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Soul Float Studio


Float therapy even works for chickens !
I just finished a float session and I must say wow what an amazing place. It was extremely clean and welcoming the young lady working the front desk was very pleasant and knowledable. Cannot wait to book my next float thanks for making this experience one to remember great Birthday Gift.
Great place to unwind
Sunday night means it’s time for another session at Soul Float Studio, to help me start off the week centered and balanced, a blank slate, both Body & Mind. [Start to Finish this is pretty typical now of how my interactions go] phone to set up appt / ask for a specific room ,…the response – ‘ is this Ryan’ ? (not sure if they have Caller Id or it’s just the Spectacular level of Guest Service that they are able to address me by name from that one question / I m thinking it’s the second) the morning of appt I get an email from the owner Steven. Even tho he has a family, runs a couple other businesses + a day job, he still takes time to reach out, offer for me to come early so I can have space for my wheelchair and avoid running over toes / we can just add extra time at the beginning / 60 mins could become 75 or 80 depending on how quickly I change and shower. As soon as I arrive and step through the door I am greeted with a smile and again addressed by my name. While taking my coat off I am asked – “how would you like you tea when you get out? Last time you mentioned it was nice and hot, but having to put it down just to push the chair, it may have been too hot for your lap. Was it sweet enough”? My situation is different and a little unique, but that Amazing experience and personal touch is available to all clients. This place is Fantastic !
I had my first float yesterday and loved the entire experience! Great value I thought. My hair and skin loved the salts and Rocky Mountain soaps, my back loved the weightlessness, and my mind loved the break. Oh! And the chocolate mint tea was delicious!
The most magical relaxation session ever 💦 Have been mellow all day and know that I will have an amazing sleep tonight 💕 Highly recommend ... don't miss out on an opportunity to calm your mind 💦 body 💦 and soul 💦 Bliss 🙏🏻💕
Had an absolutely amazing (and relaxing) experience at Soul Float Studio! The staff were knowledgeable and very friendly!! I'll definitely be back!!
Catherine Paley-Oakenfold, this is the studio I was talking about. Try it out!!
Saw this on our drive this morning! Can't wait for my float tomorrow 😊

Soul Float is a float therapy studio in Calgary with five peaceful and fully private float rooms; two of which are our large deluxe rooms perfect for couples and those sensitive to closed spaces and three of which are premium pod rooms.

Soul Float is float therapy studio. Our goal is to help make floating part of everyone's health and wellness lifestyle in our Calgary community.

Operating as usual

Restrictions being extended means your next float will have to wait. 😔 What will you do in the meantime to renew your body, refresh your mind, and revitalize your soul??💙
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One of the things we love most about floating is that it makes us smile a little brighter, a little more often!
Just the act of booking an hour to be with yourself is hugely beneficial. It’s all about taking steps towards being friends with yourself, making space to meet yourself where you are and learning to love your own company. After all, we think your company is pretty awesome. 😉
We can’t wait to see your post float smile! 💙

Be in the moment 😌💙
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Even if you don’t float easily in fresh water, you’ll definitely float in a float tank! 💙

It's not just you - the pandemic really is making it hard to focus on anything | CBC Radio

Luckily, floating can help to improve attention span. We have been lamenting our loss of focus and blaming our short attention spans on technology for ages. But are our attention spans actually dwindling - or is it just that there are just so many things clamouring for our attention all the time?

What are you looking for in the new year? What would you like it to bring? 💙

There’s still time to get our Christmas specials as a gift for that special someone! Check out the gift card tab of our website for more details 💙

An uplifting quote to start off your week right💙✈️

Our Christmas specials are still available on our online store. Buy a package for yourself or as a unique Christmas gift!

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We interrupt your scrolling for a quick meditation session. Take a deep breath and remember it’s going to be okay 💙

We can’t wait to see you in the new year! For now, check out our website so you can stock up on floats with our Christmas specials, 3 Pod floats for $95 or 3 Couples floats for $210!
Floats also make great last minute gifts. Gift cards also available online.
Thank you for your ongoing support, we appreciate those of you who are choosing to #supportlocalyyc this year 💙

We could all use a little stillness, a little comfort, a little support. Take some time this holiday season to look inward and connect with yourself. We offer single floats starting at $39. You can purchase images our studio or on our website. Gift cards can be purchased online and sent to you recipient - you can even select the day for the gift card to be emailed. Thanks for #supportinglocalbusiness this holiday season, #yyc. We do 💙 you!

As many of start our holiday shopping, we do hope that you will consider #shoplocal and #giveexperiencesnotthings as part of your gifting mindset. Experiences do last forever and don’t end up in the landfill. If there is someone in your list who struggles with anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain or simply someone who likes to try new things please consider gifting a float this Christmas season. #mindfulness #minimalism #giveexperiences #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #yyc #yycsmallbusiness

We know you’re trying to get your Christmas shopping done early to avoid the crowds. Good thing we’ve got you covered! Gift cards available online or in person 💙

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make sure you take some time to relax and be still 💙

Our best deal is always our 10 float package, it works out to just $31.50/float! Plus floats are shareable so it’s a perfect opportunity to share the love. 💙...
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We believe in the power of being still 💙

Take the time to appreciate the little things 💙
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“There is nothing outside of yourself, look within. Everything you want is there. You are That.” - Rumi Calgary west side float studio providing sensory deprivation therapy with open style float rooms, premium float pods, couples floating and accessibility rooms.

"It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful." - David Steindl-Rast. At Soul Float, we are grateful for our float community. Happy Thanksgiving.

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.
Link and phone number in bio.
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We are open for floats Wednesday-Sunday. Book online today.

We are open this week Wednesday - Sunday. Book online or and us a DM with your preferred time and we will book you in. 💙

We are SO excited to be open again because we missed our float community immensely. To celebrate we are offering our best deal ever - 3 floats for $99. Give us a call at 403 460-2705 or purchase online. 💙

We have all struggled in the last few months. Have you taken time to reflect on what you have gained through this COVID ordeal?

Soul Float offers a couples float experience like no other. Imagine experiencing stillness and the ultimate relaxation... and sharing that with the one you love.

There is no better place to master the skill of controlling your mind than in the float pod. 💦 🧘‍♀️

We missed out people during social isolation and we want you to be part of our community. We have a new community membership and it is commitment-free. No monthly membership fees! Pay just $19 to join and then every float afterward is just $34. Better yet, you can bring a friend for $34 too. 💙*
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We hope that self-isolation was a period of growth and recovery. We hope you had time to rest and recharge and that you were gentle with yourself. We hope that you will continue to carve out the time and space each day to be still and to listen to your heart. 💙

Floating is amazing for stress relief and we can all use some of that right now. So we have adjusted our pricing to offer the very best deal for a single float: Just $39. Give us a call at 403 460-2705 or book online. We are open Wednesday to Sunday. Come on in and let the magnesium do its magic. 💫

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads our there. Especially our co-founder and all around amazing Dad @micvanlen. Take a break from being a superhero and come on in for a float. We have a few openings later on this afternoon. 💙

Soul Float is Re-Opening!

We have missed our float community during quarantine and we just can't wait to see you again. We are currently filling the pods, scrubbing the studio and getting our protocols in place to ensure your health and safety. Our booking system isn't back up and running, so just send DM us with your phone number and we will call you back to re-book.

Amazing news! We are opening up again on Friday. And we can’t wait to see you. Of course our re-launch will come with all the modifications you would expect because your health and safety are always top of mind for us. And our booking system isn’t back up yet, so please DM us with your phone number so we can call you to book.

We are so sad to share this news. Although we feel that floating itself is still safe, we need to do our part to support social isolation. Effective immediately, Soul Float is closed. Watch this space for further details. When we re-open, you will be the first to know. Until then, be safe and stay healthy. Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. 💙

Self isolation? Introverts like us have been practicing that forever. There is nothing like a float to tune out the noise of social media. It is a scary time for sure, but we can all benefit by unplugging from it all and taking time to just breathe. One hour floats starting from $54.

What a crazy and stressful time to be alive. Humans are social animals and it’s natural for us to come together in times of crisis to support one another. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are being asked to help each other out by social distancing.

Float therapy is a wonderful way to self isolate.

Why is floating still safe?
1️⃣ You are in a room by yourself (or with one other person if you bring your partner for a couples float).
2️⃣ 1000 lbs of salt in each pod means the water is naturally anti bacterial and unreceptive to viruses. In addition, the water is micron and UV filtered at least twice between each float session.
3️⃣ We are taking extra steps to ensure high touch points in lobby and washroom and inside float rooms are sanitized.
4️⃣ We have changed our cancelation policy to allow for cancelation right up to your float time. This is important so guests don’t bring any germs into the studio.
5️⃣ Most importantly, an hour of floating is a great way to decrease stress, which is a wonderful way to boost your immune system. Most of us will likely catch COVID 19 during the next year, so it has never been more important to practice self-care so that your body is prepared to fight off this new virus.

So eat your veggies, drink your water, go
for a long walk and come in for a rejuvenating float.

Questions? Give us a call at 403
460-2705. We are here to help.

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Soul Float is Re-Opening!




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