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In this ever changing world you do have to make a concentrated effort to focus on your body, mind and spiritual health. Self-care is the first step to a healthy lifestyle. It's time to take care of you! No matter what stage of life you are in, what we once knew as a traditional way of life is evolving into an exciting new energy filled era. Don't be left behind with the old ways of thinking. It's time to clear your mind and focus on what really matters to you. Let’s go on a journey together, making the rest of our lives the best of our lives. Simplify, become a minimalist and lighten any burdens you may be carrying.

Mission: To be of service to others, to supply value and to pass knowledge along, so others can make informed healthy decisions and feel better about themselves, leading through example of living a positive, enthusiastic, respectful and confident life.

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Are you ready for the Online Oil Oasis next Tuesday?

Did you watch the Live a couple days ago with John and Scott talking about the exciting speakers, swag and ebooks available if you tune in? (There's still time to watch.)

Did you hear the big news that Dr. Hill will be talking all things Copaiba vs. CBD? This is a not to be missed- event.

Powerful education all in one place! Check out the schedule of speakers and topics here: http://bit.ly/2WLtGTT

Tune in Tuesday, May 21st 10am MDT right here on Facebook!

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CBD Oil vs Copaiba Oil – Dr. Hill and Dr. O Discuss How CBD and Copaiba Work

Have you jumped on the bandwagon for CBD?
Are you overwhelmed in understanding the benefits?
This video will help you understand Potency, Purity, Pathways & Price and
also the difference between Copaiba Oil and CBD.
My personal opinion is leaning towards the biggest bang for my buck.
What about you?
doTerra Copaiba http://bit.ly/2OSkiJp

Dr. Hill and Dr. Osguthorpe discuss how CBD and Copaiba work. Learn everything you need to know about CBD and Copaiba Essential Oil here: https://www.doterra...


Five Herbs To Fight Yeast In The Body

Yeast Over growth can make you body feel out of wack! Here are Five Herbs to fight Yeast in the Body.

healingthebody.ca Yeast is a microorganism that is within all people. Most of the time, there is no indication that yeast is even present in the body. In fact, one of the only reasons why an individual might be aware of it is when they crave sugar or carbs intensely. These cravings, if given into, can cause an overgr


How To Heal Yourself By Talking To Your Body: Your Cells Are Listening - Conscious Reminder

Interesting concept!

consciousreminder.com By Therese Wade Your Cells are Listening Every part of your body has its own consciousness or its own soul. These transformative words, spoken by indigenous medicine women, began my journey within to discover the extraordinary healing capacity of the human body. When this perspective was introduced....

East Coast Life Solutions wishes everyone a
Happy Mother’s Day
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Just one of the amazing oils included in doTERRAs Healthy Habits Kit available while supplies last. We will gift you a FREE bottle of Copaiba to the first 3 people who order!!! PM us

Frankincense is one of the most prized and precious essential oils. Frankincense is recognized for its ability to support healthy cellular function, as well as, promoting feelings of peace, relaxation, and overall wellness when inhaled or diffused.

This oil is included in the Daily Habits Kit. All of the products in the kit have the intended purpose to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle! If you are not already convinced, the Daily Habits Kit is currently 20% off!

To learn how this kit can help you achieve your health goals, please visit: http://bit.ly/2DZ6mdU

East Coast Life Solutions will be drawing for this Mother’s Day gift tomorrow. We have been collecting names at various locations and events. Drop by Alderney Farmers Market tomorrow to place a ballot!
We also have a variety of self care gifts for Mom!



Your Mouth Is A Window Into Your Health: Dental Industry Scams & How To Detox Your Mouth

Firm believer that your mouth is a Window Into Your Overall Well Being!

collective-evolution.com So many of us who are interested in health completely disregard our teeth and our mouths. We forget that our bodies are a holistic and interconnected system, one that can only function optimally if everything is running smoothly. If your liver wasn’t working properly, it would affect your entire b...

ASK ME.....How to get your Free bottle of Copaiba from us! Deadline is 15 May.

COPAIBA or CBD.....you decide!!

[05/08/19]   Who wants to know how to receive a Free bottle of COPAIBA doTERRA
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Comment below to find out how!


doTERRA Healthy Habits For Life - Halifax, NS

Who needs this and wants to join us on Tues 7 May?? Just PM me for your Free ticket.

doterra.com Because this is your first time logging in, please authenticate your account. Which phone would you like to validate with?

I have 2 tickets to Healthy Habits for Life on Tuesday evening at the Marriott.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about doTERRA essential oils, meet new people and even a chance to win great prizes!

PM me to add your name to the list and join the Excitement!


Neuroscience shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day

Consider this.....

businessinsider.com You can see significant positive changes in just 15 minutes a day.

Retrogrades and solar storms are huge catalysts for vital positive transformation as they radiate intense, highly charged waves of cosmic energy that shake and alter our lives. This gives us the opportunity to wipe the karmic slate clean and dramatically turn our lives around for the better.

This cosmic energy is known to enhance our intuition, heighten our awareness, and cause premonitions and insights to appear out of nowhere. We may find we can’t sleep, feel irritable, and are on an energetic “high,” and that our lives seem far more turbulent than usual. When we are sleep-deprived, we may feel more confused and edgy, as though we are running on adrenaline, causing us to feel achy, overemotional, and irrational.

During this time we may also notice we experience extreme fatigue, exhaustion, lack of energy, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, and intense dreams, or nightmares. Physiological symptoms may also manifest, such as flu-like symptoms, ear ringing, or aches and pains.

It is also common to go through out-the-blue bouts of irritability, frustration, panic, sadness, nervousness, anger, worry, fear, grief, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

We will likely be noticing synchronicities, i.e. certain number patterns reappearing 11:11 222, 33. We will find we are more consciously aware of other people’s energy fields and that we have higher sensitivities to negativity, which may result in us disconnecting from any drama or conflict.

As we move through this period, we will want to cleanse our homes, social media accounts, and friendships, as well as reconsider commitments and eliminate bad habits. This detox will be severe at times as we purge old energies and remove anything, or anyone, that prevents us from moving forward and achieving peace.

During Saturn retrograde, karmic attraction is heightened, meaning that whatever we have been putting out there is going to be returned in magnitude. This is a majorly positive period for those who have been living compassionately with good intentions, and those who have been trying hard to break old and harmful patterns of behaviour.

It will be an extremely healing period where the positive vibrations that have been radiating over recent months will be returning 100 fold. For those who have dedicated their time and energy to good causes, or focusing on social missions and life purposes, these next few months will be the time when blessings will come in abundance and rewards will flow in.

If there have been situations that we know that we haven’t been our best selves in,, we can ease any karmic payback by choosing now to recognize where we have fallen short and to make amends where applicable.

Being authentic in our dealings and willing to take accountability and resolve issues as they arise, or better, taking action before they become issues, ensures our karmic footprint is one that won’t be a concern during this retrograde, and even if we have previously taken a wrong path or two, we can turn the energy around by taking responsibility and ensuring our apologies or future behaviour rights any wrongs.

Overall, Saturn retrograde shows us how to look closer at everything we have experienced, and urges us to do so without rushing the process so that lessons can be learned and mistakes no longer repeated.

Pluto will remain in retrograde until October 3rd 2019. With this planet in retrograde, the focus over the next 5 months will be on areas where we are holding too tightly to people or things, purely because we feel too afraid to finally cut cords and fully let go.

Pluto retrograde forces us to do a deep cleansing, whether by our doing or by the Universe unexpectedly shifting things around so that we have no option but to break ties with whatever or whoever is anchoring or pulling us down.

Pluto Retrograde is, above all, a period of regeneration, where we will be purging and eliminating whatever has fallen out of alignment with where we are now at, including old beliefs & patterns, intrusive and obsessive thinking, blaming and shaming, gossip, judgements, grudges bad habits, limiting fears, one-sided and half-hearted dynamics, heavy baggage, negative feelings from the past, worries about the future, things we cannot change, the need to control, unrealistic expectations and basically anything or anyone that has already let go of us.

This retrograde highlights our dark side so that we vulnerably open up, make necessary changes and take accountability for our lower vibrational traits, tendencies, patterns of behaviour and the relationships we maintain.

Jupiter will be retrograde until August 11th 2019. It is known as a highly beneficial period that brings the ending of old worn out cycles, the beginning of incredible new chapters, inner balance, positive change & major personal transformation.

Jupiter is the planet associated with evolution, expansion, rebirth, creativity and opportunity, abundance, progress, compassion, knowledge, wisdom and good luck & fortune.

While in retrograde this planet is known to be favourable, as it shows us all the areas we were struggling in, and helps us make tough, rational decisions that align us more closely with our soul-mission.

Jupiter retrograde pushes us out of our comfort zone and compels us to make spontaneous decisions, but ones that are highly beneficial as our intuition is highly attuned during this time, so we break away from old patterns and break free from old structures and diminishing ways of thinking. This is a time for clearing out the old, closing dysfunctional cycles, reconnecting with our inner truth and birthing the new.

We are currently experiencing a solar storm due to several recurrent negative-polarity CH HSS's (coronal hole high-speed streams) that are being ejected from an open earth-facing coronal hole on the sun.

From this hole, high-speed solar wind (hot plasma) streams have been travelling the 93 million miles from the sun toward Earth at immense speed and the plasma is now reaching our planet.

Solar storms temporarily disturb the Earth’s magnetosphere, as solar winds and flares interact with Earth’s electromagnetic fields. It has been scientifically proven that humans who are highly sensitive to electromagnetic energy also feel a distance in their personal electromagnetic field (the energy field that surrounds our body—our aura.) Therefore, in the same way, electromagnetic energy affects our planet, it can also play havoc with our own energy fields.

The geomagnetic storms are known to cause energy shifts, as our own electromagnetic field is impacted by the incoming energies. Geomagnetic storms can also have a huge effect on our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. Increased anxiety, depression, fatigue, nervousness, and peaks in bipolar disorder have been found to coincide with solar activity.

They are also known to desynchronize our circadian rhythm, which is the internal biological clock that controls our sleep and wake times. Our pineal glands are affected by this electromagnetic activity and produce an increase in melatonin—thus disturbing our sleep and impacting our intuition. We may have enhanced intuition and psychic awareness.

Solar storms also directly impact our nervous system, causing us to feel extra edgy, cautious, and feisty, and as though we are running on adrenaline in “fight or flight” mode. When these storms occur, we can find ourselves spun out or agitated without knowing why. We may also notice that our senses are on high alert and that everything feels and sounds louder, brighter, stronger, and more vivid than normal.

Geomagnetic storms are intense transformational periods that can bring awakenings and reconnect us to internal and external universal knowledge and wisdom. To ensure we resonate with this higher energy so that our vibration is raised, we can combat the effects of solar activity by resting and taking time from our busy schedules to do the following:

Overall this energy is going to be pushing us in all directions.
It will shake us up so we can see that whatever spills out is what we are repressing deep inside. We will also notice that whenever those around us get rattled, their inner thoughts and emotions come tumbling out, sometimes in ways that will be uncomfortable to see.

The main thing to remember during this time is that all celestial activity occurs for our highest good.

The cosmic shifting helps us evolve past any limiting beliefs, and destroy old patterns of behaviour and destructive habits. Although it can feel turbulent, it is an opportunity to shed layers so our core being shines through purging all that is low vibrational and that no longer resonates on a soul level.

We are accelerating at such great speed that we will no longer be able to remain in hurtful spaces; whether that is debilitating friendships or relationships, workplaces, home environments, or the social circles we have tried to maintain and keep up with. We will be determined to rearrange our lives so we can leave behind aspects that cause inner turmoil, and we will manifest an existence that is peaceful, healthy, nourishing and intensely fulfilling.

Our universe is knowledgeable and powerful and operates in the most mysterious and mystical ways. It moves energies around constantly in order to create balance and harmony, so we must not put up resistance to the opportunities presented to us, and instead, flow in the direction that feels right.

This period will be challenging; however, the cosmos only delivers what we can handle, so take deep breaths, step back, reassess, and harness patience so that all responses are done with love and compassion.

Disclaimer: If you experience any of the symptoms listed here and have medical concerns, please also seek the advice of a medical professional. The above symptoms are commonly noted during geomagnetic storms, however, there may be other medically-related causes.

USANA Celavive ...... Dr. Oz Show today!!

Tune in to The Dr. Mehmet Oz Show TODAY to see why licensed dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Lee, recommends our Celavive Hydrating + Lifting Sheet Mask. http://bit.ly/2V1KgC8

Yes! Better words were never spoken.

EPICURE is launching in USA this August 2019!!
Let us know if you are interested in learning how you can be a part of this leading edge event from the beginning :)

Did you know??
Epicure is a family owned company with no debt! What does this mean?
We have successfully built our company from the ground up. We do not have a board of directors with the money who control what is going on at home office and then out to the field. Epicure is completely in control of everything that happens. So, we can stand behind our mission of being a good food company. It's not all about the money. Growth and financial success have happened and are continuing to happen because of this. We have a strong foundation with incredibly meaningful values.

AND.....we are coming to USA this summer!!!!

If you or anyone you know in USA might be interested in joining our super fantastic team, please contact us soon so we can get all the exciting information our to you now!

[04/29/19]   EPICURE is now a part of our Health & Wellness business!

Ok the sun is coming out! Yay!
Sunday drive to Spirit of the Bay Spring Fair at Shining Waters! 10-5 today Drop by and see us! 😊


It's difficult to make self-care a priority.
❣️Honour Yourself!
Check-In with yourself on a regular bases.

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Why 16 Ounces of Celery Juice?

I've been trying this, and I like it - I believe it does the body good to detox in the spring to eliminate the winters storage and clean the system out.

Anyone else detox?


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