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[12/16/20]   A quick explanation on the importance of living a gut friendly lifestyle. What is molecular mimicry, and how it can be problematic.


Tam: "Current evidence doesn't support public needing masks"

Let’s see where this goes...

Didn’t see this coming...yeah right!!

Politicians and the media have pumped so much fear into people’s hearts they’ll accept a growing list of terrible side effects [transverse myelitis and possibly premature death] to ‘possibly’ avoid an infection that over 99% of people under age 55 survive!

Am I missing something here???

I personally know over 22 people—of varying ages—who’ve tested positive. Only one older male had a more than mild case and O2 say dropped to 91% for a short period of time, so he almost went in, but bounced back the neck day—his wife got it too and had mild symptoms.

A super majority of people, on the west coast in particular, don’t know anyone who’ve tested positive and less than 12% of people personally know someone who hasn’t survived, per a recent poll.

Are the realistic concerns worth the unknowns coming down the pike???

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AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial Brazil volunteer dies, trial to continue

No surprise here...

reuters.com Brazilian health authority Anvisa said on Wednesday that a volunteer in a clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University had died but added that the trial would continue.

Erin at Health Nut News

This is interesting...

Please join us at Raw Food Revolution for healthy recipes. Especially during this crazy time in 2020. 

I feel embarrassed I used to eat this garbage food for years and would walk in at 20 minutes till and they were tell me they were closed even when they were not. Furthermore, it’s very sad but the founder died very prematurely of illness and eating this food probably didn’t help. I don’t even like to call it food and definitely friends don’t let friends eat at Subway or any fast food restaurants. I will tell it like it is because we have an obesity epidemic in this country. We allegedly have the biggest outbreak of Covid in the world and according to reports it increases your mortality rate drastically if you’re obese. I ignorantly thought subway was healthy years ago. I learned better.

Lindgren Functional Medicine

Love Vit D, always have...make sure you take K2 and magnesium with it daily...

How many studies do you think I need to post on the protective effects of vitamin D on Covid-19 before I’m taken down by the social media algorithm? If you’re close, you need to count...

Vitamin D, people!! Vitamin D! Studies support a 50% REDUCTION in mortality from Covid if you just take vitamin D! I wonder everyday where our county might be now if everyone had adequate levels of vitamin D...and used hand soap. Seriously.

If vitamins frighten or confuse you, PLEASE reach out to us for guidance. High quality vitamins are readily available - they’re INEXPENSIVE, and can be given in an oral, injectable, or liquid form.☀️☀️☀️

You won’t hear it from our higher ups, but vitamin D alone will likely provide more overall immunity than any vaccine ever could...



Physicians for Informed Consent Letter Opposing UC Regents’ Flu Vaccine Mandate — Physicians for Informed Consent

Flu vaccine failure...

physiciansforinformedconsent.org September 22, 2020 Michael V. Drake, M.D.President, University of California Board of Regents, [email protected]: Vice President for Human Resources, Executive Vice President for UC Health, University of California Regents Office, [email protected] Shaw, Secretary and Chief of Staff to t...

Thanks for the post Mike Mutzel!!

Per the CDC, your homemade cloth masks do offer protection against 70 nm 🦠 particles but have no protection for wildfire smoke ~ 1 micron particles from—the later being much larger than the former.

Remember you can see smoke with your naked eye—hence the changes to the skyline on the west coast— but need an electron microscope to see viruses.

Science in 2020! 🤡

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Mike Mutzel, MS

Nutrition and exercise always matters and ALWAYS will regardless of what the BIG PHARMA trained “think tanks” tell us...

Why nutrition and exercise matters:

“people with obesity who contracted SARS-CoV-2 were 113% more likely than people of healthy weight to land in the hospital, 74% more likely to be admitted to an ICU, and 48% more likely to die.”

WoW some interesting info. As usual it is contrary to what mainstream preaches....

Reasons parents choose to circumcise their sons and why they're incorrect:

🚫 "Its cleaner." - Actually no, its not. The foreskin is fused to the glans until puberty leaving nothing to clean whatsoever until 10-12 years old. When it does detach around that time, you wash it like the rest of your body.

🚫 "It reduces the risk of UTI'S." - The risk reduction is LESS than 1%. Not significant enough to amputate healthy functioning tissue. Not to mention, that reduction only applies to infancy. Not adulthood. As adults, intact and circumcised males have the same risk of developing urinary tract infections.

*Allowing a circumcised bleeding pen*s to heal in a diaper full of urine and feces increases risk of infection.

🚫 "It reduces the risk of penile cancer." -Aside from the fact that the American Cancer Society has already spoken out about that not being true, let's pretend for a minute that it is. Penile cancer is already so rare, that your son has a better chance of developing breast cancer than he does of ever developing penile cancer. Penile cancer includes the shaft and glans. The foreskin makes absolutely no difference.

🚫 "It reduces the risk of STDs and HIV" - The only thing that prevents STDs are CONDOMS. Not circumcision. In actuality, the foreskin has been shown to have cells that act as part of the immune system in protecting against STDs.

🚫 "His pen*s should match his dad's." - Ew. No it shouldn't. Your son will never notice a difference in his and his dad's pen*s unless your family is keen on whipping it out at thanksgiving and comparing.

🚫 "Circumcised pen*ses just look better." - All pen*ses look the same when erect, intact or not. Aside from the fact that the glans on a circumcised male is keratinized and "dried out" therefore looking smaller than it really should. Not to mention pushing your sexual preferences on your son's body is pedophilia.

Now let's look at the facts:

✅ A baby boy dies every 2 days as a direct result of a non medically necessary circumcision.

✅ Thousands of men will suffer long term complications including meatitis, erectile dysfunction, painful erections, diminished sexual pleasure, rough jack-hammering sex on their partners to achieve orgasm and more.

✅ Over 250,000 men in the US are currently restoring their foreskin and wish they had been left intact from birth.

✅ Countless men as adults have sued their parents and practitioners for performing their circumcision without their consent as babies.

✅ The lack of foreskin will affect every circumcised male and their partner's intimate life. The glans are supposed to be moist and covered, not dried out and keratinized.

....Still think it's a good idea? If anyone has any questions and would like more information, feel free to message me.

This post is not meant to shame circumcised males or parents that made the decision to do so. It is meant to raise awareness & inform others of the risks. You can regret making the decision and share what you have learned so the cycle stops.

Most women and men are screaming women’s rights but yet cutting off their little boys body parts, where are their rights? Who will stand up for them? As mothers of boys, it's your responsibility to be their voice!

Huge thanks to Tiffany Maillet and David Candela for putting this together!

Dr. Josh Axe

Thanks for the scoop...only been saying this for 20 years...

Scientists finally issue warning against canola oil: Study reveals it is detrimental to brain health, contributes to dementia, causes weight gain.

Lol THANKS for the scoop!! 🙏🏼

Surprise, surprise! No doctor or infectious disease expert on the mainstream media has talked about supporting optimal immune health.

All they talk about us social distancing, masks disinfectant sprays, drugs and vaccines.

The good news is that God created your body with an incredible immune system to protect you and heal you from pathogenic viral infections!

“Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

Our body is our temple for the spirit that lives within and we have to intentionally take care and honor our body with our actions!

“Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, In light of God’s mercy, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to the Lord, for this is your true and proper form of worship. Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but instead be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:1-2

[06/24/20]   https://www.instagram.com/tv/CBvP56YnrKS/?igshid=1ho9yilmi076m

Good video comparing Functional Medicine care to mainstream medicine, with respect to chronic care.

Doctors call for delaying deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks



Weston A. Price Foundation


While most Americans probably have heard of Louis Pasteur of pasteurization fame, it is doubtful that many are familiar with the name and work of Antoine Béchamp. The two nineteenth-century researchers were scientific contemporaries, compatriots and fellow members of the French Academy of Science, but had key differences in the way they viewed disease. Germs versus terrain.

Merinda Teller, PhD, asserts that "The scientific and industry bias in favor of Pasteur’s model has not served the public’s health—to the contrary. Two decades into the twenty-first century, dismal national and international health statistics utterly belie the hype about medical advances."

Perhaps it would behoove us to consider Béchamp terrain theory?


Decorated Scientist Says Money Dictates Scientific Results

Yup SADLY it sure does!!

thenewamerican.com The UN's wealth-redistribution schemes are really a massive subsidy to kleptocrats ruling poor countries paid for by the poor and middle classes of wealthier and freer nations. by Alex Newman


5G Tower insane radiation levels - Upto 21 times higher than safe limits!


youtube.com The highest EMF reading I have EVER got out of thin air, and this is about 15 metres away! 21 times what would be considered a "slight concern" and over 4 ti...


10 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind

Thanks for the post Dr. VCatt!!

theheartysoul.com The introduction of antibiotics to the field of medicine has saved countless lives, turning serious and life-threatening infections into temporary ones. However, with the millions, if not billions of prescriptions for antibiotic drugs that doctors have filled out over the years there comes a serious...


Doctors Warn: Air Fresheners Are Linked to Cancer and Contain Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals

No kidding...thanks for the scoop!! Lol

dailyhealthpost.com If you take the time to monitor what you eat and how much you exercise, it’s really important for you

Weston A. Price Foundation

Yup...always loved butter since I was a kid!!

We appreciate the shout-out to the Weston A. Price Foundation in this article, and their review of the many benefits of butter! Butter is an incredibly nutrient-dense traditional fat rich in vitamins!

"Butter may have had a bad rep over the last decade but it hasn’t always been this way. In the 1900s, butter was a food staple and was used in just about every recipe." We'd like to see butter returned to modern diets as a food staple! Raw and/or cultured butter from pastured cows is ideal. Pasteurized butter from pastured cows is also recommended.


Big Pharma and Organized Crime — They Are More Similar Than You May Think

Sadly true...

wakeup-world.com If you believe pharmaceutical corporations hold the health of the general public in high regard, it's time to reconsider. The industry is filled with examples of wrongful death, extortion, fraud, corruption, obstruction of justice, embezzlement, fake journals, harassment and hit lists that would mak...



Good to know...



Your Garlic is Being Imported From China, Made With Bleach And Chemicals

That’s why I choose organic...

healinglifeisnatural.com Garlic, one of the healthiest, and most popular foods on the planet. There is no denying the wonderful health benefits that garlic holds, it is a traditional remedy for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even the common cold. But there is something about garlic that you probably do not know,...

AVIA Naturals

WoW that’s CRAZY...

C.B.D. Is a far better alternative if even needed.


U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells

Here’s a SHOCKER...lol

healthyfoodhouse.com Apparently, the fact that cannabis successfully destroys cancer cells is no longer a conspiracy theory in the U.S. Therefore, can we regard it as a preventative herb against cancer, or can anyone reject the idea of using medicinal marijuana? According to Amy Willis, to the official cancer advice web...


This should have been done YEARS ago...great way to help clean up the planet!

Hemp: The Natural Response to Plastic Pollution

Frank Lipman MD

LOVE my sleep!!

Study suggests chronic sleep-deprivation causes overactivity in the brain’s self-cleaning mechanism, leading to the destruction of healthy cells.

Lindgren Functional Medicine

Thank you for the post Dr. K!

Yikes. These numbers are horrifying. And for comparison, the influenza virus kills THOUSANDS of people in the US every year. Sometimes 10s of thousands...These highly infectious, highly dangerous viruses are nightmarish to say the least. Everyday we can do our best to prevent infection/spread of infection in the first place:

*WASH YOUR HANDS - with actual soap and water - no ‘hand sanitizer’
*DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE - unless you just washed your hands with the above mentioned soap and water
*DON’T SMOKE (so hard for those that do - try a nicotine patch instead)
*GET SOME SLEEP! Shoot for 10, be happy with more than you’re getting now
*DON’T EAT CRAP - refined sugars and other garbage suppress the immune system - stick to fruit, veggies, and healthy fats/proteins - better yet, make some soup
*Take some immune supporting supplements like vitamin C, Bs, D3, zinc, omega-3, and a probiotic
*Consider some infection fighting herbs like ANDROGRAPHIS, elderberry, echinacea, and green tea
*STAY HOME - if you or your kids are sick, STAY HOME. A good rule of thumb is no work/school until fever (temp 100.4 or more) is gone for 24 hours (fever suppressed with Advil/Tylenol doesn’t count)

My super not-so-secret insider weapon for infection prevention and treatment is the goddess of immune modulating peptides, Thymosin Alpha 1🌟✨💫. We use this peptide for all things immune system related, including acute and chronic infections. When I feel a cold coming on or my kids are exposed to the flu, I use a dose of this peptide. It’s in my fridge at all times.

At the risk of invoking Murphy’s Law, I won’t tell you the last time I was sick (years), but it’s been a while. Be well my friends🙏🏼and reach out if you need a hand. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are currently fighting for their lives.

#infection #infectiousdisease #fever #flu #influenza #pandemic #coronavirus #virus


Weston A. Price Foundation

If you’re going to fry or cook with oils, they must be saturated...coconut oil, butter, ghee, animal fats. I love olive oil, but only on top of foods, I would never use it for cooking or frying. Great way to destroy its many benefits!

We don't recommend soybean oil, or any other industrially produced soy imitation foods such as soy milk, soy cheese, soy bread, soy ice cream, tofu, etc. Read the "Soy Alert" section of our website: http://bit.ly/soyalert. Traditionally, fermented soy such as natto or miso was only consumed in small amounts.

We don't recommend that animals be fed soy either. It is not their natural diet! http://bit.ly/soyinaminalfeed

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

If you like spicey food, this is power add to any meal...

We've known for a while that chili peppers have numerous health benefits due to capsaicin, the active compound that gives them their heat. Now, a new study provides evidence to back this up: Those who ate chili peppers at least 4 times a week had a 40% lower risk of dying from a heart attack.

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