Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy

Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy


What a fabulous recent weekend of training on Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift with Tamsin. This lady is amazing, so knowledgeable, kind and generous with her experiences to guide us easily through the training. I would highly recommend Tamsin as a trainer.

Tamsin Came to see me yesterday to help me resolve some underlying and unknown ‘stuff’, which we all have! 🙄

Not being able to leave a review on FB, I’m posting here my full recommendation.

Kind, caring, safe and amazing professional knowledge and skill.

Tamsin’s pure and genuine desire and capability to help heal is second to none.

Connecting and touching the very essence of who you are with her humble but vast skill, patience and love was simply moving and a most positive and beneficial experience.

Whole heartedly and securely assisting with releasing blocks and enabling forward momentum, but very importantly leaving you peaceful and uplifted was wonderful.

There is so much more benefit from Tamsin’s work, but rather than take up the entire FB network, may I simply suggest, give her a call, make the first step into the new you, and allow yourself the opportunity to grow in ways you never thought possible...

Thank you Tamsin 🙏💖🌟✨💫
Congrats to all these awesome people who completed the UKHA past life course at the weekend. Assisted by UK Hypnosis Academy Change Now Hypnosis Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy Cornwall Hypnosis Andrew Latto Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy service specialising in trauma recovery, anxiety, fears and phobias.

Operating as usual


Proud to receive my "EMDR with Hypnosis" certificate from the John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy. Thank you John for running such a lovely course at the weekend. How fabulous to be on a face to face training course again after two years of online work! It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet other therapists. Thank you all for a great time. 😊

Icarus Online 02/07/2021

Icarus Online

It's never too late for Therapy!

I work as a volunteer trauma recovery specialist therapist for the Veteran's charity Icarus, who specialise in supporting Forces and Emergency Services personnel when they are facing mental health challenges.

Recently I have had the honour and privilege to work with an 80 year old ex Royal Marine and have helped him to clear PTSD / traumatic memories, some of which he had been carrying within him for 60+ years! Here is the kind testimonial he wrote after our sessions:

"This is to highly recommend Tamsin's fine work on myself and my problems.

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. Her work is outstanding. I am very impressed.

Kind regards, [Ex Royal Marine]"

I spoke with him today to obtain his permission for this post, which he kindly gave in the hope that it will help others, and during the conversation he told me that "My brother was very worried about me for a very long time, but now he has noticed an enormous change in me since our sessions. I felt like I'd fallen off the end of the world and su***de was a real consideration, but now I regard myself as cured of PTSD thanks to you."

The purpose of this post is to highlight the life changing importance of the work of charities such as Icarus in supporting our Veterans. As a former member of the Emergency Services I know only too well the pressures of front line work, so I am very grateful for the opportunity to support others in this way.

Icarus supports serving Military, Veterans, Uniformed Services and their families. If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from such support, please don't hesitate to contact Icarus for an immediate assessment. We believe in getting help for you fast, not putting you on a long waiting list!


Icarus Online IMMEDIATE CARE, ASSESSMENT & REHABILITATION FOR UNIFORMED SERVICES Military, Veterans, Uniformed Services and their families


BBC Radio Leeds interview: Support for our NHS, Emergency Services & Military.

Here is an interview on BBC Radio Leeds for our Therapy & Support for Frontline NHS & Emergency Services facebook group. If you are a Frontline keyworker, or you know someone who is, please click on and share the link below to access immediate support from Therapists like myself who have also served on the Frontline. This free support group gives you rapid techniques for reducing stress and anxiety and helping you sleep.

For NHS, Emergency Services and Military Frontline staff who are working to tackle the Covid crisis:



My 12 year old son said to me last night:

"It is as though Panic is contagious just like a virus! And all these people that are panicking - will their panic help them if they do end up getting the virus? No! In fact, it will surely compromise their immune systems' ability to fight the virus due to the stress their panic is placing on their minds and bodies?"

I replied: "That is extremely insightful of you son. However, when people are scared they panic. Perhaps they don't know how to stop themselves panicking, even if they recognise on a rational level that it is not helping themselves or anyone else, and is in fact worsening their chances of successfully fighting off a virus?"

He was thoughtful for a moment and then said: "But therapists like you know how to help people become free from panic, don't they?"

"Yes son, we do. But we need people to understand that this is actually possible and that there really are kind-hearted and skilled therapists in this world who really can remove feelings of fear, anxiety and panic for others, and what's more, that we can do so quickly!"

"So why aren't you letting them know this, Mum?"

"Good point son!"

....... if anyone reading this feels that, despite their very best efforts, their anxiety over corona virus has got out of control, I am willing to offer an online appointment to release those feelings of anxiety, stress and fear, giving your immune system the very best chance of being in tip top condition during the weeks ahead. All I ask in return is for a donation to the local hospice, so that both you and our community can benefit at the same time. Please private message me if you would like further details.

Be kind to you, be kind to others. 💛

Take care,


Proud Mum, Hypnotherapist & Believer in Community Spirit.

P.S The photo of one of my Bengal kittens is just to remind us all to appreciate the little things in life. 😊

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 06/03/2020

After an amazing couple of days teaching Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions in Leeds last weekend to a bunch of rather fabulous fellow human beans, followed by a busy week in my Hypnotherapy clinic, I'm ready for a wild night out on the town.... or maybe I'll just accept I'm not 21 anymore and curl up with my cat and fall asleep! 😂


It's a wrap! 😀

Congratulations to all our lovely students who have just completed the UK Hypnosis Academy Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions course this weekend here in Leeds. Thank you for being such a wonderful crowd - it's been an absolute pleasure working with you all. Please do let me know how you all get on utilising your new KS skills! 😀

Huge thanks to my colleagues Simon Patrick Jones and Marc Johnson - simply amazing to work with you both. 🌻

Wishing you all a safe journey home!


Interview the Trainers - Simon Patrick Jones and Tamsin Morgan. UK Hypnosis Academy Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions Course, 29th February/1st March 2020

The UK Hypnosis Academy is bringing Kinetic Shift training to LEEDS on 29th February!


To all fellow Therapists, Hypnotists, and those with an interest in learning rapid Hypnosis Inductions (beginners welcome!) please check out this video of my colleague Simon Patrick Jones and myself being interviewed by Jacquelyn Haley regarding our forthcoming Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift course in Leeds over the weekend of 29th February/1st March 2020. Simon Patrick Jones, Dr Marc Johnson and myself are all accredited trainers for the UK Hypnosis Academy and are passionate about delivering top quality hypnosis training for therapists all over the UK.

There is a special offer running until the 18th February giving a £50 discount! Here is the link: PayPal.Me/clinicalwellness/350

For general details about the course, Kinetic Shift, and options to attend one or both days, please visit:


Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 09/11/2019

A huge thank you to Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson for an extraordinary few days at Wizard School, learning more advanced hypnotherapy techniques from the best, amongst best friends!

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 03/11/2019

What a brilliant time we all had at the UK Hypnosis Academy Fire Walk last night! A huge thank you to Karl Smith, Dave Ash and the team from Wooden Roots Drum Circle for all their hard work in making this event a real fire cracker!

There's nothing like walking on hot coals to show you the power of your own mind and it's extraordinary ability to overcome fear and anxiety!


In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I did a spot of glass walking last night, proving that you can push beyond your fears and come out the other side with your feet and your humour intact! 💪😂

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 28/10/2019

Today we raised £206 for a Cystic Fibrosis charity with our Dominoes competition at our local Meet Up Monday group. Our special guest was the beautiful 8 year old Freya, who has Cystic Fibrosis. She had special permission to come out of school to meet us this morning and was so excited to count all the generous donations! You could tell it meant the world to her and her family. 💜 Freya even made it into the local paper to raise awareness of a new Cystic Fibrosis drug and the hope that this brings families affected by CF:

A big thank you to all our spirited and kind hearted attendees, to my fellow Snape Good Neighbour Scheme volunteers, and to the Golden Keys Pub for hosting this event and for putting up with us every Monday!

If you ever get a moment to support either a Meet Up Monday group or a Good Neighbour Scheme please do, it can mean everything to a lonely or incapacitated elderly person. You just help out when you can, anything from giving a lift to the dentist, to a bit of shopping, to having a chat and a cuppa. Let's not leave our wonderful elderly folks feeling isolated in our communities! 😊


Just got back from training in London with the brilliant Beryl Comar, adding Dave Elman certified Hypnotist and Hypnodontics Practitioner to my qualifications.

If you are afraid of having dental treatment, or if you have a needle or blood phobia (like I used to!) I can help you! Please comment here or PM me 🙂

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 04/09/2019

Just me and the Mountain. Bliss.

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 20/06/2019

Kyra (top therapy dog) and her puppies have been touring the local nursing home bringing great joy to residents and staff 😊


Many congratulations to the new Kinetic Shift Practitioners who attended my UK Hypnosis Academy Rapid Hypnosis Inductions and Kinetic Shift Practitioners course this weekend in Oxford with fellow trainer Matthew Long. What a fabulous bunch of people! A real pleasure and privilege to work with you and get to know you all, and to meet up with some returning students for their CPD.

Well done to Jayne Kingshott, Nicky Misso, Anthony Finnin, Nicola Reekie, Suzanne Pope, Jamie Davies, and our CPD students Françoise Gins and Andy Headdon.

How could anyone - Shaina Noll 09/05/2019

How could anyone - Shaina Noll

This is such a beautiful song! Very healing for the inner child! Please share with anyone who needs to know they are loved....


How could anyone - Shaina Noll Een ode aan alle (innerlijke) kinderen die met seksueel geweld te maken hebben (gehad). How could anyone van Shaina Noll.

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 01/05/2019

Back home again after 4 days of inspirational training with Dr. Stephen Gilligan (one of the few in the field who have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Milton Erickson). Dr. Gilligan has dedicated his life to developing Erickson's work and honing his own Generative Trance Model. Humanity can benefit greatly from this ocean of knowledge regarding the healing process.

Profound thanks are due to my good friend Dr. Mark Chambers for inviting me to join the course, and for his never ending generosity. Mark, you are a very special human bean.

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 24/04/2019

The UK Hypnosis Academy is coming to Oxford!

Would you like to become part of a team of certified Kinetic Shift Practitioners who are transforming the way therapists work, globally? My colleague Matt Long and I are excited to be offering a fun-filled weekend of teaching Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions on 01st and 2nd of June 2019 in the beautiful city of Oxford.

We are also teaching Rapid Hypnosis Inductions, so if you've ever been curious about how fast inductions work, or if you're already a Hypnotherapist but not feeling confident in the use of rapid inductions, then the first day of our course is for you! We will teach you a minimum of 8 rapid inductions and build your confidence throughout the day.

Kinetic Shift was originally developed to assist Armed Forces & Emergency Services personnel in overcoming PTSD. However, it can be applied to a wide range of presenting issues, from anxieties, phobias and fears, to weight management and smoking. It is ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC and ENERGISING.

You do not have to have any previous hypnosis or hypnotherapy training to attend, and you can choose to attend one or both days to suit.

Please follow the link below for more information and booking details. Feel free to contact myself or Matt with any queries. Thank you.



Kinetic Shift


Just returned from a weekend of CPD training and giggling (in that order, just about!) with the other trainers from the UK Hypnosis Academy. Thank you all for being the Absolutely Fabulous humans that you are!

A big thank you also to Alex Buxton-Moore for his EFT input 👏👏 and to Grant Murrell for a spot of business coaching 👏👏 (I hereby publicly apologize for telling you that I was a reincarnation of Francis of Assisi during your excellent and sincere business talk).

Thank you Karl Smith and Andy Latto for all your hard work and bad jokes.


Kinetic Shift Course Booking

My colleague Matt and I are running another Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis course in Oxford on 1st - 2nd June 2019, please see below for details. If you have any questions please contact me. We'd love to see you there!


Kinetic Shift Course Booking Kinetic Shift is a method to help with Anxiety, Post Trauma, Weight loss and so much more. Its ACTIVE, INTUITIVE, DYNAMIC and ENERGISING. The key thing about Kinetic Shift and the course is not just a technique, its the experience and confidence building that goes with it. Kinetic Shift is content f...

Photos from Tamsin Morgan Hypnotherapy's post 11/03/2019

Just finished a wonderful weekend attending the Bob Burns Swan and Hypnotherapy Masterclass. Such a giggle and met some fabulous new friends and caught up with old ones. I LOVE Edinburgh! It was fantastic to visit old haunts again after a gap of about 20 years!

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BBC Radio Leeds interview: Support for our NHS, Emergency Services & Military.
Interview the Trainers - Simon Patrick Jones and Tamsin Morgan. UK Hypnosis Academy Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Ind...
In the spirit of practicing what I preach, I did a spot of glass walking last night, proving that you can push beyond yo...





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