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Babies wearing babies. Serious business. Seriously cute.

See you tomorrow morning!


Current mood? Are you feeling as skeptical and confused about babywearing as this toddler was about naps? I’ve got your back. If you’re coming to this weekend then I’ve got just 20 minutes to give you a quick low-down.

If you know you’d like some one-on-one help, you can book a consult and I’ll come right to you! If you have a group of friends that would like a workshop, they’re lots of fun and I’d love to give you all a hand. Let’s find you a safe and comfortable solution, no need to feel skeptical!


Next weekend March 7th & 8th, I’ll be doing a quick demo both days at 11am ! I’ll be available for questions afterwards. Would love to see you there!


After a bit of a hiatus on my part, I’m back with lots of time for consults and workshops! Need a brush up before new baby comes? Ideas for something easy to use during holiday parties and family visits? DM me to set up a time!


That’s just it 💕

The first few months of a baby's life is often known as 'The Fourth Trimester'. This transitional period can often be stressful for a newborn, and our infographic shows how tough it can be to move from the only home they’ve ever known.

This is also why many babies love to be carried, either in arms or in a sling. It helps your baby feel the closeness they grew so used to when they were in the womb; it feels like being back at home. It’s a very special time in a family’s life: learning how to be together, healing together, getting ready to explore the world together.

You can get high quality copies of this in poster form from the Carrying Matters website.


Congratulations to our giveaway winner Sarah Harris! So happy such a kind, friendly and caring mama was our winner. She was hoping for something easy, supportive, and comfy. Manduca checks all those boxes! Thank you so much for the giveaway manduca and Babywearing in Canada!


I'm about to go live with Debora from Babywearing in Canada! We're going to talk about the carrier generously donated for my meet-up this Thursday, come join us!


When you get that chest pass just right 👌🏻😻 Autumn is actually one of my favourite times to babywear. Not too hot, not too cold. And check out those little pink woolie mittens peeking through! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. You know where to find me if you have questions or want to book a consult!


That victorious moment when Babywearing begets sleep! I hope your weekend is full of baby snuggles and friends or family you love dearly offering to hold the baby so you can eat 👌🏻


No matter how you're celebrating today, I hope everyone stays safe and cool! Wear those babies rain or shine ☀️🌨

Image: a brunette child in a red shirt with a doll in a doll carrier, turns away from the camera to smell purple flowers.


Keep cool safely while babywearing with these helpful tips from Babywearing International. If you choose to use a cooling towel, only place it on your skin around your neck, rather than against baby's skin. I'd also recommend parents wear a hat, it really keeps the heat off. ☀️


Oh my goodness, I can't believe it! The June 12 class is completely full! Thank you all for your interest. I'm so excited to share my love of babywearing with more families. There's another basics class, announced last night, for the evening of June 27. There will be dates in August as well.

Don't forget, you can ALWAYS message me about booking a private one on one consult, or a workshop of your own with friends. Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful day!

Sharing a photo from two years ago, when we lived and breathed babywearing in our own home.


Have you ever wanted to have a private babywearing consult but the cost was out of budget? Or wanted to host a workshop with a couple friends but did not want to worry about cleaning up your home before and/or after guests? Maybe wanted to meet a few other parent and baby friends?

I'm pleased to announce that Friendly Fox Babywearing Services now has a very baby friendly meeting place during weekdays! Whether it's for a private one-on-one session or workshop centred around newborns, different carriers, front carries or back carries in a woven wrap, etc., the space can be booked for any of your needs. It's centrally located at the Anglican Parish of Christ Church, near Jasper Ave, downtown, 124 Street and Oliver.

At this time I'm not holding regular weekly workshops until I get a sense of interest so PLEASE message me if you would like to book the space. If you're interested in a workshop style but don't have any other interested parents, just let me know and we can set up an open workshop. Learning together can be lots of fun! I'm very excited to be able to provide a warm, relaxed space to parents and babies. Consults and workshops are in no way religious in nature.

As always please message me with any questions!

Image Description: a young baby appears to be deep in conversation with three small stuffed animals during tummy time, as though teaching them. They appear to be enthralled with her knowledge of the world.


A sleepy fox joined me after an amazing consult with a sweet mama and baby today! Love helping parents find the solution that will work for them best. Sometimes bringing a toddler to work (every day) can be tough. Other times, it's bliss. I'm very lucky to work with other parents who are patient with a firstly fox's antics. And lucky to have a small suitcase full of wraps and carriers with me when my love falls asleep on the bus!

Image is a closeup of a toddler's sleeping face leaning against a shoulder. Part of an orange balaclava, blue puffy coat and Kayla's dark green wool coat are visible.

Instagram photo by Kayla Dixon • Feb 5, 2017 at 3:56am UTC

As my daughter walks more often and longer stretches, I question my practice of bringing some type of carrier with me always. There are times though when it's quite essential! We went on an adventure last night to a local francophone festival with trails that were not stroller friendly at all. Little feisty fox did well for at least two hours and then needed a rest. How has babywearing helped you go on adventures? Get out as a family this winter and explore! And if you need help with the babywearing part, you know where I am. 💕 [two hearts]

Link below to my Instagram .babywearing

Image is of a man and woman with a toddler on her back. They're outside in the dark, bundled up in winter gear, with a bright light shining in front of them.

See this Instagram photo by .babywearing


Indoors and outdoors, day or night, for hours or minutes. You don't always know how/when/where your baby will need you. So let's give you something to help manage these daily parenting needs!

Contact me today about upcoming availability and any questions you might have regarding consultations and workshops.

Three images of Kayla, a white woman with albinism, wearing her toddler. The first is outdoors with a blue tonal wrap getting her daughter on her back. The second is outdoors, a close up of her daughter on her front with a silly expression on her face. The third is inside with a sleepy daughter on her back in a light mint and ecru wrap.


It's snowing again and starting to feel like wintertime after a very indecisive autumn. Do you think the snow is here to stay? We're enjoying trying different types of carriers to see what will suit our needs the best this winter. I'm still a fan of wrapping, our wool wrap will help keep us warm. A buckle carrier is also fast to get on and off. What's your preference?

Need a hand with your carrier or don't know where to start? Give me a shout and we'll get those babies up and close to be warm all winter!


I am so thankful for my ring sling today. We had a busy morning on transit without the stroller and a lot of walking. begged to walk so I just brought the ring sling, betting she would get tired.

Well, she has some STRONG little legs and only needed to be up for four blocks. Which was perfect because that's about as long as it takes for my body to tell me to smarten up. Listen to your body, especially if you're new to babywearing or it's been a while. Take time to build those muscles up.

We had a treat to celebrate our morning victory and the ring sling held snacks and things while we shopped. So practical!

Since it is nearing Remembrance Day I'll take this time to also remind everyone to be cautious of babywearing in front and hip carries while wearing a poppy on your left lapel. Especially for baby's safety but it could also catch on a carrier.

And as ALWAYS I would love to chat with you about setting up a private consult, workshop, or video consult! Just send me a message! ❤️ [red heart]


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Friendly Fox Babywearing Services


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You guys. If you haven't noticed, it's basically time for coloured lights and eggnog ❄️☃️🎅. Which means babywearing can get very tricky but is very necessary. We gave this feisty little fox's new boots a whirl and 5 blocks took half an hour. I don't know about you, but this mama fox has things to do! And a stroller would be so tough to push through all this soft, fluffy, sticky stuff. There are lots of options for Cold Weather Babywearing, sign up for a consult today and I'll give you a hand deciding on what's easiest for your family!

Image: the back of a toddler dressed head to toe in snow gear, surrounded by a few inches of snow on the ground while snow continues to fall.


Happy International Babywearing Week!
I thought that I would start to share my teaching stash with you today. There are lots of different kinds of carriers, and I try to offer a variety to give you an idea of what might work best for your family. Let's start with the most recent addition:

Ring slings! My ring sling is a Girasol Flutter with a gathered shoulder. Ring slings are a great option for newborn to toddler, the main drawback is that they are a one shoulder carry. Not meant to be worn for long periods of time but wonderful for when newborns are small and want to be close to their source of comfort, and for mobile babies and toddlers who want up, down, up, down. They're appropriate for front and hip carries, and unless they're pleated for a specific shoulder can be worn on either shoulder. There are many styles of shoulder but the main two are pleated or gathered. They work off of the same principles as a wrap as far as tension and tightening. Fold up nicely inside a diaper bag or purse as well. We're quite smitten with this one. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about them or any other babywearing questions. Cheers!


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Meet Demi the demo doll! She'll be coming with me on private consultations and to workshops to help demonstrate. She's the size and weight of an average newborn and has knee joints and weighted feet. I'm thrilled to have a patient subject to practice wrapping front carries with since my own little fox is quite feisty.

Message me with any questions about private consults or the Sunday morning workshops. October dates are posted down the page *edit* and COLD WEATHER BABYWEARING has been CANCELLED. I hope to see you at one of our October workshops!


Fall is upon us and as we near the end of September that means it's time for pumpkins and turkey. Here are the workshop dates for October! Come on out with your little pumpkin to hang out with me and Brittney from Portage Babywearing Services and learn some new things, get your questions answered, and even make a costume for Hallowe'en! 🎃 [jack-o-lantern emoji]. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

October 2: Back Wrapping
October 16: Make Your Own Halloween Costume
October 23: Front & Hip Carries
October 30: Short Woven Wraps

Instagram photo by Kayla Dixon • Sep 18, 2016 at 10:21pm UTC

I'm overwhelmed with all the positive comments and likes to this page already! Thank you so much everyone. There was such a positive response that the workshop this morning was full 🎉😀 [celebration and big smile emoji] it went by quickly and I hope everyone had a great time.

If you're not already, feel free to follow .babywearing on Instagram!

See this Instagram photo by .babywearing


It's official! I'm open! So excited to begin this journey with local families who want to carry their babies close. Please message this page with any questions, or email [email protected]

Book a consult today! Let's carry some babies 💕 [two pink hearts emoji]

[Image description for those for screen readers: image is a stack of carriers on a wooden kitchen table. A Tula is on top then a catbird baby pikkolo, then a Girasol wrap, and then two more handwoven wraps sandwiching a doll wrap]


Welcome to Friendly Fox! We'll be launching shortly as I get all of my ducks in a row. In the meantime feel free to message me with any questions about future consultations or babywearing in general. I will be offering both private and group sessions, Intro to Babywearing, and other consultations depending on the caregivers needs. I have a growing teaching stash I will bring to consultations that you can try out as well as using a wrap or carrier you may already own to make sure it's serving you and your little ones comfortably. As a legally blind individual I would especially like to reach out to those who may need special accommodations to facilitate wearing their babe as safely as possible. I have my own personal experience, that of many friends I've helped, but most importantly have completed Level 1 training from the Canadian Babywearing School. I'm truly passionate about safe and comfortable babywearing for both baby and caregiver and cannot wait to get started!


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The Mom, Pop & Tots Fair is at the Edmonton EXPO Centre today and tomorrow!

Not only will everyone's favourite night-time heroes, PJ Masks be there, but you can also check out unique activities like Little Kickers Edmonton, Friendly Fox Babywearing Services presentations and Bambini Learning Group kids and baby yoga!

Saturday, March 7 - 9am-5pm
Sunday, March 8 - 10am-5pm