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@ Lynne Murfin, MD

Join Nora and Amy, Lynne Murfin MD's Nutritional Therapists & Coaches, TOMORROW, JUNE 25TH at 12 PM⁠ for a 45-minute virtual Q & A session designed to help you stay nutritionally inspired & connected.⁠

Connect using this link:⁠

and email your questions in advance to [email protected] and [email protected]

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Superb review on the functional approach to migraine.

Dr. Lynne Murfin

Migraines are most commonly treated with preventative and acute medications such as antiepileptic drugs, beta-blockers, antidepressants, angiotensin receptor blockers, Botox injections, CGRP injections, neuromodulation devices and lifestyle and dietary interventions. The pharmacological options often include undesirable side effects and potential long-term risks.

Migraine patients frequently go through a cycle of trying different medications with varying levels of success while managing new side effects with additional medications.

Research shows that medication overuse is a common cause of chronic migraines. The current pharmacological approach attempts to address symptoms versus looking upstream to investigate and address underlying causes

Let's dig beneath the surface...

Click here:

What Is Your Role in the Crisis? Be Generous of Spirit

Yup, it’s that being versus doing thing!

Dr. Lynne Murfin In a crisis, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do?” But the doing comes second. The real issue is “What can I be?” Be generous of spirit. Here’s how.

Although physical distancing rules have loosened, you may still be interested in our virtual services!

April is now expanding her NP role to offer full functional services and she will no longer be providing family medicine covered by Alberta Health. She is accepting new patients effective immediately.

NP's form a part of the collaborative team of health professionals at LMMD. Patients may see NPs if a more immediate appointment is needed so their needs can be addressed earlier when physicians are not available.

April has worked very closely for the last 8 years with Dr. Murfin at LMMD and will continue working alongside Dr. Murfin, as a physician associate to provide her patients with more timely access.

April is here to support LMMD patients in any way that is needed. Her areas of interest include preconception and prenatal care, anti-aging, skin health, gut health, sleep, hormones, heavy metal detoxification, positive psychology, and addressing autoimmune conditions, mast cell activation syndrome, and other chronic conditions through the lens of functional medicine and lifestyle interventions.

Nurse Practitioners (NP's) are RNs who have graduate-level education & advanced nursing training and experience which enables them to:

Autonomously diagnose and treat illnesses;

Order and interpret tests

Prescribe medications

Perform medical procedures

Refer patients to specialists

Address core nodes of healing: increase energy, gut health, brainpower & mood, balance hormones, detoxification, heart vitality, immune balance;

Make recommendations for oral and intravenous nutritional therapy

Address lifestyle impacts of relationships, relaxation, stress, nutrition, exercise, sleep.

Contact [email protected] to book an appointment with April.

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