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Is the Air your family is breathing clean? Did you know that Indoor Air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air? (US EPA) What is Odorox® Technology? Odorox® technology is a simple, proven technology that uses a safe and efficient process based on specially designed ultra-violet optics to mimic the effect of the sun, creating atmospheric hydroxyls over a large area inside your home. It literally cleans the air you’re breathing and sterilises the surfaces and air inside your home.

EAC Hydroxyl technology successfully treats the coronavirus.




Disruptive, Approved Technology Can Help Minimize Viral Infection Risk

It is worse than we are told!
Our hydroxyl units can effectively protect you against this and other virus at home or business

“Lab tested on virus’ and bacteria”
(see White Paper - http://envair.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Global-Coronavirus-Outbreak-2020-final.pdf)

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[10/24/16]   How We Smell, Measure and Eliminate Odors
An odor or fragrance, commonly referred to as a smell, is caused by one or more volatilized chemical
compounds generally at very low concentration, that humans or other animals perceive by the sense
of olfaction. Humans can perceive an odor even at the low part per billion (ppb) concentrations. Most
odor causing chemicals are perceived in the mid to high ppb range.
The sense of smell gives rise to the perception of odors, mediated by the olfactory nerve. The
olfactory receptor (OR) cells are neurons present in the olfactory epithelium, a small patch of tissue in
back of the nasal cavity. There are millions of olfactory receptor neurons that act as sensory signaling
cells. Each neuron has cilia in direct contact with air. The olfactory nerve is considered the smell
mediator; the axon connects the brain to the external air. Odorous molecules act as a chemical
stimulus. Molecules bind to receptor proteins extended from cilia, initiating an electric signal.
When the signal reaches a threshold, the neuron fires sending a signal traveling along the axon to the
olfactory bulb which is part of the limbic system of the brain. Interpretation of the smell begins,
relating the smell to past experiences and in relation to the substance(s) emitted. The olfactory bulb
acts as a relay station connecting the nose to the olfactory cortex in the brain. Olfactory information is
further processed and projected through a pathway to the central nervous system (CNS), which
controls emotions and behavior as well as basic thought processes.
Odor sensation usually depends on the concentration (number of molecules) available to the olfactory
receptors. A single odorant stimulus type is typically recognized by multiple receptors, and different
odorants are recognized by combinations of receptors, the patterns of neuron signals helping to
identify the smell. The olfactory system does not interpret a single compound, but instead the whole
odorous mix, not necessarily corresponding to concentration or intensity of any single constituent.
The widest range of odors consists of organic compounds, although some simple compounds not
containing carbon, such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, are also odorants. The perception of an
odor effect is a two-step process. First, there is the physiological part; the detection of stimuli by
receptors in the nose. The stimuli are processed by the region of the human brain which is
responsible for olfaction. Because of this, an objective and analytical measure of odor is impossible.
Odor feelings are very personal perceptions and individual reactions are related to gender, age, state
of health, and personal history.
Measurement of Odor Causing Chemicals
In some industries like pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, perfumery, cosmetics etc., an olefactometer
test is used to evaluate odor emanating from a product. You can also use olefactometry to determine
if a facility has an odor or a process gives off an odor. An olfactometer is an instrument used to detect
and measure ambient odor dilution. Olfactometers are used in conjunction with human subjects in
laboratory settings, most often in market research to quantify and qualify human olfaction. The panel
of human noses act as the sensors…the human’s perceptions is the measure of goodness.
A flow-olfactometer produces a constant heated and humidified flow of pure air. This air flow runs
continuously to the subject’s nose. For the length of the stimulus pulse the continuous air flow is
replaced by a bloc of odorized air. The new generations of dynamic dilution olfactometers quantify
odors using a panel and can allow different complementary techniques:
HowWeSmellMeasureEliminateOdor_20140904 Copyright © 2014, HGI Industries Incorporated Page 2
 odor concentration and odor threshold determination
 odor suprathreshold determination with comparison to a reference gas
 hedonic scale assessment to determine the degree of appreciation
 evaluation of the relative intensity of odors
 allow training and automatic evaluation of expert panels
The most recognized olfactometry standard is currently the EN13725 standard. Analyses performed
by olfactometers are often used in site diagnostics (multiple odor sources) performed with the goal of
establishing odor management plans.
In the air purification industry, the subjective elimination of odor is not commonly done using olefaction
testing. The elimination of odor is subjectively determined by the client in each unique installation.
How long it takes to “eliminate” an odor varies widely from client to client and as a function of the
problem (odor source), treatment volume, air circulation etc. If a more quantitative measure of “odor”
is required, an objective measurement of the reduction of volatile organic chemicals in air is done
using a variety of analytic methods (gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer, Summa canisters,
individual chemical detectors for ozone, ammonia etc.) that test samples of air collected during
operation of an air purification device as a function of treatment time in a given volume of space under
controlled conditions. Most of these analytical methods can measure levels of volatile organic
chemicals (VOCs) as low as a few parts per billion. HGI Industries (HGI) systems are able to reduce
a very broad range of VOC concentrations to the low ppb range with continuous use in a wide variety
of treatment environments and conditions. That level of VOCs generally eliminates the perception of
all odors.
HGI has published analytical data collected for its MDU™ Unit (two optics) by Columbia Analytical
Laboratories which shows the reduction in ambient VOCs to very low ppb levels after treatment with
its hydroxyl sanitizing system. HGI also provides various case studies where the elimination of
different types of odors was perceived to be satisfactory by the customer. Many of these odors like
smoke residue, meat rendering processing odors, animal odors, chemical odors etc. are very strong
and persistent and have proven to be very difficult to eliminate by other sanitizing and deodorizing
HGI’s systems work by generating hydroxyl free radicals (HO·) and related peroxy and oxy free
radicals from the irradiation of ambient oxygen and water vapor by ultraviolet energy in the same way
that the sun produces hydroxyl free radicals and their by-products outdoors. The sun’s ultraviolet
radiation produces natural, atmospheric hydroxyl radicals continuously. There are, on average, two
(2) million hydroxyls in each cubic centimeter of ambient outdoor air during daylight hours. They are
the main driving force behind the daytime reactions with hydrocarbons in the troposphere and
neutralize most natural and man-made pollutants including greenhouse gases like methane, hydrogen
sulfide, ammonia, ozone and various nitrogen oxide compounds.
Odorox® systems recreate the balance of nature indoors by generating “natural” hydroxyls in the same
concentrations that work exactly the same way as they do outdoor. They are powerful free radical
oxidizing agents that abstract a hydrogen atom from nearly all other chemicals. They are very
effective deodorizing agents because they target the locations in VOC molecules that cause odor.
The odor causing atoms are generally highly polarizing and activate the atoms nearby, making them
more susceptible to attack by free radicals.


Using Hydroxyl Technology to Dynamically Sanitize Air and Surfaces on Cruise Ships


hydroxylnews.com The HGI Odorox® hydroxyl radicals are identical to those produced in nature. Hydroxyls are also proven to kill bacteria, virus, and mold.

Environmental Air

Smoke getting to you? We can't help with the outdoor air, but we can purify your indoor air!

Odorox® units eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mould, and cigarette smells on surfaces and air in your home. Breathe the Difference.

US Food and Drug Administration approves Odorox Technology

US Food and Drug Administration approves Odorox Technology HGI Industries Announces FDA Approval of the Odorox® MDU/RxTM Device for Use in Medical Facilities
Move Marks Milestone in Company’s Continued Growth and Expansion
Boynton Beach, Florida, December 22, 2014 – HGI Industries, Inc., announced today the FDA approval of the Odorox® MDU/RxTM device for use in medical facilities.
The Odorox® MDU/RxTM medical model is an ultraviolet (UV) air purifying device intended for the reduction of bacteria and selected virus in air in medical facilities. Performance data published in the FDA 510(k) summary showed 4 to 5 log reductions in airborne bacteria and selected virus within 1 to 2 hours; a reduction that is equivalent to killing 99.999% of the microorganisms. The MDU/RxTM model is designed to treat areas of approximately 130 to 500 square feet that would have 8 to 10 foot ceilings (~1300 to 5,000 cubic feet of space) and has been approved by the FDA for use in occupied spaces. The device was tested in ventilated and unventilated spaces ranging from 1200 - 4500 cubic feet. The test data provided to the FDA indicated that:
No carbon monoxide was detected above baseline levels
No significant concentrations of volatile organic or inorganic oxidants were
Models can be integrated with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to treat over one million cubic feet and feature interactive process controls that enable remote monitoring and control. The systems meet UL507 and CSA C22.2 Standards.
About HGI Industries, Inc.
HGI Industries is a private technology company specializing in the design, development and production of systems to cleanse, deodorize and sanitize air and surfaces using UV irradiation. The UV light sanitizes air as it passes through the device and reacts with oxygen and water to generate a powerful sanitizing mixture of hydroxyl radicals and oxidants that circulate throughout the treated area. . The process is the ultimate in “green” technology, since it imitates the way the Sun sanitizes our environment safely by constantly generating atmospheric hydroxyls and oxidants in nature. The company offers models for consumer use in homes and businesses and comprehensive, integrated solutions to corporate clients. HGI markets its systems in collaboration with distributers in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe and Asia.
HGI Logo, MDU/Rx and Odorox are trademarks or registered trademarks of HGI Industries Inc., Boynton Beach, Florida, USA.

Environmental Air

Chestermere, Alberta Chestermere Lake
Mark Larsen (403.606.0642) is helping families breathe better by killing mould and bacteria in their homes. Flooding often leads to mould issues which are linked to breathing and health issues. Breathe the difference. Use the power of Mother Nature! All natural cleaning process.

[07/21/15]   Chestermere, Alberta Chestermere Lake
Mark Larsen (403.606.0642) is helping families breathe better by killing mould and bacteria in their homes. Flooding often leads to mould issues which are linked to breathing and health issues. Breathe the difference. Use the power of Mother Nature! All natural cleaning process.

[07/20/15]   Chestermere Lake Rick Hook (403.616.7972) is helping Chestermere families breathe better by killing mould and bacteria in their homes. Flooding often leads to mould issues. Remove odours. Breathe the difference.

Sewage Backup/Basement Flooded?

[07/08/15]   Can't breathe inside your home?

Odorox® devices remove irritants that can trigger asthma and breathing issues.
Odorox®. patented and scientifically proven, devices replicate the way Mother Nature uses the energy of the sun to purify your indoor air. Breathe the difference!

[03/13/15]   Methods of Air Cleaning – Filtration, Adsorption, Ionization and Free Radical


Here's why the Odorox® technology works!


Odorox® HYDROXYL Generator


Odorox® equipment can be used to solve any indoor air problem. These systems use green technology to provide the most effective and efficient solution to eli...

[03/02/15]   Why Odorox® technology?

It’s natural
Odorox® technology mimics the natural effect of sunlight to produce safe, normal occurring atmospheric hydroxyls which act as natures cleaning agents within our atmosphere.

It’s effective
Odorox technology will eliminate 99.9% of the harmful bacteria and viruses in your home, including influenza, E coli and staphylococcus, as well as destroying mould and eliminating odours. All without using any potential harmful or toxic chemicals.

It’s immediate
An Odorox® unit in your home will immediately improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe. If you or your children suffer from asthma, airborne allergies, or if you simply live on a busy road, you can expect a noticeable difference when you’re breathing air protected by Odorox® technology.

It’s safe
Atmospheric hydroxyls themselves are completely natural and non-harmful to humans, plants or animals. Odorox® technology uses a tried-and-tested method to produce hydroxyls safely, with no risk to humans.

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