Inge's Healing Revolution

Inge's Healing Revolution


Hello loves, Thanks to the generous permission of Inge sharing this opportunity with this community.

I am offering an incredibly discounted TAROT LOVE READING as part of my relaunch!

I have new products in my Etsy shop, and I would love to exchange readings for reviews. For this group, I can do the readings on any topic, although love is my specialty!

Readings are of the highest and best good true love intent and will bring you messages to shift and deepen your connections.

I provide deeply meaningful channeled messages using tarot as a tool.

My readings usually are 63 USD but are posted to Etsy for 14$ BUT wait you get a 70% coupon ( the max Etsy would allow )
allo beautiful soul :-)
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I love the name change!

Empowerment through Energy Healing. You are a magnificent energy being full of life and magic and potential. It's time to use innovative tools to bring you back to YOU again.

More at Your healing matters. It matters for YOU, for your life, for your family, for your community... and for our world. |

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Ever get all tangled up when you’re trying to explain “energy” or “reiki” to someone? Get all tangled up in the concepts? … and if you’re honest, you don’t even totally know how to explain these concepts to yourself in a way that satisfies you and it ramps up the doubt in a way that feels slightly shameful?

I totally hear you. There’s a lot of fuzzy thinking in the world of energy healing and our logical minds can be tempted to throw it all out because “the magic” we see doesn’t always make sense.

Every once in a while, I create something I’m really proud of.
The Back to Basics series is one of them.

In this series of 5-10min videos, I invite your left brain to relax by giving it the concepts it needs. I cover subjects like:
Energy, Reiki, Healing, Chakras, Shadow, Boundaries, and about 20 more.

You can access it here:

Hoping to spend an afternoon or evening with you in this way 😉,

Ever get all tangled up when you’re trying to explain “energy” or “reiki” to someone? Get all tangled up in the concepts? … and if you’re honest, you don’t even totally know how to explain these concepts to yourself in a way that satisfies you and it ramps up the doubt in a way that feels slightly shameful?

I totally hear you. There’s a lot of fuzzy thinking in the world of energy healing and our logical minds can be tempted to throw it all out because “the magic” we see doesn’t always make sense.

Every once in a while, I create something I’m really proud of.
The Back to Basics series is one of them.

In this series of 5-10min videos, I invite your left brain to relax by giving it the concepts it needs. I cover subjects like:
Energy, Reiki, Healing, Chakras, Shadow, Boundaries, and about 20 more.

You can access it here:

Hoping to spend an afternoon or evening with you in this way 😉,


Inge's Healing Revolution

Fully Booked for new clients until April 1. I'm happy to refer you to other wonderful Reiki practitioners in the Montreal area.

I will be focusing entirely on my group programs: Reiki II, Energy Healing Toolkit & Soft and True. Message me to inquire.

Inge's Healing Revolution Send a message to learn more.


With the challenges of lockdowns, I'm more grateful than ever that I get to connect with others in "Energy Space".

When I'm sending Reiki, I'm in energy space. When I'm guiding healing, I'm in energy space. It's different than being in the same room with someone, but it's beautiful in different ways. The laws of time and space are different. The realm of spirit is more accessible. Everything is fueled on the wings of love.

If you want to learn to work in energy space, I have two options for you this winter.

1) Reiki II - Unlock the keys to sending Reiki through space and time, charging your food, clearing spaces (and much much more)
2) Energy Healing Toolkit - Learn how to guide your clients to heal themselves at deeper levels by finetuning how you guide visualization, how you listen to the energy AND the words, and so much more.

The links for the programs are below AND the links for a definition of "energy space" and "reiki" are to be found as well!



You're invited to ALCHEMIZE 2020

2020 has been quite the year.
Do you feel ready to start 2021 with fresh energy? If not, I'm sure you're not alone. That's why I've created this online event - to review, alchemize and clear the year that just passed so that we can create a 2021 that feels fresh and exciting.

Join the event here: The Healing Revolution Community
Or join the newsletter here:


20% off select programs until Dec 23.

A rare event is occurring right now...
Reiki II, Chakra Journey & Energy Healing Toolkit are all offered as group programs this winter and they're on SALE!
Links in comments!


Empaths - Back to Basics of Energy Healing

Next week something very exciting is happening in The Healing Revolution Community. I'll be sharing 1 "back to basics of energy healing" video per day for 10 days. I'll be there LIVE to help you apply the material and to answer any questions you have.

If you're a big-hearted sensitive soul who feels called to HEALING in some way, but your brain is getting in the way... this is for you.

Here's a sneak peak of the level of content coming your way.
In this video, we go into:
- What are empaths?
- How energy healing can be an enormous ally for empaths.

Let me know: did this resonate? Do you have friends who could benefit?
Invite them to the group!

See you in there,


When I started my energy healing journey 10 years ago, I struggled massively.

I was curious, open, there to heal, ... I was having breakthroughs and epiphanies and healing happen, but my MIND?

My beautiful, wonderful, science-trained mind? My mind that is built for the pursuit of understanding?
❌ It was having none of it. ❌

It slowed me down. It doubted. It fought. It frowned. It threw tantrums, it wailed "This doesn't make sense" a whole lot.

Even if intuitively everything made sense and was leading to breakthroughs, my mind still asked questions like:

🤔"Okay, so everything is energy. How does that help me heal?"
🤯"You mean my sensations, emotions and thoughts all go together in a specific way through chakras? Why doesn't anyone know about this?"
🧐"I don't understand how healing isn't about fixing..."

For years I was irritated at my mind for asking these questions. Intuitively I understood and it was enough for me.

But with time... my mind started catching up with my intuition and my mind has become a GREAT ally for me.

I want that for you too.
That's why I've taken the time to create over a dozen 5-15min videos that take you BACK TO BASICS of energy healing... so that your MIND can get relaxed because things make sense and can get on board.

They'll be coming out in the next little while.

Be the first to get access by joining The Healing Revolution Community where I'll be holding a two-week long back to basics extravaganza. ❤

See you there!



Here's a little secret... Concrete manifestation is connected to your root chakra.

Yes, getting clear on what you want and visualizing are important. But stop there? Your life is spent wanting and visualizing and NOT living the dream.

What does it take to REALLY manifest? And what do your chakras have to do with it?

Find out clicking play on this video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.

You will find out what role each of the chakras plays in your manifestation process and how they can block or enable your process every step of the way.


Pleasure and pain.

There's a tension in between that challenges us to stay present and become masters of our emotions and creative energy.

All of that? Coded in your sacral chakra.
As our energy center for emotion, creativity, sexuality and desire, it's powerful to have access to its full energy & to learn to be guided by it.

The same is true for EACH of your chakras. Want to learn how your chakras affect your manifestation process?

Watch my video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.


Finding, getting to know and creating a life with someone is a major manifestation.

Having trouble attracting someone?
Getting impossibly nervous when they say "I love you" for the first time?
Backing out right when it's time to commit?
Getting into fight after fight as you merge your lives and manage a household together?

Underlying these patterns is YOU and your ENERGY.
Specifically, there are blocks in your chakras that cause these things to occur.

Balance them and you have a smoother time of it everywhere in your life.

If you want to take the next step and see how your Chakras affect your manifestation process, watch my video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.


Tinder: on.
Friends: on the lookout.
Dates: planned.
Your heart? 😑

When it comes to attracting the love you really want (the big love, healthy love, partnership for life love) your heart chakra needs to be ready.
... but strangely, it's not the only chakra that matters.

Want to know how all your chakras affect your process for manifesting LOVE?

Watch my video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.


It's like a bolt of lightning. The inspiration hits and your whole body lights up. You're energized, amazed, and excited.

... but then "reality" sets in, with its dense vibration and its naysayers and you wonder: "how am I ever going to turn this into a reality"?

Maybe you don't and let it be a fantasy. Maybe you nurse it internally, but keep it a secret. Maybe you grow overwhelmed because here is YET another amazing idea you feel you'll need to work really hard to manifest.

Now, every hit of inspiration isn't meant to become manifested through you, but what I CAN say for sure is that for what IS meant to be manifested by you:

👉The manifestation of the inspiration is going to blocked in the exact same places where your chakras are blocked.👈

Want to learn more about how unblocking your chakras will help unblock your manifestation? Watch my video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.


Imagine walking here, for a second.
The scent of the flowers...
The wild, incredible colour of the sky...
The sound of the wind...

Visualizing what you want is a major tool for manifestation. Many people find this easy. But the next step? Turning the thoughts into real life? That's a bit harder for a lot of us. How come?

It has to do with your other chakras. They all need to be on board.

If you want to learn more about how Chakras affect your manifestation process, watch my video on Attraction, manifestation and chakras.


Inge's Healing Revolution


Life is constantly inviting us to shed our illusions and become who we truly are. Let me reintroduce myself with my latest bio:

Inge Broer is an Energy healer & Spiritual teacher whose aim is to bring others to mastery of their mind, emotions, and energy so that they can become EXACTLY who they came here to be + manifest the money, love & health they want in the process.

She has spent the last 14 years seriously studying both the science of people and happiness (she holds a Masters in neuropsychology) and the sacred art of healing and she has worked with more than 1000 Clients one-on-one.

Over this same time, she has applied the art and science of manifestation to her own life, leading to incredible manifestations such as: finding and marrying the love of her life, moving into her dream home , spending 2 months a year away from the cold Canadian winters, financial abundance and a business she absolutely adores running.

I'm open for podcast interviews, guest blogging, and here to train the next generation of energy healers.


“I get to turn on that magic”
Karine is the kind of woman whose feet you want to sit at and simply receive life with. She bubbles with life, enthusiasm & wisdom. You somehow become better just being around her. The best thing about it? She KNOWS this about herself. She KNOWS her magic. Even better - she KNOWS how to turn it on. It’s not performative. It simply is who she is.
She turns on that magic and the synchronicities happen, the compliments pour in left and right, new revenue streams open up, her partner and her are in sync, she takes her time, life is sweet, …
So – the thing we all want to know – HOW does she turn on that magic?
She answered: “I can’t put words on all that we’ve done, but I’m doing it. The training has been internalized. That’s how I turn on the magic”. She knows she doesn’t really need to know with words, because she knows in her soul. “I healed my soul and that makes me ready to embrace all the rest”.
You can leave the HOW to me – it’s the 9 weeks of Soft & True – but pay close attention to Karine for a model for “What’s possible”, because here’s what she’s created with her massive work this summer. (Karine is a total badass by the way. She didn’t shy away from the work. She did Soft & True, was a full participant there, also did a manifesting course with Eckhart Tolle AND significantly changed her diet).
- I know who I am and I don’t care what people think of me
- The doubt I always lived with is GONE.
- When I catch myself buying into a shadow or illusion, I stop myself right away.
- I own up to it when I make mistakes.
- I no longer spend my life feeling guilty.
- I’m the one participating in groups now (I hated this before).
You too get to “turn on that magic”. YOUR magic. YOUR version of this list.
…and if you have the same kind of evidence Karine had – 5 sessions with me and her life changed drastically (after years working with psychologists) and you know “there’s something magical about this lady (me lol)” – Take the leap into Soft & True. Even if, like Karine once did, you HATE speaking in groups 😉.
See you there?

The program:

To book a call with me to discuss if you're a good fit:

Inspired by Karine and want to know about the other participants of Soft & True? There are actual LIVE interviews with them in The Healing Revolution Community. Have a look!


Kathleen’s first thought when it came to investing in Soft & True was: “I can’t spend that money. I’m not even working.”
Yet – it was the EXACT right timing. Everything soft & true was about: living life aligned to who she is, getting more comfortable expressing herself, moving out of her fear of judgment… all of this had been on her mind. She knew not leaning into it, not addressing the walls she had put around her expression, feeling a prisoner of her job was “sort of a problem”.
So this magical badass invested. She took the leap and paid for it.
She got intentional and serious about what she wanted to move through in the program.
She put in the time and effort.
And she made bank on those investments.
Here’s what happened in the realm of money: “Not having the money is not at ALL an excuse anymore”.
She saw that paying for this program was actually easy. Money came in from all sorts of sources and she barely even noticed her payments. She didn’t even have a job at this time. How’s that for powerful?
At a deeper level, this means she’s now all in creating a life based on what she actually values. She knows she won’t ever have to feel like she has “no choice” about work. It’s never ever going to feel like a prison again and she is never ever selling her integrity for money again. That’s her decision and her standard and with the trust in the Universe (and herself) she’s developed she can stand in that without the shadow of a doubt.
Concretely, that looks like moving ahead with creating a Reiki practice and with teaching yoga to kids.
In the realm of her expression and healing she also nailed it. Her system had been invested in a certain neediness: needing recognition, needing validation.
She legit doesn’t care anymore. The neediness went away. She’s more grounded in herself when she’s with friends and messaging (no longer rewriting, rereading her messages forever!) and she’s bringing the energy of the neediness back to herself – into her heart center.
The walls she had put up around her expression crumbled and she became the person before the walls again. She’s having more fun. She feels lighter.
Now, if you’ve read until here it’s fair to say you resonate with her and you might just be on the fence about Soft & True. Here’s what she has to say to you about Soft & True:
“Take the leap and invest in yourself. If you feel like your expression is blocked, if you feel like it’s hard for you to really speak your mind in any way (especially to people you’re not that comfortable with, especially if you’re an introvert like me), then the group is the perfect space to test out your expression in a safe space and get more comfortable being yourself and expressing it within this container”.
…as for me? The happy facilitator of Soft & True, the one creating the space for miraculous, kind badass women like Kathleen to softly heal their way to finding their voice, to standing in their truth and making the world better for it? If you resonated with Kathleen, I would LOVE for you to join Soft & True because she was a serious dream to work with.
… but even more importantly? If you resonated with her, … you can WORK WITH HER.
Kathleen is now moving into starting to charge for her Reiki sessions ($50) and you can reach her at . [email protected] … and if you know of any kiddos ready for a soft & true yoga instructor, get in touch with her too.
Lots of love,

Our Story


It means the world to me that you're here.

I believe that every act of healing, no matter how small, contains within it the seeds of a revolution.

Healing allows us to undo the patterns of conditioning that keep us small and fearful. Healing allows us to make choices where we were previously shackled and stuck.
Healing allows us to transmute our pains into our greatest gifts.
...and above all...
Healing gives us the ability to choose love over fear.
When we all regain this capacity in all spheres of our lives, there's no saying what we'll create together. Make no mistake: This is a revolution.

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You're invited to ALCHEMIZE 2020
20% off select programs until Dec 23.
Empaths - Back to Basics of Energy Healing
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