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Pharmaceutical products, is inflamed lips, angular cheilitis treatment medication, inside add vitamin E and vitamin B6 to Lip week, white ointment packaging is quite simple


GOOD AGING Moisturizing Lotion

With evolutionary version of soy isoflavones "equol" added, it provides high moisture, penetrating the cuticle, giving the skin elasticity.


Sana Cleansing Cream

Cleansing Milk containing milk. Smooth emulsion completely clear the pores dirt. To bring the inside of the skin elasticity, moisture.


Sana Deep Soymilk Moisturizing Mask

Add soy broth mask easy to remove and quickly spread. Large capacity Mask can be used daily.


Hadabisei Premium Pure Hyaluronic Acid Excellent Facial Sheet Mask Hot

3 Sheets


Sana Deep Soymilk Gel

Add soy broth, astaxanthin, vitamin B group gelatinous essence. Tight fitting skin, covering the surface of the skin finishing smooth, tight and elastic.


Shiseido Perfect Whip

Shiseido submicron Cleanser can play a rich foam, continuous elastic layer is formed on the face clean, and remove the pores and skin absorption trench dirt, sweat and thoroughly clean grease, dust and cosmetics. Mild, not a burden on the skin. Cleaning cleansing facial is an important part, especially for facial oil more people, submicron Cleanser texture water surplus fresh, mild cleansing while, also softening and moisturizing the skin, improve skin elasticity, as the skin to bring unparalleled comfort


Minon amino Moist Purupuru moist skin mask

22mL × 4 pieces


Sana Deep Soymilk Moisturizer

Add soy broth and vitamin A derivatives, can deal with the drying of fine lines, full of moisturizing anti-wrinkle skin moisturizer. Moisturizing, nourishes the underlying skin thoroughly. 1 bottle arrived 3 bottles (lotion, lotion, essence)


Sana Concentrated Mask Run

Soymilk beauty liquid, so that the skin supple and elastic. Plaid closely fit the face design, thick essence give you a night of uninterrupted nourishment, wake up in the morning to have a smooth and supple muscles.


Kose Hadakiwami Powder Wash

KOSE powder wash uses natural ingredients made from rice enzymes. The main purpose is to eliminate blackheads, small package design is also very suitable for carrying out


Sana Deep Soymilk face Gel

Vitamin A derivatives high moisturizing skin care goods, eliminates fine lines caused by dryness. Apply after washing the face.


Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid

This is an oil-free makeup remover and can be used on wet face and hands. It is suitable for oily and acne prone skin; or for those who wants to use oil-free makeup remover to take off makeup and sunscreen. A daily face cleanser is recommended after using this cleansing liquid in order to remove dirt and makeup residue that might be left. Can be used on wet skin.

For all skin, especially for oily and acne prone skin


Sana Body Whitening Cream

Add broth and milk whitening cream Arbutin of high purity. Apply after washing face.

Hydra also be used as night cream mask used to make perfectly clear skin.


Sana Whitening Lotion

Add soy broth and high purity Arbutin whitening lotion. Rapidly penetrate the skin, making the skin supple and perfectly clear.


Rosette Cleansing Cream2

Rosette Cleansing paste foam Medicated Acne Clear


Sana Deep Soymilk Trimming Cream

Add soy broth, vitamin A derivatives, arbutin multifunctional skin BB cream. Resolve all very concerned about skin problems, caused by the drying smooth fine lines. 5 Validity 1 (Lotion effect, makeup, sunscreen, Cream, foundation)


Sana Deep Soymilk Q10 Body Cleanser

Add soy broth and encapsulated auxiliary plum Q10 deep cleanser. Adsorption with thick foam to wash the skin moist.


Eye Contour Balm Anti-Wrinkle - Baume Contour Des Yeux Anti-Rides

Velvety, moisturizing delicate eye area skin, greatly improving the texture and promote the restoration force to offset the visible signs of aging.


Wrinkle Correcting Concentrate - sérum correcteur rides

Along with rich facial expressions, skin folds easily sustained, eventually led to the formation of wrinkles.

New light grain curd, add a unique anti-wrinkle ingredients, weaken wrinkles due to "habitual expressions" and caused restores skin delicate sheen.

From now on, enjoy heart and Wyatt, Laugh now! Youth feel unprecedented state and beautiful life.


Intensive Eye Contour Cream - Crème Contour Des Yeux

Get more dazzling eyes! Solves periocular muscles problems multi-faceted.
Say bye bye to three structural problems using Baijin Huan live rods, rejuvenating the skin.


Body Exfoliator - Exfoliant Pour le Corps

Softens skin, as it gently removes dead skin cells without damaging the necessary moisture of the skin.


Kanebo Suisai Enzyme Powder Wash

Product contains enzymes to assist removal of "old dead skin cells" and "blackheads" it is recommended that once a week is better, especially in sensitive skin but also to a gradual way better.


Hadabisei Premium Pure Hyaluronic Acid Excellent Facial Sheet Mask Hot
3 Sheets


Hadabisei Kracie Facial Mask 3D Aging Moisturizer
30ml×4 sheets


DHC Lip Cream
With rich olive oil, its composition is similar to the skin's sebum film protection. Because olive oil has excellent permeability, it does not produce discomfort after usage such as stickiness.

Can form a protective layer of gauze-like lip, gentle guardian of your lips.

Hui and other natural plant extracts, can prevent chapped lips, make lips more supple and bright.


COW Cleansing Foam
Without additions, COWBRAND's "series of products without adding" never uses coloring spices. Stable quality without using preservatives.

Gentle Protective Emulsion SPF 22 - Protection énergisante tendre

Resist ultraviolet radiation, drying and other skin problems,
Keeps the skin's vitality and glow throughout the day.


Gentle Nourishing Emulsion - émulsion tendre

Resist ultraviolet radiation, drying and other skin problems,
Processes the renewal system so that the skin keeps its vitality and suppleness during sleep.
Humid, moist texture and delicate


Gentle Cleansing Foam - Mousse Nettoyante Tendre

Rapidly produce an abundance of delicate bubbles,
Meticulous cleaning fabric, to bring you a radiant skin.
Moisturizing, silky smooth skin after cleansing.


Gentle Balancing Lotion

Nourishes the skin making it moist and radiant.
Skin looks radiant inside out.


Gentle Balancing Lotion - Lotion Tendre

Deluxe balanced emulsion, add water to skin while preventing roughness. It contains advanced moisturizing ingredients,
To minimize pores, improve skin texture. Leaves skin soft, supple and common, everyday use.


Cleansing Cream - Crème Démaquillante

Refreshing Cleansing, optimizes skin conditions.
Restores radiant skin.
Makeup cleansed deep down from the pores.


Clarifying thightening Serum - Sérum Eclat
Adjusts the skin texture, boosts water oil balance of the skin, improves sebum secretion for rough skin conditions. Contains oil-absorbing powder, effective control of facial shine.








Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


月曜日 09:00 - 21:00
火曜日 09:00 - 21:00
水曜日 09:00 - 21:00
木曜日 09:00 - 21:00
金曜日 09:00 - 21:00
その他 Arakawa-ku 診療所 (すべて表示)
まこと接骨院・鍼灸院 まこと接骨院・鍼灸院
Arakawa-ku, 116-0014


ミャンマーファミリー・クリニックと菜園の会 ミャンマーファミリー・クリニックと菜園の会
Arakawa-ku, 116-0012


みさわ整骨院 みさわ整骨院
Arakawa-ku, 1160012


とかの医院 とかの医院
荒川5丁目11-18 ヴィンヤード2階
Arakawa-ku, 116-0002

【耳鼻咽喉科】午前:月~日曜 午後:月~金曜診療 【 眼 科 】午前:月~土曜 午後:月~金曜診療 【 内 科 】毎週金曜・第4日曜診療 【 皮膚科 】第3水曜午後診療

日暮里動物病院 日暮里動物病院
Arakawa-ku, 116-0014

2017年4月に荒川区に開院しました動物病院です。GW、お盆、年末年始も通常通り診察しております。 しつけ相談やワクチンから、手術や腫瘍のセカンドオピニオンまで何でもご相談下さい。

はせがわ病院 はせがわ病院
Arakawa-ku, 116-0014

はせがわ病院は東京都荒川区東日暮里6-22-16にある30床の病院です。 診療科:泌尿器科、人工透析

かつみカイロ整体院 かつみカイロ整体院
南千住1-15-2 イストワール三ノ輪102
Arakawa-ku, 116-0003

自宅のようにくつろげる「癒しの治療院」 頭痛・肩こりでお悩みではありませんか?

G.b.s日暮里整骨院 G.b.s日暮里整骨院
西日暮里2ー30ー1 1F
Arakawa-ku, 116-0013

つるかめ鍼灸院 つるかめ鍼灸院
Arakawa-ku, 116-0013

日本で唯一のアキレス腱炎専門の鍼灸院です。 東洋医学によるツボを使った治療なので、お子様でも安心して治療を受けられます。 また、即効性がありその場で治療効果を確認できます。

にっぽり 金接骨院 にっぽり 金接骨院
Arakawa-ku, 116-0014

台東すこやか整骨院 台東すこやか整骨院
根岸2-11-6 石巻ビル2F
Arakawa-ku, 110-0003

ブルーリバー整骨院 南千住店 ブルーリバー整骨院 南千住店
Arakawa-ku, 116-0003

【身体と心のケアを第一に考える治療院】東京都荒川区にある『ブルーリバー整骨院 南千住店』のFacebookページです。