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Until you start acknowledging that your health symptoms are often the body's way of expressing imbalance or dysregulation on an emotional level or in the emotional sphere (this includes suppression of emotions over time, traumatic experiences, unexpressed or repressed emotions, emotions that you deem 'negative,' etc.), true root-cause healing will most likely not occur.

Disease is called disease for a reason. There is true dis-ease in the body. For too long we have made psychosomatism (a disorder having physical symptoms but originating from mental or emotional causes) a negative term and yet the reality is most people with longstanding health issues and those beginning to experience new health problems suffer from psychosomatic symptoms. They are true symptoms but they require the recongition that the body is a holistic being - the mind, body and emotions require each other to stay regulated and harmonized. An imbalance in one can result in mental symptoms, physical symptoms and emotional symptoms.

I'm not in anyway saying that disease cannot and does not occur from physical trauma, toxins, poor diet, etc. But our emotional and spiritual health can make us more susceptible to injury from toxins and poor dietary life choices.

We need to talk about the link between the mind-body more often if we want to start healing. And we need to start talking about it more because the increase in mental illness, prescription medication use and chronic disease is on the rise and our current system has little to offer but long-term pharmaceuticals with damaging side effects.

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I'm talking a lot about the connection between the mind and body this week with regards to healing because it is SO important and not talked about often enough.
We are so busy in our lives that we neglect our emotional health. This weekend take a few moments pay attention to yourself - what emotions you are feeling and how they feel in your body. Then show compassion with yourself. This might include grounding, sipping on your favourite latte or tea, taking a bath or something else.
Your body will thank you (and so will those around you!!)

PMID 29379620, 31842689, 25243717, 30202275

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Are you looking to improve your health and don't know where to start. Here are 20 easy to implement tips that will give you a solid foundation. When you're ready to go deeper you can book with me!

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Let's talk REAL healing. It's hard. You have to be ready to do the work. But it can be made easier with the right medicines...and the right practitioner!

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There's no day like today to start grounding or 'earthing.' It is easy to do and has incredible health benefits!

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Let's keep talking about our eyes! Supplementing or eating for our eyes is essential. We often don't pay attention to our eye health until we are dealing with problems so there are so simple foods (or supplements) that can be taken.

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Let's talk eye health this week! Summer means often wearing sunglasses constantly but what does that mean for our eye health?

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Be fully prepared for most summer health emergencies with natural & effective medicines. Helios 36 Homeopathy kits contain natural medicines for burns, bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, bee stings, nerve injuries, sun burn and heat exhaustion & many more! Safe for all ages, easy to pack and travel with & completely refillable - these kits are a must-have summer essential!

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Just a reminder that you DO NOT need to suffer seasonal allergies. There are naturally supports & yes, even the possibility of healing allergies.

Tired of constant sneezing? Itchy nose, eyes or throat? Dry or running nose? Are you looking for a more natural approach to dealing with your allergies? Check out my latest blog post to learn more about supplements & homeopathics to manage your symptoms naturally and effectively.


Quercetin is a powerful anti-oxidant and natural anti-inflammatory. It helps relieve the inflammation in your nasal and sinus cavities thereby reducing pain and pressure and other inflammatory symptoms. It's a must-have!

Stinging nettle is a herb helpful in reducing inflammation, promoting detoxification and reducing your the allergenic immune response. It can be taken in combination with quercetin for a powerful anti-inflammatory punch.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, protects your cells from damage, reduces the severity of allergic reactions and helps your body to fight infections. When taken during allergy season, it can slow down the overreaction of your body to environmental triggers by decreasing your body's histamine production. It is a natural antihistamine.

Bee pollen - rich in nutrients, bee pollen when taking internally can actually help your immune system build resistance to potential allergens and, in turn, reduce allergy symptoms. It is recommended to ingest bee pollen made in your locality as it will contain local pollen.

Wyethia - Try this remedy when you experience extreme itching in the throat and palate that can extend to the ears; or a sore throat with hoarseness.

Allium Cepa - when nasal mucus irritates your nose or upper lip; your eyes are runny but the discharge is bland and non-irritating; you feel worse from warm rooms, and better in open air.

Natrum Mur - when you have a watery or egg-white-like nasal discharge; paroxysms of sneezing; chapped lips and cracks at the corners of the mouth; dark circles under the eyes; headaches.


Interested in using homeopathy at home? This 36 Remedy kit gives you the basic remedies to treat most acute health issues at home. From colds, flus, bumps, bruises, bug bites/stings, burns, earaches, headaches and more! You can purchase it by DM me OR on my website: https://www.revivenaturalhealth.com/store/Helios-Basic-36-Remedy-Kit-p136131481

You can also access this wonderful Home Prescriber Course for free here: https://www.cheonline.co.uk/the-home-prescriber-course

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Interested in starting to take supplements but don't know where to begin? Or maybe you need an overhaul of what you are taking. Here are a few tips to get you started!

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Ok. So maybe you're wondering why I'm on the beef liver train? Tbh, I like to get my vitamins and minerals from food sources because they are better absorbed by the body and I know exactly what I'm putting in myself. From the whole "you got low iron - take this supplement" (that's a story for another day) to "foods aren't as rich in nutrients as they used to be" are just just a two reasons why I got on the beef liver train.
I'd rather promote something that gives you real benefit and is rich in nutrients and that your body will use!

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"Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine are two examples of possible alternative approaches to disease that do not treat the illness as an enemy and therefore do not create new diseases." Eckhart Tolle
Homeopathy is a COMPLETE system of medicine, which means that all mental, emotional and physical aspects of a patient are taken into consideration during treatment.
Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective system of medicine that is used by at least 500,000,000 people worldwide. Why do so many people use it? There are many reasons including: it is safe, accessible, inexpensive, eco friendly, non-toxic, without side effects and best of all...IT WORKS!
Homeopathy is individualized medicine suitable for the young and old, for acute and chronic conditions and for pets as well.
We’re here for you, our wonderful community, to help and support you when you are in need. Reach out if you need help. Our incredible teaching clinic is very busy but we are happy to take new patients. 416.535.5995

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It's time to ditch your multivitamin...and here's why!

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Doing any travelling this summer? This remedy is fabulous!
Other remedies worth looking at for motion sickness are tabacum and petroleum.

As we're heading towards summer travel season, this gem of a traveller's remedy is good to keep close to hand for those who tend to suffer from motion sickness. For more helpful summertime remedies, see our article on the subject.


May is commonly known as Mental Health Awareness Month.

I'd like to share three things in my blog with you about mental health because mental health issues are common and increasingly affect so many of us - I think particularly the last 2 years have had a huge detrimental impact on our emotional and mental health and we need some fresh perspective and some hope that there are some wonderful answers and solutions that are gentle, natural and restorative!

Keep reading here: http://www.revivenaturalhealth.com/-holistic-mental-health


There is a close connection between the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis and the HPT (hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid) axis which is why an imbalance in one can cause an imbalance in the other.

Chronic stress can lead to chronic inflammation increasing the body's demand for cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can directly suppress thyroid function by reducing the conversion of T4 to T3 which is the metabolically active form of thyroid hormones.

Sometimes people can experience symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, menstrual irregularities, memory problems due to this imbalance but thyroid tests can present as 'normal.'

So many people these days experience chronic stress due to isolation, grief, financial stresses and more which can impact the HPA axis and HPT axis.
Working with a qualified practitioner to help identify and get to the root of chronic stressors is essential for healing HPA and HPT axis dysfunction.

One of my favourite healing modalities for HPA & HPT dysfunction is homeopathy as it can address the specific symptoms and stressors contributing to your health concerns.

Restore Hope, Heal Naturally

Get real, life-changing results to chronic and acute health issues! From infertility and acne, to depression and anxiety, homeopathy can help bring balance, stability and support to any health issue. Natural and safe, homeopathy can get you real results without interfering with any medications you might be taking.

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Homeopathy makes a difference in adrenal fatigue/HPA axis dysfunction/burnout. Many of my clients have done the suppleme...




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