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Hello: I hope you are doing well. My name is Josephine Marchese, the Founder of (NMWL) is a network platform available across Canada. We will be launching a mobile application, blogs and a social media marketing campaign in 2021. The purpose of is to assist individuals to find the mental health services they need on one user-friendly platform without any wait lists. We would like to welcome you, by registering and join for FREE, no referral fees, allowing your business to get more exposure under our mental health category and we have a quick video on our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Josephine Marchese, (NMWL) 647-648-7622

To explore holistic ideas about rising above anxiety and fear to create a life of passion and purpose. To explore and share ideas about how women can create a life of passion and purpose and rise above anxiety and fear.

I post about these ideas from a holistic perspective, honouring women as spiritual, relational and physical beings in the world.

Operating as usual

Enlightened Consciousness

Finding compassion when you're stressed and running on empty. "I've been working hard not to yell at my kids. But sometimes I just can't help it. I explode, and then I feel so guilty. I know it isn't really what my kids are doing, it's just me, having a hard day. Is it really possible to stop yelling? What's the secret?"

Why we learn to push through when our boundaries aren't respected

I love how Irene Lyon explains in every day language why so many of us struggle with creating healthy boundaries. Every now and then, a comment comes through my YouTube channel that creates an array of emotions within me, and reminds me why: a) my work is super important...



Water Peace Project

“Whenever you sit in front of water and send out messages of love and gratitude, somewhere in the world, someone is being filled with the love and gratitude. You don’t need to go anywhere. The water right in front of you is linked to all the water in the world. The water you’re looking at will resonate with water everywhere and your message of love will reach the souls of all people of the world. We can cover the world in love and gratitude. This will become a glorious morphic field that will change the world. It’s not about time and space, now, here, wonderful and marvelous things are possible.” - Masaru Emoto - The Hidden Message in Water

Would you like to participate? Please tune in to our next monthly water ceremony for peace and LIVE collective consciousness experiment series —> Anyone can participate, all it takes is your sincere heart. #wearewater #waterceremony #masaruemoto #waterpeaceproject #powerofprayer

Dawson Church's Keynote Speech on Genetics and Resilience

Science proves the psychological and physical effectiveness of daily EFT tapping and meditation. Dawson Church PhD presented a keynote speech on Genetics and Resilience at the 2019 Transformational Leadership Council. If you like this speech you'll love ...

Trauma Informed Parent

Thomas Hübl: Healing Collective Trauma - Sounds True

One of the most brilliant souls on this planet. Integrating psychology, spirituality and science toward the healing of the whole. ❤️🌎 Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher and the founder of the Academy of Inner Science. With Sounds True, he has recorded The Power of We: Awakening in the Relational Field and written a book titled Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wou...

How to Support Your Partner When You're Hurting Too Be there for each other even if you're both in pain. Here are 8 ways to support your partner when you need support as well.

Take 5: The Forest Awakens - Guided Imagery for Stress Relief (verbal, music & nature sounds)

Take 5 minutes for creating calm today.

Want to carry the soothing sounds and images of nature with you wherever you go? Check out our Wellscapes app:

I had a black dog, his name was depression

Depression is not a life sentence. You are not alone.

At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people around the world live with depression. Many of these individuals an...

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This has been true 100% of the time in my experience.

The fear of what might happen stops people but the trauma process is so beautiful and transformational. There is nothing to fear in our emotions, they will not swallow you whole - they will speak to you in profound ways. ― Adele Theron

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Winter Mental Health

Winter can be challenging for many people. Here is a great guide to resources in Edmonton to help support your mental health this winter. Winter Mental Health CMHA Edmonton is pleased to offer a guide and resources to support mental health through the winter months of the pandemic. The guide and resources are intended to support everyone in finding ways to make the most of this season, and to ensure good mental well-being. The list of...


The science behind EFT (Tapping). Very approachable look at the evidence based science supporting EFT as a credible and effective tool for PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more.

Mindful Minute: On Your Mind "Mindfulness is the slow brain. It's executive control rather than autopilot, and enables intentional actions, willpower, and decisions. But that takes some practice. The more we activate the slow brain, the stronger it gets." —Kyra Bobinet

Everyday Ways to Reconnect and Nurture Your Relationship

When you have safety and connection in your intimate relationship, you have more resilience and tolerance for other life stresses. When stress leads to tension in your relationship, find ways to cultivate fondness and admiration.

HeartMath Institute

Scandinavian folks know that anyone looking for a positive headspace during the winter should begin to see the outdoors as a space for endless possibilities.

Take a few moments for some EFT today!

Mindful Minute: On Your Mind "When you look at the brains of meditators, the areas related to attention, learning, and compassion grow bigger and stronger. It's called cortical thickening: the growth of new neurons in response to repeated practice. What we practice grows stronger." —Daniel Goleman

Brené with Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle | Brené Brown

The Nagoski sisters do a wonderful job of explaining burnout and how to prevent it and heal from it. Burnout. We're all experiencing it and we're all desperate for a way through it. In this episode, I talk to Drs. Emily and Amelia Nagoski about what causes burnout, what it does to our bodies, and how we can move through the emotional exhaustion. This has been a game-changer for me and for my family...

Gregg Braden

This is such a powerful visual of just how important perception is. You always have a choice in how you look at things. Shared from Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

How to Talk to Children and Teens About Uncertainty Life can be unpredictable, but you can help the young people in your life learn how to cope.

The REAL reason teens are so distracted | Creating Positive Futures

Teens and adults alike struggle with distraction. Learn to understand and work with distraction in a positive way in this article. The REAL reason teens are so distracted Oct 12, 2020 | Featured Posts Does it seem like your teen is on their phone or computer all the time, even when they’re supposed to be focusing on schoolwork? If so, it can be tempting to take their devices away to stop them from getting distracted. But for ...

4 Mindful Listening Principles to Better Navigate Conflict

We are relational beings. Period. We need at least a few close relationships to survive and thrive. Here are 4 basic 'rules' that will help you nurture healthy relationships. How can you practice listening in ways that helps your relationship effectively move through whatever challenge it’s facing?

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Seek solace and wisdom in nature - especially when times are tough.

A local teacher in Edmonton for those of you who would love to learn EFT more in depth.

Our Story

My training and focus is on helping individuals heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief. I work from a holistic perspective, honouring people as spiritual, relational and physical beings in the world.

Having done my own healing with the help of skilled professionals, I felt inspired to pass on the gift of healing to others. I bring personal resources from being a wife and mother of 3 children, and skills and experience from a 23 year career as a professional musician.

I believe a therapist cannot bring others further than she herself has come. For this, as well as personal reasons, I am passionate about continuing my own journey of healing, growth and self knowledge. The rewards of this continual work are priceless, and it is my goal to help others in their desire and efforts at doing the same.

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