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Dynamic Health - Jersey

Function Better - Feel Better. Fast and Effective Treatment for Muscle Joint and Nerve Pains

Dynamic Health is a modern and progressive Chiropractic Clinic based in St Helier, Jersey. We focus on restoring the function of the body to eliminate pain, prevent injury and to improve health. We offer effective, safe and fast-acting care for a wide variety of conditions and complaints from headache, knee pain and lower back pain, to plantar fascitis, sciatica and tennis elbow. Our aim is to uncover and address the root cause of your problem not just to treat your symptoms. Improving body function through hands-on chiropractic is at the heart of what we do but our unique and comprehensive approach looks at all aspects of health including exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. Our expert team includes chiropractors, physiotherapists and sports massage therapists. From our bespoke studio we also offer rehabilitation, Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga classes. These are perfect additions to treatment with us, allowing you to get the most from your care.

We are so pleased to tell you that our brilliant receptionist Marcia gave birth to her beautiful baby girl today. Here is a picture of her from when she popped into clinic to see us on the way home from hospital (We were so honoured to be her first ever visit to see people!) Both Marcia and baby Ava are doing brilliantly and we are so happy to have a new addition to the Dynamic Health family. I know lots of you have been asking after them both and Marcia assures us she'll be popping in often in her maternity leave so we can all get our cuddles in!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Dynamic Health!

Running as few as 10 miles per week can increase your lifespan by six years! #ExerciseIsMedicine

Shoes with an elevated heel places more load on the forefoot – a common problem with #MetatarsalStressFracture and forefoot pain.

#FootPain #Footwear #InjuryPrevention #DynamicHealth #Chiropractic #JerseyCI

Weak runners are prone to injury. Weakness of the foot has been shown to predispose to foot injuries such as #PlantarFasciitis & #MetatarsalStressFracture.

#FootPain #Running #InjuryPrevention #DynamicHealth #Chiropractic #JerseyCI

Your joints aren't like car tires that wear out as you use them. Movement and exercise helps nutrients diffuse into cartilage to help keep them healthy #KeepingMoving #ExerciseIsMedicine #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI #PainPrevention

Hip pain with running? Try increasing your cadence. A 10% increase in your cadence significantly reduces excessive twisting of the hip 👍. #HipPain #Running #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

[10/28/19]   Please be aware that due to the roadworks on Rouge Boullion, the top of Clarendon Road (where Dynamic Health is) is currently shut. To avoid this you can drive up the no entry at the bottom of Clarendon Road and reach the clinic that way. Things will return to normal on 2nd November.

[10/28/19]   Richard will be starting a Qi Gong class on Thursday evenings 7.15-8.15 from Thursday 7th November. For more information, or to book your place, please call him on 07797 722929.

Suffering with an aching pain in the sides of your hips? It may be coming from your lower back - when irritated the joints of the lower back can refer pain in this pattern. #HipPain #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

"If you’re in a bad mood go for a walk... If you’re still in a bad mood go for another walk" – Hippocrates.


Hourglass posture (narrowing of the waist) is a common factor in #NeckPain and #Headaches. Avoid sucking or holding your stomach in throughout the day.

#Posture #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

A lumbar roll can help to correct your lower back posture but also the position of your neck reducing #NeckPain, #ShoulderPain & #Headaches.

#Posture #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

“First move well, then move often” Gray Cook MSPT

Often hamstring tightness is simply compensation for weakness & you'll get better results strengthening vs stretching #TreatCauseNotSymptoms #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI #TightHamstrings

Neck pain at night? Make sure your pillow is the correct thickness / density for your body shape and places your neck in a neutral position.

The suboccipital muscles are a common (but treatable) source of tension headache. Tag someone with #tensionheadaches.

Deficiency in magnesium can enhance inflammation & pain, potentially leading to #headache, #migraine & #fibromyalgia. Green leafy veg, nuts and seeds are all great sources of magnesium.


Chiropractic for Shoulder Pain | Dynamic Health | Chiropractor Jersey CI

Did you know #Chiropractic is an extremely successful form of treatment for a range of shoulder complaints? Learn more about chiropractic for shoulder pain in this blog post. #ShoulderPain #DynamicHealth #Jersey

dynamichealth.je From a chiropractic standpoint there are two steps to effective treatment for any painful problem. First you must find what is causing the pain (the source) and next find why it has occurred (the cause). In

A chest breathing pattern (vs belly breathing) at rest ↑ stress on the muscles of the neck & is a common factor in #NeckPain and #Headaches.


Tension Headache Relief | Foam Roll Exercise | Dynamic Health | Jersey

Try this simple exercise for #TensionHeadacheRelief
#chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

dynamichealth.je   A common source of tension headache are the muscles around the neck and shoulders. Two common culprits are the suboccipital muscles (the small muscles at the base of the skull) and the upper traps (which


Exercise for Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor Jersey | Dynamic Health

Have you got #ShoulderPain? Try the Upper Back Cat Exercise today. #ExerciseIsFreeMedicine #DynamicHealth #Jersey

dynamichealth.je Lots of us suffer with a stiff or rounded upper back. Sitting, computer work, driving and cycling all promote a rounded and stiff posture. This middle back stiffness is especially common in patients with neck


Chiropractic for Tension Headache | Dynamic Health | Chiropractor Jersey

Did you know #Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for #TensionHeadaches? Learn more about chiropractic treatment for tension headaches in today's post. #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI


dynamichealth.je Tension headaches are the most common type of headache with most people experiencing one at some time in their lives. They are usually felt as a “band” around the head or behind the eyes and

Athletes that sleep for < 8 hrs / night were 1.7x more likely to suffer an injury compared to athletes that slept for 8 hrs or more #sleep #InjuryPrevention #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI


Shoulder Pain Relief | Dynamic Health | Chiropractor Jersey CI

Suffering with #ShoulderPain? Read our blog post "Top tips for Shoulder Pain Relief" #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

dynamichealth.je Shoulder complaints are all too common but fortunately there are many things that you can do for long-term shoulder pain relief and prevention. Mind Your Mid-Back Mobility through the mid-back is key in allowing the shoulders to

Suffer with tension headaches? The upper trapezius muscle may be the culprit. Trigger points (knots) in the upper trapezius can refer pain to the temples and above the eyes. #TensionHeadaches #Chiropractic #TriggerPoints #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Pain is a symptom not a cause - If you had a stone in your shoe do you take painkillers to ↓ symptoms or take it out to fix the cause? #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Nutrient deficiency can promote a range of musculoskeletal problems such as #tendonitis, #DiscPain & #arthritis. Make sure to inlcude plenty of colourful fruit & veg, good fats, meat, fish and eggs into your diet #nutrition #prevention

[10/21/19]   “It’s not the load, it’s the load you’re not PREPARED for” Tim Gabbett on injury risk.

“If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” Robert Butler #ExerciseIsMedicine #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI #PainPrevention

“That which enhances performance, prevents injury.” – Larry Hamilton

#strength #mobility #endurance #InjuryPrevention #PainRelief #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI


Exercise 101 | Problems with Sitting | Chiropractor Jersey CI


#Exercise #Sitting #Pain #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

dynamichealth.je Everybody knows that exercise is important. But not everyone realises just how important exercise is and more importantly how exercise/ activity can and should be implemented to get the best health results…     The Problem With Sitting We

[09/30/19]   Jess will be available for massage appointments on Friday mornings, as of Friday the 11th of October.
Call us on 01534733162 or book on our website if you would like an appointment.

He who solely treats the site of pain is lost and so is his patient.” Prof Karel Lewit #TreatCauseNotSymptoms

#DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Knee and hip strengthening has been shown to be more effective than knee strengthening alone for knee pain syndromes – fix the cause not just the symptoms!

#KneePain #KneeOA #KneePainRelief #KneeStrength #HipStrength #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

A recent study shows that for muscle injury starting rehab after 2 days compared to 9 days shortened recovery and return to sport by 3 weeks without any significant increase risk of reinjury!
#MuscleStrain #recovery #injury #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

For people who are overweight, for every 1kg of weight lost, knee joint load decreases 8-fold every step!

#KneePain #KneeOA #WeightLoss #walking #KneePainRelief #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Does marathon running cause knee or hip arthritis? A recent study shows that the arthritis rate in active marathon runners was actually below that of the general population!
#Running #KneeOA #HipOA #ExerciseIsMedicine #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Top factors to consider to reduce risk of ankle sprain according to latest research = balance, calf mobility, endurance and weight loss (if overweight).

#InjuryPrevention #AnkleSprains #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Sciatica due to spinal stenosis is often treated with unnecessary surgery. A recent study shows that exercise + manual therapy “demonstrated superior, large and sustained improvements in walking ability” vs surgery!

#Sciatica #SciaticaRelief #DynamichHealth #Chiropractic

“If breathing is not normalized, no other movement pattern can be.” - Karel Lewit

#breathing #movement #pain #painrelief #function #posture #chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

A commonly overlooked cause of #StressFracture is the inability of the muscles to dampen bony vibrations & prevent bending in the bone. In many cases, the addition of a few simple strengthening exercises may accelerate recovery & ↓ the potential for reinjury.


The diaphragm functions as a breathing, stability and sphincter muscle. Dysfunction in the diaphragm can not only lead to breathing problems, but also contribute to neck / back pain and acid reflux!

#PainRelief #Chiropractic #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Had an ankle sprain? Make sure to rehab it properly - in a 10-year follow-up of patients suffering ankle sprains, 72% showed signs of arthritis in the ankle joint

#AnkleSprain #FootPain #FootFunction #InjuryPrevention #DynamicHealth #JerseyCI

Poor core stability can lead not only to #Backpain but also be a factor in extremity injuries like #PlantarFasciitis or #ShinSplints

#InjuryPrevention #DynamicHealth #Chiropractic #JerseyCI

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