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Are you tired, stressed, running on empty most of the day? ECLS is a health and wellness company and we are strong advocates for Self-Care.We empower you to take back your health using body, mind,and spirit modalities to uplift and increase your energy.

In this ever changing world you do have to make a concentrated effort to focus on your body, mind and spiritual health. Self-care is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. It's time to take care of you! No matter what stage of life you are in, what we once knew as a traditional way of life is evolving into an exciting new energy filled era. Don't be left behind with the old ways of thinking. It's time to clear your mind and focus on what really matters to you. Let’s go on a journey together, making the rest of our lives the best of our lives. Simplify, become a minimalist and lighten any burdens you may be carrying.

Mission: To be of service to others, to supply value and to pass knowledge along, so others can make informed healthy decisions and feel better about themselves, leading through example of living a positive, enthusiastic, respectful and confident life.

Lee Harris

December Energy Update! ✨✨💫✨✨

Hello everyone!

The main themes for December are:


2020 ENERGY. If you haven’t already begun feeling it, there is a Strength and Brightness to the energy that will start to hit some of you in December. 2020 is going to be a strong year and it’s leading us into a cycle of years that are going to bring a lot of change, a lot of innovation and much shaking the tree to see what comes loose. And that’s already moving through a great many of us right now.

HOLLOW ENERGETICS. You might start to feel like you’ve been pulled into the center of your life and you can’t feel gravity or the ground anymore. You may feel like you're in a place that feels a little hollow or a little foreign to you. This Hollow Energetic phase is getting you ready for what is going to be a year where you will take stronger forward leaps in your life and in the world

SURRENDER TO EMOTION. Emotional releases will be moving through you faster and are going to move you into clarity more quickly. This is a brand new theme that’s showing up on the planet, in terms of both the speed of emotional release, and the allowance of it. Your body and your energy field are reaching a place where you are able to handle things a lot more than in the past.

EVERYTHING COMING TOGETHER. Those of you who identify as change-makers, healers, creatives and innovators - more of you are going to be living in a very purposeful way. It is going to get easier to do and be in your purpose, and everything will come together to support that purpose. So if you’ve been working on your mission - trying to find the right people to partner with, trying to be able to put the first foundation brick in place and it’s either been a struggle or it’s been slow - December energy and beyond, you’re going to start to see more of a wave of ‘everything coming together’ for you in life, in your projects and in what you’re doing.

PSYCHIC STRENGTH. To me, psychic strength is when you are able to use the psychic part of yourself in a very grounded, responsible and intuitive way. And you are able to take those visions and those clarities, understand and interpret what they mean and then know how to put them into action. So, psychic strength coming in in a bigger way can mean that many of you may be losing your old mind. This is why when you experience an upshift of this kind, and you open more deeply to your intuitive and psychic self, you can start to really experience confusion in your old way of thinking.

Have a beautiful month everyone!

Big love X

Connect to the you that you lost somewhere on the road well travelled! #LoveYou ✨✨💜✨✨



Make Gratitude Grow! ✨🙏❤️🙏✨



Lee Harris, Narada Wise & Lana Sugarman - Golden World Govinda (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Away from home.......rediscover who you are!

🌐 Golden World Govinda Available Now 🌐 https://smarturl.it/govinda #goldengovinda #leeharrismusic Subscribe to Lee Harris 🎵: https://youtube.com/subscription...


Healing through energy work | Energy Therapy

We are Energy - to understand more, then read on!
If you know and understand energy maybe I might interest you in a Reiki session. Reiki is a beautiful Christmas gift, pm me to make arrangements for a #GiftCertificate.

energytherapy.biz The body is energetic in nature - thousands of years of yoga have proved this beyond all doubt. Ancient maps of the body's highly advanced 'energy system' were drawn out in great detail and the yogis/rishis were able to bring about great healings - and even miraculous cures - in those who sought the...

ORDERS GO IN Wed, 27 Nov to ensure delivery before Christmas!!

💡 That Epicure’s 🇨🇦 fundraising program is just a little over 1 year old?
💡 That we give 40% of sales back to the organization?
💡 There’s no tax or shipping to factor in, making sales super easy?
💡 I work with you to set you and your organization/group/etc. up for complete success?
💡 Selling 100 kits would earn your organization a minimum of $800?
Now I ask, WHO do you know who could benefit from our fundraiser?
#epicure #fundraiser #raisemoney #raisefunds


💡 That Epicure’s 🇨🇦 fundraising program is just a little over 1 year old?

💡 That we give 40% of sales back to the organization?

💡 There’s no tax or shipping to factor in, making sales super easy?

💡 I work with you to set you and your organization/group/etc. up for complete success?

💡 Selling 100 kits would earn your organization a minimum of $800?

Now I ask, WHO do you know who could benefit from our fundraiser?

#epicure #fundraiser #raisemoney #raisefunds

Instilled at a very young age that you have to become somebody to be somebody. Who made those rules? Drop the struggle and just let you be you and love yourself for doing that! ✨✨💖✨✨#BeU

💖 this!

www.99DaysWithSource.com For Full-Length Audio Version of Messages. 🙏🏽♥️


Reiki as a spiritual practice – heal your life from within! | Energy Therapy

Go Within!
It's difficult to be still and stop the mind chatter, that is why we call it a practice.
Slowing down and silence helps train our old habits of busyness! No one says the practice has to be hours long, A good way to get a first-hand experience would be to have a #Reiki session to silence and be still.

PM me for your #Reiki session today!

energytherapy.biz As the pace of life continues to accelerate, it is even more imperative that we all learn to slow down and focus inwardly. Else we risk burning out, running 'on empty' or just going through the motions of our life without any real joy.Many people from all walks of life have been drawn to learn about...

How old are you? There’s a difference between your chronological age and your biological age. 🙏❤️🙏

How old are you? There’s a difference between your chronological age and your biological age. 🙏❤️🙏


Healing through energy work | Energy Therapy

Do you know what I find amazing - most people understand energy on the outside, as in lights, heat, cooking etc in your home or environment, but they totally do not get the concept that our bodies are made up of and run off of energy. Once we grasp the concept of the energy force within, then we can consider ways to align and heal ourselves. #reiki #eastcoastlifesolutions #ecls #eclifesolutions

energytherapy.biz The body is energetic in nature - thousands of years of yoga have proved this beyond all doubt. Ancient maps of the body's highly advanced 'energy system' were drawn out in great detail and the yogis/rishis were able to bring about great healings - and even miraculous cures - in those who sought the...

11:11 Taking time to moon gaze! The trees and I are doing the same, we are embracing the moon.

We are all spirit having a human experience!

I love watching the moon, clouds and stars. Dusk is my favourite time of day. The vibrant teal colour

How about you? What is
your favourite time of day?

#selfcare #gratitude

The Perfect Ritual For November 11th
Here's what you'll need:

Candles (however many you feel is necessary)

Sitting somewhere comfortably light your candles. Allow yourself a moment to meditate and relax. Once you are situated begin writing things down.

Write about anything that comes to mind. Put everything down on paper. All of the things that bring you happiness and where you want to be this time next year.

Write for as long as you feel is necessary but try to get at least eleven or so minutes in. Do this t 11:11 am or 1:11 pm if possible to keep the energies as balanced as possible.

Once you have things down on paper go over the things you've written down. What things stand out the most to you?

Bring everything over to a new paper that stood out to you and burn the old paper. Now, focus on narrowing things down to three main goals/points.

Close your eyes and really focus on these things, which ones are most important to you from the things you've carried over.

Once you have the three narrowed down give yourself a moment to manifest. Think about how important they are and allow yourself permission to make them happen.

Seal these three things away in an envelope and place them somewhere safe. Once you have done this go relax in a warm bath and meditate over your own thoughts.

Cleanse yourself of any blockages and prepare to move forth once this day has passed. While this might not seem like much it will make a huge difference in how these energies work for you.

Ritual Credit: awarenessact
Image credit: plutoschool


Coconut Curry

Healthy eating with one of my fav's Coconut Curry!
I could eat it for days!
The PLUS side is definitely the Coconut, so maybe after reading this article, you might want to start amping up your coconut usage!

medicalmedium.com Medical Medium Blog: read Coconut Curry now at www.medicalmedium.com

We always try to push a little more, just do one more thing, and then all hell breaks lose. Instead of saying that’s enough.

Self care is knowing when to walk away and saying that is enough. Time for a rest or a break. Don’t go over your tipping point.

Honour your boundaries! Walk away with a smile. Then treat yourself for a job well done.

I find when I push and go pass my limits I end up mucking up a very good job turning it into something less than I’m happy with.

It’s best to be satisfied and walk away with your original intent that to push for perfection!

Self care is setting boundaries and then have the ability to walk away when it’s good enough and be happy with it!


Be Here ~ In the Now! ✨✨💚✨✨

What shoulda, woulda, coulda can now be release. Let go of what no longer serves you. Free yourself of your repetitive and stale beliefs! Detach your old programs that are set on auto play. It’s time to shift your thoughts to embracing the now.
#release #letgo

Some days it's hard to do.....but try! ✨✨✨❤️✨✨✨


You are amazing! Believe it! Your thoughts are powerful beyond measure, use them wisely. You can develop great strength though self care and positive thoughts. Allow your body to do its magic, feed and care for yourself like a newborn, be tender and kind

Finding yourself is always echoing in my mind!

What about you?

You are not lost 😉💓

[10/25/19]   Mystic and Holistic Fall Fair Tips: 🔮Having trouble finding the theater? The theaters located on the second level of Alderney Landing above the farmers market area and below the pedway to Library.🔮

If you go to the glass stairwell at the end of the pedway just walk down one flight of stairs or take the elevator to level two. If you find yourself walking through the market on the bottom level towards the ferry terminal the glass stairwell an elevator are on your right hand side before you make it to the ferry terminal.🔮

How you think will influence how you feel! ✨💜✨

Come On You Know How to Shine! ✨✨✨✨
Let's See You Sparkle! 💎💎💎

We have to work at not dulling our light, conscious awareness of how we act, we do and we be, has an effect on our energy.
#shinebright ✨🌟✨

Time to let go of the old beliefs!

Time to respect your body and appreciate that it's working hard for you every day to keep you healthy. Our cells are made of energy and we have unlimited potential.

Time for new thoughts and strive to be open to learn how to honour and respect the miracle that you are. We can help you regenerate your energy!

PM for a free consult. ✨⚡️✨

This ❤️

I don't know about you, but if you happen to live in Nova Scotia, which I have all my life, it's a known fact that we live from the view of finding something that is wrong, or something to complain about, thriving on the poor me syndrome and if you're a highly optimistic person like myself, it can suck you into their world. After a fresh walk on the beach this morning I wanted to share these #WordsofWisdom #InJOY ✨💜

It's a great place to be! Leave the junk behind and head in the direction that matters the most. Shifting to where you hold your greatest power, it very uplifting and actually freeing! ✨💜✨#beyou

Do That!


You have a new message from the Angels 😇💝

TriSpirit Creations

🙏with all my 💜!
Beautiful! Love the Moon Stone! ✨🌝✨
Like and Share!

Gifting this beautiful 16 inch white Cedar deer drum with an inlayed white moon stone on Sunday October 13th. Picking randomly from the likes,loves or wows on this original Trispiritcreations post🙂 Good luck, and thank you for following our page❤ We have some of the most amazing people around the planet that we get to meet on this page and at our workshops!

'To Come Home To Yourself'

May all that is unforgiven in you,
Be released.
May your fears yield
Their deepest tranquillity's.
May all that is unlived in you,
Blossom into a future,
Graced with love.

John O'Donohue

Artist ~ Nick Fedaeff


Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION]

Everyday! Take a few minutes to tune up your energy and let me know if you feel a difference.

http://LearnEnergyMedicine.com Over the years, Donna started teaching a simple energy routine that people could do every day in five to seven minutes to esta...

Respect and Honor can be pretty powerful even in small amounts!
#selfcare ✨🙏✨

It's a Good thing! ✨💜✨

[09/23/19]   Looking to discover my own uniqueness! It’s a struggle because I always seem to brush away mine thinking that it’s not quite good enough! Anyone else feel the same way?

September is always a fresh start! ✨🧡✨

Lots done today! Felt Good! ✨💜✨

Get ready for an epic energy shift with the end of Saturn Retrograde! healingenergytools.com

Shine On Harvest Moon!
My 💗 be still!
My Fav place!
My me time!
My just be time!

#fullmoon #beautiful #harvest #luna
#beach #firebowl #energy #disconnect #leaveitallbehind #surrender #shinebright #glow #peace #serenity

find yourself = the journey

Are you in need of Balance and Grounding in your life??
East Coast Life Solutions has Chakra kits $40.
Created with Crystals and Essential Oils specifically for each of your 7 chakras!
Message us or visit us at Alderney Market - every Saturday 8-1

✨✨New 🌑 Moon ✨✨

HAPPY SUPER NEW MOON rising in Virgo ✨ Live your life from your authentic self, inside out. The power is in your hands. BLESSINGS FOR ALL! 💎 healingenergytools.com





[08/23/19]   Overthinking - Make It Happen the right way!

Check-in - are you just being alone? ✨💜✨
We need the earth and earth needs us.


Product Video: Procosa, USANA’s Joint-Health Supplement

Joint Pain - achy muscles?
Procosa is most used by my clients for joint inflammation. I personally have been taking Procosa twice a day for at least 8 years and have ditched the prescription and over the counter products that were doing more harm than good to my body, for example, my stomach was always upset and I was having problems digesting food. Procosa has been formulated by cellular scientists who knows and understands how to nourish, protect and renew your cells with their cellular technology giving your body what is needed on a daily bases.

usanacommunicationsedge.com Linda Holmes

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