This survey is only for people who have disabilities If you use rehabilitation equipment like Raccoon.Recovery​, are you ready to share data about your progress in rehabilitation so that the Artificial Intelligence can build treatment proposals for people with similar problems? We don’t collect any personal data of people, we collect information only about initial diagnosis, progress, and duration of treatment, methods used and treatment outcomes. You provide us with information on an anonymous basis - that means no one can identify you in any way using data you provided to us. Please reply as soon as you see this message, the survey is anonymous.

A highly personalised, intense approach using the latest therapy methods & innovative technology for a better recovery after stroke or brain injury.

Happy Ramadan Kareem!

Online medical consultations with a neurologist and personalised therapy, wherever you are in the world.

We have found a way to provide supervised neurorehabilitation online bringing together all professionals that you need. We have developed a flexible and tailored #telerehabilitation solution using the latest #technology to support patients at home.

Curious to find out more about our telerehabilitation services? Visit us: www.cereneo.ch/telereha/

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Zweimal wöchentlich Fisch: Interview mit der Ernährungsexpertin ...

leading-medicine-guide.de Die topmoderne cereneo Klinik liegt direkt am Vierwaldstättersee nahe Luzern und hat sich auf Neuro-Rehabilitation bei Schlaganfall, Schädel-Hirn-Trau

Transcranial direct current stimulation (#tDCS) is a supportive therapy method mostly used in speech therapy. At cereneo, we take advantage of this non-invasive brain stimulation method to assess the speech or motor function of #neurorehabilitation patients after #stroke.

Read more about it in the new blog post on our website: https://bit.ly/2TB0lLn

Leading Medicine Guide

Our therapy concept is based on interdisciplinary treatment elements including the main components of #stroke therapy: #physiotherapy and occupational therapy, #speech- and swallowing therapy and #neuropsychology.

Our patients also receive additional nutrition advice from #cereneo's Clinical Nutrition Expert Dr. Krizia Ferrini. She puts together an individual #health plan for each patient to support a successful therapy outcome throughout their recovery.

The editorial team of the Leading Medicine Guide spoke to Dr. Ferrini about the peculiarities and effects of #nutrition. Read more in the shared article below (sorry, German only).

Dr. Krizia Ferrini ist Ernährungsexpertin RDN MS.C. PHD der cereneo Klinik. In diesem außergewöhnlichen „center for neurology & rehabilitation“ erhalten Schlaganfall-Patienten eine erstklassige Form der Rehabilitation – und eine exklusive Ernährungsberatung. Der Leading Medicine Guide hatte die Gelegenheit, die ausgewiesene Spezialistin zu befragen. Zum Beispiel: Kann sich ungesunde Ernährung tatsächlich auf die Neurologie auswirken? Hochinteressant!

The 1st European #Stroke #Rehabilitation Workshop will take place during the pre-conference of #ESOWSO2020 on Tuesday the 12th of May, 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

This workshop focuses on cutting edge #clinical and #research aspects of #stroke, inviting renowned stroke #rehabilitation specialists as well as early-career colleagues.

Registration is now open! Apply today by filling out the application form here: https://bit.ly/391MFPW - with Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft, World stroke organisation, ESO - European Stroke Organisation

#strokerehabilitation #strokerecovery

Dr. Shari Langemak talked about the opportunities and risks of #digitalhealth, #medicalinnovation and #thefutureofcare during the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Bundestagsfraktion today!

#keynote #neurorehabilitation #telerehabilitation

Thank you for having us today!


To strengthen our team, we are looking for an experienced
Certified #Physiotherapist or Dipl. #Occupational Therapist (M/F) 80-100% in Vitznau/Hertenstein!

Are you a passionate physiotherapist & do you care a lot about improving the life quality of your patients? Would you like a position with esteem & the opportunity to participate in research? Then you have come to the right place!

#physiotherapyjobs #occupationaltherapy #joinus

Learn more and apply today: http://bit.ly/36Xas1V


We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Head of #Nursing Care in Vitznau / Hertenstein, as of now or by appointment.

Are you an experienced, dedicated and strong personality with a big heart for your patients? Your job is your passion & you are proud of that? Then apply today!

Read the full job post here (in German): http://bit.ly/2GNKG5B

#nursingcare #patientcare #LeitungPflege

Patients that have motor impairments after a #stroke can take part in gait training; a process aimed at improving the ability to walk. Performing gait analysis with Qualisys motion capture enables us to see and compare with real-life recorded data what we would otherwise only perceive with our eyes.

This way, we can detect and quantify the movement components that are affected during #walking and target these specifically with interventions. Performing multiple gait analyses throughout the #rehabilitation process informs the therapist team if the intervention is working and enables them to optimise the training.

On the path to the #neurorehabilitation goal of improved walking quality and capacity, the objective study of each patient's individual #movement patterns can accelerate the pace.

#exercise #neurorehab #strokepatients #movementdisorder

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from your cereneo Team!

We wish you and your family a joyful and loving Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020!

Are you passionate about #innovation? Are you looking for a role with impact? Do you find disruptive innovation technologies exciting & would you like to expand your knowledge even further?

If so, then you have come to the right place!

We are currently expanding our #cefir (cereneo foundation I center for interdisciplinary reserach) team and are looking for:
- #Bioinformatician / Medical Computer Scientist (m/f) 100%
- Administration & Research Assistant (m/f) 50%
in Vitznau, from now on or by arrangement.

For more information, visit our website:

#neuroscience #neurorehabilitation #wearehiring #bioinformatics #medicalcomputerscience

We are always happy to meet with friends and partners and discuss future endeavours or exciting opportunities in medical tourism and international healthcare!

Thank you Mark Wettstein, Director of Health Tourism (MySwitzerland - Switzerland Tourism) and Dennis (Sales Representative #cereneo) for the photo!

International Medical Travel Journal - IMTJ #cereneocooperation #partnerships #neurorehabilitationSwitzerland #neurorehaSchweiz #strokerecoverySwistzerland #patientcare #internationalpatients #cereneopartnerships #rehabilitationSwitzerland #healthtourism

We are excited to attend the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2019 in Berlin today.

Thanks for having us International Medical Travel Journal - IMTJ, we are looking forward to learning from key stakeholders about the latest developments in medical travel and the international patient market.

#neurorehabilitationinSwitzerland #neurorehaSchweiz #internationalstrokerecoverypatients #internationalneurorehabilitation #strokerecoverySwitzerland

-cereneo is Hiring!-

You are passionate about #nursing and are looking for a challenging and responsible job in a modern environment? Appreciation for your engagement and your work are meaningful to you? Then you have come to the right place!

We are expanding our team and are looking for an independent and motivated Registered #Nurse (m/f/d) in Vitznau/Hertenstein, effective immediately or by arrangement.

Want to learn more, visit our website: www.cereneo.ch/healthcare-professionals/jobs/

We are ready and are looking forward to meeting you!

Come by today or tomorrow & visit us at booth #3 during the JOBMEDI Messe in Berlin!

#cereneoteam #hiring #Pflege #Therapie #internationalworkenvironment #workinginneurorehabilitation #interdisciplinarywork #innovation BPG Medizin, Pflege & Soziales

-cereneo is Hiring!-

You are looking for a work environment in which human values and trust are valued? Are you motivated, eager to learn & looking for an exciting job in a modern business world?

Then you have come to the right place! We are expanding our teeam and are looking for an independent and motivated #HealthcareAssistant (FaGe) (m/f/d) in Vitznau/Hertenstein, effective immediately or by arrangement.

Want to learn more, visit our website: www.cereneo.ch/healthcare-professionals/jobs/

We Are Hiring!

We are looking for a Health and Social Care Worker (m/f/d)!

You are passionate about nursing & are looking for a challenging & responsible job in a modern environment? Appreciation for your engagement & your work are meaningful to you?

Then you have come to the right place!

For more information, visit our website: www.cereneo.ch/healthcare-professionals/jobs/

Meet our colleagues Viktoria, Yvonne & Vanessa at BOOTH #3 (right at the main entrance) during the JOBMEDI Fair this Friday and Saturday in Berlin!

We are looking to extend our #nursingcare and #therapy team and would like to get to know you! Drop by, we are excited to tell more about our team, our #neurorehabilitation clinic and why we love what we do!

Want to have an appointment? Reach out to us here and send us a PM!

BPG Medizin, Pflege & Soziales #Pflege #Medizin #NursingCareTeam #NeurorehabilitationTherapy #NeurorehabilitationTherapists #NeurorehabilitationTeam Jobmedi 2019 Jobmedi Messe Berlin

#Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term #disability that could affect a survivor's motor function, speech and cognition. Having a stroke might therefore also affect the way people perceive and process feedback about their performance.

The paper “Reduced striatal activation in response to rewarding motor performance feedback after stroke” was recently published in Neuroimage: Clinical (2019).

Highlights of this research are:
- stroke patients show a reduced response of important brain reward centers to rewarding feedback.
- the strong hypoactivation of the nucleus accumbens could not be explained by structural damage due to brain lesions.
- striatal hypoactivation in stroke survivors may cause impaired consolidation of motor skills.

#strokepatients #strokesurvivors #movementfunction #motorperformanceafterstroke #afterstroke #stroketreatment

Want to access the full paper, read it, here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nicl.2019.102036

Quality Management at cereneo: SAQ-Qualicon AG interview

cereneo's Quality Manager and Executive Assistant Viktoria Weidacher completed her education in Switzerland, at SAQ-Qualicon AG.
The institute - specialised in #qualitymanagement - visited our clinic to learn more about Viktoria, her professional life and how she contributes to everyday high-quality care for our #neurorehabilitation patients and staff members

Watch the video and listen to her story (sorry, German only).
More information? Visit our website www.cereneo.ch
#patientcare #strokerecoverytreatment

#Innovation is your passion? Are you looking for an important #research role? Do you find disruptive innovation #technologies exciting & would you like to expand your knowledge even further? Then YOU have to come to the right place!

For the extension of our interprofessional team we are looking for a Neurological Research Scientist Upper Extremities (m/f) 100% in Vitznau, from now on or by arrangement.

Want to learn more? Read the full job post in our career portal on our website, here: www.cereneo.ch/about-us/#jobs

#neuroscience #neurorehabilitation

We are looking for a Clinical #Rehabilitation Engineer!

We are developing an individualized #treatment program, aiming to give our patients the highest standard of independence and free lifestyle to improve their life quality.

cereneo and its sister companies accompany patients in their different phases after #neurological illness; from #inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment all the way to telerehabilitation.

We explore the potential of #neurorehabilitation and would like to exploit this to the fullest and make it accessible for our patients.

Want to learn more? Please visit our website: http://bit.ly/2Cbq70v

#clinicalneurorehabilitation #strokerehabilitation

Dr. Krizia Ferrini has been invited as a Speaker at the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) Conference 2019 in Berlin this Friday (Parallel Session 2C - Public Health-Making meals matter (http://bit.ly/2pk7k0k))

She will present and evaluate the #LIFANA #Nutrition #Solution European Project (http://bit.ly/36vryF4) that supports healthy nutrition through all phases of ageing - from active seniors to elderly users and patients in need of daily care.

Because of individual meal recommendations and decision support in the supermarket, the LIFANA Nutrition Solution will assist the users to change their #eating habits in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle and increase their quality of life.

Her key messages:
1. Personalised nutrition towards utilisation of mobile technology.
2. Self-monitoring, realistic expectations, and continued follow-up can help a person maintain dietary changes.
3. Integration and collaboration with Food Delivery Services.

#strokerecovery #neurorehabilitation #mealrecommendations #healthylifestyle #dietarychanges #patientcareandsupport

Want to learn more? Contact us via the form on our website: www.cereneo.ch/contact-us/

One out of four people that are over 25 years of age, will experience a stroke during their life given today's #stroke prevention practices. Life after a stroke is often unknown and overwhelming, not to mention for members of one's family or the social environment as well.

But there is hope for those who have to relearn moving, thinking, reasoning or expressing themselves after a stroke. Adjusting your stroke recovery treatment plan specifically to individual neurological deficits and being internally motivated throughout therapy, will be of great influence on the outcome: regaining independence and individuality.

To which extent can personal #motivation contribute to a patient's recovery outcome? And, is #rehabilitation improving the outcome in treatment after a stroke? The answers to these questions and more can found in the new blog on our website.

#lifeafterstroke #strokerecovery #strokerehabilitation #worldstrokeday

Read the interview with Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft, here: http://bit.ly/2pUX1iR

We are looking for an Assistant to the Managing Director / Project Management (m/f)!

Are you looking for a multifaceted and fulfilling position in which you can accomplish something & work on a project-related basis? Do you want a challenging environment? You are on your toes & think ahead? Then you have come to the right place! We are expanding our team and are looking for an experienced & competent personality as an Assistant to the Managing Director / Project Management (m/f) - Permanent in Berlin, or in Switzerland (Canton Lucerne) at the earliest possible date.

Read more about the role, here: www.cereneo.ch/about-us/#jobs

''I am very grateful for the support that I received from my therapeutic team. But looking back at my recovery journey, it was my main therapist who challenged me on a personal and physical level while building me up and regaining my independence.

I always think back to that time as a very positive period in my life.''

We are looking for a (CSO) Chief Sales Officer in Vitznau/Hertenstein, effective immediately or by arrangement!

You will take over the strategic planning and implementation of corporate goals, conduct market and competitor analyses, evaluate these and develop sales strategies which you implement with your team to ensure a constant level of service and quality. Together with your team, you will work on the set sales targets and support the achievement of these goals.

Want to learn more about this position? Read about it on our website: http://bit.ly/2Iwoy0y

#growth #digitalisation #processoptimisation #sales

Dr. Mario Widmer - Movement Science Specialist & Research Scientist at cefir (cereneo foundation for interdisciplinary research) obtained his Doctor of Sciences degree at ETH Zürich in 2017.

Read more about his professional background and his work in #neurorehabilitation, in the new blog post on our website here:

#movementscience #neuroscience #rehabilitation

To establish our new Holding we are looking for an international experienced #CFO (Chief Financial Officer) m/f in Vitznau/Hertenstein, effective immediately or by arrangement.

Do you have the necessary vision? Are you a strong entrepreneurial strategist with a clear vision and goal-oriented implementation strength? Then you have come to the right place!

Find the full job description and how to apply here: http://bit.ly/2lVswHY

#chieffinancialofficer #newjob

#cereneo is very pleased to present the newly published research ''What the Proportional Recovery Rule Is (and Is Not): Methodological and Statistical Considerations'', in collaboration with ETH Zürich and Johns Hopkins University.

The proportional recovery rule is a well-established rule in #neurorehabilitation describing the potential of #recovery after a #stroke. There are different findings associated with the rule.

One interpretation of the rule states that recovery is predetermined by the initial severity of the stroke and cannot be improved by #rehabilitation. In our analysis, we address this and other statements as well, as the current controversy surrounding the rule. One of our main conclusions is that the potential for recovery in an individual #patient is not predetermined and could be improved upon with the right #therapy.

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/2lkh9sX

#neuroscience #neurorehabilitationresearch #recoveryafterstroke #strokerehabilitation

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