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Since I was on a little work/social media break, this message is a tad bit untimely but I surely would not skip a chance to share my loving wishes with you all for a very very very Happy New Year!!! ⁣

I truly hope that 2021 allows you to expand your wings and to fly to destinations you have wondered about forever, as well as those you never knew existed, to find wonder in simplicity, joy in the mundane, good health, prosperity in every which way and most of all, peace of mind and in your hearts. I hope you find it in you to to relish every moment, to enjoy the journey as much as the destination and to love yourself more than anyone else ever can! ⁣

After much thought and reflection, my words + intentions for this year are: LOVE + ALIGNMENT. ⁣

I have been working hard all my life~ growing and learning and harvesting~ and now I am eager to align that which I wholeheartedly am with what I know, what I want, how I strive to be, where I want to be as well as my whys behind the scene! At this time in my life I am being called upon to develop integrity in every sense of the word, and courage~ so that I am loyal to myself, my purpose + my passion. ⁣

Doing this will require love ~ a universal force that is expansive, contains infinite possibilities and can move mountains. Love for myself, love for my fellow earthlings, love for my planet, love to overcome the fear, the obstacles, the constraints and limitations.⁣

What’s your word for this year and what does it mean for you ? ⁣

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The holidays were a wonderful opportunity for me to #disconnect from social media and work for a few days, so that I could focus on myself and connect with my family. As the #mompreneur of a #heartcenteredbusiness boundaries between work and my personal life often get muddied. Although I have significantly improved in my ability to create +enforce healthy boundaries, my clients count on me in more ways than I am sometimes even aware of, so I only take breaks a few times a year for more than a weekend. While this may seem unhealthy for some people, my work allows me the privilege of having my boys at home with me, homeschooling them and raising them in a manner that aligns with our beliefs + value systems.⁣

I hope those of you who also had some time off in the last week or so enjoyed yourselves and your loved ones. For those of you still celebrating, I hope you are fulljoying yourselves! 🎉⁣

So many cultural holidays and celebrations are on the horizon, such as the Lunar New Year, Nawruz, Holi and Black History Month. I will continue to work away diligently at making more Kindfulness Activity Sets for Children and cannot wait to share them with you all!⁣

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Simply saying THANK YOU feels like an understatement and fails to do justice to how much gratitude I truly feel 🙏🏽⁣⁣
I was privileged to meet so many of you this year and got to learn more about how you make this world a better place by sharing your gifts and passions.⁣⁣
So many of you trusted me to partner with you on your journeys towards wellbeing and healing and for this I feel humbled and grateful. While I often hear words of praise for the knowledge I share, so many of the times it is you that inspire me to learn and to make connections based on the reflections you share with me. If it was not for our collaborative working and sharing processes, I would not be as inspired and passionate as I am, and strive to continuously learn, grow thrive, build + blossom 🌸 ⁣⁣
So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x infinity, to all of you who took a chance on me, who chose to reach out and initiate a conversation and friendship, to those of you who trusted me to offer insight, who listened to my videos and shared, who downloaded the tools I share, joined my programs and live interviews. I am beyond grateful for + humbled by each and every single one of you.⁣ 🙏🏽
I am also Grateful to my family who inspires me to continue to do what I’m doing and who enable me to live a life beyond any I could even dream of~ working side by side with me on our dream of raising a generation of kind humans, while we passionately raise, educate and our two little boys into kind, compassionate, contributing members of society. ⁣⁣
I am excited for what 2021 will bring and truly pray and ask the universe for more opportunities to serve you and the world we collectively inhabit. ⁣⁣
May we be blessed, may we be joyful, may we be peaceful, may we be kind 💜⁣⁣
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The Holiday Season holds so many different meanings for each one of us, and even our personal takes on this time of the year change as our narratives do, throughout the course of our lives. ⁣

This year was unique for almost every human on this planet, and will likely not be forgotten anytime soon. We were required to adapt, to surrender, to release, to let go, to isolate, to admit how much we need some people + things, to realize how much we don’t need others, etc....⁣

All I know is that despite what we endured, if you’re reading this you survived, you may have even thrived, and this is a testament to your power + ability to do whatever is necessary to keep on going.....⁣

As we get ready to welcome a new year, hold this lesson near and dear to your hearts and stories: You have persevered and you will continue to. It hurts, it’s hard, it may feel uncertain/unclear/unfair, but you are capable, you are worthy and there is nothing you cannot do or achieve.⁣

Just remember that life is a journey and no matter what comes your way, you will overcome it because that’s what we were created to do. ⁣

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As we approach the end of the year, I feel compelled to slow down, pause + take a break. Not only because the last month was busier for me than the last few months combined! But because I feel the need to reflect on this most unusual year.⁣

While I mourned many significant losses, as have many of you, I also celebrated many successes + achievements that I feel beyond blessed to have experienced. Feeling the need to reflect is as much about creating space for gratitude as it is about consolidating all the independent memories that have constituted this year, and processing the meaning of these moments in the narrative of my life.⁣

During the typical busy-ness that the winter holiday season brings, it is not uncommon for us to feel pulled into auto-pilot mode and to respond instinctively rather than intentionally.⁣

In an attempt to begin 2021 with as much self-love, compassion, intention + awareness as possible, this act of self-care + surrender is my way of ensuring I can continue to give the gift of presence ~ arguably the best gift of all~ long after the holidays are over. ⁣

I hope you will join me in slowing down and choosing Kindfulness this holiday season.⁣

To all those who are celebrating, Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄🎅🎄⁣

For more tips on how to Thrive during the Holidays with Kindfulness, check out my new blog post (link in bio). ⁣

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For the last few weeks, we have been teaching our 2.5 year old about the concept of happiness. In particular, we’ve been trying to hit home the point that we create our own happiness. In addition to reciting this affirmation in the morning upon waking up and in the afternoon after nap time, we also consistently prompt him to reflect on whether his actions, thoughts + ways of being are bringing him happiness.⁣

We were promoted to start this after we noticed he often stated “you made me sad” or “he made me mad”. We wanted to equip him with the knowledge + belief that we design our destiny by the choices we make.⁣

I can’t tell you how proud I felt yesterday when after he calmed down post emotional breakdown (because I wouldn’t give him my fuzzy socks), he said to me “I can make myself happy and wear my dino socks.” 🦖 ⁣

Did he still have a 10+ minute meltdown because he wanted my socks instead of his own? YES! Did he refuse to hear the same suggestion I offered (while he was upset) to wear his fuzzy Dino socks? YES! Did he initially blame me for his feelings? YES! But then he paused, reflected, calmed down + created space for his own happiness.⁣

I’m beginning to think all the limitations we were taught about, regarding child development, are more often the result of society not having pushed children far enough in regards to their emotional intelligence (never mind how we limit adults 🤦🏽‍♀️). What do you think???⁣

My little angels prove to me everyday that a Kindful approach to living is the greatest gift we can give our loved ones 💜⁣

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Why called Children “GOOD” Boys and Girls is NOT Such a Good Idea


With the Festive Season fully underway, personal time continues to dwindle, so here is a friendly reminder to carve out time even when there doesn’t seem to be any! ⁣

Carving out space + time for opportunities to nurture ourselves and our needs, so that we can be our best and do our best for ourselves and our loved ones (the same ones who ironically may make self-care feel indulgent or impossible 😂) Self-care is not about indulgence, and it doesn’t require loads of time or money, it can be as simple as saying no to avoid spreading ourselves too thin, ensuring our own happiness + satisfaction before worrying about pleasing others, and amidst COVID restrictions, letting go of traditions that cannot happen or which don’t serve us and creating new traditions that honour who we are and where we are at in our lives.⁣

A mentor once told me “when it seems we have the least time available for it [he was talking about mindfulness, but it applies here] is when we need it most”.⁣

How will you show yourself love and take a moment to replenish yourself today? We’ve decided to extend the weekend in my household 😉⁣

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“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh⁣

We spend so much time imagining what we need to do, or have or be in order to feel “happy” and joyful, when the truth is that pure unadulterated joy exists here and now~ the only moment that is for certain. ⁣

In the face of great distress, befriending compassion, joy + equanimity can seem impossible, even though this is when they are most needed. ⁣

We tend to get carried away by the idea of joy, rather than being truly alive to it in a given moment. For example, we designate days of the year to celebrate, wear an outfit that makes us feel amazing or to eat a food that brings us immense pleasure. We inevitably get caught up in a pretense of gaiety rather than being open to joy whenever it arises. ⁣

Only when we intentionally cultivate joy, do we begin to discover that it can be the home where we reside ~ and this is what enables us to come home to joy. ⁣

Wear that dress, book that self-care day, eat that cookie~ do it now! Now is the time to come home to yourself and to JOY. ⁣

On that note, happy weekend!⁣

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I bought my first car 🚙 in the summer of grade 11, and spent every last red cent I had saved from working all summer and every weekend of grade 9 + 10. Two weeks later, my muffler blew and I couldn’t afford a new one so I called every mechanic within a 25km radius to request quotes for a repair. ⁣

I had the muffler welded 3 times before the test ended, and that winter, an honest mechanic told me I was throwing money into a bottomless pit if I decided to weld the crack rather then purchase a new muffler.⁣

As humans, we want to obtain the maximum benefit possible yet are obsessed with doing it for the least cost. While this makes total sense from an evolutionary perspective, it is not helpful for our personal development, and it’s definitely not as efficient as we think it is!⁣

I eventually had to take my car off the road until I could afford a new muffler and exhaust pipe, and just like that, we often need to repair (or replace) the problems in our lives if we want to avoid incessantly meeting the same fate.⁣

Evolve or repeat. Put up with needless noise or get a new muffler. These are our only options.⁣

Have you ever found yourself in a vicious cycle of putting bandaids on a gaping wound that really needed stitches?⁣

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“We accept the love that we believe we deserve.” ~ Stephen Chbosky ⁣

I can’t quite remember where I came across this quotation but I remember thinking it was so profound, especially in relation to our role as parents/educators/caregivers to children. By showing children how they deserve to be loved, we set the bar~ high or low~ and this inevitably impacts who they associate with and why they do, for the entire course of their lives. The love they seek, the love they yearn, the love they settle for or refuse to settle for is a reflection of our love for them, the love we show them they are worthy of.⁣

Since it’s up to us to set the bar for our children, what do your actions/ inactions tell the children in your life about how much and what type of love they are worthy of? ⁣

#SelfLoveJourney #SelfLoveForChildren #BlissfulMoments #AttitudeIsEverything #MindfulnessMatters #MindfulMama #KindfulnessCoach #MindfulMoments #KindfulLiving #Kindfulness #MindfulLiving #SelfLoveCoach ⁣#HeartCenteredLiving #HeartCenteredBusiness #HeartCentredEntrepreneur #MindfulnessCoach #MindfulMom #MindfulnessForFamilies #MindfulnessForBusyHumans #KindfulKids #MindfulLife #MindfulnessMoment⁣ #LoveLessons⁣ForKids #SelfLoveForChildren

The Journey To Your BEST Self and Living the BEST Story of Your Life

Everyone has the potential to manifest their greatest dreams ~ once we learn how to listen to our intuition, find inner calm and confidence, we are ready to let love and mindfulness guide us towards creating the life we dream of and deserve to live!

Despite years of education and training in Mindfulness and Therapy, I had no idea how powerful Kindfulness could be, until it truly changed the entire course of my life - for the better! I began by slowly integrating small practices into my life and as I experienced their magical effects on every aspect of my life, I eventually built the very foundation of my daily existence on these practises!

Allow me to introduce myself and share why I do what I do.

I am Zahra, a Child & Family Therapist and Kindfulness Coach. The purpose in my passion is to guide children and adults on their journey towards finding the inner peace, self-awareness, confidence and focus required to create the life they dream of living.

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