Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND

Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND


In this brief Q&A interview, Certified Nutritionist Kylie James, speaks with Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND. You’ll “meet” Dr. Bronwyn as she discusses what a Naturopathic Doctor is, her top pregnancy tips, and some advice for those who may be struggling to achieve or maintain pregnancy. She may even share a little about her own recent pregnancy and birth!
Finding out you're pregnant can bring on a lot of emotions all at once - excitement, joy, fear, overwhelm. Once you have a moment to let the good news sink in, you may be thinking, “Now what do I do?”. ⁠

From first steps to which supplements to take, Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND, a soon-to-be mom herself, is offering her tips on what to do when you first find out your pregnant.
The food that you eat can have a big impact on your fertility. Some foods can help boost egg quality and promote healthy hormones, whereas other foods may be making it more challenging for you to conceive. In this video, Dr. Bronwyn discusses specific foods that may be hindering your ability to conceive and how to design a meal that can boost fertility. Stay tuned for more information on how your diet can help your fertility! Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND
My heart is full after a team meeting last night in Toronto with Conceive Health - these are powerful, passionate, insanely smart women who are all focused on fertility. Not just helping couples build their families, but supporting them through a fertility journey that can be an absolute rollercoaster.

This is healthcare. I'm so thrilled to be part of this team.

Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND Dr. Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant, ND Dr. Sarah Zadek ND Dr Melissa Lee Dr Jen Fitzgerald Dr Tracy Malone

“Not only will good health enhance your fertility and the health of your offspring, I believe it paves the way for a purposeful life.”
We are pleased to introduce you to the lovely Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND You can find her in our Toronto location on Sundays. She loves pizza, and is a bit of an adrenaline j***y – she’s been skydiving, bungee jumping and is a licensed scuba diver.
It’s not a myth that men can lose weight faster than women. Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND shares the reasons behind this phenomenon, from metabolism to behaviors.
THE "PILL" is a hot topic & it is one of the most common things I get asked about in my practice! In this video Stacey D'Angelo, pharmacist & co-founder of Wellth, and I talk all things ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE PILL- What is it? How does it really work? And what are the benefits and risks?

This is the first video in our 3 part series. Stay tuned for our video next week on NATURALLY TRACKING YOUR CYCLE & OTHER FORMS OF BIRTH CONTROL (or catch us live at 6:30pm on Wed. April 4th on Instagram .nd and )!

Helping women get pregnant, balance hormones, and lose weight - naturally! Offering virtual integrative health care across Ontario.

I work with couples experiencing fertility problems to help them create a healthy pregnancy. My focus is on preconception care, supporting healthy hormones, treating PCOS and endometriosis, offering pregnancy support, and beyond. If you are ready to feel empowered about your fertility, let's chat!

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Beyond grateful for you 💙



I am so happy to announce that starting this week, I will be back in action offering fertility acupuncture (downtown Toronto) on Saturday mornings!

Whether you are naturally, using IUI or through , acupuncture can be used to increase your chance of conception! There are so many wonderful benefits of .

Acupuncture can help to:
📍Regulate your cycle
📍Balance Hormones (FSH, prolactin, cortisol)
📍Promote ovulation
📍Benefits underlying conditions (PCOS, endometriosis, PMS)
📍Thicken uterine lining
📍Reduce ectopic pregnancies
📍Support implantation
📍Improve response to fertility medication
📍Improve stress response
📍Improve male factor – motility, testosterone
📍Lower miscarriage rate
📍Assist with the two-week wait...and so much more!

Best of all, it can be started at any stage of your fertility journey, including:
〰️Preconception Period
〰️During natural or medicated cycles
〰️In tandem with IUI or IVF treatment

Questions about acupuncture and how it can help? Send me a DM💗

To book online, head on over to


LIFE WITH A 4 MONTH OLD 😴 —> am I right??

Everyone talks about life with a newborn being hard. So I prepared myself. But I also had the belief that after the “fourth trimester” things only got better...

Luckily, my fourth trimester was bliss; I felt like I was living a dream (& yes, I know how fortunate I am to say that). It was the first time in my life that I remember really, truly slowing down. My only goal each day was to take in every moment with my baby boy (& to do 72 loads of laundry). I even found myself enjoying the nighttime wake-ups. I think this was because I expected it to be hard, I knew I wasn’t going to be sleeping through the night and because I think Hudson is pretty cute (but of course, I’m biased).

But then 3 months passed and I suddenly felt like I wasn’t “postpartum” anymore. Like a switch suddenly flipped and I had to start being “productive” again...as if caring for a baby isn’t productive 🤦🏻‍♀️

I felt pressure to start working again (although I am SO happy to re-connect with my patients!), to increase the intensity of my workouts, to stop watching Grey’s Anatomy in bed while snuggling my baby in the mornings 🙈

The pressure to DO hit me hard. This came at the same time as the 4th developmental leap & the 4 month “sleep regression”...

Mix these things together, and BOOM💥 I now understand when people say motherhood is hard. So for all you mamas out there, I apologize for ever thinking this was easy and I respect you more than ever. YOU are Superwoman✨

With that said, I have returned to work part-time & I am seeing patients in my private, virtual practice. 🥳 I have limited availability at the moment as I learn how to do this “working mom” thing! My schedule & online booking is available through the link in my bio.

Oh, and for any of my incredible patients waiting for me to email you back, this is my apology note 😝💗 I am doing my best!


I’ve always known how truly amazing women are because I am surrounded by incredible women✨ But this year, has a whole new feel.

This photo was taken less than 2 hours after I gave birth to my baby boy. I was fortunate to have an uncomplicated & unmedicated birth. And in the moments that followed my delivery, I realized how incredibly lucky I felt to be a woman. To experience an “event” like labour. I have never felt more badass, strong & proud in my life than in this photo, and every day that has followed.

I feel honoured to be able to raise a son to love, support & respect all men & women, equally 💙

Photos from Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND's post 01/01/2021

2020, you’ll be hard to top ✨


Beyond excited to introduce our little man, Hudson Prince Sookman who arrived Sunday, November 22nd at 8:23pm weighing 7lbs 12oz
This sweet boy has caused the biggest heart explosion we could have ever imagined 🥰💙


To my existing patients: If you have not been made aware yet, I will be on maternity leave starting Nov 12th. I will be returning to virtual practice in the New Year, so stay tuned for more details!
If you need to schedule a follow-up before Nov 12th - please do so quickly as space is limited!
For patients of , please contact reception to book, or if you have any questions about ongoing care. For my private patients, please book online or contact me if you have any questions! I will have pop-up office hours available over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements ✨
I look forward to continuing your care in the New Year. Thank you for all of your support 💕

Photos from Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND's post 19/06/2020

The secret is out & we couldn’t be happier to share!
For those who know me well, know that being a mom has always been my ultimate dream. Children light up my life & I am even known for stealing all the babies in a room, walking around a party like I own them🙊
But how lucky am I to experience this new chapter with the most amazing & supportive man by my side. I am beyond excited to be on this journey with you 💗 @ Toronto, Ontario

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What if instead of dreading our monthly period, we could actually work with our hormonal fluctuations to improve our mood, reduce PMS, increase energy and avoid stubborn weight gain? By appreciating the hormonal shifts that take place throughout our cycle, we can gain insight into the “why” behind how we feel throughout the month.

“Cycle Syncing” coined by .vitti is a relatively new concept based on the idea that by changing our behaviours throughout our cycle, we can support the body through the hormonal rhythms to optimize our hormone function and well-being.
To learn more about cycle syncing, head to the link in bio ✌🏻

Timeline photos 09/06/2020

Each month we highlight one of our talented team members. This month, Dr. Bronwyn Storoschuk, ND, shares why she decided to become a Naturopathic Doctor, her experience, plus one takeaway that you can start applying to your daily-life right away!


Ultimately, I wanted to change people's lives. I believe that having your health is the key to living a purposeful life. As a Naturopathic Doctor I have the tools to dig deep into patients' health concerns to uncover the underlying cause. This gives me the ability to treat their concerns from the ground up, rather than merely focussing on symptomatic management. At the end of the day, this means people actually get healthier and they feel empowered on their health journey as they learn they are in control of their outcomes.

I have had very unique opportunities since starting my career as an ND which have advanced my learning and experience. I am fortunate to have trained in, and now work within, an integrative fertility clinic, allowing me to work with fertility patients alongside their Reproductive Endocrinologists. Providing collaborative care with MDs allows me to offer fertility patients the best possible care and outcomes. Secondly, I am also grateful to have worked in a clinical space with a full-service compounding pharmacy. Working with and learning from pharmacists has expanded my practice and there are many tools I have added into my toolbox of treatment strategies since then.

I am a huge fitness enthusiast, so in my spare time I am always squeezing in a workout! I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, getting outside in the sun, skiing, golfing, cooking and baking, and I love a slow morning with a warm coffee in hand.

The greatest thing about naturopathic medicine is the focus on individualized care. Each and every patient leaves a visit with a unique treatment plan that we've designed together for their specific goals. However, one thing I discuss with every patient is stress. Our modern day world promotes chronic activation of our stress response system and I see this wreak havoc on patient's sleep, their hormones, their relationships, their mood...basically all aspects of their life. That is what makes the conversation of stress reduction so important. A simple tool I use with my patients iS 4-7-8 breathing. This means: inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7, exhale slowly for 8. This is a simple and easy way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and instantly enter a state of calm. I tell my patients to set an alarm in their phone every 2-3 hours, and take 3-8 breaths like this through their day. Try it!

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I understand that I will never understand, but I stand with you.

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Just because something has been made in a blender and labeled: "smoothie" doesn't make it inherently healthy. Although smoothies may be a great tool for some people to get in a good boost of nutrition, especially on the go, I’ve got a bit of beef with them. My top 2 concerns are:
1️⃣ Smoothies can be super high in sugar
I have patients list off their smoothie ingredients and it goes something like this: "banana, mango, strawberries, dash of maple syrup, vanilla yogurt, dates..." & ok, maybe they are throwing in a small handful of greens...😐
Smoothies packed with high glycemic fruits, dates and other sweetened foods (check your yogurt & alternative milks!) are sure to raise your blood sugar and cause a spike in insulin - not good for your hormones or your waistline! My recommendations usually include sticking to berries only - they are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and don't affect our blood sugar to as high a degree. If you must use banana to sweeten it up, try using only ½ until you can go without. Also, steer clear from using any type of juice in your smoothies & avoid anything with added sugar.
2️⃣ Smoothies can seriously lack protein
I believe it is important to start your day with a good punch of protein. Protein is needed to stabilize insulin levels and increase satiety (the feeling of fullness). This can be done by adding nut butters, hemp seeds, chia seeds, unsweetened Greek yogurt (if you tolerate dairy), or the easiest option may be adding a protein powder. My sneaky trick is to accompany a smoothie with 2 hard-boiled eggs on the side 🥚
There are also a number of individuals who may not tolerate smoothies well. If you experience bloating, have pain or other digestive issues, smoothies may not be for you! 🚫 If this is you, let’s talk!
Moral of the story: smoothies can be useful, but aren’t for everyone. If you tolerate smoothies, be sure to limit the sugar, up the protein, and throw in some fat too✅

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Eating well is a form of self-respect & self-care. Screw the monthly pedicure, eating nutrient-dense foods is a much greater way to care for the body & mind.
But what does eating well actually look like? Well, that may be different for everyone, but no matter who you are, eating well should include:

🔅high-quality, bioavailable protein

🔅limited or NO processed food (foods found in forms you could never find in nature; these mostly come in boxes)

🔅no added sugars

🔅abundant, brightly coloured vegetables

🔅healthy fats (from fatty fish, eggs, avocados, nuts & seeds, extra-virgin olive oil, and grass-fed meat)

🔅eating large meals that leave you feeling satiated and not needing to snack through the day

🔅avoiding late-night feedings (go to sleep, instead!)
It may be unrealistic for you to follow these suggestions 100% of the time, and that is okay - most people know I am all about living a life full of joy and balance 🍩
The habits and behaviours you stick to the MAJORITY of the time are what truly matter - and you are in full control of that.
So please add "eating-well" to that list of self-care items you have there, and start caring about how you feed your body 👊🏻

Meet Dr. Bronwyn;

I believe that good health paves the way for a purposeful life.

I work with women with ambition to reclaim their health so that they can be unstoppable. Whether you’re craving more energy, your hormones have taken over, or you are planning to start a family - we will work together to get you back on track to living your dreams. If you are no longer willing to settle with your current state of health, it is time to make yourself your number one priority. I know you don’t want your health slowing you down, so let’s do this.

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