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Happy world health day

Being blessed and rejuvenate with pure consciousness


Happy world health day

Being blessed and rejuvenate with pure consciousness.


Preach Homoeopathy study sessions for March and April 2019.
Hahnemannian Homoeopathy everywhere.
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Get your Concepts, Queries and Doubts answered by our Learned Faculty through their own clinical Experience...and get a new enthusiasm to Pactice as Suggested by Master Hahnemann.
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Preach Homoeopathy Regular Monthly Study Sessions are continuing in some cities again for all the Hahnemannian Homoeopathy followers.
Delegates desirous to attend are requested to Kindly register yourself at Earliest to avoid last moment inconvenience.

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Preach Homoeopathy Regularly Monthly Study Sessions are beginning in some cities for the first time..All the Hahnemannian Homoeopathy followers are requested to Kindly register yourself at Earliest to attend the Preach Homoeopathy Study Sessions in different cities.
Registrations had already started.

(Himachal Pradesh)

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Case of ureteric calculi.


Hypokalemic periodic paralysis wonderfully cured by homoeopathic treatment based on dr. Prafull vikayakar's predictive homoeopathy.
Jay predictive homoeopathy


Happy diwali & Happy New Year to all my friends.

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 25/08/2017

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 25/08/2017

Case of Malaria
Mr. SD come in evening with Complaint Of Fever with Vertigo Since 3days. Abd. Pain in umbilical Region while walking which is stopped as soon as he stop walking.
Patient had taking Allopathic Treatment since 2days with IV Infusion.
On Examination: B.P.: 90/60, Pulse: 78/min.
Dull looking with shivering, Vertigo & thirstless.

Adv: CBC MP, URINE. - 30/8/2017
Hb: 13.8, Plate: 38000, N-74, L-17. P.Vivax ++

After giving Acute similimum, on second day
No Fever
No vertigo
No weakness
Slight Headache Persist
Appetite improved
No dullness

Adv: Repeat platelet MP - Hb: 13.5, platelet - 55000, P.vivax+

No fever.
Patient join his daily routine work since 2days.
Mild headache still present.
Adv: Repeat CBC MP - Hb: 12.1, Platelet: 101000, N: 43, L: 48 No malarial parasites.

No Headache since today Morning.
No Any complaint.
CBC : Hb: 13.8, Platelet: 227000, Mp: -ve.

Entry point:
Pain in abdomen agg. while walking
Reproaches himself (He could not sent money to his mother so, reproached himself that he could not earnt enough money so, he not sent money to his mother & his mother had suffered because of him)
+ Dull Chilly, thirstless, desire for cold water.

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Autoantibody decreasing with restoration of health after 1dose of suitable homoeopathic similimum.

Timeline photos 05/05/2017

Get blessings from guru

Krishna the divine homoeopathy 21/04/2017

Krishna the divine homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is increasing progress according to their real value. Join the progress of homoeopathy & be a part of cure by referring patient to a homoeopath & get reward from almighty.
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Krishna the divine homoeopathy permanent cure for hopeless and inveterate cases


" ......For a sure selection of the right remedy, the most plain & definite information is necessary & it should always be particularly mentioned as to what was the patient's disposition when well, & how did it change through his disease."
- dr. Von Boenninghausen.


"The physician must study the homoeopathic principle until he learns what it is in sickness that guides to the curative remedy.
He must study the materia medica until he learns what is needed to meet these demands.
He must then study the repertory until he learns how to use it so that he can find what he wants, when he needs it."
- Dr. Kent J. T.


The Qualifications of the CONCOMITANTS are as follows:
1. It should not be indicative of any disease diagnosis
2. It should be an unexpected stranger or intruder.
3. We are unable to explain it's existence
4. It should be a very uncommon, peculiar accompaniment of the main symptoms.
5. Rarer & more bizarre the relationship to the main symptoms, the greater is it's value for remedy (urticaria with diabetes).
It is the striking nature of the systemic effect that determinesthe value of a given symptom.
In chronic cases, it is very apt to be a concomitant, while in acute cases, it often stands out like a freshly painted guide post.

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In these cases, doctrine of analogy by dr. Boenninghausen is applied to solve the case.


Wish you a very healthy & happy new year to all my patients & friends.
From: Krishna the divine homoeopathy.

Timeline photos 21/09/2016

Statement of Dr. Hahnemann sir in Technical part of Homoeopathy in Chronic diseases

Timeline photos 16/09/2016

Statement of Dr. Hahnemann Sir in his Theory of Chronic diseases

Timeline photos 14/09/2016

New hair comes black.


Similia for Windows '95.

The signs of improvement in the disposition and mind, however, may be expected only soon after the medicine has been taken when the dose has been sufficiently minute (I. e., as small as possible), an unnecessarily larger dose of even the most suitable homoeopathic medicine acts too violently, and at first produces too great and too lasting a disturbance of the mind and disposition to allow us soon to perceive the improvement in them. I must here observe that this so essential rule is chiefly transgressed by presumptuous tyros in homoeopathy, and by physicians who are converted to homoeopathy from the ranks of the old school. From old prejudices these persons abhor the smallest doses of the lowest dilutions of medicine in such
cases, and hence they fail to experience the great advantages and blessings of that mode of proceeding which a thousandfold experience has shown to be the most salutary; they cannot effect all that homoeopathy is capable of doing, and hence they have no claim to be considered its adherents.


Two Cases of urticaria cured in 3months with herings low


Good Morning Friends

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 10/01/2016

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 10/01/2016

Mucosal cyst (1month) clear within 15days by Homoeopathy

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 22/12/2015

A case of Subacute colitis since 2month cured by 1 dose of Homoeopathic similimum.
Rubrics taken: A/F: Grief, sorrow, care. Cachexia ( Severe thinness of body since abd. pain according to relatives)
ARS. SULPH. FLAV. 200 1DOSE. SL 2hrly. Clear the case.
After 2days, No abd. pain. Appetite increased. Itching all over body.

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Another case of malaria
Patient comes taking treatment of allopathy for fever since 2days but don't improve. so, straight way doing reports & detected P.Vivax++ & platelet 62000.
Fever with chill. Chilly, thirsty, anxiety. from dr. prafull sir's Chart of acute remedies comes are Nux Vom., Cham., Bar.Carb., Ferrum Met., Fer. P., China.
P/H: Piles bleeding before 4month treated by Stramonium 200 1dose by me.
Now, What to do? No, any other symptoms are present only disease symptoms like chill followed by heat followed by perspiration is present, Headache, Bodyache. & other peculiar symptoms are supervened by Anxiety.
So, Directly take help of remedy relationship of stram. which covers Nux vom. in its follows well.
Rx, Nux Vom. 200 1dose clears up the case.
Thanks to Dr. Hahnemann sir & Dr. Prafull Vijayakar sir for their blessings.

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A case cured malaria. No malaria since than.
Fever: Activity: Dull, Thernal Hot, Thirstless but thirsty during heat, Non-Diligent.
Rx, Thuja 200 1dose Clear the case

Photos from Krishna the divine homoeopathy's post 18/12/2015

A case of Urticaria, extroverted guy, ragged philosopher cured by sulphur 1m 1dose before 3 & half month. Concomitants are pain in calf muscles day & night with pain in heart region sometime (Hawa atak gaya hai).
Entry points: Conscientiousness about trifles, Extremity pain Location leg calf, Uncovering agg. + Basic need: Social position + Hot Thirsty + Patient like to be remain naked

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