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We're LIVE! Join us now with physiotherapist Alex Gurba of Gemini Health Group.
Don't miss this week's webinar!

Alex Gurba of Gemini Health Group Alex is here to talk about pain, pain management, and ergonomics as it exists in a remote world - important savvy as we continue to maintain as much distance as possible!

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We're very excited for this upcoming webinar with Alex Gurba of Gemini Health Group! Alex is a physiotherapist here to share his expertise so you can stay healthy and pain-free in a remote world.

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RHBOT Wednesday Wellness Minute comes to us from Gemini Health Group!

Here is a great core staple to add to your routine!

Gemini Health Group is now open. Please visit their page for the latest information on booking and Covid-19 precautions.
It's Wednesday again! Welcome to another RHBOT Wednesday Wellness Minute! Here's a quick video from Gemini Health Group to get you moving while you take a little coffee break!!
We want to thank our guest, Alex Gerba from Gemini Health Group for our live call yesterday centered around desk posture for a home office setup!

Missed the call? You can check out his fantastic video here!

He also briefly mentioned help with a lumbar support. Please contact him directly for additional assistance!
[email protected]
Thank you, Alex and Tara Gemini Health Group for the review 😊
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Alex, My Best Wishes and Congratulations to you and Tara on this amazing venture you have embarked on. May your business grow and bring you prosperity. I wish you both the Best of Luck, and pray that the sun always shine on the business and lead you to extraordinary success.
Dear Alex and Tara and company, I'd like to take this moment to wish you a successful beginning and future. To those unfamiliar with Alex and Tara they're awesome people with our very best of health at hand. For what ever ails you from those aches and pain I know Alex and staff will get you back on your feet and feeling great don't believe me np check them out you may even thank me Dave Robinson a happy client !😀😀😀

We are a physiotherapy and wellness clinic that aims to help individuals improve their health and pe

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 11/05/2021

Offering physiotherapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, dietitian services (dietetics) in Oak Ridges.


This holiday season Gemini Health Group will be participating in the Holiday Heroes Campaign with the York Regional Police to help families in need in our community. From November 5th to December 15th we will be collecting new unwrapped donations in high demand such as baby food, blankets, diapers, wipes, formula, toys, books, warm clothing and gift cards for babies, children and tweens/teens in need this holiday season.

Even if you have never been to the clinic before but you would like to make a donation, please feel free to come in and help the cause!

Thank you in advance to all!



We are so excited to welcome Haley to our team!
This is Haley's first week with us and she is already fully booked!

Haley's specialties are deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, cupping therapy, and pre and post natal massage. She also helps patients with pain stemming from sports injuries, repetitive strain, poor posture and stress.

Haley is available Monday, Wednesday (as of November 10th), and Friday 12PM - 7PM and Saturdays 9AM - 2PM.

Please contact us through e-mail or phone to save your spot, or visit our website to book for yourselves!

Photos from Gemini Health Group's post 10/20/2021

A little late but...

On September 16th, Gemini Health Group celebrated our 2 year anniversary of opening with our dedicated team and patients. This was more of a celebration of our patients for sticking with us and trusting our team throughout a pandemic, and finding a way to keep everyone working toward their health goals in a safe way. No better way to say congratulations to a hard working team and our many incredible patients like delicious cupcakes from Ginger's Cupcakes & Desserts in Aurora!

Looking forward to another great year at Gemini Health Group!

Check out our website at to see what we can do for you!

Timeline photos 10/22/2020

Presenting Gemini Health Group's Gem of the Week! 🙌

Having ankle pain 🦶 or recovering from an ankle sprain? Don't schedule time 🕞 to do balance training, fit it into your daily routine!

It's as easy as practicing balancing on one foot while doing common tasks such as brushing your teeth 🦷 or doing the dishes 🍽 .


Dear Gemini Friends and Family,

As most of you are aware, gyms and fitness centers in York Region are closing for 28 days starting Monday, October 19th, 2020.

Our popular physiotherapy Injury Prevention Program will continue running out of the Anytime Fitness next door. This means that patients coming in for their scheduled physiotherapy Injury Prevention appointments will have the entire 5000 sq ft facility dedicated to their sessions with no regular members allowed inside. Get the professional athlete / VIP experience.

We continue to operate with the utmost attention to keeping every one of our patients safe and healthy. We take this extremely seriously and continue to ask that you do too!

We ask that you please reschedule your appointment if you:

- experience any cold or flu symptoms (except for minor congestion)
- have come into close proximity of anyone diagnosed with Covid-19
- have travelled outside of the Province of Ontario in the last 2 weeks

Please bring your mask to every appointment and sanitize your hands upon entry both at the clinic and the gym.

We can only stay safe and healthy as well as continue to operate our business if everyone works together.

Thank you,

Your Gemini family


Having neck or shoulder pain while you're sleeping 😴 or when you wake up in the morning? ☀️


Here's our Therapist's Gem of the Week ... 🙌

Whether sleeping on your side or back, adjust the pillow so it rests on top of your shoulder(s). 👍

Timeline photos 09/16/2020

Gemini Health Group is excited and thankful to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of practicing good healthcare for our patients and community. Celebrating in a delicious way is always the best way!


Dont forget to join us TODAY at 3PM for a FREE ZOOM webinar, featuring Alex Gurba from Gemini Health Group!
He will be discussing workplace ergonomics, self management strategies for dealing with pain, when to seek help, and the financial impact of pain on employers and the economy.
Here is the link to join in at 3PM!

Gemini Health Group is excited to offer a free Zoom webinar featuring Alex Gurba, PT on Thursday August 20th from 3-4PM. He will be joining Gisela of Benchmark Benefit Solutions, and discuss office ergonomics and pain self-management. Please join us for this incredible opportunity to learn how you can help yourself!

Here's the link:


Gemini Health Group is excited to offer a free Zoom webinar featuring Alex Gurba, PT on Thursday August 20th from 3-4PM. He will be joining Gisela of Benchmark Benefit Solutions, and discuss office ergonomics and pain self-management. Please join us for this incredible opportunity to learn how you can help yourself!

Here's the link:


The Plank - One of the best core exercises out there.


Gemini Health Group Is Opening Its Doors Again...Safely

Gemini Health Group is extremely happy to announce that we have been cleared by the Ministry of Health to resume in-person physiotherapy and rehabilitation services when it can be done in a safe manner. We officially opened last week, and have set many strict new safety protocols in place.

We are very excited to get back to helping you feel your best but we are begging you to please not come in to the clinic if:

❌ You are experiencing any COVID-19 / cold and flu symptoms

❌ You have been in contact with anyone who is experiencing such symptoms

❌ You suspect for any reason that you might have COVID-19

We will be screening every patient the day before their appointment AS WELL AS at the clinic upon entering.

What we are doing and asking you to do to ensure everyone stays safe:

☑️Mandatory face masks for all staff / therapists and patients at all times

☑️We ask that patients bring in their own mask, if you do not have one we can provide you with one (supplies are limited)

☑️We have made a huge purchase of hand sanitizer - PLEASE DON’T BE SHY AND USE A BUNCH - OFTEN!

☑️Intense patient screening protocols

☑️Staff members will not be coming to work if they are experiencing any COVID-19 / cold and flu symptoms

☑️We are a low volume clinic and we will have no more than 2 people in the waiting room at the same time

☑️Enhanced cleaning and sanitization schedule

☑️Installed a protective shield at the front reception desk

☑️We ask you to please use the washroom at home/work prior to your appointment - you can still use our facilities of course but decreased use will reduce the risk of spread

☑️Reducing the use of cash - we will still accept cash, however Credit/Debit/Direct Billing is preferred

☑️We continue to provide virtual services as well in case you are not comfortable coming in for in-person sessions but require our services.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: MID MORNING MENTORS - VIRTUAL NETWORKING. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. 04/16/2020

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: MID MORNING MENTORS - VIRTUAL NETWORKING. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Want some free advice on how to ergonomically set up your work space? OF COURSE YOU DO! Join us tomorrow morning (April 16th) at 10AM for a FREE Zoom presentation by our very own Alex Gurba. This talk is organized by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. Make sure your work space is set up properly to avoid getting hurt on the job, no matter where that may be. Click the link below to register. See you in the morning.

Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: MID MORNING MENTORS - VIRTUAL NETWORKING. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting. Getting comfortable at home, strategies for setting up an ergonomic home based office. Join Alex Gurba Registered Physiotherapist & Clinic Owner from the Gemini Health Group, as we explore some of the best practices when it comes to setting up your home office.


Dear Gemini Friends and Family,

We continue to support our patients through Virtual Physiotherapy services and are now proud to present our new program - Virtual Ergonomic Assessments of your home office/wherever you're working from + 40% off our incredible Gemini Lumbar Cushion when booking a Virtual Ergonomic Assessment.

At Gemini Health Group, our registered physiotherapists are trained to perform the most comprehensive virtual ergonomic assessments for individuals working out of absolutely anywhere. Our years of experience treating the injuries caused by poor ergonomics make us the perfect specialists to resolve the problems before they arise.

Our Virtual Ergonomic Assessments are covered by all insurance health benefits plans under Physiotherapy because they are performed by registered physiotherapists.

No matter how well equipped your home office is, if you're lucky to be working from an office at all, it is likely not set up the way your workplace office is. I know my dining room definitely falls short of an ergonomic masterpiece.

This will inevitably lead to musculoskeletal disorders that will cause pain and dysfunction. These injuries are the number one type of lost-time work injury reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario according to the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Our Virtual Ergonomic Assessments, coupled with the Gemini Lumbar Cushion will help you stay healthy and keep your spine happy while you work from home.

Our Gemini Lumbar Cushion:

Designed and developed by registered physiotherapists who understand the spine

It is made with 100% PURE MEMORY FOAM - The memory foam is far superior to inflatable devices at contouring itself to your back and keeping you comfortable and supported

DUAL ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Unlike low quality cushions with one strap our double straps secure the cushion in the correct position and prevent it from sliding down

HYPOALLERGENIC, BREATHABLE 3D MESH COVER - Allows airflow through the cushion to keep your back cool and dry for the best experience

Our Gemini Lumbar Cushion is perfect for the office chair, dining room chair, car seat and even wheelchair

Book your Virtual Ergonomic Assessment for your home work-space for $85 (Can be billed directly to insurance if applicable) and get the Gemini Lumbar Cushion for only $26.55 + HST

Stay safe and healthy,

Your Gemini Family

Photos from Gemini Health Group's post 04/09/2020

Sitting a lot at home or at work? Tired of the nagging back and neck pain? Using a proper lumbar cushion will help support proper posture, reduce back muscle fatigue and take away that back and neck pain.


Gemini Health Group Extending its Closure Indefinitely -
Focusing on Virtual Physiotherapy Services and Home Office Ergonomics

Dear Gemini Friends and Family,

At this point it is unclear when it will be safe again to reopen our clinic and get back to providing the healthcare services we are known for. We are extending our closure indefinitely.

Gemini Health Group is proud to continue providing virtual physiotherapy services and home office ergonomic assessments via video conferencing.

Gemini Lumbar Cushions are an ergonomic must-have for anyone who works from home, spends a lot of time in front of a computer or commutes. These can be purchased for $50 with tax and local delivery included.

Please follow our home exercise, healthy lifestyle and injury prevention videos by subscribing to Gemini Health Group on YouTube and following us on our page.

Please continue to take care of your pain and your health throughout this difficult and unusual time. If you have any questions or inquiries, never hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Your Gemini Family.


Gemini Lumber Cushion - your back will thank you!

Physiotherapist Alex Gurba presents the Gemini Lumbar Cushion - the must-have addition to your back and neck health if you work from home, commute by car or spend lots of time in front of a computer.

The Squat - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba breaks down the key principles of a safe squat 04/01/2020

The Squat - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba breaks down the key principles of a safe squat

The Squat - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba breaks down the key principles of a safe squat.

The Squat - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba breaks down the key principles of a safe squat Physiotherapist Alex Gurba goes over the key features of a safe and healthy squat. Whether doing it to rehabilitate an injury or grow muscle, properly perfor...

Remote Physiotherapy through video/telehealth By Alex Gurba 03/27/2020

Remote Physiotherapy through video/telehealth By Alex Gurba

Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses the importance of continuing to manage your pain through video/remote physiotherapy in the age of social distancing.

Remote Physiotherapy through video/telehealth By Alex Gurba Physiotherapist Alex Gurba talks about the importance of continuing care and pain management in the time of social distancing. Not being able to go to a clin...

The Plank - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba provides basic instructions on the plank exercise 03/23/2020

The Plank - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba provides basic instructions on the plank exercise

Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses some principles of the plank. A great exercise to develop core strength without forward bending which could be challenging for individuals with low back pain or sciatica.

The Plank - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba provides basic instructions on the plank exercise An introduction to the Plank. Basic instructions and guidelines on how to do it and how much from Registered Physiotherapist Alex Gurba Gemini Health Group -...

Deadlift - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses the importance and mechanics of the Deadlift 03/21/2020

Deadlift - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses the importance and mechanics of the Deadlift

Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses the deadlift, an important exercise that many people avoid. Basic principles and mechanics of the deadlift

Deadlift - Physiotherapist Alex Gurba discusses the importance and mechanics of the Deadlift Physiotherapist Alex Gurba gives instructions and tips on the importance and mechanics of the deadlift exercise. Gemini Health Group - Physiotherapy in Richm...


An Optimistic View From Gemini Health Group.

These are unprecedented times. The global pandemic of COVID-19 is leading many businesses to close (including our Gemini Health Group clinic) in an attempt to stop the spread.

Many people are realizing that the quicker we all get on board with the self-isolating and the social distancing the quicker this whole thing will be under control and in our rearview mirror.

We are so uncomfortable being deprived of our normal lifestyle that we neglect to see that this could be a great opportunity for all of us. An opportunity to spend time with loved ones (I have been so fortunate to spend the last few days with my wife and toddler twins and look forward to more of it over the next couple of months).

This is an opportunity to focus on ourselves, our families and our homes. This is a chance to work on our health, our fitness, our bonds with our loved ones (even if its through video chatting) as well as less important but also rewarding things like cleaning or refreshing our homes and cars.

With all the negative going on around us, its important to remind ourselves that self isolation is not what it was back in the day. A person trying to avoid the bubonic plague in 1348 Florence had to face it without the incredible creature comforts that we all enjoy in isolation today, running water, heating, plumbing, electricity, internet, skype/WhatsApp, television and plenty of food available are just some easy ones that come to mind.

So lets all remind each other to stay positive despite the myriad reasons to be sad and upset like looking at the bank account balance (I know that feeling as a small business owner whose had to close his business temporarily).

I plan on spending plenty of time with my family, exercising, cleaning the house andnd when the time comes, I will get back to work. I hope everyone can find their own way to take advantage of these unprecedented circumstances.

Be well and stay safe and healthy.

-Alex Gurba


Help your posture while working from home!


Maintaining a healthy back during isolation.

Physiotherapist Alex Gurba talks about the sloppy pushup to reduce back pain while practicing social poor lighting, in the comfort and mess of his living room. Our clinic will be temporarily closed due to COVID-19, so you can expect some helpful videos on Facebook on a daily basis. If you have any topics in mind, let us know and Alex will gladly cover it! Stay safe and healthy!


Gemini Health Group Closing Until April 6th, 2020 Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Gemini friends and family,

At this time, based on recommendations from government authorities as well as physiotherapy regulatory organizations, we have made the difficult decision to shut down until April 6th, 2020. We believe that this is the best thing to do to help our community in the efforts of slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

We are offering video/remote sessions to anyone in need of guidance and support in dealing with pain or anyone who would like information on exercise, posture, ergonomics or banana zucchini muffin recipes.

Please check out our page and Instagram for updates, helpful tips and general entertainment.

Stay active, keep up with your exercises, and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns related to physiotherapy or chiropractic.

Thank you from your Gemini Health Group team, stay safe and healthy.


Remote Physio Through Skype/Whatsapp During COVID-19

Dear Gemini Friends and Family,

So many of our patients are going to be working from home, not going to school, or voluntarily using social distancing in the upcoming weeks during this COVID-19 pandemic.

At Gemini Health Group, we believe this time does not have to be spent in pain.

We are now offering remote sessions, performed securely and confidentially through skype or WhatsApp. These will be 20 minute sessions for $50 and can be booked online or by email ([email protected]) as always as well as billed directly to insurance if applicable.

The sessions will be performed by our registered physiotherapist Alex Gurba during his regular working hours of 8am-12pm and 2pm-6pm.

These sessions can focus on tackling pressing issues such as:

- Posture and ergonomics while working at a home office
- Stretching and strengthening routines
- Self-manipulate your back
- Perform self trigger point releasing for muscle pain relief
- Pain management through positions, movements, ice/heat
- Education on relieving pain caused by:
*Feeding or caring for your baby
*Sitting too long at the computer or television
*Repetitive strain from over-cleaning the house
because there is nothing else to do
*Neck pain from looking down at your phone all day
while getting updates on COVID-19
*Or any acute or chronic issue you may need help

We will also be delivering our patented backrest cushions for comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting at home at their regular price of $50 (HST included and we will not charge for delivery).

Lets face it, COVID-19 may shut things down around us and force us to stay home but it surely does not stop pain from bothering us. Gemini is here to help!

Thank you from your Gemini Health Group team, stay safe and healthy.

Photos from Gemini Health Group's post 03/05/2020


The tremendous progress that we have witnessed in the world of technology over the last several decades has revolutionized how people work. Throughout human history most people on earth paid the bills and fed their families by working physically in the fields, mines or factories. In the last 100 years jobs have transitioned into office buildings and have progressively become more and more sedentary. This shift has happened so quickly that the human anatomy has not had a chance to evolve or adapt to transition from standing for 12 hours per day to sitting for 12 hours per day.

As physiotherapists, we get bombarded with questions about posture and sitting positions on a regular basis (including at our kids’ birthday parties…not cool). This shows the dire need there is out there for widespread, scientifically sound education on the topic. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is designed that it is financially advantageous for healthcare providers to treat your pain rather than to teach you how to not have pain in the first place.

While catchy slogans like ‘sitting is the new smoking’ are bringing awareness to the topic, many of our patients are frustrated because they just simply can’t NOT sit at work. It is important to keep in mind that sitting should be limited as much as possible and every opportunity to stand up and move around throughout the day should be seized. But just like we shouldn’t expect the whole world to become vegan in the next 50 years, we should not expect people to stop sitting for a double-digit number of hours every day anytime soon.
This means that at least one of our priorities should be sitting comfortably in a way that would reduce strain and pain.

Over the years my views on posture have evolved. I originally preached to my patients the need for constant awareness and correction of slouching as frequently as possible. Although I believed that an ergonomic set up was important, I spent many treatment sessions with my patients strengthening postural muscles. I did that because I was taught to think that stronger postural muscles will allow my patients to resist slouching and hold their posture up longer, thereby avoiding the devastating disaster that is ‘bad posture’.
I was devastatingly wrong. It is impossible to hold yourself up in an erect position while sitting all day. It is a losing battle. When we try to hold ourselves up in good posture for multiple hours per day, we get back pain. Our postural muscles are not designed for the prolonged sitting we put them through. Instead, resting our backs on a supportive and comfortable back rest allows us to stay in a good position, maintain a mild backward curve in the low back (lumbar lordosis), rest our postural muscles with the upper back erect (reduced thoracic kyphosis).

Essentially, good sitting posture should not be a battle of attrition for our muscles to see how long they can hold our backs in a good position. Its about frequent movement between positions and the proper set up of our environment so that when we are sitting, we do not have to work to be in a good position.

That’s where a good lumbar cushion can be helpful. Its not designed to hold you in good posture or push you to use your muscles while sitting. Instead its meant to allow your back to relax in a good position that will not put undue stress on the spine or overuse the postural muscles. It is still critical to remember that sitting less is still the ultimate objective, but if you must sit, you should have a supportive and relaxing cushion behind you.

Our Gemini Health Group lumbar cushion is different from any other cushion you may have tried before. It was designed by a physiotherapist with scientifically accurate principles that keep you comfortable as well as pain free while you sit. Its two straps ensure that the cushion stays in place, and its amazing soft but supportive memory foam is more comfortable than any other cushion on the market. At $44.25 its also much cheaper than the expensive brands that have dominated the back-support market historically.

With all that being said, any cushion that reduces your reliance on your postural muscles while keeping you sitting tall and straight comfortably is better than none. Sitting at the edge of your seat and using your back muscles all day is a losing battle that always ends with one thing, back pain!

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Gemini Lumber Cushion - your back will thank you!
Help your posture while working from home!
Maintaining a healthy back during isolation.
Hi, I'm Tara - Manager at Gemini Health Group!
Meet Jessica - Our awesome new chiropractor!
Balance For Your Back - The Sloppy Pushup





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