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Owned by a Clinical Aromatherapist, more than 25 years of experience using Essential Oils, Formulation of Body Care Products & Aromatherapy Training

Owned & Operated by a Certified Aromatherapist, Over 100 Pure Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Diffusers & Supplies, Gifts, Body & Home Care Products, Healing Crystals, Gems & Jewellery

Mission: We value the uniqueness of YOU, respecting your tastes, talents, abilities and culture. At Bespoke Aromatics we don't believe that YOU want to smell like someone else. We believe that the centre of your universe; rests with your NOSE, and lies within your HEART. We believe that fine perfumery and the products that YOU use on your BODY should be taken seriously, just as your own individuality. Tied in with our handcrafted aromatics we also sell natural skin care products, aromatherapy supplies, a huge collection of essential oils, original fine art along with handcrafted beaded jewelry, crystals and cotton nightwear.

Get Naked 🙈
Dry Brush 🤔
Soak in the 🛀
Pamper your 🦶🦶
No emoji for the left foot - what’s with that? 🧐 Oh well - We got the goods for all your glorious parts. 🍭
Happy Pride 🌈
Happy Summer 🥳
Tub Truffles by All Things Jill
Dry Skin Brushes by Merben International
Foot Lotion by Us 🤗
All available in #downtowncobourg

Camping, Glamping, Hiking or a Weekend Getaway.
Pack Like a Minimalist with Toothpaste Tablets.
💯% Natural & Made in Canada by Nelson Naturals
Available in #downtowncobourg

Me & My Girl and what A Grand-Girl she is - proud of her accomplishments, in awe of her strength and of her work as an Ambassador for SickKids Foundation

Originally posted by Alana Lee Photography
Two strong and inspirational women. These two share such a special bond. Editing their family photography session brings me so much joy.✨❤️

Pretty Bead Bracelets
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Look 👀 we’ve been featured in Cobourg’s Tourist Magazine.

Well actually we paid some coin - but in my opinion Advertorials are awesome because it gives potential and existing customers a little insight into the business owner’s passion and their journey.

Drop in for a whiff 🌸 at Ontario’s best Aroma Apothecary - check out our website @ for other links to our Blog and Instagram Page - Follow Us ‘we smell good’ - check our hours before you venture to find us.

Kudos to Cats Media for the fab photography and layout.🙌

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For all your OUTDOOR ... Aromatic Before and After Needs. 🦟
Drop in for whiff 🌸 🍃

Stuff for the Man! 🙉
#fathersday #livelovesmell

Look 👀 we’ve been featured in Cobourg’s Tourist Magazine.

Well actually we paid some coin - but in my opinion Advertorials are awesome because it gives potential and existing customers a little insight into the business owner’s passion and their journey.

Drop in for a whiff 🌸 at Ontario’s best Aroma Apothecary - check out our website @ for other links to our Blog and Instagram Page - Follow Us ‘we smell good’ - check our hours before you venture to find us.

Kudos to Cats Media for the fab photography and layout.🙌

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Another #aromatherapyminiessay :
Grass Essential Oils & Natural Bug Repellents 🦟
Common Name: Palmarosa. Latin Name: Cymbopogon martinii, a species of GRASS in the Lemongrass Family, same as Citronella.

Palmarosa, Lemongrass & Citronella all smell Lemon like but are not the same as Citrus Essential Oils. The primary aromatic molecule that is responsible for the citrus aroma in citrus essential oils is called limonene. Limonene is just one of about 60 constituents that occurs in cold pressed citrus oils. Limonene on its own when extracted from citrus oils is used in the fragrance industry and is used as a flavouring agent. BUT citrus oils possess NO insecticidal properties.

However the GRASS oils mentioned above when analyzed by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis contain upwards of 100 to 120 different constituents and the aromatic molecules that are responsible for the citrus like aroma are: Citral, Citronellol & Geraniol (the latter, Geraniol is what gives citrus smelling oils a more rosy aroma and it is commonly found in in Geranium and Palmarosa) all of these constituents ARE WELL KNOWN for their insecticidal properties & anti-microbial properties. Citral and Citronellol are known to repel mosquitos and Geraniol seems to deter ticks.

When it comes to making your own DIY all Natural Insect Repellent all of the grass oils are effective but you don’t need to use all the grass oils to make the mixture more potent, but Geranium, Lavender, Clove, Eucalyptus Citriadora & Peppermint are potent additives. The Eugenol in clove is a potent deter against several species of mites and the Eucalyptus Citriadora (Lemon Gum) is also used in many commercial made insecticides.

By the way - you can't just mix your oils with water - you need an emulsifying agent. Visit my blog to learn how to make your own DIY repellent:

Are you confused yet? Many folks are when it comes to essential oils and how they work and how they don't.

Drop by and see me and I’ll talk a blue streak and try to explain what you need to make your own DIY spray OR YOU can JUST PURCHASE OUR READY MADE SPRAY.
But remember essential oils are not fully effective in preventing insects from biting - some common sense prevails.

If I was going to be hiking or camping in the deep woods, I would also take along a DEET product. Why? Because it is a good back-up defence. Yes DEET is known to have toxic adverse affects when sprayed on bare skin or when inhaled repeatedly. But I’ll take my chance and spray some DEET on my hiking pants & boots, because it is far less toxic than contracting a mosquito or tick born infection AND I WILL USE my natural product too and wear protective clothing.
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Look 👀 Something New!
Gentle Castile Soap - scented naturally with Lavender & Lemongrass just $15 and for a limited time get a free Foamer Bottle.
The 470 ml bottle of Castile will make approximately 10 Bottles of Foaming Hand Soap. All you do is fill the bottle with 1/4 soap, top up with 3/4 water, replace the lid - Shake, Pump, Wash 🤗
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Food for your Skin - ah Shea Butter
Gardenia for your Nose - yum 😋
Cute little Pink Nightie - hmmm . . . 💕. . .
Everything is 20% off 😆
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The weather is not hot yet!
But we are having a Hot Sale ♨️
Until June 29th - Everything is 20% off
Including our back in stock Hippie Skirts.
☮️ ✌️ ☮️ ✌️ ☮️ ✌️ ☮️ ✌️
We are fully loaded with all kinds of treasures to make your life Groovy 😎livelovesmell #bespokearomatics #groovyforever #downtowncobourg

Please Share :
Hey folks we are having a 20% off Sale on the ENTIRE STORE 🥳
WHY? To cheer your spirits because we all need more 20 degrees weather! Retail Therapy in effect until Saturday June 29, 2019
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Are you looking to spruce up your bedroom, guest room or prepare a new summer sleeping sanctuary. We have some lovely Vintage Styled Coverlets with matching Shams. .
Have you noticed that We Love Flowers? 🌸
At Bespoke we are more than just aromatherapy, we are specialists in all things lovely and small affordable luxury gifts.
#livelovesmell #downtowncobourg

Finally! 🌞 Our Door will be WIDE OPEN today @ 11 am.
Best Smelling Shop in Town 🌸🍊🌿 Essential Oils & More .
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Night Time Pixies 🧚‍♀️ come in all beautiful sizes - we have this cute little number in 5 sizes @ $60 ea.
Perfect for those weekend getaways to a B&B or to wear on the cottage deck while enjoying your breakfast mimosa. 🥂 🍊
And we have some pretty gorgeous All Natural Perfumes that will make your heart and soul go Pitter Patter 💕💕
We shall not be responsible for what ensues 😘
#livelovesmell #bespokearomatics #downtowncobourg

We’re not just about Aromatherapy & Handcrafted Natural stuff for your headspace, armpits & face. 😀
We stock an eclectic mix of all things Zen.
Sweet Vintage night gowns for the sassy young’uns 💋 And some for the grannies. 👵
We have old fashioned quilted coverlets for your shabby chic bedroom 🎠
Oh - and Boho hippy skirts are back in stock and we always have meditation pillows. ☮️
#livelovesmell #bespokearomatics #downtowncobourg

Look what just arrived - these lovely wind chimes are perfect for hanging in your Zen inspired outdoor space!
The Sunshine ☀️ will come folks - promise 🙌
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This our friend Lexi (she's an Instagram Darling - her handle thisislexi11 ).
Today is her Birthday 🎂 plus the Launch 🚀 of her very own Signature Scent, created by moi 😄 ‘The Master of Natural Perfumes’
🌸 Her captivating eau de cologne boasts a crisp citrusy top of Litsea Cubeba with a twist of Fresh Mint, heart notes of whispering florals; Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang are anchored by a hint of Vanilla 🐕💕 Lexi’s Spray is available exclusively at Grooming By Bri located in #downtowncobourg

Lexi turns 12 today and to celebrate we are launching her new dog cologne! Have your dog smelling great in between baths. Thanks to Bespoke Aromatics for making this natural cologne for us.
Follow Lexi on Instagram @thisislexi11

Oh so many Beadalicious treasures. ✨#downtowncobourg ✨

We know that folks love Lavender & Patchouli because ‘The Perfect Marriage’ sells like hot cakes 😊 in our shop.
AND NOW we want to introduce
‘The Affair’ with Patchouli & Orange 🍊
We stock oodles of fabulous handcrafted soaps by The Waterford Girl Brand
#livelovesmell #bespokearomatics #handcrafted #8blocksofawesome

Another Pretty Floral Tote 🌸💐🌺
#thinkaboutyourmother #downtowncobourg

We stock these amazing Shampoo Bars here at our shop in #downtowncobourg
Made in Ontario by The Waterford Girl Brand Soap Company
Great for Camping ⛺️ These Shampoo bars are sudsy and moisturizing, each shampoo bar contains jojoba oil to add rich moisture, and rice bran oil to lock in all the goodness.
100% biodegradable with minimal packaging. No petroleum detergents.

Next Friday Evening May 10th
Shop Local - #8blocksofawesome

Today I enjoyed a sun-filled workspace while on a little road trip. 🚙
Working on Gift Cards that will be placed inside of Downtown Cobourg Swag Bags 🛍
📢 Attention Ladies👇
On Friday May 10th there will be a Fashion Show at 6:30 pm at Victoria Hall ✨to Kick-off Girls Night Out.
The First 50 Show-Uppers at Victoria Hall will receive a Swag Bag 🛍 #LOOK 👀 INSIDE 👇
We are donating 50 - That’s Right - FIFTY $10 Gift Cards to be used anytime towards your purchase of anything!
🥳 #downtowncobourg #8blocksofawesome #northumberlandcounty

Another fashionable Floral Tote.
#thinkaboutyourmother #8bkocksofawesome #downtowncobourg #northumberlandcounty

Spring is near - how will you wear your flowers?
💐 🌸 🌺
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Oh so many Beadalicious treasures. 🥰
✨#thinkaboutyourmother ✨
✨#downtowncobourg ✨

Your mom doesn’t expect you to spend an exorbitant amount of money on her. A weekly phone call or text message and spending time with her are the best gifts.
But if you are looking for something simple - we have many small luxurious treasures.
Or let her choose what she desires - give her a Gift Card.
#bespokearomatics #giftcards #downtowncobourg

Just a few of our fabulous products, created with Good Ingredients and Natural Botanicals 🍃🌸🍃 •

Some products we source from those who really know their stuff - such has handcrafted soaps, natural deodorants and chemical free toothpaste •

All the Aromatherapy Inspired products in our Apothecary are created by our Professional Aromatherapist who is also a Certified Natural Product Advisor with 28 years of Holistic Health Experience •

We also have 100 different varieties of Essential Oils in stock 🤗 •

Some of our products are now available on our Etsy Shop =

#livelovesmell #downtowncobourg #8blocksofawesome #thinkaboutyourmother

They say: folks like personal stories. If you are a business owner, potential and existing customers want to know that you stand behind the products or services that you sell.
- And so without further adieu 😬
Here’s me Brushing my Teeth with one of our new flavours in our new toothpaste line from Nelson Naturals
#bespokearomatics #livelovesmell #downtowncobourg

Because we are getting so popular with our products - we are now buying in larger volumes so our prices are going down👇 see pricing below.

Does the fragrance in commercial brand products make you feel sick?
Do you work in an environment that doesn’t allow scent?
You can always scent your products naturally with Essential Oils.

All of our Fragrance Free Body Care Products
have come down in price!
250 mls ranged from $13-$14. All are now $10 🤩
470 mls ranged from $18-$25. All are now $16 🤩

We are Happy To Declare for the sake of our health and for our customers that we use BPA Free thermal paper in our receipt printer.

A recent Canadian study by Environmental Defence Canada indicates that cashiers in the workplace are exposed to significant levels of hormone-disrupting bisphenol 😣

#retailnews #healthypractices #safepaper #environment #downtowncobourg #8blocksofawesome #bpafree

Had a blast working with Adam from Cats Media who dropped in to capture the ‘essence’ of our aromatic sanctuary. 🌸 📸 🌸
Watch for our Advertorial in the 2019 Experience Cobourg Guide.
======= 🚗 🚙 =========
Escape from the City:
Cobourg has much to offer, including A BEACH !!
#8blocksofawesome #shoptillyoudrop #downtowncobourg

I’m all about Education – hope this helps to alleviate some fear with respect to Essential Oils and Wool Dryer Balls.
#BespokeAromaticsGoodReads #Aromatherapyminiessay

Are essential oils flammable? YES but please read this post entirely.
In large volumes and in their ‘PURE NEAT FORM’ when the temperature of a pure essential oil is raised to a specific temperature, it will cause vapours to be released, and when those vapours are exposed to an open flame or spark the vapour will ignite. This is referred to as a Flash Point.

There is not much to worry about unless you are planning to ‘off-gas’ a 20 Kilogram drum of Pure & Neat Orange Oil or Eucalyptus Oil in a small room.

BUT seriously there is no risk when using a few drops of essential oil in aromatic water diffuser because there is no heat or flame involved.

AND in ‘my opinion’ there is likely no risk when placing a few drops of an essential oil on your WOOL DRYER BALLS and throwing them into your dryer with your WET laundry. However, in order to alleviate your worries – then consider only using your dryer balls at the end of the cycle on a cool-fluff setting. LINT on its own is extremely flammable - so clean your lint trap after each load of drying. According to the Ontario Ministry of Solicitor General: DO NOT dry materials or fabrics in a clothes dryer that have been SATURATED (soaked) with a flammable substance.

1st Case in point – yes pure essential oils are flammable – but if you consider that there are a tonne of products on the market that contain essential oils (albeit in low dilutions) such as: laundry products, counter top sprays, skin care, hair care, deodorants, massage oils, roll-ons, candles - better not light-up or we will are all doomed! 🧐

2nd Case in point - As for Autoignition - I’ve been mixing essential oils with carrier oils and using them on my skin and on my clothes for 28 years – and I HAVE YET TO EXPLODE 🤣

Common sense prevails!
DO NOT add essential oils to a LIT candle.
IF YOU SPILL an entire bottle of Tea Tree Oil or any Essential Oil on your kitchen countertop – don’t throw a lit match into it.

Essential Oils are considered Organic Chemical Compounds and in industrial settings specific safety protocols must be in place under the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHIMIS).

For your Information here is a list of a few Common Essential Oils and their Flash Point Temperatures.

Orange 43°C, Eucalyptus 48°C, Lemon 49 °C, Patchouli 50 °C, Litsea 54 °C, Bergamot 58 °C, Cedarwood 61°C, Lavender 67°C, Lemongrass 71°C, Geranium 74°C, Ho Wood 75°C.

Disclaimer / Fine Print:
Essential Oils are highly concentrated and potent. Therefore, all products must be used at the Customer's own discretion, Bespoke Aromatics shall not be held responsible for any damages to property or for any adverse physical effects (including bodily harm or injury) caused by insufficient knowledge or the improper use of an essential oil. As the ordinary or otherwise use(s) of essential oils is outside the control of Bespoke Aromatics no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effect(s) of such use(s) (including damage or injury), or the results obtained.

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