Acupuncturist Satomi Takamuro / HariHari Acupuncture & Massage in Rusutsu

Acupuncture&Massage in Rusutsu, Hokkaido during winter by Satomi, a qualified acupuncturist. Great treatment for aches&pains after skiing and snowboard!

[02/14/17]   A gentleman who was suffering from pain in his bottom and scared of needles said after 1st acupuncture session in his life;
'You tried to kill me with needles, but I am still alive what is more my pain has gone! What a wonderful result!!'


Acupuncture - 10 facts you should know about this ancient Chinese healing technique

Seeking for a great acupuncture clinic in Hokkaido?
Here, Hari Hari is the place you can get a quality treatment! Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique where fine needles are inserted in the body at certain specific points called acupoints which is capable of treating various physical and mental ailments.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

IT'S TRUE: Acupuncture really does work!

If you've personally experienced the healing effects of this non-traditional therapy, share your stories below.

Acupuncture for the prevention of episodic migraine. - PubMed - NCBI

Headache? Migraines?!
Come for Acupuncture!! Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2016 Jun 28;(6):CD001218. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD001218.pub3. Meta-Analysis; Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural; Review

Team USA go crazy for cupping!

Hari Hari offers Cupping therapy; one method of The Traditional Oriental Medicine.
It really works well for stiff neck, shoulder pain, low back pain, also high blood pressure, and so on.

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Several Team USA athletes have been pictured with small, circular marks on their backs and shoulders, indicating that they subscribe to the healing technique called cupping.

8 Signs You Should Try Acupuncture

Kinesio Taping for Low Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy mom tend to suffer from low back pain or sciatica in worse case.
This is curious idea. In pregnant women, taping is most commonly used across the lower belly for support, creating a sling or belt around her body to help evenly distribute the weight of a growing baby.

3 Powerful Beverages To Treat Arthritis & Joint Pain Naturally If you have arthritis, it means that something is wrong with the joints, and what exactly is wrong depends on the type of arthritis you have. It may be the case that your cartilage is worn out, that you have a lack of synovial fluid, autoimmune infection or combination of different factors. Whate

Hari Hari

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25 Izumikawa, Aza, Rusutsu-mura
Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
その他 Abuta-gun 診療所 (すべて表示)
なみうち助産院〜mammajo なみうち助産院〜mammajo
Abuta-gun, 048-1605


Niseko International Clinic Niseko International Clinic
Abuta-gun, 044-0081

Niseko International Clinic Opening December 2017

Peak Physiotherapy Peak Physiotherapy
ニセコ町東山温泉 The Green Leaf Niseko Village
Abuta-gun, 048-1592

Sports Injury Specialists

Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic Niseko Osteopathy Chiropractic
字山田170-225, Kutchan
Abuta-gun, 044-0081

Osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, biodynamic

Asia Physio - Niseko Physio Asia Physio - Niseko Physio
B1 Australia House 170-5 Aza Yamada Kutchan
Abuta-gun, 044-0081

Asia Physio, the first and premiere choice in physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and sports injury management in Niseko. Established in 2005 we also provide premium products for injury prevention and post injury treatment. Call us now to learn more...

社会医療法人慈恵会 社会医療法人慈恵会
Abuta-gun, 0495605

アロマ・リフレクソロジーサロンtetote アロマ・リフレクソロジーサロンtetote
Abuta-gun, 049-5723

洞爺湖ののんびりアロマサロン。 アロマオイルを使ったボディ、フェイシャルトリートメント。またドッグアロマも行っています。