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LEARN, PRACTICE, USE - Our first Ultrasound study day proved to be a great success, hopefully we will repeat the experience after the summer holidays (all present gave consent to be photographed and for picture to be shared on our website)
SONDER TRURO NOW OFFERING 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL FOOD AND DRINK FOR NHS EMPLOYEES PRODUCING A VALID ID. A chance to take part in an experiment into the spread of a hypothetical deadly flu
Hi Rob Taylor. Are there any planned CPD EVENTS/training? I recently went to one in Exeter put on by the doctors at RD & E ED department for SWAST. It was really well attended and a really good evening.

Up-to-date links and news from your emergency room colleagues

New Year, New Tetanus • St Emlyn's

Really good update from the Manchester crew! Update to tetanus prophylaxis guidelines in 2018. More emphasis on repeat boosters in adults. Change to high risk and tetanus prone criteria.

RCEMLearning Induction book 2 by RCEM, Learning on iBooks

Excellent resources from RCEMLearning Blogs Read a free sample or buy RCEMLearning Induction book 2 by RCEM, Learning. You can read this book with iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Haven’t read the full paper but the abstract is interesting.

Probably should be referring to HIGH and LOW potassium , rather than HYPER and HYPO kalaemia!


Editor's note: Have you ever wondered that you might be in some sort of weird game in the ED? The thought that perhaps we are are players in a strange, complex and seemingly uncontrollable system of rules, outputs, scores and results (none of which are actually that clear to be honest). Well maybe you're right. In this post on game theory, Craig Ferguson explores why managing the ED might well be a game, but one in which the rules are far more complex than they might first appear. [ 1,694 more word ]


2017 Literature Review

Mersey Burns

As discussed at today's tackling trauma meeting. The Mersey Burns app is an excellent resource.

Understanding Elevated Lactate

Useful learning from

Top Tips for ED working

NHS Jobs - Clinical Fellow in Emergency Medicine

Excellent Opportunities For EM Clinical Fellows in Cornwall Location: Truro, Salary: £30,605 to £48,123 pa

Catalogue of Bias - Catalog of Bias

Door to Furosemide (D2F) in Acute CHF…Really? - R.E.B.E.L. EM - Emergency Medicine Blog The REALITY-AHF trial had the primary goal of evaluating the association of door to furosemide time in the treatment of AHF & clinical outcomes

Disrobing the Trauma Patient

When receiving the patient with potential major trauma, a well-rehearsed, standardised way of preparing them for assessment is required. Taking a stepwise approach to Trauma Team tasks is slow and wasteful: the Trauma Team should perform tasks concurrently (in parallel) in order to be efficient and effective.
Once the patient's clothing has been removed safely and swiftly, the team can perform these 4 essential tasks concurrently and be ready to move to the CT scanner or operating theatre within 10-15 minutes of patient arrival:
Primary Survey assessment,
IV access and blood sampling,
non-invasive monitoring,
chest and pelvic x-rays (if indicated).
This video demonstrates the Royal Cornwall ED "disrobing procedure" (a.k.a. the "kit off" procedure). We are aware that the video needs a little more polish but it is an accurate demonstration of the team roles in the first 2-3minutes after patient arrival. Please watch it carefully and imagine yourself in the place of one of the team members: what are your movements, what are you anticipating to happen next, where would you find the equipment you are using? You are aiming to be able to do your tasks with the minimum of movement or talking. Alongside the video, the laminated role-specific pre-arrival checklists (labelled Doctor 1/2, Nurse 1/2, etc.) should be read so that you understand your role in detail. We will be having brief daily practice sessions starting 13th November and will be looking to find the team who can do this the best!

When receiving the patient with potential major trauma, a well-rehearsed, standardised way of preparing them for assessment is required. Taking a stepwise ap...


This week we have released the first e-book from the St.Emlyn's team. You can get the book in two different formats. Download the book from iTunes by clicking on this link Download the book in pdf format from Research Gate using this link. Why have we done this? Like many bloggers in the #FOAMed world we have found that content naturally falls into themes. [ 831 more words ]

X-ray interpretation

Don’t forget the bubbles” is a new paediatric conference held in Oz with a strong EM flavour. Check out their x-ray revision guides: something for everyone – do you know your Insall-Salvatti index?
And some great quick-reference notes: how long does a child with hand-foot-and-mouth need to stay off school? How many airline flights does a head CT equal? Ankle x-rays Knee x-rays Elbow x-rays (and CRITOE) Facial bone x-rays Mandible x-rays

The Myth of Error-Free |

Powerful and thought provoking. All Updates The Myth of Error-Free August 24, 2017 Cliff 4 Comments This guest post from a fellow retrieval clinician contains a powerful message for us all. We have a responsibility to recognise the inevitability of clinician error, and to develop systems within our organisations to support those i...

Podcast Topics – The Resus Room

The resus room October paper review is worth a listen. Topics include USS in fluid resuscitation, hyperoxia in ACS and distractions in resus.

Give patients realistic expectations post head injury.

Celebrating 50 years of Emergency Medicine. Thank you to Mr Jonathan Wyatt for a fantastic presentation on the history of EM. Also great to see Mr Paul Howarth, another EM hero! #EM50

The YEARS Study - Simplified Diagnostic Approach to PE - R.E.B.E.L. EM - Emergency Medicine Blog The YEARS study aims to present a simplified algorithm for evaluation with a two-tiered D-dimer threshold to reduce the numbers of CTPA in all age groups

Is Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) Really Not a Thing? - R.E.B.E.L. EM - Emergency Medicine Blog

Another article from Rebel EM. Do we really need to worry about contrast and kidneys? Use of IV contrast can help increase visualization of pathology, however many patients do not get IV contrast due to fear of contrast induced nephropathy.

Is Too Much Supplemental O2 Harmful in COPD Exacerbations? - R.E.B.E.L. EM - Emergency Medicine Blog

An excellent review of pulmonary physiology. Do we really need to be careful with supplemental O2 in COPD patients? Does hyperoxia suppress a COPD patient’s respiratory drive? Does it cause V/Q mismatching? Does it change the chemistry of the patient’s blood through the Haldane effect?

The use of IO needle in extradural haematoma.

Can you “over-reach” your care? #WILTW This is the 175th #WILTW The concept of ‘in-reach’ is an inflammatory nidus of debate between hospital teams. If a patient is admitted from an Emergency Department, but no ward bed is a…

Welcome to SKI-ED

An excellent conference for anyone with an interest in Emergency Medicine (and skiing....or at least apres-ski) The SKIED conference is for Emergency Medicine doctors, to promote sustainability, knowledge and inspiration for doctors working in the Emergency Department. SKIEDconference 2017 will take place at Chalet hotel St Christoph, Austria. Book for SKIED on the website.

Final Film 13 March

This is "Final Film 13 March" by Clinical Media Centre on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Should You Prescribe Oral Thiamine for Chronic Alcoholics? - R.E.B.E.L. EM - Emergency Medicine Blog Should You Prescribe Oral Thiamine for Chronic Alcoholics?


1 1 2 3 4 [ 1,518 more word ]

The Star Wars guide to decision making #WILTW

Using the force in EM. A brief look at bias, heuristics and gestalt. Why you should "go with your gut". This is the 173rd #WILTW I suspect the following rings true for many in medicine. It inspired this movie related response… … which then spawned an inevitable flurry of similar Star Wars…

The Area Under The Suffering Curve |

An excellent reflective piece by Cliff Reid.

Would you choose adenosine? Comparing adenosine to calcium channel blockers in the management of SVT

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