Wild Fizz Kombucha

Wild Fizz Kombucha is a fermented probiotic tea made with love and with the help of good bacteria & yeast. Help your gut & love yourself- drink Kombucha.

Operating as usual

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all safe & well.
We've got some super sad news unfortunately.

Due to the loss of sales through Covid-19 we have to cease production at our brewery indefinitely which means that we wont be able to fulfil your next order and we don't know if/when we will be able to in the future.

No one will be charged for any Kombucha they haven't received though, so please do not worry about this.
Once we know more, we will get back in touch as soon as we have an update for you.

It's been a hard few months trying to navigate these strange times and we've had to come to this very hard decision in order to breath, regroup and see what the economy will look like when the smoke has cleared.

What we do know is that it will be a different world when this is all over, and we hope that it will be a more beautiful, kinder, gentler and more in tune with nature kind of place.

Thank you so much for coming with us on this trip.
We hope you are all safe and well.

Big love

Gina and Luke

Thank you all for staying at home and staying safe!

As thanks we are now offering everyone 10% discount on all our Wild Fizziness from now!

Just go to our website, order and the discount is automatically added at the end.

Big love
Gina ###

What to do when you've bought too much red cabbage and not sure what to do...

Get your hubby to make some pickles!

We are gonna add this to our homemade falafel wraps this evening - something to look forward to when your days blend into one.

If you'd like the recipe go to our latest blogpost

WE WILL DELIVER! No matter where you are!


What are you doing today?

We're gonna spend it on our little allotment, trying to get things to grow. Well, we can't be in the brewery all the time and we need some sunlight on our skin.

Last year was mildly successful, but this year we have a plan. Luckily gardening counts as exercise so we can do it to our hearts content.

Whatever space you have; a garden, allotment, balcony or window box you can grow things.

Planting and watching things grow is not only a lovely thing to do with your loved ones, but also great for your body and soul. Contact with soil has a calming effect and can even reduce mild depression symptoms.

Start with something easy, like tomatoes or peas and you won't be disappointed.


What do you bring with you on your once - daily exercise?

A bar of chocolate? A roll of toilet paper? A handy can of Wild Fizz?

We know what our pockets are stuffed with.

Never go without, you need it more than you need toilet paper....

Don't despair!

We are still here for you!

Wherever you are in the country, order and we'll cycle, drive, swim or donkey our booch to your door- so you have one less thing to worry about.

Go online and order now to get some new booch next week.

Hey Tuesday people 😊

Being stuck at home sucks, but it's for a good cause. 🥂

You can still order us online though- hopefully that'll make your day a little better?

Order today and we'll give you a discount code if you tag a friend who needs kombucha in their lives. Get tagging! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️



Hope you are all holding up OK.

Did you know that according to the latest scientific research, the human microbiome starts to develop in the womb and continues to change for 3 years after birth.

It seems that many microorganisms migrate from the mother to the child in utero and stay with us all our lives.

That's why the mothers health is so important.

Eating varied, healthy and organic is so vital, to keep you and your baby happy.
And once baby is born, if you didn't want to eat fermented foods during pregnancy, get cracking! Kombucha, Saurkraut and Kimchi.

Did you know you can buy our booch online?


Hello Sunday,

Following up on my post yesterday, here are some more Q & A's from me.

Q: How should it make me feel?

A: Our Kombucha is made with green Sencha tea – so you should get a gentle energised feeling. The live cultures in our booch will also contribute to a pep in your step. Each bottle has its own unique flavour and each one will make you feeling pleasantly different.

Q: Why is there sugar in Kombucha? (This is a question I get asked a lot!)

A: The Kombucha making process requires sugar to feed our S.C.O.B.Y. (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria & Yeast) and get the batch going. Without that sugar we wouldn’t receive all those great probiotics. No sugar- No booch.

Any sugar in our booch is residual. No sugar would mean vinegar, and we don’t want to use sweeteners like Stevia, Xylitol, or Erythritol.
So watch out for booch that claims sugar free- what have they added in to make it drinkable?
People with digestive issues can be very sensitive to sweeteners and need to watch out.

Q: Why organic?

A: We believe going organic is the most vital piece of our Kombucha mission. To keep Wild Fizz at the highest of standards, we need to make sure our drinks are the most nutrient dense they can be, and must have the least amount of negative impact on our environment as possible.

Organic fruits and vegetables means no chemicals keeping your system from working at its optimum level, while no chemicals means these plants are loaded with potent vitamins and nutrients instead of stripped of their natural goodness.

Organic means no pesticides, no nutrient depletion and no wildlife being harmed by chemical exposure. We are dedicated to supporting your health and the environment!

Q: What does raw mean?

A: Raw means it hasn’t been pasteurised. Pasteurisation is when a liquid or food is heated to a point where bacteria is killed. By omitting this process, our Kombucha is full of live cultures - we keep all the good bacteria!

Hope that's been enlightening, if you have any other questions, get in touch!

Oh, and please buy some booch! Good for your gut, good for you and good for us! :)

Big love

Today is Friday.
It's weird thinking it's about to be the weekend, when most people have already been home for a week.
Days kind of blend into each other, long, hazy and strange.
During these times, it's important to strengthen your connections with friends, family, pets and books.

Use these days to hug your children or partner, chat to them, connect with them – feeling like you belong boosts your Oxytocin levels - a hormone that bonds people and also has a calming effect on your body.

Remember that we are all human and deserve love and deep, real connection- so call that old relative, facetime a long lost friend, shout a hello out the window to a neighbour you haven't spoken to before.

If you're feeling very kind of spirit maybe even send a care package to someone, nothing says I love and miss you like a box of Kombucha, at least not in my family.


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Buy the best kombucha brewed in the UK | Wild Fizz Kombucha

We are still delivering to peoples homes, so if you are in lockdown mode, in need of some gut loving booch and don't know what to do- we're here to help. Go to our website www.wildfizzkombucha.com and get yours now.
You'll also be helping a small business out. :)


Wild Fizz Kombucha's cover photo

Morning everyone,

Being stuck at home it's important to savour the small moments: Even during lockdown you still have tiny wonders to be happy about. The first sip of booch in the morning, the heat of a warm shower, the hug of a loved one.

When you allow yourself to take in these moments, rather then let them rush by, you are giving yourself a chance to process the pleasure, which boosts your happiness hormone, Serotonin – the feel good neurotransmitter that allows you to feel calmer and more content.

In these strange times please take time, listen, feel and love.

Gina x

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Heya as it stands we’re still delivering nationwide from our website and through our wholesalers. While many may not view kombucha as essential we’ve been cheered by our customers who’ve reached to say that wild fizz is essential to them feeling good on the inside and out.

If you’re an indie cafe/restaurant switching to a delivery mode please reach out as we’d love to help you out. You can still pick us up from most of our wholesalers too.

Stay home and safe everyone.

Gina and Luke


Strawberries are high in vitamin C, a vitamin that might boost libido... just sayin'⁠

#wildfizzkombucha #newflavour #sexytimes

Do not disturb

Long live WEDNESDAY party if all you have is a WILD FIZZ BLOOD ORANGE to keep you vitamin C levels up. ⁠

It's Friday. That means booch time, all the time.

Skinny dipping in the freezing cold⁠

#wildfizzkombucha #wildfizz

It's St Patricks Day and we are all self isolating.

We thought of a way of making it slightly better by giving you all a 10% discount today only.
Buy before midday today and use the code LOVEANDBOOCH10 to get your hands on some organic probiotic awesomeness to make you feel better.

We love you. Be safe. Drink booch.

Didn't feel like cereal. ⁠


personal R&R
do not disturb

Nothing rekindles summer memories quite like a WILD FIZZ KOMBUCHAwhilst looking at this photo in front of your computer at work.....

Did someone say Strawberry & Rhubarb? ⁠

Yes, we do that flavour now too. Get yours now love...

Guys, it's time... for #NutritionandHydrationWeek of course!

Time to ditch those empty calories for some delicious, nutritious snacks.

We've joined forces with Cru8 and are giving away
1 x sample case of our AH-MAZE-ING booch
3 x Cru8 Kale Crisps
2 x Cru8 PALEO breads (your choice of any Cru8 sweet or savoury PALEO breads).

All you gotta do peeps is:

1.Go to our Insta

2. Like the Post

3.Follow us... obvs.
@cru8foods and @wildfizzkombucha

4.Tag a friend that need us in their lives

*T&Cs on Insta

Did you know that if you order a case of Wild Fizz before noon today you get it the next day?*⁠

*puppies not included

Drinking WILD FIZZ KOMBUCHA everyday can make you poop better due to the high amount of probiotics.⁠

Buy yours at www.wildfizzkombucha.com


Magical remover of hangovers is a click away. Don't be shy. Go to www.wildfizzkombucha.com and buy your fix today. xx

It’s cold and wet and windy and wonderful! Proper British weather!!

We’ve made new flavours to celebrate the best of our lovely little isle. First up is a delicious, light and crisp APPLE & ELDERFLOWER KOMBUCHA!

Launched across London in all @wholefoodsuk and @planetorganic and coming to all other stockists ASAP!

Big love and stay safe out there,

Gina + Luke x

Happy New Year to all of our Wild Fizzers out there when it comes.

Thanks for your support over the years and here’s to a fizz-tastic 2020 🥂

#wildfizzkombucha #2020 #newyear

Wild Fizz Kombucha can do a lot for you.
Sorry about the rest.
Swipe ➡️ ➡️ ➡️

#wildfizzkombucha #kombucha

Yes, he does.

And if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us. 🎅🏽

#wildfizzkombucha #merrychristmas

You’re sleigh-in’ it 💁🏻‍♀️



We make hand crafted, low sugar, organic delicious Kombucha in North London. Founded by Gina after she discovered that Kombucha could sooth her IBS, Wild Fizz was born.

Together with her partner and co-founder Luke, they run a brewery, are raising a baby and living life on a boat. It’s pretty good to be honest, as good as the cultures in our booch.

We are a family run business that want to spread the booch love far and wide. Join us!

Visit www.wildfizzkombucha.com and find out more.

Want your business to be the top-listed Clinic in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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