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At Newmarket Psychotherapy Team, we are more than a group of clinicians sharing space. We are a collective of practitioners who strongly value collaboration to meet our clients' needs.

And it's why the word team lives in our name.

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COVID-19: It’s time to stop saying, ‘it’s our new normal’ – Newmarket Psychotherapy

READ: Our latest blog post from Newmarket Psychotherapy Team We continue to push through this global pandemic; an invisible enemy that is wreaking havoc on our physical and mental health, and intensifying the uncertainty and fear of what could lie ahead.

COVID-19: It’s time to stop saying, ‘it’s our new normal’ – Newmarket Psychotherapy

READ: Our latest blog post from Newmarket Psychotherapy Team We continue to push through this global pandemic; an invisible enemy that is wreaking havoc on our physical and mental health, and intensifying the uncertainty and fear of what could lie ahead. 

As we move into a new year, a whole new “what’s going to happen”, we need to take a minute and feel gratitude for going through a pandemic!

And adapting!

Is it hard? Yes!
Do we want this to continue? No!
Are we learning a lot? Most definitely!

The point is as we enter the season of holidays and festivities, we will definitely be disappointed and sad about not seeing our favorite people like we used to. All those work parties we loved dressing up for - probably not the same as before.

But we’re still able to celebrate, physically distanced, or virtually and at least we still get to do that.

Practicing gratitude should never end. And this season make it a regular practice.

Normal Human Emotions Part 2

We’re only human. Part 2

As a reminder from our last post:

The human experience has many levels, and many emotions. They are acceptable, they are expected, and they are okay.

We’re only human.

In addition ☝️ Covid hasn't been easy and you are doing FANTASTIC! Give yourself a break and dance these emotions out.

We know, changes can be really difficult. They can throw us right outside of our comfort zone and shake up our world.

We encourage you to see change or transition as a time to embody your self-compassion and let the change reveal what’s most important to you!

Normal Human Emotions Part 1

We’re only human.

The human experience has many levels. We are calculating, intelligent, and patient.

We are also sporadic, excitable, and messy creatures.

These characteristics are not “bad” as mainstream society likes to tell us.

They are acceptable, they are expected, and they are okay.

We’re only human.

One of the ways of growing our self-love is to increase our self-care.
If you are wondering what to do for yourself, think back to your younger self. What did you enjoy doing?

Rekindle your childlike wonder. Write a list of some of those things and then try a few. Have fun!

Change is difficult. Transitions are rough.

BUT, sometimes, there can be a silver lining in an otherwise cloudy time.

Here are some ways that living in the new normal have impacted our team - positively!

We hope to help you recognize the positives in your new normal as well.

What's something positive YOU have experienced?? We'd love to know below! 🥰

We might sometimes say something like this to ourselves. “There isn’t anything good about me.”

While we are saying it, we might even have the feeling that we have heard these words before, not from ourselves but from someone else.

A key step in finding self-love is lowering OTHER people’s expectations of us. We do not need to live up to the standards or vision someone else has for us.

We get to decide who we will be, what we will do and how we will live.

When we are in a space to make these decisions, we can find a life that we love and begin to express that love back to ourselves.

An important part of taking care of your mental health is being able to care for yourself.

Self-care can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s glamorous (bubble baths, reading at the spa, etc), and other times it’s practical (create a budget, meal planning, etc).

Here are some of the ways our team likes to take care of themselves - we hope it will inspire you to take some time for yourself this week!

Have you ever gotten ready to take a selfie and took a closer look at the face staring back at you? You might say something like, “Wow! My nose looks funny and my teeth are so yellow.” That feeling of hating the way you look starts to rise.

It’s tempting to swipe through the filters until you find the one that makes you look flawless.

When we overly compare ourselves to the unreal image of a filter, it can eventually lead to depressive symptoms and low self-esteem.

Our self-love plays such an important role here. Our conscious and intentional decision to hold on to the idea that we come from and live in a place of love will help us to retain a positive self-esteem.

We are worthy of love, attention and affection just because we are, not because of the way we look.

Self care is NEEDED for our happiness.

It is merely anything we do to make ourselves feel good, to improve our mood, and to relax.

@psychcentralcom reminds us that self-care is knowing what we need to do for ourselves in order to be able to take care of the needs of others.

So it may be spas and facials, BUT it could also be 15 minutes of breathwork, laughing until our sides hurt or taking a walk in the park.

What do you do to improve your mood or reduce your anxiety? 🦋

In the last 6 months, we have seen our world turn upside down. Yet, this doesn’t mean that we have lost all control.

One of the healthiest ways to regain a sense of personal control is to let go of expectations, especially unrealistic expectations which don’t serve us.

We can decide which information we will let into our lives and hearts and let go of the expectation to keep updated on every last detail of COVID.

We can decide to rest when we feel overwhelmed and let go of the expectation to always keep pushing through.

We can decide to change behaviors that don’t fit this season of our lives and let go of the “but I have always done this” expectation.

This is self-care.

People sometimes use the terms “self-love” and “self-care” interchangeably. But let’s think of this a little differently.

Self-love is how we feel about ourselves. Dara Poznar @embracethemud says it like this, “To begin loving yourself, you must begin to remember who you are and come into total self-acceptance of yourself.”

Self-care is how we show what we feel about ourselves. Because I love myself, I might start going to bed 30 minutes earlier every evening, so I can wake up feeling more at my best.

The more we love ourselves, the better care we will take of ourselves.

Would you say you take care of yourself as well as you take care of a good friend? Or do you seem to be the last one on the list who gets attention and care?

There are seasons in our lives when this may be our reality. Sometimes, responsibilities do rest solely on our shoulders. Perhaps, you are the caretaker of your aging parents or you are a single mother of two.

In these moments, it is even more important - although it may seem impossible - to take care of yourself.

What does taking care of yourself look like? Maybe it is no more than healthy meals, exercise, sleep, relaxation/meditation, spending time with friends and family. Whatever it is, it will contribute to your positive mental health.

Our team created a list of some fun ideas you can do with your Covid Circle 🦋

Have a fun and safe! 👻🎃

When gratitude isn’t practiced it can lead to a scarcity mindset.

If we don’t focus on what we do have, we will never have enough.

When we think we don’t have enough – love, money, friends, fortune, success, etc. – our mental health can start to deteriorate.

Gratitude helps switch the gears.

At Newmarket Psychotherapy Team, it is our honour to be able to support you through your journey of healing or self discovery, a challenging time, or with the tools and resources you need.🦋

🦋 Patience

🦋 Wisdom

🦋 Humility

Practice gratitude to help amplify the above.

Practicing gratitude requires an active commitment to an attitude of thankfulness. It’s not an emotional state that’s achieved overnight, over a month, or even over a year.

However, when you get to the point of embodying gratitude in your everyday life, it can have benefits to your mental health and well-being. 🦋✨

At certain points in our lives we may yearn for a “compass” to guide us.

Uncertainty may leave us with feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression, or anger.

Occasionally, we are forced to make decisions or live with unanticipated circumstances due to external/internal/relational factors outside of our control.

Contrary to the filters available, not one of us lives the perfect life. A perfect life would be the very opposite of what it is to be human; perfectly imperfect.

Not all days are sunny days. Sometimes, it does rain – and pours.

When those days appear, how do you support yourself through it?

We asked our team what favourite mantras they turn to for the difficult days … we hope one of these resonates for you as well!

We recently read an article on (link below) which talks about the reasons to start talk therapy.

In it, Marian Margulies, PhD, a psychologist in New York City and candidate in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Psychoanalytic
Education at the NYU Medical Center states:

🦋 “If you’re not getting to the cause of the pain, you’re essentially chained to the past. Psychotherapy gets to the root.”

Link to article:

We have been talking about the benefits of gratitude and thankfulness, and we simultaneously recognize that developing a gratitude practice can be challenging.

Sometimes, there are obstacles and you may be unsure where to begin on your journey of gratitude. Here are 3 ideas that may spark something in you:

🦋 If you find yourself smiling, take a moment to pause and soak it in
🦋 Journal about a time when you felt happy
🦋 Spend time with someone who you feel safe with

From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️🦋❤️

Things are different in 2020.

As the holidays approach, we know celebrations may also look and feel unfamiliar and change can sometimes bring up uncomfortable feelings.

Here’s how Thanksgiving 2020 will look for us as a reminder that you are not alone in this time of profound transformation.

Have you thought that if you’re grateful you may simply live the status quo, lack motivation, or may give up on trying anything at all?

These are commonly held beliefs that call into question the impact of gratitude in a person’s life.

Yet on the contrary, it’s been found that gratitude propels purpose and the strive to do more!

How will you show gratitude today?

Save for later 🦋

Dopamine and serotonin are two neurotransmitters (or messengers) that affect mood, memory, sleep, appetite, pleasure, and more.

Here are some strategies to optimize these two messengers in your body.

Living in a state of gratitude is a proven method to improve your mood!

A simple gratitude practice can include taking a moment out of your day to acknowledge what you’re thankful for.

“What are you thankful for today?”

Share with us in the comments below!

As we are heading into October 🤯 and the weather is all wonky, we thought we’d ask the team, “Would you rather it be hot all the time or cold all the time?”

What would you rather? Comment below to let us know! 🦋

Did you know that the act of meditation doesn't mean sitting still, trying NOT to think. That's IMPOSSIBLE. The goal is to calm that inner chatter so you can reflect; contemplate.

You can practice this while doing the dishes, while you're out on a walk, or on your way to the grocery store. Practice calming your mind & look inward.

What do YOU need today? Be kind to yourself. You are already enough.

Everything you need, your courage, strength, compassion and love; EVERYTHING you need is already inside of you.

It’s one of our favourite times of the month, the time to get to know our team!

This week, we asked the team, “Would you rather not be able to stop dancing or not stop singing?”

What would you rather? Comment below to let us know! 🦋

September is Suicide Awareness Month.

💙 You're not in this alone

Whatever you need, we're here for you 🦋

Canada Suicide Prevention:

833-456-4566 Lines open 24/7

SMS: 45645 Text 4pm-12am

More resources on our site.

This is not how mental illness works - or how experiencing a traumatic event works. People who experience depression, anxiety, and trauma can not just forget about the emotions they are feeling.

Depending on who you are, what you’ve experienced and the chemical makeup of your brain, you may benefit from talk therapy, prescribed medication, EMDR, or all of the above. Everyone is unique and therefore their healing journey will be unique as well.

Our Mission

At Newmarket Psychotherapy Team, we are more than a group of clinicians sharing space. We are a collective of practitioners who strongly value collaboration in order to meet our clients’ needs. And it’s why the word team lives in our name.

Since the outset, the vision has been to establish a group of mental health professionals who together share the same passion and integrity for their psychotherapeutic work and who are committed to helping you find peace in your journey.

We strive toward this goal by providing a safe and accepting environment for everyone. We would be honoured to hear from you and to help support you.

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