Wholistic Healing

Wholistic Healing

Claire Hannon, Massage Teaching Hi, my name is Claire. I am living in a sustainable wellness paradise in Tazo, La Gomera, Canary Islands. My origin is Ireland, a country of storytelling. The body tells its own story: It is so incredible at healing itself and rejuvenating. I am passionate about my healing work! My Massage technique is unique. It is an infusion of different aspects of healing which stimulate the body's own self-healing. Now I pass on this knowledge to You. ---->For massage teaching, write me a messageRun your own Seminars in Tazo?(max 9 people) Write me!

Now offering
HEAD, NECK & SHOULDER MASSAGE at the market in Valle Gran Rey on Sundays. Come relax, de-stress and enjoy.
Love and Light


How To Heal The Emotional Body - Teal Swan

Hi Everyone,
Check out Teal Swan. This is an amazing video on feeling into the emotional feeling body and the emotions that we can hold onto. And going back to when this feeling last and first started to integrate them. I highly recommend it. Thank You to Radka and Setske for introducing me to her.
Healing our emotions are so important for integration into our health and going to the roots in order for this to take place. Come home to your body. What a huge difference this can make to us, to our families and loved ones, to our communities, to the world. Everything starts within us and we can trust ourselves to go back to integrate these aspects of ourselves. With Love and Light.

Teal's web page: http://tealswan.com/ Upcoming events: http://tealswan.com/teals-events Teal's Meditations: https://gumroad.com/tealswan Teal's eshop: http:/...


F. Batmanghelidj M.D. Interview – Water Cures: Drugs Kill

Thank you dear Janey Lavelle for sharing this amazing interview with a medical doctor on how water cures all diseases. Please check this out for the benefit of all our health and share it with all whom you know. Its important information for health and for life. With Love and Light

F. Batmanghelidj M.D. Interview – Water Cures: Drugs Kill. Visit http://www.justdrinkwater.com or call (001.937.206.6679) to learn about our Alkalized, Hydro...

My amazing experience with Kristina Lang, Creation Coach. I highly recommend her and her work. Thank you Kristina for everything. Love and Light

#snap2be ...a MASSAGE TEACHER!

Thank you so much Claire for your wonderful being and your words!
It is an honour for me to work with you and see every little and BIG step realizing your vision!
...success and happyness there we go!

Claire Hannon:
•My problems/barriers were...
"my fear/resistance, my deep hate rooted self-doubt, lack of organization/motivation,resistance to technology."

"realize my vision & passion, to structure myself & the workingsteps, visualize what I wanted to achieve,unblock old emotions for me to move forward. She also helped me and my partner for our co-vision."

•In only one month I achieved...
"...so much!
Kristina gave me excellent techniques to unblock which are very powerful and which I use whenever! I learned how to use facebook, do my business page, make a video which received over 540 views in 3 days!!"

•My motivation for my VISION is...
"Happyness, (financial) independence,to pass on my unique massage technique!"

•My inner growth processes were...
"Releasing self-doubt,hate and shame. Bringing this in self-love and compassion,implementing organization and self-discipline,self-expression and creativity opening up and expanding."

•Now its time to SNAP for...
Wholistic Healing

My Journey of Massage in New Zealand

In 2007, I followed my intuition and my heart and went back to New Zealand. My intention was to re-connect with Michael and Julienne O’Donnell, amongst others, and to do Julienne’s diploma course in the De Mousgraffe Method of Healing. It was meant to be. How blessed was I that my intention became manifested!

Julienne was a highly gifted and experienced as a wise woman healer and teacher with over 22 years experience. Her grandmother and mother sowed the seeds for her to follow on in this tradition. Within my family healing was considered as witchcraft. I grew up with conventional medicine without massage, suppressed emotions and no knowledge passed on about sexuality. This is why I feel so honoured to have this experience with Julienne and Michael. The De Mousgraffe Method of Healing was developed by her grandmother, Margaret Nisbet, who ran her own clinical practise and school called Ashaven for 30 years. She embraced and followed her belief that there is a relationship between the energies of all things.

The De Mousgraffe Method of Healing is a powerful combination of healing techniques which gently balance body, mind and spirit, maintaining good health and the prevention of disease.

Julienne went on to set up her own practise and school at her home with Michael called Tarariki, which is a powerful healing place, steeped in beautiful nature and the wild. This is where I was learning and studying.

My journey in learning the de Mousgraffe Method of Healing continued my own self-healing, development and growth and continued my interest in how amazing the body is in healing and rejuvenating itself. I learned all about therapeutic massage, chakra healing, polarity massage for balancing energies, acupressure points for removing blockages and helping to clear the energy pathways in the body. I also learned about pregnancy and baby massage, reflexology and all the many conditions that the De Mousgraffe Method of Healing can address. Julienne introduced me to the power of healing weeds and how they can be used for healing. She taught us how to make our own healing oils, ointments and tinctures.

I was full of knowledge on how to use the many techniques and skills I had learned with Julienne and was so excited to use what I had learned and put all this knowledge into practise. I started to use these skills in my job in working with the elderly and also on the staff.

Julienne O’Donnell was one of my greatest teachers and Michael also. I feel very honoured that I had the privilege in doing her course in the De Mousgraffe Method of Healing, to have stayed with her and Michael in Tarariki. I honour the beautiful wise woman healer that she was and the wild woman within her and the wisdom that shone through her teachings of the many that she taught and treated. Thank you Min. Your spirit lives on. And Thank You Michael for all your love, teachings and the healer within you, for your support and generosity and for putting up with me!! It will never be forgotten. With love and gratitude from my heart to yours and your family

This information is so important and vital for health. Go through the process and feel the results. You are invited. With love and light

Thyroid problems?/Schilddrüsen Probleme?

○T...for Thyroid

While reading you simultaniously work/resolve the inner emocional cause for the outer pain/problem.

■Top: english
□Bottom: german(scroll down)

Psychological agreement

Symbol of warm radiant sunning power of your self, for the recognition of inner authority. to be born with a radiant firepower in warm love, creative, with an inexhaustible creative power that is driven by your self-confident me point you are joyfully attuned to your living self: like all the glands in your body is that tooThyroid is an energy core that sends out the inner messages.in particular, this gland on the neck symbolizes the ability to express our delicacies, to bring out the point to let emerge, to be born, the shaping of ...Build no longer on the foundation of our education but build a new building, on the foundation of our deepest self. Transformation, a rebirth within ourselves, is necessary to truly create and create from our core. the pearl that does not remain in the oyster, but reveals its beauty in an independent existence. An intuitive to be open to our deepest self and no longer let us live by influences from earlier or from outside, a balance between intuition and feelings and ratio. let go of age structures, let strong joyful energies flow on your inside. A happy and warm feeling for its own sake. Fully take responsibility for your life. Living out of you, not primarily for the outside world. First appreciate yourself in all value, do not allow your place to take over others. You are king in your life, you can help others, but not as a martyr.
Self-recognition and intense contact with your own divine content is necessary. not a passive, but an active participation in life, not connected with a victim feeling, but in love. Do not live a life that you basically disagree with, confidently bringing about change where it matters to your own wellbeing. not slavery, but a recognition of your own mastery. Symbol of being in tune with the higher love and the joy of our life's core, allowing all limiting emotions to be processed immediately. symbol for creating completely new things, for inventing, the ingenious in man, so many unique people are there, so many new, beautiful things can become ears. symbol of not letting you be restricted, either by self-oppression, by the authority of others, or by restrictive laws and structures. Symbol for expressing your art sense and emotional richness. symbol for the power over yourself, also the power to express your feelings, to let your energy flow out, productivity, fertility.

Thyroid disease, general

Unconscious refusal to be yourself, to transform you. You may be under strong power, under the authority of your father, a religion, a sect, a partner. You do not really believe in the authority of a living selfyou live cut off from your most beautiful core, you do not believe in your value. You are a slave and Tina, inferior and sinful, unable to create.
You are cold, so distant from you. you live like a clown, you hide your feelings, you may live only for the others, not in true joy about yourself. Your yearning to live is constricted because you prevent your own breakthrough. Do you have more respect for someone else than yourself? then something is not right here. Fear and powerlessness prevent you from manifesting your creative possibilities.
You do not really live out of yourself. If you do not really love yourself first, then you can be loving to others? a work will thus be slaves work rather than a specific utterance your peculiarities. You exclude yourself.

You think and dream. You look like anger and frustration, but it's all up to you. Dare to say "I am".
speak, stand, be fertile, discover the warmth in your own solar center, and radiate that warmth to others. Cold will also cause others to move away from you. I block your intuitive powers, break in with the restrictive indoctrination, and be aware of your worth. Maybe you want to have too much power over others. Put all power into yourself and let others go. Are you silent, for the benefit of all, as you think? so you do more bad than good. Be firmly rooted with yourself and manifest yourself lovingly, without restraint. Do not hide your talents, do not blame others, but take responsibility for your life. no longer refuse to be truly yourself.

Psychologische Übereinstimmung

Symbol für warme strahlende sonnen Kraft deines Selbst, für die Anerkennung der inneren Autorität. Dich mit einer strahlenden Feuerkraft in warmer Liebe geboren werden lassen, kreativ, mit einer unerschöpflichen Schöpfungskraft, die von deinem selbstbewussten ich angetrieben wird Punkt du bist voller Freude auf dein lebendes selbst abgestimmt: wie alle Drüsen in deinem Körper ist auch die Schilddrüse ein Energiekern, der die inneren Botschaften aussendet.
Diese Drüse am Hals symbolisiert insbesondere die Fähigkeit, unsere Köstlichkeiten zu äußern, nach außen zu bringen Punkt das entstehen lassen, das geboren werden lassen, das Gestalten von... Nicht länger auf den Grundfesten unserer Erziehung bauen sondern ein neues Gebäude errichten, auf dem Fundament unseres tiefsten selbst. Transformation, eine Wiedergeburt in uns selbst, ist notwendig, um wirklich von unserem Kern aus Leben und erschaffen zu können. Die Perle, die nicht in der Auster bleibt, sondern ihre Schönheit in einer selbständigen Existenz offenbart. Ein intuitives offen sein für unser tiefstes selbst und uns nicht länger durch Einflüsse von früher oder von außen leben lassen, ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Intuition und Gefühlen und ratio. Ein loslassen Alter Strukturen, starke freudvolle Energien in deinem Inneren weiter fließen lassen. Ein frohes und warmes Gefühl um seiner selbst willen. Voll und ganz die Verantwortung für dein Leben übernehmen. Aus dir heraus leben, nicht in erster Linie für die Außenwelt. Zuerst dich selbst im ganzen Wert schätzen, nicht deinen Platz von anderen einnehmen lassen. Du bist König in deinem Leben, du kannst anderen helfen,aber nicht als Märtyrer.
Selbstanerkennung und ein intensiver Kontakt zu deinem eigenen göttlichen inhalt sind notwendig. Keine passive, sondern eine aktive Teilnahme am Leben, nicht mit einem Opfer Gefühl verbunden, sondern in Liebe. Kein Leben führen, mit dem du im Grunde genommen nicht einverstanden bist, dort selbstbewusst Veränderung herbeiführen, wo ist für dein eigenes Wohlbefinden von Bedeutung ist. Keine Sklaverei, sondern eine Anerkennung deine eigenen Meisterschaft. Symbol dafür auf die höhere Liebe und dir eine Freude unseres Lebens Kernes abgestimmt zu sein, wodurch alle einschränkenden Emotionen unmittelbar verarbeitet werden können. Symbol für das Erschaffen völlig neue Dinge, für das erfinden, das geniale im Menschen, so viele einzigartige Menschen es gibt, so viele neue, schöne Dinge können Ohren werden. Symbol dafür, dich nicht einschränken zu lassen, weder durch selbst Unterdrückung, noch durch die Autorität anderer oder durch einschränkende Gesetze und Strukturen. Symbol für das Äußern deines Kunst Sinnes und gefühlsreichtum. Symbol für die Macht über dich selbst, auch die Macht, deine Gefühle zu äußern, deine Energie nach außen fließen zu lassen, Produktivität, Fruchtbarkeit.

Erkrankungen der Schilddrüse, allgemein

Unbewusste Weigerung, du selbst zu sein, dich zu transformieren. Möglicherweise unter starker Macht stehen, unter der Autorität deines Vaters, einer Religion, einer Sekte, eines Partners. Du glaubst nicht wirklich an die Autorität eines lebenden selbst. Du lebst von deinem schönsten Kern abgeschnitten, du glaubst nicht an deinen Wert. Du bist Sklave und Tina, minderwertig und sündig,nicht dazu imstande zu erschaffen.
Du bist kalt, so distanziert zu dir. Du lebst wie ein Clown, du versteckst deine Gefühle, du lebst möglicherweise nur für die anderen, nicht in wahrer Freude über dich selbst. Deine Sehnsucht, zu leben, wird eingeschnürt, weil du deinen eigenen Durchbruch verhindert. Hast du mehr Respekt vor jemand anderem als vor dir selbst? Dann stimmt hier etwas nicht. Angst und Machtlosigkeit verhindern, dass du dich über deine kreativen Möglichkeiten manifestierst.
Du lebst nicht wirklich aus dir selbst heraus. Wenn du nicht zunächst wirklich dich selbst liebst, die kannst du dann liebevoll zu anderen sein? Eine Arbeit wird somit Sklaven Arbeit sein anstatt einer spezifischen Äußerung deine Eigenheiten. Du schließt dich aus.

Du denkst und träumst. Du schaust Wut und Frustration an, aber es liegt alles an dir. Traue dich" ich bin" zu sagen.
Äußere dich, stehe zu dir, gestalte, sei fruchtbar, entdecke die Wärme in deinem eigenen sonnenzentrum, und strahle diese Wärme zu anderen hinaus. Kälte wird auch dazu führen, dass andere sich von dir entfernen. Blockieren ich deine intuitiven Kräfte, breche mit den Einflüssen einschränkende Indoktrinierung in, und seid ihr deines Wertes bewusst. Vielleicht willst du zu viel Macht über andere haben. Lege alle Macht in dich selbst, und lasse andere los. Schweigst du, zum Besten aller, wie du meinst? Damit richtest du mehr schlechtes als Gutes an. Sei fest mit dir verwurzelt und manifestiere dich liebevoll, ohne Zurückhaltung. Verstecke nicht deine Talente, mache anderen keine Vorwürfe, sondern übernehme selbst die Verantwortung für dein Leben. Weigere dich nicht länger wirklich du selbst zu sein.

You can (re)learn to create your life.

*SNAP* your vision into reality!

I hope it helped you.
For private coachings,
Write me a message.




The stomach is an important part of our anatomy. Food entering our mouths must be properly prepared for digestion. After being chewed and masticated by the mouth, the food is now sent to the stomach for further processing. The stomach mixes the food in an acid bath for further break up of the nutrients. When the acid shifts alkaline to about 5.5ph, the pylorus valve at the base of the stomach opens and the food is passed along to the primary digestive organ, the small intestine.

Nature has provided us with a nerval system that regulates this process. This nervous system is designed to prefer muscle action over digestion. So if a threat or stress comes to us after a meal, such as a lion attack, our body will shift its energy from digestion to the muscles and we can survive by running away. In our present society, we have few lions, but our nerves can still stop digestion just as easily.

When we allow the stomach to empty, its contents prematurely, the small intestine, is over burdened. The food is not properly prepared for digestion. Then we get an increase in large undigested proteins and large undigested fats that can be absorbed into the lymphatic system or be used to make cells. Cells which will now be made of poor quality parts. It’s not much of a problem if we circumvent the stomach just now and then, but for some this becomes a way of life.

They constantly use ant acids, too much liquid with meals, coffee, milk, or a variety of ways to empty the stomach too early. When the stomach empties there is a release of CCK, a hormone which has a slight anti depression or euphoria. This and the release of the stuffy stomach feeling intensifies the addictive quality of the effect. But the long term effects on nutrition are very detrimental. There are rules of the stomach that can maximise nutrition.

The majority of people are partially sick because they violate the rules of the stomach. This is the key to weight loss and the healing of a host of other disease. We are seeing more and more evidence of what good nutrition can do. But it is not just what we eat that is important, but what we absorb. Even the best meal or nutrition can result in inappropriate nutrition if we violate the rules of the stomach.

Food combination is just part of the answer. As that different foods have different times for stomach digestion. So the stomach can open prematurely from that.


1). Fluids alone
(No more than 4oz of fluid with a meal OR 2 hours after a meal)

2). No coffee at meals
(Wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after OR 1 hour before eating)

3). No milk with meals
(Wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after OR 1 hour before eating)

4). Fruits alone
(Wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after OR 1 hour before eating)

5). Melons alone
(Wait for 1.5 to 2 hours after OR 1 hour before eating)

6). Small meal is better - Quality of nutrition not quantity

7). Slow meals - savour, enjoy, rejoice and celebrate the meal

8). Eat for nutrition, not for stimulation – Eat when hungry, not when bored

9). Rest comfortably after eating for at least 35 to 45mins to maximise stomach function

10). Make and eat food with love and kindness, no violent or negative emotions

11). No ant-acids

12). Do not sleep for 3 hours after eating

When the stomach is weak, the signs will be craving fluids with a meal, bloating after a meal, itching skin especially rectum, belching and gas. A person will have a difficult time digesting raw vegetables. They will complain that raw vegetables can not be digested. This is not a fluke of their digestion or an inherited weakness. This is a sign of a weak stomach. Sometimes our children come home from school and say, Daddy I don’t want to go to school any more, it makes my head hurt. We must say back I know it is hard, but you must develop slowly and work to become better. This is what we must say to those with weak stomachs. You must work slowly, day by day building up the stomach by taking some vegetables as juice. Maybe even very dilute juice and slowly increasing the amount until your stomach develops the strength to process your food properly. The nutrient content of fruits and vegetables is immense and being able to break up nutrients and stimulate absorption is needed for complete health and recovery.

The addictive quality of this problem is seen as our society more and more allows for breaking the rules of the stomach. The greater your disease or especially if your disease is critical, the more you will need to observe the rules of the stomach. This is a must for proper healing.

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