Synthesis hosts discovery for evolution by providing a holding environment & tools to unpack, understand & integrate your whole self as leader of your life

Subtle Energy Medicine Subtle Energy Medicine aims to help individuals reach a personalised state of wellbeing and wholeness. This includes calmness and peace for those who are working through difficult issues; energising for those who feel listless; support on subtle levels when change, challenges or any other taxing situations are being experienced; and also assistance with past issues. The therapy is focussed on the energetic cause of issues and not physical symptoms, which is why it is regarded as a complementary therapy rather than an alternative to orthodox medicine. Each person has a bio magnetic field, better known as the aura, that surrounds their physical body. This energy field relates to and represents our subtle make up, which includes our emotions, thought patterns (both conscious and subconscious), memories, beliefs and ideals. When everything in our life goes well, the energy flow through this field is harmonious, but any disharmony, difficulties or intense situations may show up as blockages. The Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner is adept in assessing where such blockages are situated and what action to take to address these in an appropriate manner. This will then help restore the flow in the energy field and thereby support the client to move through their own life experiences and issues with more ease. Sessions include a relaxation as part of the whole process and usually last one hour. Massage Massage forms an important part of holistic and complimentary therapies and has been practiced throughout the centuries since the earliest civilisations for therapeutic healing, invigorating, soothing and beautifying the body. Sarah has been qualified for 5 years in Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage techniques and offers tailored massages dependent upon client needs. Reflexology In 2008, Sarah trained in the Ann Gillanders method of Reflexology which is based on zone therapy. Reflexology is a specialised foot (or hand) massage which stimulates the entire human body. Special attention is given to areas which are out of balance thus stimulating the body's natural healing ability which results in a rejuvenating and healing effect on the entire human body. Ann states that "There are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot. Maybe this fact, more than any other, explains why we feel so much better when our feet are treated and so miserable when our feet are in an uncomfortable state". Meditation Sarah has been practicing various forms of meditation over the past 10 years and has trained in meditation as part of her Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations and in her training for her Subtle Energy Medicine Diploma. Meditation is the route to engaging with one's unique personal healing journey and an effective way of getting to know and understand one's life purpose and full capabilities. Sarah utilises relaxation and visualisation techniques in her one to one therapy sessions and lead vibrational meditation classes using colour, sound and crystals for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. Sarah is a qualified teacher, holding a Certificate in Education for post-compulsory education and training.

A great testimonial for the new crystal water bottles that are in stock in the shop at Synthesis❤️

Aimee simply selected the crystals she was drawn to. Turned out they matched her energetic needs perfectly and supported not only her rehydration but also rebalancing of her energy field, and ultimately the healing of her throat😊

⭐️ Tingling
⭐️Woosh of energy ⭐️Fizzy
⭐️Quality ⭐️Vibrancy
#AD over the last weekend I’ve tried and tested my absolutely awesome Pure Crystals water bottle gifted to me by the lovely @synthesissarah ❤️ I can honestly say this crystal infused water has had a reaction like no other as soon as it passed my lips I felt a woosh of energy and a tingling feeling in my mouth.

I have been suffering with loosing my voice recently & I chose two crystals (by chance) to pop in which have definitely helped to heal that (Aqua aura and Aquamarine). My voice has not cracked once this weekend! Even though I was screaming my head off on the rides in Disney 🤣

It has been my travel companion this weekend and will continue to be for a long time I can tell you that and cannot come more recommend from me

All you have to do is choose the crystals you want, pop them in, and fill up your bottle with water!

Want to grab your own? DM myself or @synthesissarah directly for more details

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Create a Future in your Community

“Every parishioner is encouraged to consider the ecological impact of every action taken each day. This sort of responsibility will support the creation of a 1.5 degrees Celsius pathway for our parish, linking up with our Island contribution to create a future for our children and our grandchildren.” The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), the UN body for assessing the science related to climate change, is very clear: 1. The planet is overheat

Programmes | Synthesis Heart-Home

Exciting News! Synthesis Sarah collaborates with Aimee Purgal, Exclusive Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation consultant in a ***NEW*** 3 step programme to live a pain free and invigorating life called “Loving Your Body, Living Your Life”.

We all have those niggles and pains in our ankles, knees, hips and spine, well in level 1 Aimee will spend 5 weeks working with you you increase joint mobility. If you don’t have any joint issues, then you will move straight into the intermediate level which is Yoga, in a movement meditation practice led by me. The Advanced level is animal flow, a combination of yoga, Pilates and hand balances which is deeply strengthening body/mind work.

Each class is 45 minutes long and runs as a set of 5 weeks at a cost of £35 starting in September - Mobility Monday’s at 9.30am starting September 23rd, Yoga Friday’s at 11.30am starting September 6th and Animal Flow Tuesday’s at 1.30pm starting September 17th. All classes take place in my Yoga studio at Arnworth House, Arnworth Avenue, Grouville, and with a maximum class size of 10, it’s personal and you are well looked after.

If you are interested, sign up for your free initial consultation and assessment with Aimee and me through the link below.

Come on up to St Brelade’s Parish Hall today before 2pm to check out Synthesis crystals and have a chat about meditation, yoga, and personal development❤️

I’m loving this new stand that Arie Uittenbogaard has made to show off some of my crystals that I will be taking to the craft fayre at St Brelades Parish Hall on Saturday morning 10am to 2pm❤️ What a clever man I have in my life - thank you!

I will be talking about the crystals and how you can use them in oh so many practical every day ways to support your well-being and resilience😍 Come and join me...there are LOADS more crystals to see and all of them available to buy too😃🙌☀️❤️🌈

I love the work that I do at Synthesis, it’s also lovely to be able to reflect and plan for the future offerings through the feedback that you all give - thank you 🙏

Synthesis 4 dimensions of work required to create change - this is my work, this is what I do for myself, this is what I do for others, this is what I offer to you❤️
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Timeline Photos

You will all have noticed that the Synthesis web site has changed in recent months, in that you cannot access personal development courses from the home page. Your privacy is of paramount importance to me, so I have created a private heart-home behind the website. This also aligns with personal development being inner dimension work. From this place you can see all the Synthesis personal development courses and events, all my blogs and a members forum where all members can talk to me and each other. Take a look at the Synthesis heart-home space that you can access from your phone simply by downloading the wix app. I have attached the link to join Synthesis Heart-home in the comments to this post. Looking forward to seeing you all in our private heart-home space soon🥰

St Sarah of Seymour is in residence😃 High tide views from the South side of Seymour Tower right now - this is one of my fav happy places to be.

Show me your happy places❤️


Look what abundance I found this morning in the sand garden at Synthesis❤️ They are so sweet and the smell is simply delicious🥰 A few early raspberries too😃

Thank you spirit in nature for this wonderful information on strawberries “High in dietary fiber, they are beneficial to the intestinal tract and are considered a “food of youth.” Quality: Dignity ; Message of Self-Mastery: Strong, quiet sense of self and self-worth; for grounding; reliability; for leaving a dysfunctional childhood in the past; poise; gracefulness; being fully present and comfortable in, and about, one’s body.”

Happy Thursday everyone😘

Life is a web of connections through relationships - legal, platonic, romantic, family, community, work etc. Allowing a departure from a system in a way that does not honor the individual leaves an imprint which will repeat itself until it is recognised and resolved #leavinggracefully Dedicated to my Great Aunty Jenny❤️

Petition: Demand for a full investigation into the safety of a 5G network in Jersey.

We really must have a full investigation into the implications of 5G for Jersey given all the media attention globally. A few more signatures on this petition will result in Ministers responding to this petition, ALOT more signatures will result in a States debate on the subject and you can hold your local states member to account. Your voice counts! Plans are in place to roll out a 5G wireless network across Jersey. There have been numerous reports of health issues relating to such a high frequency network. I would like the citizens of Jersey to have a say as to whether this project should go ahead.

So the real story...”You may consider this a cute scene, but the woodpecker and the baby weasel are actually fighting. The baby weasel is actually trying to eat the woodpecker, and the woodpecker is more interested in seeing the light of another day... Weasels rob nests, and this baby was probably hoping to get a free meal. Well, the woodpecker didn’t give up without a fight...”

Isn’t perspective interesting? Isn’t it interesting how we play out our own stories on what we see in front of us? All part of the systemic approach I use at Synthesis❤️

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo - all credits go to professional photographer Martin Le-May - it’s a picture he captured of a baby weasel taking a ride on the back of a woodpecker. Just for a bit of creative fun, tell me what story you see when you look at this amazing sight, and then later this morning I will share the real story 😊

I couldn’t resist sharing this photo - all credits go to professional photographer Martin Le-May - it’s a picture he captured of a baby weasel taking a ride on the back of a woodpecker. Just for a bit of creative fun, tell me what story you see when you look at this amazing sight, and then later this morning I will share the real story 😊

Look what came across my path this afternoon, the most beautiful goat moth caterpillar, and this was his message of great wisdom “Life is full of big and little surprises. Some make your day a little different, others will be dynamic enough to transform your entire life”

Have a wonderful bank holiday Monday😘

Looking forward to 3 days out with John Whittington topping up my constellation coaching skills😃 I’m feeling a Constellations workshop coming on very soon❤️ See you all the other side!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been feeling full Scorpio moonitis! So today has been one of listening in, soothing and moving through those uncomfortable feelings and limiting mind chatter. My top tips?

* I go straight out to the garden and pick some fresh lemon balm. The aroma from brushing my hands over the plant is a great starting point to release nervousness and anxiety. I then create a tea infusion with the leaves, which is warming and soothing.

* Aquamarine is a fabulous go to crystal for me when I need soothing. It’s connection with water is evident, but what’s unusual about it is that its inner geometry is one of transformation. It’s a really unusual crystal combination which helps calm and strengthen. Meditate with the crystal, pop one in your bra for the day or create crystal-infused water all-natural elixir to help our bodies feel spiritually at peace and strong. Today I also used tangerine quartz with my aquamarine because of the unsettled feeling I had in my torso. It’s a great crystal for balancing the sacral and solar plexus, and it has a real sense of fun about it. The combination with aqua marine was perfect!

* Tantra yoga flow - standing series, based around warrior, creates strength and 3 dosha series to create space, balance, integration of body mind and all round nourishing flow.

* Talking therapy! I had loads of this today with my nearest and dearest. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. Nobody has to fix it for you. You don’t have to fix it for you. The act of talking takes us back into relationship, both with ourselves and others.

Have a fabulous Sunday evening of self nourishing😘

What a hectic time of change! It’s really not letting up, and is set to continue. Sun and Uranus in earthy Taurus has been the perfect back drop to the climate emergency seeping into every day reality.

The famous quote “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” is very apt for us during these times. There will not be a future for our children and our grandchildren unless we take action to drastically reduce our carbon footprint now.

We need to remember our connection to Mother Earth, and through this our connection to the essence of life itself. We cannot live without nature, and this full deep, watery blue moon in Scorpio today is a powerful reminder.

The potent earth trine energy is poking us to WAKE UP combined with this significant full moon AND the conjunction of Uranus with Venus at home in Taurus is asking us all to return to the body, to innovate through the body, both our own and the body of Mother Earth.

The vibrations are stirring deep in my body, and the moon, Neptune and Mars water trine is stirring up the sediment. It’s a perfect time for me to practice my integrative tantric yoga, creating space inside my body to allow the release of old redundant patterns, creating space to allow flow, balance and harmony to the whole of me and my connection to the earth. Truly, deeply nourishing.

If you are interested in finding out more about Tantric yoga, come and join my retreat on 15th June. Take a look at the event here or get in touch with me to find out more❤️

Channel 4 News

Governments and corporations must put the resolution of climate emergency at the heart of strategy and co-create plans bottom up with the community. We cannot live without nature, we need to remember our connection to the earth and through this create a sustainable future.

“This is the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.”

Environmental activist Izzy Warren backs calls by the UN for “transformational change” in the way we respond to the climate crisis.

Happy New Moon from Synthesis! Living Your Journey, Loving Your Life! Happy New Moon in Taurus! This is always a soft, wholesome, earthy and nurturing new moon time, with it being connected to Venus - Mother Earth. In addition, we have Uranus situated in Taurus for the first time in 84 years, which is a unique energy turning point for most of us. Uranus brings creativ...

The Man who Planted an Entire Forest by Himself

“ me inspiration. It gives me power… As long as it survives, I survive.” An inspirational story of a man who cultivated a jungle against the odds - happy Friday everyone😘 These days the news is full of stories about environmental degradation. However, the story of Jadav “Molai” Payeng stands as an example of the exact

Happy Wellbeing Wednesday everyone!

A beautiful picture of the mussel beds on the seafront where I live. I took the photos on Easter weekend and have been pondering since why I am so drawn to them...

❤️ Mussels attach themselves to rocks by a strong beard - byssal/chitinous threads - It’s a glue that they emit that solidifies in the water! Glue solidifying in water seems a contradiction in terms, so mussels indicate innovation and a breaking of old mindsets!

❤️ Mussels live in harsh exposed tidal waters - they are survivors using their shells to protect the treasures, softness and vulnerability within!

❤️ Mussels feed entirely off plankton. They filter up to 65 liters a day. As they do this they clean the seas and rivers, eliminating pollutants. Mussels are the cleansers of the emotional body of Mother Earth! No such wonder I feel serene and nurtured when I’m in the presence of these beauties!

Orangutans 'will be extinct within 10 years'

This has to end! Yes it’s complicated, but solutions start when each one of us take responsibility for our actions. I am committing to conscious consumption where I consider the environmental consequences of anything that I buy- what action are you going to take? Burning forests to make way for plantations to support the world's insatiable demand for palm oil is one of the main causes of the astonishing decline in numbers of this species

❤️ Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people. Get out there and plant trees today!

❤️ Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. We cannot survive without nature, ⏰ THE TIME IS NOW!

❤️ Trees communicate with each other using a mycelia network that connects their roots allowing them to transfer information - things we don’t see or hear do exist and happen...a great thought for today😃

#evolutionaryleadership #climatechange #jersey #synthesis #love #motivation

The evolutionary purpose of the earth is calling, listen, can you hear her?

Happy Easter from Synthesis! Living Your Journey, Loving Your Life! Happy Easter from Synthesis! I am sure you are all enjoying and recharging in the sunshine this bank holiday weekend, and enjoying a little bit of chocolate too! So Easter Monday is a celebration of rebirth, and I'm very excited to be launching new personal development events for the remainder of 20...

Happy Friday everyone! Be brave, take action, start something new❤️


I practice adaptive leadership in every aspect of my life - personal as well as professional. It’s a reflection in action style attributed to research by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky at Harvard University. They use the analogy of the dance floor (being in the detail) and the balcony (looking at the bigger picture - what’s really going on). A dear friend of mine shared this video with me this morning and it gave me a whole new sight of the balcony😆 I hope you enjoy it too😘

Star size comparison to the edge of expanding universe.

Happy Sunday everyone...quote of the day inspired from my skiing holiday in the Dolomites ❤️🇮🇹 ...Some exciting new events starting at Synthesis very soon! Watch this space, or sign up to receive my newsletter via the link in my comment below...Looking forward to seeing you all soon...❤️

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