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Learning what works for YOUR body when it comes to being healthy. Restore the health of mind, body & soul by choosing an integrative health approach. Lose the diet mentality, restrictive nutrition, reduce stress, improve sleep & enhance your QOL!

Empowering women to overcome obstacles, negative mentality and live their best, healthiest life! Susie Bower is a military spouse, mom of two and intermittent faster who escaped the "norm" and finally found freedom, a healthy relationship with not only food, but also herself. Learn how to listen to your body, eat for YOUR lifestyle and goals and create a healthy environment to thrive in. No more diets or crazy restrictions, live a balanced and healthy life - FOR GOOD! If you are ready to take back your power and quality of life, your health journey starts NOW! I would love to hear more about you and your life goals to see how we can work together to achieve success. I offer various services to accommodate any budget. My goal is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS.

使命: We will breakdown the barriers of negative self talk that no longer serve you. Together we will improve your health from the inside out by learning to love yourself, simplify your life, teach you about proper nutrition to fuel your body and how to modify exercises to your fitness level. By teaching you this, you will have long term, maintainable results that will create an abundance of gratitude, self worth and happiness that will flow into all areas of your life. You will just happen to get a rockin' hot body out of it too!

Darkness is the complete opposite of light, however both are needed in life so we may ebb and flow.⁣

Too much light and we cannot rest. Too much darkness and we fall into a depression. ⁣

👉 Take this as a message as my word for 2020:


To step into my own purpose and power and SHINE in that role.

To SHINE as a female voice/influencer in a male dominated field.

I am here to SHINE my light of experience to light the path for other women navigating through the darkest passages of their life. As they become brighter and believe in their own shining light, I ask that they pay it forward by spreading the light of hope to others.

S - Share my experience and knowledge

H - Healthy mind, body and soul

I - Intentional in my life and how I show up for others

N - Next level in my business

E - Empower women

First workout of 2020 💪⁣

Let's just say I have already come a loooooooong way when it comes to listen to and respecting my body! ⁣

We stayed up until almost 3 am on January 1st (normally I'm asleep by 9:30 pm at the latest), so naturally I was pretty tired when I woke up later that morning. The old me would have told myself to suck it up, it's Day 1 of 2020 and I HAVE to workout.⁣

The new and aligned me listened to how my body was feeling and had a pretty chill day spent mostly on the couch reading. Allowing my body to rest more so I could completely recover. I have learned the only thing I HAVE to do is respect the limits and power of my body, to take care of it in the most optimal way possible and always be listening to it's cues. ⁣

We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves to do something because we "are supposed to" or feel like we have to. It's ok to miss a Monday, it's ok to take a day off, it's ok to go to bed early, it's ok to make self love and self care a HIGH priority. You only have one body, take care of it and it will take care of you 💕

🚨 Near Infrared Light Therapy 🚨⁣

Light therapy has been a thing for over 50 years and as science evolves, we continue to learn more of the benefits. ⁣

After I had my second lumbar back surgery in July 2019, I knew I had to do everything in my power to prevent the 2 herniated disc in my cervical spine from getting any worse. I absolutely HATE taking pain pills and would rather just feel the pain in my neck and shoulders than mask it. ⁣

I already have a strong yoga and meditation practice and keep myself in an optimal healthy state, however once I started to do some research on light therapy I came across near infrared and red light therapy - aka photobiomodulation or PMB. ⁣

The heat (from an incandescent bulb) increases the body temperature which then increases the blood flow and circulation to the area filled with fresh oxygenated blood. The tension and tightness in the muscles also release with the heat. ⁣

Infrared light can penetrate beneath the skin from 2-7 cm, reaching the muscles and even bone in some areas. These specific wavelengths boosts mitochondrial health and energy production which allows the cells to do more work. In the last 30 years there has been hundreds of well documented studies and trials proving the healing benefits 🤓⁣

I've only been using it for about a week now and I can absolutely feel a difference in my neck and shoulders. Dare I say I even feel like my skin is getting tighter already 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣

I only have one bulb right now, however I plan on getting more to make 2 panels to stand between. Might as well get the benefits for the full body in one session right 😉⁣

After reading about the flicker rate and EMF of LED lights, I decided the incandescent bulb was the best choice for me. So here's to even more OptimizHer Biohacking and living my best, healthiest life!

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💕🐾 Puppy love 💕🐾⁣

It is scientifically proven that pet ownership improves your health! This little girl right here has been my savior and mental health comforter. They don't just fill your heart, they actually make it stronger 💪💜 by lowering blood pressure and stress levels AND dog owners that play outside with their pups get even more health benefits 😉⁣

It's no secret, I'm her favorite human 👉🙋🏼‍♀️ She's small but mighty and will go to great lengths to protect me! As much as I love big dogs and their super warm cuddles, my heart is more small dog favored.⁣

Do you have a pet? I'd love to see you with them 👉 tag me in a post or in your stories! Spread the animal love 💕🐾

Homemade Sauerkraut 🥣⁣

I might be one of the few because I absolutely L💜VE sauerkraut! Every time we travel outside of Italy, I try the local sauerkraut. It always has a small difference, however I've not had one I didn't like.⁣

I decided to head over to Amazon to get some basic supplies to make my own! Y'all already know I make my own kombucha, so why not add another fermented food to my menu right?!⁣

I'm all about upgrading my health and fermented foods absolutely check that box ✅👉 They are very rich in probiotic bacteria so when you eat fermented foods you are adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes to your overall intestinal flora. That increases the health of your gut microbiome and digestive system, which also enhances your immune system 🤓 ⁣

Do you eat or make your own fermented foods or beverages?
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Cold thermogenesis has many levels and I just upped my game ❄️⁣⁣
I started with ending my normal shower with 1 minute of cold showers, worked my time up to at least a 5 minute cold shower finish, taken a few polar dips and now....⁣⁣
Well, I dropped in behind a rock so I could enjoy a few minutes of mother nature's cryotherapy 😉 ⁣

If you don't incorporate a little chill each day, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting started, the health benefits are incredible!!

Tryin' to bring ALL the jingle to the Jingle & Mingle party 🎄🤣

This is my personal review of the female supplement EmpowHER from Lean Factor @leanfactormax⁣

The first thing that stands out to me is the ingredient list. Many of the herbs in it are what I have in my cabinet. When it comes to supplementation, I lean towards Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. I believe there is plenty of research that proves the benefits of ancient wisdom. ⁣

So right off the bat I was excited to try it because it's putting many of the powdered herbs and capsules I'm already taking and putting into one capsule! Make my life so much easier and I appreciate that!⁣

After taking it for a few weeks, the major thing I noticed was my sustained energy throughout the day. There was no crazy energy spike or jittery feeling and no crash come mid day or evening. I took it in the morning right before leaving to take our son to school and go teach 2 classes. ⁣

I was also able to travel to Budapest, Prague and London while taking this - which means eating out every single day - and still managed to lose weight. There's a lot to be said for that. I'll be getting another bottle to see the effects it may have when I am able to be home where I cook my own meals to see if there is much of a difference.⁣

I will be taking my after photos and measurements to compare to my before and will post the results in my blog post. Be sure to check it out as well as the link for where to order.⁣

Check out my YouTube video for the full review -

When you drive for 35 minutes to the US base to see Santa (thinking they hired an American Santa) but apparently they hired an Italian Santa who went on riposo (afternoon break that can be anywhere from noon to 4 pm 😳) and you have no clue when Santa might come back or if he even will........⁣

You just say "Va Bene", hop in his seat and take your own photo without him! Maybe next year they can post the break times so we don't make the same mistake again. However, I thought the photo would be pretty comical for our first one for Italy since this is kinda how it goes here and you learn to just roll with it. Fingers crossed for next year 🤞

Last Full Moon of the decade 🌕⁣

This full moon in December is the Cold Full Moon, set for December 12. She was a glorious sight to see, even this morning! ⁣

A new decade, and a new year, in general, is a great way to shed old skin and become reborn into someone new, which is what this Full Cold Moon in Gemini teaches us.⁣

It’s a time for us to decide what needs to be left in 2019, what we want to take with us in 2020, and what else we look forward to that’s completely new and different.⁣

I was on a call last night that was eye opening for my future and set my soul on fire for what 2020 holds! This is a very powerful full moon, take advantage of this energy!! @ Pozzuoli

We take our inversions very seriously here 🤣⁣

What better way to watch Bubble Guppies right? Kidding aside, inversions can be great for the body. ⁣

Studies show inversion can:⁣
• Regulate the nervous system⁣
• Provide unique vestibular input⁣
• Be calming, or alerting⁣
• Prevent meltdowns⁣
• Relieve back pain by taking ⁣
pressure off the discs⁣
• Improve spinal health and ⁣
• Improve brain function⁣

My herniated discs in my neck make me have to modify my inversions now, but I still get in them daily for the health benefits (except during my moon 😉).⁣

Plus I always feel better after inversions! They can be very simple too, you don't need to be in a headstand, handstand or forearm stand to real the health benefits of inversion. Simply laying your head over the side of the bed or couch is technically a head inversion or even laying over an exercise ball allowing your head to fall back.

Do you even know what it feels like to be ALIVE? ⁣

I'm not talking the day to day daily grind, the hustle of being "too busy", the spreading yourself too thin because you say yes to everyone.⁣

Being ALIVE to me is walking barefoot in the grass and feeling the cold blades sneak between your toes, it's looking up at the trees in amazement as the leaves change color and they prepare for winter. ⁣

Being ALIVE is waking up each morning with gratitude for the simple fact that you woke up and get another day to be in the company of your choosing, it's hearing the deep belly laughs of a child that are so contagious that you join in! ⁣

Being ALIVE is owning up to your past, overcoming your struggles and spending everyday doing everything you can to help inspire the lives of other who were once in your shoes so they believe there is a better way.⁣

👉What does being ALIVE mean to you?

As his 4th birthday is quickly approaching, looking at this brought tears to my eyes. Ok, more than just tears to my eyes.... I ugly cried for a good 7 minutes in my car 💦😭💦⁣⁣
Maybe because I know this was my last pregnancy and I loved being pregnant, so it's a little heartbreaking I will never experience those little kicks and flutters again. ⁣⁣
Maybe because he gave me a preview while he was in me of how energetic he was going to be and I didn't believe it.⁣⁣
Maybe because my abs looked better at 36 weeks pregnant than they do right now 🤪 kidding. Kinda. ⁣⁣
Maybe because my little baby boy isn't a baby anymore, he's going to be a 4 year old in 9 days. ⁣⁣
Who else gets me right now?? Please tell me I'm not the only one who misses being pregnant but also will not be having anymore kids 🤷🏼‍♀️ @ Pozzuoli


Oh my gosh 😍 This time of year has me gettin' all kinds of creative with my superfoods! I don't know if you're like me, but my sweet tooth is like the most powerful sugar demon on the planet 😈 I'm guilty of plowing through entire pints of ice cream, entire boxes of Oreo cookies and don't get me started on peanut butter desserts 😳

Fortunately I have found a happy balance by combining my favorite superfoods with just a hint of the sweet flavor I'm craving to give me an incredibly healthy version of dessert! I don't believe in depriving yourself of tasty things, but I don't need to eat that stuff every single day. By doing it this way, it kinda feels like I am and I have less cravings and my gut health isn't being compromised 😉⁣

I'm starting to put all of them together into an eBook of tasty desserts. Would that be something you'd be interested in??⁣ Let me know either leaving a comment below or sneaking into my DM 🤪

Eating out doesn't have to de-rail your goals...⁣

I've had the mindset that is a little self destructive towards my goals. You know, telling yourself it's ok to have all the foods, especially if you're in a certain area or place that has a specialty. But let's be real, you can enjoy the local food and not have to go overboard 😉⁣

Here's some ideas to create a better mindset around traveling and eating out:⁣
🥬 Start with veggies! Salads can be very decadent and explode with flavor - add some protein, nuts or seeds, avocado, more veggies than just lettuce or spinach, get your dressing on the side, heck add bacon if ya want!⁣
🥦 Not in the mood for a salad, no worries - check out the sides and see if you can get some steamed veggies.⁣
• ⁣
💦 Stay hydrated! Don't skimp on water when you are out.⁣
🍝 If you are worried the meal will be too big, split it with someone OR ask for a to go box and when the food comes, place half of the food in the box.⁣
🍰 Same applied for the treats! Don't not have them if you really want it, but maybe split it with someone or if it's buffet style, just get a smaller sampling of the treats you want.⁣

👉 When you eat out AND when you are at home - do not get stuck in the mindset of "I can't have that". You could be potentially setting yourself up for a binge sesh 🤦🏼‍♀️ been there. Several times.⁣

Stay tuned, surviving the holidays and sticking to your goals is my next blog post 😉

Power of positivity 💖⁣

Yesterday I went so far out of my comfort zone and then I decided to go bigger and actually post about it 😳 I think my heart was beating faster than a hummingbird's heart when I hit post... ⁣

Turns out by being more vulnerable than I ever have in my life allowed me to see what beauty I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by. Complete strangers reached out and poured their heart out in private messages telling me how much my post helped them. Friends supported me and showed so much love!⁣

I am even more inspired to share my struggles in the hopes I can help even more women. I always think back to when I was in my deepest, darkest moments and wished I had someone to help me see the light. I now know I went through those struggles for a reason. It made me who I am today and now I can pay it forward to help other women. Today I am declaring that I WILL be that light for you!

Increasing flexibility and strength are two of my top priorities when it comes to my health and fitness.⁣

Aerial yoga, antigravity yoga, flying yoga - whatever you want to call it, it really helps me with flexibility and strength. ⁣

I owe it all to my dear friend @frizzyandfit for inviting me to my first antigravity yoga class in Japan, I've been hooked so then! So hooked that I'm finishing up my certification to teach it so I can bring it to my classes at Carney Park in the new year!⁣

Have you ever taken a class before? If not, would you?

🙋🏼‍♀️Personalized health and nutrition based on your DNA🧬⁣

Y'all know I am all about science 🤓 and I have spent the last 8 months checking out @ginihealth

If you have ever uploaded your DNA info. to Ancestry or 23andMe, you can sign up for free and get your own personalized health markers and even nutrition based on your DNA profile / genetic coding!⁣

For the last decade I have been experimenting with my health, trying to find foods that make me feel optimal and a funny thing happened when I got my DNA profile analyzed....⁣

Almost every single thing I had personally experienced was CONFIRMED from the genetic code 🤯 I was completely blown away at the accuracy of what I felt actually being confirmed!! ⁣

They even make custom vitamin supplements that are personalized to you as well. Of course this is all new and science is still emerging on nutrigenomics. This is such fascinating stuff and I encourage you to dive deeper into your own health!!

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