Dr. Eric H. Ho, Chiropractor

His integrated functional approach to working with clients and patients alike utilizes his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, biomechanics, orthopaedics

Dr. Eric Ho is the chiropractor and Clinical Director of Bloor West Rehabilitation Centre. He earned his Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). He also holds degrees in Biology with Honours specialist in Zoology from The University of Western Ontario, as well as a Bachelor in Education from University of Windsor. He is also Certified in Clinical Acupunc

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Here's a straightforward fact, no cherry on top.
If you're trying to lose weight, you're workouts aren't going to do it for you if you still eat too much. "Healthy" food or not.
It doesn't matter if you burned 1000 calories in your workout (you didn't by the way) if you ate too many calories the rest of the day.


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Educating our patients is something we are very proud of. Interested in learning more about your body and what you can do to protect it? Check us out!

drhodc.wordpress.com 04/11/2017

What the F… are Lower Abs?

So.... i was looking through my Instagram and i see a post of an exercise, and in the hashtags, I read #lowerabs. *Groan...* So went onto Google for re-assurance that, in this day and age, where "FUNCTIONAL", and "BODY-WEIGHT" exercises seem to be the trend, that a search on "Lower Abs" would reveal a blog-post or article that would serve to illustrate the irrelevance of the term. [ 483 more words ]


drhodc.wordpress.com So….  i was looking through my Instagram and i see a post of an exercise, and in the hashtags, I read #lowerabs.   *Groan…*  So went onto Google for re-assurance that, in this day and a…


There are a number of reasons you might have "hip" pain other than osteoarthritis. A thorough physical exam is required to specifically identify the offending structures, and a treatment plan including activity modifications, and rehabilitation therapy including targeted manual soft tissue therapy and corrective exercises. Extra-articular causes of hip impingement are more common than you think. Contact us 416-529-2003 #hip #hippain #impingement #oa #osteoarthritis #functional #mobility #rehab #rehabilitation #wellness #therapy #training #fitness #muscle BODability

macleans.ca 03/21/2017

Why ice doesn't help an injury and could even make it worse

macleans.ca New research shows that icing an injury may even make it worse


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cbc.ca 02/18/2017

Chiropractic care could reduce workers compensation costs, study suggests

cbc.ca The Newfoundland and Labrador Chiropractic Association is touting a recent study that says seeing a chiropractor first for a workplace injury results in getting workers back on the job faster.

annals.org 02/15/2017

Systemic Pharmacologic Therapies for Low Back Pain | Annals of Internal Medicine | American College of Physicians

Evidence of acetaminophen being ineffective for acute lower back pain.

annals.org Roger Chou, MD; Richard Deyo, MD, MPH; Janna Friedly, MD; Andrea Skelly, PhD, MPH; Melissa Weimer, DO, MCR; Rochelle Fu, PhD; Tracy Dana, MLS; Paul Kraegel, MSW; Jessica Griffin, MS; Sara Grusing, BA


EricCressey.com: Steer Clear of this Shoulder Health Exercise

One of the first things people should focus before they try to "rehab" or "strengthen" the rotator cuff, is to make sure their scapulothoracic movement is working properly and they are able to activate these muscles. Failure to stabilize the scapula and utilize core stability effectively is asking for problems down the line like acute Rotator Cuff tendinitis or chronic shoulder issues.





This is why you don't lock your knees out on a leg press machine.... HOLY S**T!!

www.mikereinold.com 07/22/2015

The Use of Rehabilitation Protocols in Physical Therapy - Mike Reinold

www.mikereinold.com We should not follow a rehabilitation protocol without thought, that is not "skilled" physical therapy.

mensfitness.com 07/22/2015

The Injury-Prevention Training Guide

mensfitness.com Dying to know how to prevent injuries? Here are the best exercises for your body to stay injury free.

www.edu.gov.on.ca 02/25/2015

Health and Physical Education

I understand the concerns we all have as parents. And to be honest the idea of teaching my kids about sexuality is always going to be uncomfortable for me. But as a former educator and current health care professional, I believe it is important that we are all aware of the unavoidable cultural changes that have happened. We all need to know and understand how to face this monster that is the sexualization of mainstream media. This is the link to the Ontario Ministry website to download the curriculum documents . Our responsibility as parents is to be aware of what our kids are learning in school and at home, rather than be blissfully ignorant. What we need are tools and strategies to help our kids safely navigate childhood and answer their questions. The curriculum documents are guidelines for what will be taught. But the content and delivery must be on our terms.. Happy Reading
#Ontario #curriculum #physicaleducation #sexeducation #healtheducation

www.edu.gov.on.ca The Ministry of Education is responsible for the development of curriculum. School boards and schools are responsible for the implementation of curriculum.

dynamicchiropractic.com 01/30/2015

Core Training: The Importance of the Diaphragm

I took Craig Liebenson's Rehab of the Injured Athelete Seminar back in 2012. There is no "one" magic bullet to functional stability/core strength, but I think this is a goodie that I remember from early on... I dug this up for all to enjoy. Thanks Craig!

dynamicchiropractic.com Dynamic Chiropractic - chiropractic, news source, articles, research & information for chiropractors - Find a Chiropractor


Trust Lui Pisano - Real Estate

Buy and Sell with TRUST. Building Relationships beyond Real Estate with each home bought and sold

runresearchjunkie.com 09/08/2014

Strengthening vs Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis | Running Research Ju**ie

Good article for anyone who thinks bonespurs still cause plantar fasciitis

runresearchjunkie.com I previously wrote about the approach that I advocate and use for plantar fasciitis. Primarily its based around the principle of reducing the load in the tissue (short and medium term measures) and increasing the ability of the tissues to take the load (medium and long term measures). In the previou…

bradenton.com 08/13/2014

Six expert tips on how to run better on the beach | Health | Bradenton Herald

bradenton.com It may not be the easiest thing in the world, but here in Florida, bringing your workout to the beach is a highly attractive option. And while we're all about trying new things and challenging our bodies, it's important to note that yes, there is a "wrong" way to run on sand.

thecfim.com 05/14/2014

Strength Training for Runners 101

thecfim.com Are you looking to improve your running times and prevent injury? Read this blog for more info.

m.huffpost.com 05/01/2014

MRI Back Scans Do Not Predict if You Need Surgery

m.huffpost.com Despite changes in technology and fancy titanium screws, plates and cages, the overall results of surgery have not significantly improved over the last few decades. This over-prescription of surgery is a huge problem.

q.equinox.com 03/25/2014

The Scientifically-Proven Workout (Part 3)

q.equinox.com Finish strong with the final installment of our results-guaranteed series.

drugfreeworld.org 02/28/2014

Immediate Effects of Ma*****na and Smoking W**d | Depression, Panic Attacks and Anxiety

drugfreeworld.org Read Truth about Ma*****na booklet, watch the video and learn about the immediate effects of smoking pot with include rapid heart beat, disorientation followed by depression, sleepiness and panic attacks. Learn about the health risks of smoking w**d, such as fertility issues, brain abnormalities, di...

thestar.com 02/22/2014

The dark side of acetaminophen | Toronto Star

thestar.com Few Canadians appreciate the potential dangers of the ingredient that made Tylenol famous, including death and serious liver damage.

findingjoy.net 01/26/2014

20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.

From an old colleague of mine. Great find, Nancy Duciaume-Olesen

findingjoy.net 1. Tucking them into bed at night. Someday they’ll be too big and I won’t get that moment back. Saying good night, pulling up the covers, and kissing their heads is a gift. 2. Telling them I love them. Start this when they’re young. I love you is a powerful three word phrase that matters. […]

apps.washingtonpost.com 01/23/2014

The health hazards of sitting

apps.washingtonpost.com We know sitting too much is bad, and most of us intuitively feel a little guilty after a long TV binge. But what exactly goes wrong in our bodies when we park ourselves for nearly eight hours per day, the average for a U.S. adult? Many things, say four experts, who detailed a chain of problems from…

thehealthyhomeeconomist.com 01/15/2014

Doctors Say the Darndest Things (101 Jaw Dropping Examples) | The Healthy Home Economist

Thanks to Dr. Kirk Andrew for this one

thehealthyhomeeconomist.com 101 jaw dropping stories of what doctors and other medical practitioners have said to their patients.


The Striking Truth Bonus Footage - UFC champion Georges St-Pierre, David Loiseau & Dr. Stuart McGill


The Striking Truth crew was fortunate during the 4.5 year production to capture the scientific testing of world renown spine and biomechanics expert Dr. Stua...

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Celebrating a HUGE road win for our @raptors closing out the Washington series 4-2.  #reppingthe6ix #wethenorth #6ix On ...
Congratulations to my littlest boy-boy @ianho4real for putting it out there and winning a bag full of @CBC #swag. Shout-...







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