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Wonderful Healing


One to watch - everything is possible
When we recommend a client to a "friend of wonderful healing" we like to know they understand the journey. That is why we recommend Eddie Souza - you may like to see his journey to better health and fitness
If this rings true for you, please give yourself and those you love (conditionally of course) a break, find your passion and who you truly are. You are fabulous.
This applies to men as well as women.
Massage anyone? Thank you to all my customers in 2018. Look forward to serving you on your journey to well being in 2019. We reopen 9:30am on 3rd January 2019. Happy New Year.
If you are a client of mine, you may recognise this technique :) Monk Magic at Wonderful Healing
Happy All Hallowes Eve!
Please take a few minutes to watch this, take note and then make the change

Making time for yourself can be challenging. Dr Cathy Faye provides you with a complete environment of rest & relaxation. 48 hour cancellation policy applies. See Services for prices & information. www.wonderfulhealing.co.uk

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CS O Sullivan - File Éireannach - Irish poet.

Though we may glow differently,
we all shine.

Shine on my friends.

Cornelius Simon.

I received a great reminder today.
A path to peace.

Mum had a lot of problems. She did not sleep and she felt exhausted. She was irritable, grumpy, and bitter. She was always sick, until one day, suddenly, she changed.
The situation was the same, but she was different.
One day my dad said to her:
- I've been looking for a job for three months and I haven't found anything, I'm going to have a few beers with friends.
Mum replied:
- It's okay.
My brother said to her:
- Mum, I'm doing poorly in all subjects at the University ...
Mum replied:
- Okay, you will recover, and if you don't, well, you repeat the course next year, but you pay the tuition.
My sister said to her:
- Mum, I hit the car.
Mum replied:
- Okay daughter, take it to the workshop, find how to pay and while they fix it, get around by bus or train.
Her daughter-in-law said to her:
- Mother-in-law, I come to spend a few months with you.
Mum replied:
- Okay, settle in the living room settee and look for some blankets in the closet.
All of us at my mum's house gathered worried to see these reactions.
We suspected that she had gone to the doctor and that she was prescribe some pills of "I don't give a damn about 1000 mg."
She would probably also be ingesting an overdose.
We then proposed to do an "intervention" to my mother to remove her from any possible addiction she had towards some anti-tantrum medication.
But what was not the surprise, when we all gathered around her and mum explained:
"It took me a long time to realise that each person is responsible for their life, it took me years to discover that my anguish, my mortification, my depression, my courage, my insomnia and my stress, did not solve their problems but aggravated mine.
I am not responsible for the actions of others, but I am responsible for the reactions I express to that.
Therefore, I came to the conclusion that my duty to myself is to remain calm and let each one solve what corresponds to them.
I have taken courses in yoga, meditation, miracles, human development, mental hygiene, vibration and neurolinguistic programming, metaphysics and in all of them, I found a common denominator: finally they all lead to the same point.
And, it is that I can only help myself, and interfere with others. You have all the necessary resources to solve your own lives. I may not know your lives purpose, or what your “problems and dramas” may lead you to discover.
I can only give you my advice, if you ask me and it depends on YOU to follow it or not.
So, from now on, I cease to be: the receptacle of your responsibilities, the sack of your guilt, the laundress of your remorse, the advocate of your faults, the wall of your lamentations, the depositary of your duties, who should solve your problems or use my energy every time to fulfill your responsibilities.
From now on, I declare all independent and self-sufficient adults.
Everyone at my Mum's house was speechless.
From that day on, the family began to function better, because everyone in the house knows exactly what it is that they need to do.

Fear holds us back – it prevents us from becoming the people we were meant to be. The key to freeing ourselves from fear is – knowledge, since “knowledge of the right kind dispels fear.” If we have the right kind of knowledge, we can change our mental outlook – from one of fear – to one of fearlessness. We can also combat fear by improving our karma by helping others. Another key to rising above fear is detaching from the limitations of our ever-changing environment. This does not necessarily mean physically leaving our environment – since we may be needed there in service – but rather that we should strive not to let environment have a negative effect on our state of mind. Note that fearlessness should never be confused with foolishness – there is nothing fearful about taking due care or necessary precautions. Bravery could in fact hardly be more different from foolishness – being, as it is, a key step on the path to wisdom.

Stacking or Progressive Overloading for the Mind.

Have you ever had one of those days when things don’t go to plan? It may be that you couldn’t find your keys and you're already running late, can't find the kids school shoes, the boiler didn't have enough water pressure to provide hot water for your shower, your delivery didn’t turn up on time and you had to deal with red-tape that doesn’t benefit anyone.
It feels like your every waking moment is equivalent to weight lifting in the gym, just keep piling on the weights until something just collapses.
These minor incidents, just stack up, one after the other, known as stacking, or progressive overload, many are "first World problems" like intermittent Wi-Fi in the middle of your Zoom call meeting. Everyone is still alive, the world is turning 🌎 and our families are safe, but we are left feeling disproportionately frustrated and irritated.

On their own, these things seem small, but there is an affect called "stacking" . Stacking is when we have a collection of small things that on their own seem minor, but because they have happened one after another, they seem to build up a wall of frustration. Then another small thing happens and boom 💥. We blow our top or feel deflated.

Good news! Stacking also works for positive experiences too. We can have good things that happen: Just catching the bus 🚌 on time, someone holding the door open for us, finding our keys🔑 straight away, the cat deciding he does live with me, and not the neighbour after all, all the traffic lights being green.
So, why don’t we recognise these things straight away? This is because our brain is educated to survive and to see the problems first. This is due to our basic survival instinct is, to just keep pushing through. Our subconscious mind checks for danger all the time, so any fearful experience, even from inside the womb, or that first day at school, that sparks the amygdala, fight flight or freeze, and that trigger response, causes that to be stored in the brain, then we just get used to reacting and thinking in a fearful way. That fear becomes the default, so any new perceived threat, or "disaster" just adds to the high adrenaline, cortisol and raised blood pressure, we now has as a default.

So, how do we stop the build up?
With positive stacking.
What is positive stacking? Just before you get up or when you are going to sleep, think of a positive experience, in fact any time you begin to notice the stacking effect, take a breath, recalibrate your mind and body in that moment, by just stopping, b r e a t h e, be in that moment. Then recall a pleasant experience. Where were you, what did it look like, smell like, what were the sounds there, was anyone else there, how did YOU feel?
It doesn’t have to be something that happened today, it can be any event in the past. Your child’s laugh, your wedding day, a success at home or work, or seeing your kids go to school, (Clyde the Cat finally coming home and curling up and snoozing at my feet!). Just remembering the good things after a stressful day, can level out the "stack" and bring us back into balance and homeostasis. If you can't recall a positive past experience, what is your dream for the future, fill in the sensual experience there too. (And the photo - your welcome, one for the positive "stack" )


Get the Elder Notebook for only £2 (usually £5).

Brilliant time to go scrumbaling (that's rambling and scrumping natures bounties) wishing you all an abundant weekend.

EATWEEDS.CO.UK/ELDER "The scope, scholarship, references and wonderful photographs make these notebooks a brilliant resource and a source of constant pleasure. Thank you." - Lynne Friedli

Beyond the level of the material is a Universe more real, which is eternal. A quantum field in which the spirit in me is One with the spirit in you, in which the spirit within us does not stay within the confines of the body.”
—Beyond the level of the material is a Universe more real, which is eternal. A quantum field in which the spirit in me is One with the spirit in you, in which the spirit within us does not stay within the confines of the body.”

—Marianne Williamson

The Hive Mind.

We can learn a lot from watching ants and bees, living in community and working for the greater good.

When we see ants and bees out in the world, we often see just one, but this belies the reality of their situation. More than any other species, ants and bees function as parts of a whole. They cannot and do not survive as individuals; they survive as members of a group, and the group's survival is the implicit goal of each individual's life. There is no concept of life outside the group, so even to use the word individual is somewhat misleading. Often, humans, on the other hand, strongly value individuality and often negatively associate ants and bees with a lack of independence. And yet, if we look closer at these amazing creatures, we can learn valuable lessons about how much we can achieve when we band together with others to work for a higher purpose.


EBTG - We walk the same line


Upload mp3s @ http://www.mp32tube.com Everything but the girl - We walk the same line


The Full Corn Moon

starwalk.space The Full Corn Moon will adorn the sky on Wednesday, September 2. Enjoy the last Full Moon of this northern summer!

I'm sure you're feeling the energy of discord that is really strong in the world right now.

It’s a tough time - for a lot of reasons.

And that’s why, more than ever, we need YOU to focus on courage, love, hope, peace, and possibility.

In a moment’s time, you can shift your energy into these places. Try this now for 60 seconds (don’t skip it):

Tapping Script
Tapping on the karate chop point (side of the hand) repeat after me, either in your mind our out loud...

“Even though there’s so much discord in the world right now, I choose to feel courage.”

Two more times on the side of the hand...

“Even though the world feels so overwhelming, I choose to feel love in my body.”

“Even though I’m holding onto so much stress and anxiety, it’s safe to relax and feel safe now.”

Then tap through the rest of the points, simply tuning in to the energy of each of these words...

Eyebrow: Courage
Side of Eye: Hope
Under Eye: Peace
Under Nose: Love
Under Mouth: Courage
Collarbone: Hope
Under Arm: Peace
Top of Head: Love

Take a gentle breath in…and let it go. One round of Tapping, and now you’ve tuned your energy field to these positive emotions. Now you feel just a little bit better AND now the WORLD feels just a little bit better.

You’ve heard it time and again but… “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.” That’s why we need your positive energy more than ever. :)

[08/30/20]   The quality of time in September is still marked by the strong tension between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. The tenacious struggle for solutions will continue. However, the mood changes noticeably in the course of the month, as Mars turns retrograde and Jupiter and Saturn turn direct.

At the start of the month, there is an opportunity to sort a few things out. Concurrent with the Pisces Full Moon on September 2, Saturn receives an opposition from Venus and a trine (2 bodies 120 degrees apart) from Mercury. The Sun forms a trine to Uranus and the Moon forms a wide conjunction ( two separate points in the solar system that unite and blend their energies together) with Neptune. During this time, feelings can be strong and personal needs can be great. However, instead of being swept away by emotions, you can use the opportunity to redefine what you really need. Try to consciously refrain from compensating actions or sidestepping tendencies and find out how you can find more inner harmony. Venus makes a square to Mars on September 4 and enters Leo on September 6. An inner radiance can then help you to find unexpected resonance in the world around you.

Many people are finding themselves increasingly frustrated by the current situation, constructed by the government's, frustration, invariably gives way to anger can easily become our go-to emotion; to remedy, start noticing when and why you get angry. This is because in our youth we were rarely allowed to express our feelings, or explore them and separate them out, to give them language. So frustration, becomes anger, not being allowed to cry, becomes anger, repression becomes anger, not being heard... you get the idea.

Sometimes when we feel anger, it is coming from a deep place that demands acknowledgment and expression. At these times, it is important that we find healthy ways to honour our anger, remembering how dangerous it is to repress it. However, anger can also become a habit, our go-to emotion whenever things go wrong. Often this is because, for whatever reason, we feel more comfortable expressing anger than we do other emotions, like sadness. Where we have not been given the opportunity to explore the range of emotions, "seen and not heard" or "sit down and be quiet" "go out of the room if you are going to take that attitude", none of these are healthy ways of dealing with our inner emotions. If we have had these feelings of hurt, disappointment, misunderstanding, frustration, diminished or quashed into anger, that may be the only option left in the tool box in order to feel we will be heard. So many of my clients tell me they don't like confrontation, yet they are always the most confrontational people I have met, their desire to avoid confrontation, brings their defenses to the fore, they are already on the attack before they even start a conversation, such is their desire to avoid a confrontation, yet they can never see that, they either go in all guns blazing, or can't speak up for themselves until they explode like a volcano, either way, they are not taken seriously. It can also be that getting angry gives us the impression that we've done something about our problem. In these cases, our habitual anger is inhibiting both our ability to express our other emotions and to take action in our lives.

If it's true that anger is functioning this way in your life, and I know in certain areas of mine it is, the first thing you might want to try is to notice when you get angry. You might begin to see a pattern of some kind. For example, you could notice that it is always your first response or that it comes up a lot in one particular situation. If the pattern doesn't become clear right away, you could try keeping a journal about when you get angry and see if you can find any underlying meaning. The good thing about keeping a journal is that you can explore your anger more deeply in it--from examining who in your family of origin expressed a lot of anger to how you feel when you encounter anger in others. This kind of awareness can be a formidable agent of transformation.

Anger can be a powerful ally, since it is filled with energy that we can harness and use to create change in the world. It is one of the most cathartic emotions, and it can also be a very effective cleanser of the emotional system. However, when it becomes a habit, it actually loses its power to transform and becomes an obstacle to growth. Identifying the role anger plays in your life and restoring it to its proper function can bring new energy and expressiveness to your emotional life. Expand and move your repertoire as the Universal Heavens expand and move.

If you have an enquiry, I will be available from Tuesday 1st September 2020 thank you for your custom.

[08/22/20]   ❤️
🤔 Some people don’t agree with the 'reopening'.... that’s okay - Be kind.
🏡 Some people are still planning to stay home.... that’s okay - Be kind.
😯 Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening....that’s okay - Be kind.
🛒 Some are sighing with relief that they can go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes....that’s okay - Be kind.
🙏 Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery, medical or dental treatment that had been postponed indefinitely...that’s okay - Be kind.
👩‍💻 Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job....that’s okay - Be kind.
😷 Some will wear masks for weeks....
- Be kind.
💅🏃‍♀️ Some people will rush out to get their hair or nails, eyelashes, waxing or tattoos done....that’s okay - Be kind.
❤️ The point is we can have different opinions, feelings and fears and that’s okay - Be kind.
We each have a different story so
If you need to stay home, stay home - Be kind .
If you need to go out just respect others and keep your distance when in public - Be kind!
Don’t judge others because you are not in their story. We all are in different mental and emotional spaces than we were just a few short months ago and we are trying to adjust the restrictions, so remember - Be open minded, think through what is being asked of you, educate yourself on how your body works, how the earth, air, water and sky interact with your body, and please be kind, to yourself, then you will be more able to be kind to others.
I am taking a break for a week. For emergencies, please text. Thank you for your custom.

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