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Photos from House of Moxa's post 03/15/2020

Photos from House of Moxa's post

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Chinese Medicine observes the subtle signs, symptoms, and language our bodies speak in order to get a clearer picture of the complex nature of each individual’s health story presenting to the practitioner with the patient before him/her. Tongue Diagnosis is not used as a stand alone, but in combination of the consultation process.

With thousands of years of refinement passed down, now interwoven closely with modern science, Chinese Medicine truly is unique.

Have you tried Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine?

For your nearest AACMA Chinese Medicine Practitioner, call our National Practitioner Referral Service on 1300 725 334 or visit our website for qualified practitioners around Australia!

Ensure your practitioner (if in Australia) is qualified with a CMBA number, which means they are trained adequately, have a minimum of 1000 clinical hours of acupuncture or more as part of their health science degree, are accurate in their treatment, and follow strict practice guidelines under AHPRA. AACMA members must have a CMBA number to be registered.

Acupuncture in the ED a Beneficial Non-Opioid Option for Pain 04/12/2019

Acupuncture in the ED a Beneficial Non-Opioid Option for Pain

Acupuncture in the ED a Beneficial Non-Opioid Option for Pain Acupuncture administered in the emergency department is both feasible and beneficial as a non-opioid, non-pharmacologic option for treating patients with less severe pain, new research says.

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As requested, here is the overview of brain functions and problems.


How does stress affect your brain?

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Don't let grief rob you of joy.

How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health 07/16/2017

How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health

Awesome article

How to Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve for Better Mental Health “By developing an understanding of the workings of your vagus nerve, you may find it possible to work with your nervous system rather than feel trapped when it works against you.” — Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Clinical Psychologist Stimulating my vagus nerve has played a key role in th

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You aren't the only expectant mother who's common complaint is dry, itchy skin...particularly around the belly. Here is a quick and easy belly balm recipe you can make at home to help. Try it out and let us know what you think.

1. Put cocoa butter, beeswax, and coconut oil in a small sauce pan. Stir continuously while heating over medium-low heat until ingredients are fully melted. (The beeswax will be the last to melt, be patient).

2. Remove from heat and add sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and lavender essential oils. Stir until completely incorporated.

3. Pour mixture into a container and let sit for an hour or two at room temperature until the balm goes from a liquid to creamy texture.


We are looking for a female Registered massage therapist to join our clinic.
Part time or full time

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Tis the season! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with memories you’ll always treasure. Merry Xmas wishes to you!

Timeline photos 12/25/2016

Tis the season! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with memories you’ll always treasure. Merry Xmas wishes to you!

12/02/2016 04/10/2016

“A smile will gain you ten more years of life”- Chinese Proverb 

VOL 4.0
NADA Protocol
Auricular acupuncture, which involves acupuncture points on the ear and is part of the NADA protocol, has been shown to be effective in treating addiction. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare Center led a study involving 82 patients who were addicted to co***ne. The patients who received auricular acupuncture were given treatment for 8 weeks. The study found that the patients who received the acupuncture treatment were significantly less likely to relapse compared to the control groups. Researchers concluded that auricular acupuncture showed promise for the
treatment of co***ne addiction. According to the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, the NADA protocol has been reported to improve addiction recovery program retention, better outlook on life, lower cravings, anxiety, sleep problems and need for pharmaceuticals. If you or someone you know is battling addiction, ask an acupuncturist how they can help.
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Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles? 02/14/2016

Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?

Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles? Most people, when they hear about the benefits of acupuncture, find themselves thinking, "That would be so good for me!" Less stress, more energy, better sleep and digestion... Who doesn't want tha...

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Recipe for Cleansing the Body of Toxins

Whether cleanses are your thing, or you just prefer to consume an abundance of fruits and veggies by juicing each day, these healthy juicing recipes will aid in nourishing and ridding your body of toxins.


I drink this juice daily, and with good reason. The base is celery, which is a little known nutritional powerhouse. It’s loaded with potassium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and essential amino acids. On top of all that, it’s one of the most alkalinizing things you can put in your body. To the celery, I add kale, green apple, parsley, lime, lemon and ginger, creating an extremely potent, detoxifying cocktail.


1 bunch celery
4-5 kale leaves (preferably lacinato)
1 green apple
one big handful of flat leaf parsley leaves
1 lime
1 lemon
1 inch of fresh ginger

*Add one tablespoon of Organic Coconut Oil for additional health benefits.


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May this Christmas bring your way plenty of reasons to smile. I wish you and your family a very Happy and Joyous Christmas season.

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CBC News

Canadians value more vacation over pay hikes

By Anna Lazowski, CBC News Posted: Oct 17, 2013 11:58 AM ET Last Updated: Oct 17, 2013 2:49 PM ET(Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.)

The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association estimates over 23 million people, or 67 per cent of the population have extended health care benefits, which includes not-for-profit health insurance benefit providers.

But according to this year’s Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, which tracks data from employer-sponsored health benefit plans, only 13 per cent of those surveyed said they understood their benefits "very well."

As costs to administer extended health plans continue to rise, employers are trying to meet the wellness needs of their employees by offering strategies for stress management, regular medical screenings and other preventive health care measures. Now they’re also faced with trying to encourage employees to use them.

When Waterloo, Ontario based Economical Insurance realized only about 20 per cent of its employees were participating in a fitness membership reimbursement program, they decided to develop a new wellness strategy.

So the company collected its own data, drawn from the health metrics of its employees. Registered nurses provided individual, confidential, on-site screening clinics, where employees had blood glucose, blood pressure, waist to hip ratio, body fat and cholesterol measurements taken. Nurses then showed the employees where their scores fell compared to ideal ranges and offered strategies to achieve those goals.

Jennifer Allan
Jennifer Allan of Economical Insurance says their new wellness strategy has been successful. (courtesy Economical Insurance)

Jennifer Allan is vice-president of HR programs and corporate communications at Economical Insurance, she says the company then used the aggregate data to build a program tailored to the needs of the employees.

“We found out that we have a relatively sedentary group of employees, wasn’t exactly headline news, but we also had actual data that told us that our employees were on the obese side and we had health issues around weight,” she says.

“So we knew we needed to tackle that through physical activity, through proper nutrition, through stress management initiatives to really impact obesity as an issue.”

With that kind of specialized attention, participation rates in the program increased to 70 per cent.

Creating new strategies may become more common as employers aim to reduce chronic disease rates in the workplace. Last year, The Great-West Life Assurance Company completed a 10-year review of trends in health and dental benefits. The most common claim their members were filing was for dental benefits, with just under 80 per cent submitting claims for routine checkups.

They also found an increase in vision care claims across all age groups, but the highest rate of usage was in the 55-59 year old demographic and it was less than 50 per cent.

The survey also took a look at paramedical benefits, like chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy and psychological services. All have seen an increase in usage over the last decade, but are still being claimed by only a small percentage of those eligible for the benefits.

Massage claims have increased from just under 10 per cent of plan members to about 27 per cent since 2001. Chiropractic and physiotherapy claims are now sitting at 18 and just over 15 per cent respectively.

But Economical Insurance's Jennifer Allan says by continuing to measure employee health scores year over year since 2008, they’re already seeing benefits. Health scores have improved, and there have also been reductions in drug claims and short and long term disability claims.

“We had amazing results. And I think the key was that our program hit on areas that our employees really valued and the program was motivational.”




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