La Farmacia Organica

Tienda de verduras y fruitas organicas, productos naturales para la cuerpa. Health Food store for the home and body! Debido a la necesidad personal a tener acceso a alimentos sanos de calidad orgánica y la demanda creciente de gente consciente, surge la idea de crear una distribución con los productos saludables y de productores nacionales quienes realizan practicas amigables en sus cultivos.

También educar a la población sobre los beneficios a los que conlleva una dieta saludable bajo los estándares de conciencia en como crecemos nuestros alimentos.

Funcionando como de costumbre

"Come explore the NEW taste of Farmacia Organica"
a selection of the best seeds and nuts
specially bringed to arenal for you!

"Ven a explorar el NUEVO sabor de Farmacia Organica"
Las mejores semillas y nueces
especialmente para ti!

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"Come explore the NEW taste of Farmacia Organica"
Find The best quality healthy pasta!
we have an exclusive selection specially for you.

"Ven a explorar el NUEVO sabor de Farmacia Orgánica"
¡Encuentra la pasta saludable de la mejor calidad!
tenemos una selección exclusiva especialmente para ti.


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La Farmacia Orgánica de Nuevo Arenal Celebra el Día de las Madres! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! regala sabor y salud a mamá! Give love and health to your mom!

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La Farmacia Organica's cover photo

La Farmacia Organica

20% off these jellies and jams.
Yum! Today through July 2020.

[07/01/20]   #1. During these difficult times we are in right now, we want to express our most sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support of our store. As you can imagine, with tourism shutdown, like others in our same position, our cash flow and ability to pay our bills is stressed during this time. So while we always appreciate your business, we especially appreciate it during these difficult times. It is YOUR SUPPORT of our fully vetted, 100% organic produce that allows us to be here and offer you the difficult to find natural products you seek. Remember, if there is any product you would like that we don't carry, let us know and we can SPECIAL ORDER it for you. Also, if you seek to really save money, we offer BULK ORDER DISCOUNTS on non-produce items. Again, thank you for your patronage.

#2 We just want to remind you that if there is any reason you are not 100% delighted with the products/produce you purchase from us, please tell us so that we may replace/refund your purchase. As said above, we seek for you to be DELIGHTED-- not just ok.

Sending love, hope, prayers to all during these interesting times!
The LFO team

Fight covid with 70% alcohol gel!

We have 20 in stock. Stop by or call/email the store with how many you'd like put aside for you.

Stay safe.

New yummy frozen items from Natalie. Yucca veggie burgers. Real meat balls. Organic soup. Come check us out...also LOTS of other products from Natalie are now in stock! Will post more pictures tomorrow.

New chips. Yum. New laundry stuff.
Also new vegan chicken and vegan ham in freezer. Come check us out! Would love to see your smiling face!

[02/06/20]   Hurray! We are now delivering to Tronodora area! Send us an email ([email protected]) to place your order for fresh organic produce and other products from our store--EVERY MONDAY. We will tell you the location for pick up, window of time for delivery and a prior phone call 'heads up' when we are on our way so that everyone can pick up at the same time. Tell your friends! Yes, there is a slight delivery charge but the more who sign up the lower that charge will be. Hoping this will help you as much as it helps us..... (NOTE: Email due by Friday 5 pm. Delivery will be Monday.).

LFO Update: Happy New Year 2020 to all!

And fyi, the store will be closed today, January 1st, but will re open tomorrow, Thursday through Saturday (Jan 2-4).

May we all have a happy and healthy 2020!

To all our patrons, we wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your support and patience during our recent relocation, remodeling, restocking, training etc! Very much appreciated.

And btw, we just refilled our freezer with vegan ice cream, organic chickens, veggie burgers and falafals! And if you are looking for an inexpensive gift, why not give the gift of life? Ie: Cute plants!

Merry Christmas to all!

PS We are closed tomorrow, Christmas day, but will reopen Thursday, Friday and Saturday for regular business hours.

[12/18/19]   LFO UPDATE: In a case you were wondering, LFO's produce ordering and delivery days DO NOT CHANGE during the upcoming Holiday Season. In other words, place your produce order by 5 pm Fridays and pick up on Monday! Produce is harvested on Sunday afternoon. Fresh! Happy and healthy holidays to you and your family from La Farmacia Organica!
Pura vida.

[12/09/19]   Want Raw, Organic milk?

If you do, please send us an email at [email protected] OR call us at 2694 4033.

We are happy to carry it if there are customers that would like it - either by special order OR carry it on the shelf regularly.

And get this! You have the choice of having the cow milked during the day or night!!! Why?

Because if you like to drink milk at night to RELAX YOU then the night milking provides more relaxing hormones (melatonin) to help you relax.

Just let us know your preference! We are here to serve but need to be told what our customers desire. Because we can't read your mind!

Thank you in advance!

Gluten-Free Bonanza of products!
Come check out all our new products -- these and more!
Open 10-5 pm Monday through Saturday.
Pura Vida!

Got ham and chocolate for Thanksgiving? We do!
Come and get it. Our new 2nd frig is here and soon to be filled with many more imported yummies. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

[11/20/19]   Please LET-US serve you!

Would you like fresh ORGANIC LETTUCES 2 or more times per week? If so, email us at [email protected] and LET-US know what type you would like -- The selection is:
Lettuce (iceberg, leaf, romaine, butter, sementel, lalorosa, arugula), swiss chard, cilantro, green onions -- all organic of course!

So LET-US hear your desires! By email or call us at 2694 4033. We are open 10-5 pm Monday - Saturday.

[11/19/19]   Services we offer:

PRE-ORDERS: Order your organic veggies each week by Thursday at 5 pm, they are harvested on Sunday and you pick up Monday starting at 10 am

BULK ORDERS: Save $! Order the products you love the most in bulk and pay 10% over wholesale! Examples: Case of organic olive oil, case of rice milk etc. Save $$$$.

SPECIAL ORDERS: If we don't have it, we'll try to get it for you! We'll locate the vendor, tell you the price and order for you on our next order with that vendor.

Thank you for your support during our transition phase....

Phew! Busy day. Lots of PRE ORDERED ORGANIC VEGGIES out of the door today. We still have lots left if you want to come and check us out. Also, a box of some FREE tangerines as well. Open 10 - 5 pm monday - saturday.....Please stop in or give us a call -- 2694 4033.

Pre orders for ORGANIC produce due today by 5 pm to [email protected]. Pick up will be Monday at 10 am. If you need any ORGANIC produce NOW, stop by - we still have some in stock. Store opens at 10 am. Feel free to call us or just drop on in. We'd love to see your face! :)- 2694 4033

Just arrived! Fresh, homemade chocolates by Helena! Yum!

Just arrived in stock! 100% pure coconut oil in huge jugs but also available in smaller containers as well!

Lots of fresh organic produce available if you want it!

La Farmacia Organica's cover photo

Organic coffee back in stock!

LFO Update: Freezer is now back in action. Yum!

50% off everything you see here. Nuts, seeds, rice, incense, dried fruit, flax meal, CHOCOLATE, greeting cards and some great looking bananas! While supplies last. Come visit us! Open Monday - Saturday 10:00 am to 5 pm! Thanks for your support during these growing times.

[11/01/19]   LFO Update: 2 for 1 Clearance on SELECTED ITEMS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST -- nuts, seeds, flax meal, chocolate, incense and greeting cards (greeting cards are 2 for 1000 colones).
Roof is now fixed and you'll see a big change if you stop in! Clearance sale starts tomorrow (Friday), Saturday and Monday. Store hours are 10 am - 5 pm Monday-Saturday. Phone is now working! 2694 4033. We have lots of ideas and work to do. Thanks for your patience and support as we move forward.


Call store to make sure still available. Hoping restaurant will take alot -- we have 2 full crates!

Also, have organic whole chickens that just arrived today. And lots of extra organic produce that just arrived today.

Also, our phone is now working! 2694 4033

Thanks for your patience during our construction time!

[10/14/19]   LFO Update: Organic veggies picked yesterday (Sunday) are available for pickup TODAY (Monday) starting at 9 am. How's that for freshness? So whether you placed a special order OR would like to browse and see what 'extra' fresh veggies/fruits we just got in, please come visit us today (Monday) starting at 9 am for the best selection possible!

[09/19/19]   LFO update: Store still under construction! But the process is moving along and getting prettier every day.

Phones are still down and haven't been hooked up in new location yet. Sorry! We expect phone number to be same as prior to the move. Best way to reach us is as [email protected].

Altho the store is still under remodeling process and our phones haven't been hooked up yet, we are taking your veggie orders for pick up on TUESDAYS. Veggie orders are due to us at email above by THURSDAY 5 PM.

Thank you for your patience during this remodel process. We are truly working as fast as we can! Pura Vida!

[09/15/19]   LFO update: We need to put one more coat of paint on floor tomorrow/Monday. We are still on schedule to see everyone for veggie pickups Tuesday starting ata 10 am. Thank you for your patience!

[09/12/19]   LFO update: The store will be closed tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday Sept 13 and 14 for FLOOR PAINTING. The store will reopen on Tuesday for your veggie pickups! Thanks for your patience! And if you haven't gotten in your veggie order yet, you better get it in NOW as the deadline is NOW. Email your order to [email protected]. Thank you!

[09/12/19]   LFO update! Although our new store behind the gym is still under construction (please pardon our dust!), we are continuing with our weekly organic produce orders!

To get your next order of veggies/fruit for pick up on Tuesday, September 17, we need to get your emailed veggie order to us by tomorrow, Thursday, by 5 pm!

Please email us your veggie order at [email protected]. Thank you!

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