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Operating as usual


Surgery for hemifacial spasm

Hemifacial spasm - rare and embarrassing illness

It is a condition in which one side of the face moves involuntarily (without our control). This happens due to compression of the nerve that is responsible for face movement.
Hemifacial spasm often leads to social embarrassment .
Surgery in appropriate patients gives immediate miraculous results.
One such example is shown below👇
This patient suffered severe symptoms for 4 years. Immediately after surgery he was symptoms free!!


ચહેરા પર કરંટ લાગે, એટલી પીડા કે સહન થતી નથી, ડોક્ટર આ શું છે?

All you need to know about trigeminal neuralgia.


બ્રેઇન ટ્યુમર કોને થઇ શકે, જણાવે છે ડો. ભૌમિક ઠાકોર

Photos from B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor's post 19/04/2022

Very happy our hard work is appreciated 😊

We have been awarded for our continued pursuit for excellence in brain and spine surgery in South Gujarat .

We thank Divya Bhaskar group for the award 🙏💐


Dear friends,
it gives us great pleasure to announce the commencement of our new venture - *Brain and Spine Clinic* at Athwa gate.

We shall be available for all brain and spine related consultations from *2nd February onwards.*

Looking forward to your continued patronage!

A formal opening ceremony shall be held at a later date once the covid situation eases.

*Address:* 502, Solaris Royce, opp. Old RTO, Athwa gate, Ring road, Surat.

*OPD time : 6 to 8 pm*

Appointment 93167 35868
75670 77088

Dr Bhaumik Thakor
MCh. Neurosurgery
Brain and Spine surgeon



This 76 yrs old person was an active man just about a year ago. However life took a downward spiral when slowly he lost strength in his limbs. He became paralyzed and for the last 8 months was bed ridden, unable to move legs or hands. Nothing could be worse than loosing your independence. He had to be fed by someone else. All this because his cervical spinal cord was damaged at its origin from the brain.
He was operated as a last resort, with him willing to die during surgery than to continue with a helpless life.
Few days later he came to us with real joy. He said he could drink water and eat on his own after 8 months. He was regaining his lost strength.
That's happiness!!!!😊


World Brain Tumor day

Today is world brain tumor day. On this day I wish to throw some light on this very complex issue. Not all brain tumors are cancers. Having a brain tumor does not necessarily mean end of life. Science is evolving and the future holds a lot of promise.

Photos from B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor's post 20/02/2021

સ્પાઇન ટ્યુબરક્યુલોસિસ (ટીબી)

ટીબી એ આપણા ક્ષેત્રમાં ખૂબ જ સામાન્ય છે અને તે તમામ ઉંમરના લોકોને અસર કરે છે.
ટીબી સામાન્ય રીતે ફેફસાંને અસર કરે છે પરંતુ શરીરના અન્ય ભાગો જેવા કે કરોડરજ્જુ (બેકબોન) નો સમાવેશ કરી શકે છે.

જ્યારે ગંભીર, કરોડરજ્જુનું ટીબી વિનાશક બની શકે છે અને બંને પગને લકવા તરફ દોરી જાય છે, જેનાથી દર્દી કાયમ માટે પથારીવશ થઈ શકે છે.

સારવારમાં લાંબા સમય ચાલતી દવાઓ અને શસ્ત્રક્રિયા શામેલ છે. સમયસર શસ્ત્રક્રિયા લકવાગ્રસ્ત દર્દીને નવું જીવન આપી શકે છે.

નીચે થોડા તાજેતરમાં ઓપરેશન કરેલ ભાગ્યશાળી લકવાગ્રસ્ત દર્દીઓ છે જેઓ ફરીથી તેમના પગ પર પાછા ઉભા થઈ શક્યા.

Spine tuberculosis (TB)

TB is very common in our region and affects people of all ages.
TB usually affects lungs but can involve other parts of the body like spine(backbone).

When severe spine TB can be devastating and can lead to paralysis of both legs, making the patient bed ridden forever.

Treatment includes long duration medicines and surgery. Timely surgery can give a paralyzed patient a new life.

Below are a few recently operated fortunate paralysed patients who got back on their feet again.


Appreciation always motivates to better oneself.. wish to keep giving my best to keep people healthy!


Wish you all a happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year ✨


Awake Brain Surgery

Awake Craniotomy

Awake Craniotomy refers to the kind of brain surgery in which the patient remains awake and communicates with the surgeon while being operated upon!
This kind of surgery is performed when there's a risk of losing limb function or the ability to speak/understand after brain surgery.
In order to eliminate such risk the patient is kept awake and asked to communicate and move limbs while the surgery is on. If there's an apparent change in these functions then the surgery can be modified appropriately.
Such surgeries require a very high level of expertise of both the surgeon and the anesthetist.

At B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor such surgeries are a routine, as we aspire for safe neurosurgeries.
Attached is one such video where the patient had a risk of loosing language function. He is seen speaking to us while his brain is being operated upon.

, Neurosurgeon, Surat

Photos from B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor's post 23/08/2020

"The worst headache of my life"

A ruptured brain aneurysm, commonly known as a bubble or balloon formed in the blood vessel, is a common cause of brain hemorrhage.
Patient will typically say he or she suffered the worst headache of the life !
Such hemorrhage may lead to death in as high as 40 percent of the patients. Needless to say it requires urgent treatment .
At B S C we have the expertise and the vast experience needed to treat such patients.

Photos from B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor's post 28/06/2020

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Undergoing a spine surgery can be worrisome for patients. The post operative period can be painful for some patients.
However with advances in technology spine surgery has become minimally invasive and safer for the patient.
It is now possible to walk around pain free immediately after a keyhole surgery , and go home in less than 24 hours!

and spine surgery by Dr. Bhaumik such surgeries are the standard of care.


Dear friends,
It would be great if you could leave a feedback or a recommendation on this page .
Thank you!


Navigation guided brain tumor/lesion removal

NAVIGATION and brain surgery

Just as navigation/map in phone helps us immensely in reaching our destination, guiding us through unknown territories, similar technology helps us in navigating through the brain too!
Patient's MRI/CT scan data is fed into the machine and then through infrared/electromagnetic techniques the patient's head is also registered with the machine. This way activities occuring on the patient is seen on the screen in relation to the tumor /lesion. The machine tells us if we are in the right direction, how many mm away the tumor is etc. , making the surgery safer for the patient.

1)Small incision/ minimally invasive
2)Minimal brain damage due to precision
3)Ensuring complete removal of the lesion
4)Faster recovery


Epilepsy surgery

Epilepsy is a disorder in which brain cells called neurons show abnormal electrical activity, leading to involuntary limb movements/unconsciousness (seizures)

A subset of such patients have the abnormal electrical activity localized to a particular region of brain. A detailed evaluation by an epileptologist help identify such patients. These patients can benefit from surgical intervention.

Each episode of seizure takes it's toll on the brain. Also the medications used can have their ill effects on the brain. Early surgery in selected patients help avoid such effects.

One common condition causing epilepsy is "mesial temporal sclerosis ". Shown below is the abnormally firing portion of the brain that is surgically removed, giving a highly gratifying result.

Photos from B S C - Brain and Spine Clinic by Dr. Bhaumik Thakor's post 27/02/2020

Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition of severe neuropathic facial pain, severely compromising patients' lifestyle, often driving them to suicidal thoughts.
It is caused by compression of a nerve originating from brain called Vth cranial nerve, most commonly by an artery(blood vessel).
Surgery - Microvascular decompression(MVD), is the gold standard treatment. It involves placing a barrier between the nerve and the bloodvessel, resulting in immediate and lifelong disappearance of pain.
Given below is an illustration of the same .👇
Dr Bhaumik Thakor

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Surgery for hemifacial spasm
World Brain Tumor day
Awake Brain Surgery
Navigation guided brain tumor/lesion removal







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