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Husse (pronounced “hoo-say”) is a Swedish brand established in 1987. Husse sells a wide range of premium pet food, mainly focusing on cats and dogs.

JUST TO SAY.....♥️

Thank you so much to everyone that has joined our Husse family here in Jersey.

Your kind support, custom and friendships have meant so much and its very much appreciated.

Wishing you all that 2019 is a healthy, happy new year!

Love Annabel X

Husse France

Ask me about Husse's natural supplements for horses....for a healthy, happy horse this winter! ♥️

// CALM PASTE // (existe aussi en version liquide)
Produit à base d'extraits naturels de plantes

🌸 fleur de la passion, 🍋 citron, 🌿 verveine,💮 jasmin ...

Pour combattre le stress, préparer à une compétition, à un transport....

🐴 Appaisez et Calmez votre cheval 🏇 👇

Its that time of year when the central heating goes on you may start to notice 'yeasty-beasty' smells eliminating from your dog 🐾

Husse's Citronella Shampoo is a concentrated, mild, specially formulated shampoo for your dog which can help combat yeast forming on their skin if used regularly. With its refreshing lemony scent it not only deodorizes, Citronella Oil is also antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, fungicidal and the one we already know from our summer holidays, is that it is a great insect repellent!

In stock in Jersey, with free delivery, the price is £8.75. Order by PM me, Annabel or ring 07700 324055.

If you wish to donate any Husse products to the JSPCA Shoebox Appeal, we will of course deliver it for free for you with a gift tag and your own personal message 🐾

Message or phone with your 'wish list' and we'll take care of the rest!

Fairy Dog Mother Jersey

Lest We Forget...

Husse France

🐕💚 Comme les humains, les chiens peuvent faire preuve d'une grande tendresse envers leurs semblables.
Les signes d'amitié les plus courants sont les suivants :
⚫ garder les yeux mis clos
⚫ donner de légers coups de patte ou de museau
⚫ proposer de jouer en plaquant l'avant du corps contre le sol en gardant l’arrière-train en l’air.

✨ Votre chien aussi a son meilleur ami ?

The best doggie event in your doggies calender!

So be sure to come along and have some fun with your best friend this weekend....we'd love to see you there ♥️

Cat Action Trust 1977 Jersey Branch

With fireworks night so close and stray fireworks being heard- please,please,please keep your cats safe.
The safest cats and kittens will be those who are kept in as loud bangs can cause frights and cats can run across roads and get killed.
Please think about keeping them safe-they depend on you.Cats are like toddlers and kittens especially have no road sense.Don’t let your cat become a road death statistic!

Just had to share this beautiful picture from Husse Italy....♥️

📣 Cani con sistema digerente sensibile

#Husse ha creato una linea di prodotti, come Sensitive Digest, realizzati con ingredienti altamente digeribili e con meno probabilità di provocare allergie rispetto agli altri alimenti. 😉

Anche la dolce Mia ha apprezzato. 🐕❤️

Randalls Jersey

Dogs allowed (& their humans too) ✔️
Bring your four legged family member with you next time you visit us at the pubs listed on the below link: 🐶🐶🐶
↓ ↓ ↓

Cats UK

JSPCA Animals' Shelter

Thank you to everyone who supported our "Save our Shelter" Pounds for Paws event yesterday.

We are so grateful for your support and generosity and raised a fantastic £1,112.78!

Well done everyone 🐾👏🐶🐱🐭🐰🐹🐔🐦🦆🕊️🐍🦎🐠

Fantastic morning with the JSPCA today and all those that were able to make the photoshoot.

If you were unable to make it today, but wish to donate, please use the link below....your charity and those pets that find themselves there need your help ♥️

Wow 175 supporters have raised £5,959 via JustGiving! Not to mention our supporters this morning (total will be announced tomorrow).
Could you help us reach £6,000 by tonight? .......we are £41 away 🐾😊🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🐔🦆

JSPCA Animals' Shelter

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us and who has donated so far. We need your help to carry on our vital work. Please donate any amount you can spare, every penny helps 🐾

#donate #support

ITV Channel TV

We are a small local company, proudly supplying our much loved charity with Pro Prima for dogs.

However, they need your support. If you wish to make a food donation to the JSPCA, delivered with a message from you, Husse Jersey have a limited offer of £5 off our 20kg bag of yeast free, Pro Prima kibble for dogs, SPECIAL PRICE £36.95! (normal RRP is £41.95)

Should you wish to find out more about our wonderful Pro Range, then please ask or contact me, Annabel to place a donation order -

Thank you for your much needed support ♥️

In the past, JSPCA has been able to rely on legacies to bridge the gap between income and expenditure, but they can no longer be relied upon.

An interim CEO, Kevin Keen, has been appointed for the next 6 months to get the charity back on track.

Read more:

Dog owners urged to check pets for signs of cancer DOG owners are being urged to check their pets for lumps and bumps by a couple whose Jack Russell was struck down with cancer.

Just had to share this stunning photo from Husse UK ♥️

A happy Husse welcome to the Autumn season 😀

It's official: Pets benefit our mental health

You need much as they need you, to live a healthy, happy life! A systematic review of existing studies lists the many ways in which pets provide people with mental health issues some much-needed comfort.

Guide Dogs - Jersey


So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would love to showcase a few of the doggies that I walk and who's owners feed them Husse, just to show you how great these doggies look by being on a healthy Husse diet.

Leti's owner decided to try Husse just over a year ago and it is with credit to her owner, that Leti is in great shape. Leti is over 2 years old, was rescued from Spain, so does have nervous issues, which generally means their skin, coat, stomach and feet can show signs of this. But as you can see Leti has an amazing, silky, shiny coat, great body shape, her teeth are clean and white, eyes super bright, healthy paws, plus I assure you, very healthy poops!

So what is Leti being fed? Well Leti loves her Optimal Mini kibble and her daily dose of our wonderful Laxolja (Salmon Oil).

We love do many others around the world! Husse is sold in over 55 countries worldwide, through franchisee's like myself for over 30 years. There is a reason for its success and that is that the food quality, the price and the results speak volumes.

Why not ask me about trialling Husse for free....your pet will thank you for it, trust me 🐾

Petition: Make it law to stop ‘Hit and Run’ for Cats

Sadly this is still not the Law here in Jersey :(

Please do share and sign this e-petition, as we have the voice to make a difference...they don't! Certain animals involved in RTAs require the driver to inform the police;this doesn’t include cats. Cats are free agents and are more likely to be victims to RTAs. We wish to see the law changed to reduce their suffering, by getting them to a vet quickly. Please help by signing to protect our cats...

UPSET STOMACH? Try Digestion Plus 🐾

This product is amazing! Digestion Plus is a natural food supplement which gets your pets health back on track by helping balance the good bacterial flora in the intestines. It's suitable for adult dogs and cats (pregnant and nursing), as well as puppies and kittens from 3 weeks old. Its an effective remedy for combating stomach issues during antibiotic treatment and dietary change.

What's in Digestion Plus?
* It contains grapefruit seeds and thyme which have an antibacterial effect.
* Oak bark and charcoal to help regulate the amount of liquids in stool.
* Fructo-Oligosaccharides which are prebiotics that act as a food source for the good bacteria.

Simply add this to their food once a day for the required time.

Price including delivery is £19.95 for 200g tub.

Over the next few weeks I would like to showcase some of the doggies that I walk (as a professional dog walker) and that are being fed Husse food. The reason being is that you can see a dramatic difference of those that are fed Husse's products as they're all a healthy weight, silky, shiny coats, no skin allergies and more importantly no poop issues :)

Just want to share with you, the difference of what a good food, like Husse, does for your provides them a healthy, happy life which is what we all want for our best friend! ♥️

Petition: Horses and dogs off the lead to be allowed on St Aubins Bay all year round

We now have the opportunity to speak up for our island doggies to enjoy St Aubins beach all year round, off the lead and at anytime of the day!

Please sign and share this electronic petition, so we can be given more space to walk our doggies during the day. The beach is vast with a large tidal flow that allows dog and horse owner usage to not cause disturbance to sunbathers. The beach is underutilised as both the sea lettuce and small area of soft sand are not well suited to sunbathers. This would also support local business through increased usage.

Because its 'World Dog Day' I thought to share what our French neighbours say about their fur babies, as they too are a nation of dog lovers ♥️ #HusseFrance

🐕 Aujourd'hui c'est la journée mondiale du chien !

Commentez la plus belle photo de votre chien 📸🐶


Happy International Cat Day :-)

Please share to make us all aware ♥️

Today marks the beginning of 'national road victim month'.
Help us spread the word that animal road victims matter too by sharing some of our awareness photos in our 'shareables' album.


Summer Sales!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently, I'll spare you the boring details for another time!

Anyhow, now that the Sun has finally turned itself down a bit, how bout we get out and take some photos?

I've found in the last year of shooting dog portraits that professional dog photography is very much a 'different strokes for different folks' type of business. Honestly, I feel that I may have isolated certain pups from getting in front of my lens by my packages being too steep.

So, in wanting to keep this dream of mine alive and keep documenting the amazing dogs of the Channel Islands, I've introduced a new promotion just in time for the tail-end of Summer (when it's much nicer to have dogs outside of course!)

The promotion, 'Bark in a Park' is simple. It's a £30 photoshoot that takes between 10 and 20 minutes from beginning to end and what you get are two fully edited digital images of your pooch. Wanna get those images printed? Happy days! From unframed 6x4's to wall-mounted 20" aluminium panels, it's all available and it's all at your request.

This promotion was made for people who want minimal fuss and great results.

Project_Pawtrait is award-winning pet photography, now even more accessible and just as adorable.

If you're heading across the water this week, check out our colleagues stand at the Horse Jumping International Show in Dinard ♥️

🐎 On se retrouve à Dinard pour le Jumping International du 2 au 5 Août !
L'occasion de (re)découvrir notre gamme de soins et de phytothérapie pour équidés 👉


With all this hot weather, our crazy, water, mud loving lab is constantly covered either in salt or mud! So we absolutely 'LOVE' Husse's Calendula Shampoo as it leaves his coat silky soft, super shiny and its so gentle which makes it ideal for sensitive skin ♥️

Price is £8.75 for 250ml, its concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. So please message me, Annabel, to arrange for 'free' home or work delivery today.

Tick...tock...'TICK'! ⏰

If like us you don't like using chemical products on your doggie and currently don't have Tick or Flea protection, its only a matter of time that your doggie will become a host for these nasty, little critters.

Husse Tick and Flea spray offers natural protection and made from the following ingredients which repel these insects naturally -

Essential Oils - Lavender, Geranium and Eucalyptus. Base oil is Walnut Oil and alcohol in order to blend the oils together.

As a dog walker too I use this oil on me for added protection and around our dogs bed at home.

Price is £15.95 or £19.95 with FREE delivery to your home or work and is in stock in Jersey!

We have a great range of products that help your pet have a healthy, happy Husse summer!

We are at St Catherines Sunday Market tomorrow from 10am to 4pm or contact us for free home or work delivery 🐾

Dogs Allowed UK

So who's doggies will be joining them at work?

Lazy Sunday? Fancy breakfast at St Catherines for a change? Bring your doggie or cat and pop by to see Husse Jersey at St Catherines Sunday Market from 10am to 4pm.

We have lots of goodies including our healthy doggie treats, or grab our ever popular natural Tick and Flea, a must at the moment in Jersey. Or to simply come and have a chat about how Husse can help your pet lead a more healthy, happy life! ♥️

Randall's 2018 Dressage Gala started yesterday evening. The horses and their owners looked fantastic!

So despite the weather come down to Les Chasses Equestrian in St John, as we have a very large tent, lots to drink and enjoy this wonderful event in aid of Cheshire Homes ♥️

Had to share this beautiful post....♥️

Husse Jersey


Thank you so much to everyone that has helped and supported Husse Jersey since we've been posting on Facebook. Proud to say that we have reached a Facebook milestone of 300 supporters without any competitions, gimmick's etc....just simply because you 'LIKE' what we do ♥️

So please keep 'SHARING' and 'TALKING' about Husse means so much to our small business Xx

Husse (pronounced “hoo-say”) is a Swedish brand established in 1987.

Husse sells a wide range of premium pet food, mainly focusing on cats and dogs.

George Takei’s Oh Myyy!

If this is what it feels like for a human, why would you put a pet through this?

via Did You Know


Back at St Catherine's Sunday Market today from 10am to 4pm, with lots of new stock including this wonderful, Swedish designed felt cat bed, which I love ♥️

Unzips for easy storage, washable, suitable also for a small doggie who likes to snuggle up and a great price at only £24.95.....

Next weekend in aid of Cheshire Homes Charity, Husse Jersey will be at the Randall's Dressage Horse Gala launching Husse's Swedish premium range of horse products as well as our wonderful range of healthy, natural dog and cat products already loved by many islanders!

So if you or your friends have not tried Husse, please do pop by to see us and experience a great event in aid of a wonderful charity ❤️

Summer stock arriving today! 🐾

Husse Jersey are unable to make any deliveries from 14th to the 28th May 2018.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you require a delivery of your usual goodies, so you are covered whilst we are on holiday :)

Thank you! ♥️

PS. Smaller items maybe collected from St Catherines Market both Sundays during this period from 10am to 4pm


Husse Jersey will be at St Catherine's Sunday Market tomorrow from 10am to 4pm, selling our Swedish, natural, healthy range of cat and dog products. We hope to see you there and its a doggie friendly event too! ♥️

Spotted in St Osyth

A day in the life of a reactive dog

Hello. I’m a reactive dog. People call me ‘reactive’ because I sometimes bark, growl and lunge towards other dogs, people, cats, cars – some of those things, or all of them.

‘Reactive’ is a label though and I would like you to understand what it’s really like to be ‘reactive’ and how I actually feel when I ‘react’.
If you are a ‘reactive’ dog, certain things, taken for granted by other dogs – such as a simple walk in the park or a trip to a dog show, become a bit more complicated. While I would love to be able to investigate all the fantastic smells in the park, or have a great time in a training class, scoffing off some yummy treats and exercising my brain cells, life for me is sadly full of anxiety and fear, and instead of enjoying these events, I am constantly on edge.

Why, you might want to ask? Can’t you just, like, get over it?

Nothing ever happens to you when you are out, why get yourself so worked up?

The problem is, ‘getting over it’ is not that simple. My anxiety and fear stem from many things – I might not have been socialised properly when young, or I might have had a bad experience. That means that certain things (other dogs, small children, load noises, people coming up to say hello) fill me with anxiety, fear or sometimes even panic. In many of those situations, if I could, I would probably run away, but many a time I can’t as I’m attached to a lead or cornered (like when another dog comes up to me and doesn’t want to leave me alone). But what sometimes works to make scary things go away is barking and growling at them – even bouncy dogs eventually get it. And while I might not look pretty or friendly when I growl and bark and lunge – hey! It works to get me out of a sticky situation and makes me feel safe again.

It’s not easy to feel scared every time I leave the house, and it’s not nice to see my owner tensing up or upset every time I feel I need to react. People shout abuse at me sometimes, ask my owner to muzzle me or even never walk me. But frankly, I don’t mean anyone any harm, I just want to be left alone. My owner works so hard to convince me that life isn’t all that scary after all – she feeds me yummy treats when a scary things approaches, she keeps me safe by helping me move out of the way rather than walk towards what is bound to upset me, she really, really tries, and I am slowly learning to trust things that used to freak me out loads.

But every now and then, just when I start thinking that maybe other dogs, people, cars etc. aren’t that scary after all, someone or something comes up a bit too close and my old fears come back – and all I can do is panic and scream (that is bark, growl and lunge) to make them go away.

So next time you see one of us – reactive dogs – out and about, please please – don’t judge. Don’t shout abuse at my owner who is trying all she can to make me feel safe. If you’re asked to call your dog away, please do, and don’t ask questions or claim your dog can do no harm as he’s friendly (to us, reactive dogs, that’s sometimes even worse!). Don’t let your children stroke us unless our owner says it’s fine. Just give us a bit of space so we can be on our way.

Thank you so much!

Written by the team at Pets in Practise "where determination and positivity, works!"

****Edited to add resources 29/4/2018 ****
Why Shock, Prong and Choke collars should never be used on reactive dogs

Great websites about counter conditioning which can help both you and your dog cope and rehabilitate.

This is the company that makes the muzzle featured on my dog. They are made to measure.

Yellow Dog UK - Tabards and Dog coats

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Alfie Loves Our Dental Sticks





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