Alex Barton Athletic Therapy

Alex Barton is a Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) and an Emergency First Responder. Providing treatment for acute and Chronic muscoskeletal injuries.

Alex Barton graduated from Sheridan College with a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Athletic Therapy and is an Emergency First Responder. She is a member of CATA and OATA. She Provides treatment for acute and chronic injuries to muscles, bones and joints as well as On-field emergency care.

Operating as usual

Happy Canada Day eh!

Did you know that all ATs need to have there first responder? We also have to re-certify every 3 years!
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#throwbacktuesday from 2015-2019 I Worked with Stayner Siskins Junior C Hockey Page I remember my first day when no one would speak to me... That soon changed and I became team Mom and a member of the family ❤️. My Athletic Therapy duties went beyond taping ankles and stretching hip flexors. Now I was fixing dress coats and providing baby powder for sweaty hands. I learned how to fix a helmet on the fly, how to change a skate blade and how to make a mean Gatorade! In 2018 these boys went 40-2 in the regular season and won the Carruthers Division Championship! Unfortunately we lost against the Lakefield Chiefs in game 7 of the semifinals, but what an outstanding season!! #athletictherapylife #athletictherapy #at4all #ATProud #natm2020 #whateveryourfinishline #hockey #hockeylife

Back in the summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to volunteer as part of the medical staff. I got picked to work one of the most dangerous events - Cross country (equestrian). I remember when I went for my training I was the only one to raise my hand. Luckily nothing serious happened! I also had the opportunity to work dressage. I then worked swimming at the Para Pan Games. Needless to say I got some experience working sports I never had the chance to cover! #panamgames2015 #parapanamgames2015 #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline #natm2020 #athletictherapylife #at4all

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"Gut Feelings"
Feat. Alex Barton-R.Kin, CAT(C)⁣

During a rugby game I saw a player drop to the field . When I arrived he was out cold and I remember thinking "oh my god, this is the first time I'm gonna have to call the ambulance." After a few minutes his eyes flew open and he told me he was thirsty and then he jumped up and stumbled around like he had drank 2 cases of beer, so I made the call and pulled him as I thought for sure he had a concussion. ⁣

Now in rugby once you pull a player they cannot go back in. So I brought him to the sideline and started my concussion assessment and nothing other then the Initial signs were positive and only being in my 2nd year I doubted if I made the right call.
I went and spoke with his dad, who I told he should go see a doctor to get him checked out. He screamed at me and told me he was fine. He said he would not be taking him to the hospital and that I needed to get him back in the game. ⁣

So I went and spoke with the ref, and the ref told me I made the right call.⁣

The following day, that same player came up to me and said " I wanted to thank you for saving my life." I looked at him a little shocked and asked him what he meant.⁣

He explained that he had fractured his occipital bone in 6 places and was going to need plastic surgery and was glad I pulled him.⁣

A week later I recieved an email from his father apologizing to me.⁣

So trust your instincts.⁣

#waybackwednesdays I have worked with both CCI's rugby teams since 2015. Last year 2019 the Jr. Boys won the championship 👏🎉🎉! #CCI #ccirugby #athletictherapylife #athletictherapy #atlife #at4all #ATProud #whateveryourfinishline #rugby

#waybackwednesdays I have had the pleasure of working with CCI since 2013 and this season (2019) both the Sr's. & Jr's. went to the finals and the Jr's won against Bear Creek!! #CCI #ccifootball #football #athletictherapy #athletictherapylife #at4all #ATProud

#throwbacktuesday to one of the coldest days that I have worked football here I am wearing two coats and a vest probably at least 4 layers under that maybe more lol... And if you look closely I only have one glove 😂 #atlife #athletictherapy

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

#flashbackfriday to the @uofguelph athletic banquet. At the University of Guelph I had the opportunity to work with alot of different athletes from track ,cross country running and skiing, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, volleyball, figure skating, rowing, football, rugby, soccer, wrestling and hockey ⚽⚾⛸️🏀🏈🏉🏐🏒🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️⛹️⛹️‍♀️ #athletictherapylife #athletictherapy #at4all #ATProud #universityofguelph

#throwbackthursday inspired by #nationalathletictherapymonth and @canadianjacks
Taking it back to 2008-2010 my first placement was at Bishop Reading Catholic school. Here I had the opportunity to work with the football team, volleyball, basketball and rugby teams. I also had the opportunity to learn from @rogueruns she taught me all the tips and tricks of the trade and where I earned my nickname "Mini me". This placement literally taught me that injuries are not textbook! I then went to work with the Burlington Stampeders rep football league over the next two summers where I had the opportunity to work with some CFL Legends and have never taped so much in my life in so little time! And I got to work with @s_mac77 and @michellecbeatty 😁. Then in my third year my placement was at the University of Waterloo. Here I worked with the Men's rugby team and Women's hockey team. I learned how to put a tampon in a broken/bloody nose(unfortunately I could not find the photo) but forgot to cut the string 🙈 and I learned that rain boots are essential gear! #athletictherapylife #athletictherapy #natm2020 #ATProud #at4all

Daily Exercise: bridge.
This a great all in one exercise! It works the glutes, core and hamstrings! Start by lying on your back and set your core first. If this is not done, this is normally where people experience low back pain with this exercise. To set your core you want to try and flatten the space between the arch of your back and the floor and draw your belly button towards the spine. Next step bring your heels towards your bum, squeeze your glutes ( your bum) and then lift your hips off the ground. You want to make sure your legs are only hip width apart. This is where the resistance band can help to give you some feedback if your legs are too wide or too narrow. When you are first learning this exercise I would suggest holding the bridge for 5-10 secs and doing 10 repetitions. As you progress you can do 3 sets of 10 or 15.
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Got to try out some new #rocktape techniques on my husband. Unfortunately ☹️ because he hurt his back. In this photo there are two stabilizer strips ( not actually stabilizing, that's just what they are called) and one decompression strip over the main area of pain.
#rocktapecanada #kinesiotaping #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Exercise: Clamshells.
This is a great exercise for your gluteus medius this muscle helps to stabilize your hips. Start by side lying with your knees slightly bent and stack your hips like pancakes🥞,(I like to place my hand on my hip so I know they aren't rolling back) keep your heels together and open your leg like a clamshell! Do 3 sets x 15 reps. Add a resistance band to make this exercise more challenging! #dailyexercise #athletictherapy #at4all #whateveryourfinishline

This weekend I had the opportunity to take another awesome course from @rocktapecanada and learn some new taping techniques! #alwayslearning #rocktapecanada #athletictherapy #athletictherapylife #whateveryourfinishline

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Certified Athletic Therapists Keep You Doing What You Love

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This is the question isn’t it. What do Certified Athletic Therapists do? The short answer is “a lot”
Swipe for the long answer. #athletictherapy #ATProud #cata #natm2020 #nationalathletictherapymonth #whateveryourfinishline #at4all

#waybackwednesdays to when I had the wonderful opportunity to go to England with @uniofguelph soccer team in 2013! Coach Keith wanted us to see where he was from! I'll never forget Coach Keith with his great pep talks before games; "What is a badger? A badger is a rodent! What is a Gryphon a Gryphon is a lion 🦁 and an eagle 🦅 and Gryphons eat rodents!!!" ( Sorry to any Brock Badger fans) #athletictherapylife #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline #natm2020 #ATProud #at4all #soccer #varsitysoccer #menssoccer

Some more from England! During our trip the boys had the opportunity to play some English teams! I have never been more jetlagged in my life! Hence why in all the photos I am yawning... Not in enough coffee in the world! #athletictherapy #atlife #soccer #natm2020 #whateveryourfinishline

Another throwback to working rugby @uniofguelph. This women's team taught me how tough and crazy rugby players are. They never want to stop playing, now matter how bad the injury is! #womensrugby #rugby #athletictherapy #athletictherapylife #whateveryourfinishline #natm2020

Daily exercise: Single leg balance. This exercise is so important for working on proprioception. Proprioception is the joint's ability to know where it is in space. This exercise also works on strengthening those small stabilizer muscles and obviously helps with balance! Simply stand on one foot and see how long you can do so and then switch feet. To increase the challenge try closing your eyes! #dailyexercise #balance #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Stretch: downward dog!
This is a great stretch for your posterior chain, even your dog 🐕 does it 😜. Your posterior chain consists of: erector spinae, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Start this stretch on your hands and knees, then push your legs back and try to straighten them and lower your heels to the ground. You want to try and make the letter 'A' with your body. Try to push your sacrum or tailbone to the sky. If you can't quite get your heels to the ground that's ok, you can try "walking the dog" bend one knee and try and drop the opposite heel, then switch! You can hold this for up to a min and repeat! #dailystretch #stretch #downwarddog #yoga #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily exercise: scap setting.
This exercise is for you if a. You need to work on your posture b. You have suffered a shoulder injury.
Start by rolling the shoulders down and back, so the scapulae are depressed. A common mistake is using you upper fibre traps instead of your middle fibre traps and rhomboids. Next step is to squeeze your shoulder blades together ( scapulae). I like to visualize squeezing something very thin or small like a piece of paper because again the goal is to not active your upper fibre traps. To add a challenge externally rotate the arms out.. like you are opening window shutters and then add some resistance band! #dailyexercise #scapsetting #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Stretch: Pecs.
This stretch can be done in any door frame or even in a corner. Place hands on either side of frame and step through. Hold for 30 sec x 3.
A common mistake is placing hands too high, you want to make sure your shoulders are at 90 degrees. This is a great stretch for everyone, especially if you have been sitting at your computer for long hours and slumping forward. #dailystretch #pecstretch #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Stretch: hip flexors!
Drop your knee in a lunge position push the hip you are kneeling on forward and tuck your bum in hold for 30 sec x 3 on each side. Swipe left ⬅️ to increase the stretch by adding in the arms and a small back extension! #dailystretch #stretch #hipflexorstretch #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily exercise: The Bird Dog. This is a great core exercise focusing on the transverse abdominis muscle or corset muscle. It lies underneath the abdominals and wraps around the back like a corset! Start on all fours and pull your belly button towards your spine, extend your opposite arm and leg. You want your hips to be level. Here are a few tips: if this is the first time doing this exercise try doing it in front of a mirror so you can see if your hips tip up or down. Try balancing a hockey stick or broom stick over your hips or pretend you have a glass of water on your low back and you can't spill it! #dailyexercise #athletictherapy #birddog #whateveryourfinishline

Had a great weekend of learning with @rocktapecanada ! Learned about cupping and flossing! If you have any questions send me a DM or comment below ⬇️. I can't wait to add these to my treatments, when we are allowed to go back! #rocktapecanada #rocktape #rockpods #rockfloss #athletictherapy #moretoolsinthetoolbox #whateveryourfinishline #alwayslearning

Daily Stretch: upper fibre traps and levator scapula!

UFT: Sit on opposite hand and gently pull head to opposite shoulder. Hold for 20sec x4 each side.( I don't like to hold my neck stretches as long)

LS or the armpit stretch: start the same way and gently pull head to the side and down like you were going to sniff your armpit ( you don't actually have to sniff your armpit, but you can, just to check 😜) hold for 20 sec x4 or 30 sec x 3 your choice!

#dailystretch #stretch #upperfibretraps #levatorscapula #athleticytherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Stretch: figure 4 - Glute stretch. Cross leg over your other leg and pull leg into chest. If you are unable to reach your leg you can use a towel or strap as shown in the picture. Hold for 30 sec x 3 each side. #dailystretch #stretch #athletictherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Daily Stretch: pigeon pose. This is a great piriformis stretch and hip opener. Bring your leg out in front of you and stretch your opposite leg behind you. Try to sit in the middle of your hips not to one side. You can sit up with both hands on either side ( as shown in the picture) or walk your hands out in front of you, whatever feels more comfortable. Hold for 30 sec each side X3 or 1 min each side and repeat. #dailystretch #athletictherapy #stretch #pigeonpose #yoga #whateveryourfinishline

Daily stretch: Cat 🐈/ Camel 🐫. This is a two in one stretch, it''s great for working on your throacic mobility and your lumbosacral mobility! For the Cat part of the stretch round your back like an angry hissing cat! Tuck your bum in and drop your head. Hold for 15 sec. For the Camel part of the stretch arch your back, lift your head up and stick your butt out ( two humps like a camel 😁) hold for 15 secs. Alternate between the two stretches four times! #dailystretch #athleticytherapy #stretch #yoga

Daily stretch: knee to chest. This is a great gentle stretch for the lumbar spine. Simply bring your knees to your chest, you can either place your hands over your knees or underneath, whatever is more comfortable. Hold for 30 sec x 3 or up to a minute and repeat. This stretch can also be done with just one knee. #dailystretch #yoga #athleticytherapy #whateveryourfinishline

Thinking of you...

Happy Mother's Day to every Mama out there! Step Mom, Dog mom or Mama to be!

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