Dr. Shirin Bonakdar

Radio show host for Joy 1250 Radio and WDCX Radio
Official Team Doctor, USA Women's Wrestling
5 Esse

Dr. Shirin is the host of Talk with the Doc on Joy 1250 Radio and WDCX Radio. She is also the wellness speaker for the Toronto District School Board and speaks all over Ontario at different churches, local groups and organizations.

Operating as usual


Our clients and their progress are our top priority 😊


Let's start this week with courage to take a step in the right direction to achieve the good in our life!


Our clients progress are why we continue to do what we do 😊


Have a great week everyone!


Try this quick and keto friendly recipe that would satisfy your tastebuds


Another client with amazing results from chiropractic treatment. Thank you for allowing us to treat you! 😊


Wise words from Dalai Lama to get you through. Have a great week!


Type 2 diabetes can cause the same symptoms as type 1, but occurs later on in life. It is highly important to seek medical help when these symptoms are noticed in case it is diabetes. These symptoms can be mild sometimes and often go untreated. It is highly encouraged to seek medical help


Have a great weekend! πŸ˜„


Keto friendly pizza with lots of fat and low carbs. Enjoy!😊


It is important to seek medical help when you've noticed any symptoms with Type 1 diabetes because they are usually more severe than Type 2. High blood sugar can damage nerves and affect blood vessels that lead to vital organs, such as the heart


Without enough insulin and the body continues to have elevated blood sugars for a long period, it stresses the body into an inflammatory state and and negative effects occur such as increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol


Brian found our clinic through Joy Radio. Thank you Brian for allowing us to treat you and hope one day you'll be pain free! 😊


A normal cell recognizes high sugar in the blood and the pancreas produces insulin, Insulin is the key that fits into the lock (cell receptor door) When this happens, the sugar can enter the cell and your blood sugar stabilizes. In an insulin resistant cell, the key and lock does not work properly


A little Monday Motivation 😊 Have a great week!


There are factors that are out of your control with gestational diabetes such as ethnicity and family history. It is important to ensure regular doctor visits when pregnant to monitor blood sugar levels


Type 2 Diabetes or degenerative diabetes is more commonly known. This type is completely preventable and can be reversed by incorporating anti-inflammatory foods and changing lifestyle.


Dad jokes coming right up πŸ˜„ Have a great weekend everyone!


A Keto friendly light lunch idea 😊 Enjoy!


Type 1 diabetes also known as young or juvenile diabetes, because it is usually developed at a younger age. This type occurs when the immune system destroys the part of the pancreas that creates insulin


The focus for the month of June is Diabetes mellitus or DM. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder when you have problems controlling the insulin hormone. These alarming facts indicate it is a huge problem


Stacey found us through her church. Thank you so much for allowing us to treat you and we hope that you continue with the amazing progress! 😊


Microbes in the gut are important for a proper functioning body. Healthy bacteria in our gut transmits signals to our brain to help form brain neurons and manage our behavioral responses


A little Monday motivation 😊

Teamwork is underrated, it is one of the most important aspects in anyone's life.

Enjoy your week!


Our mindset is truly important to our health. Gratitude helps to keep you in a positive and relaxed state. It supports your brain by helping to lower stress, depression, and anxiety.


The different parts of the brain affect different parts of our cognitive function


Have a safe weekend everyone! 😊


Craving something savory? This keto butter chicken recipe is for you! Each serving is only about 7 g net carbs


Brainwaves are divided into categories based on function, speed and loudness


Migraines and Magnesium are closely connected. Magnesium is a mineral that calms our brain and body. Dr. Pelz shares with us that without magnesium, rapid electric activity happens in our brain and to cause migraines


Melanie found our clinic through Joy radio. She's been experiencing some hardships and we are so glad to hear that we helped to relieve some pain. Thank you Melanie for allowing us to treat you!😊


When your brainwaves are out of balanced, it can lead to stress, low energy, anxiety, and chronic pain to name a few


Have a great week everyone! 😊

Remember not to let anyone disrupt your determination!


A high sugar intake contributes to brain fog. Especially when it's a lot of refined sugars. Sugar may give you immediate energy, but it does not provide long term energy


Heart rate variability (HRV) is the variation of time between heartbeats controlled by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS sends information to relax or stimulate the body. Depending on how we are able to handle stress our HRV may change


Have a great weekend everyone!😊


Another keto recipe for you! Who doesn't like chicken nuggets? Try this recipe today with the BBQ Mayo sauce 😊


We've all had late nights before, but we can't forget to prioritize sleep. During sleep, the brain is actively working rebuilding and detoxing. These processes, help improve our memory, eliminate brain fog, and improve cognitive function


When we have long term inflammation, our brain degenerates sometimes in a severe way


Elana found our clinic through Joy radio. She has been experiencing some health issues and the improvements are what we aim for! Thank you for allowing us to treat you! 😊

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Did you know Fermented Foods are great for Fibromyalgia?
Here is an App that helps you to Breath so that you can SLEEP!
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