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IPL Intense Pulsed Light for treatment of dry eye

Onze paramedische oogheelkundige praktijk heeft jaren ervaring met deze behandeling van droge ogen. Wij hebben fors geïnvesteerd in deze medische apparatuur en onze optometristen / orthoptisten zijn medisch geregistreerd en gecertificeerd.

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Matheson Optometrists now provide a new treatment for Dry Eye called IPL(intense pulsed light) Using the advanced Lumenis M22 device scientifically controlle...


Plesman Optiek, Contactlenzen & Optometrie

Heeft u last van droge ogen? Dan is er nu een reden om het te laten behandelen met een nieuwe methode. Bel 0346-556555 voor een afspraak er zijn slechts beperkte plaatsen beschikbaar.


OS 41 yo female. Had abblatio when she was 16yo. Now VA=0.8. You can see the avascular area inferior.


Wide scan with our new Triton OCT


OD Macula + optic nerve head by FourDeX - 3D model

Myopic -2.5 Diopter. OD macula + optic nerve head


Infrared picture with slit lamp meibomgraphy. You can see the ducts and even the meibomian glands if you look close.


CONJUNCTIVAL CONCRETIONS (OCULAR LITHIASIS). 75yo Male with secundairy cornea erosions and fibrosis.


Grade 3 lipid layer. 3422 OS Male 38yo. NIBUT 18sec. Thickness of lipid layer about 80nm


4649 probably Juvenile Macular Degeneration. Male 56yo. Sister has progressed JMD. Decreased contrast and VA=0.70


Meiboom Expressie tegen droge ogen 4581

Here a movie for you of a meibum expression I did.


Droge ogen spreekuur 4581 ND Female Plesman Optiek, Contactlenzen en Optometrie www.plesmanoptiek.nl 0346-556555 Dr. Plesmanlaan 156 tm 160 3601DE, MAARSSEN


I started to do meibum gland expression

Best's Disease 03/06/2014

54yo Woman 4552. Best's disease. VOD 0.35 VOS LP. Metamorphosia OD gr 2


Optometrie's cover photo


711 Female 65yo. OS Cystoid Macular Edema - CME. Sudden vision drop from VA=1.0 to VA=0.5 with metamorfopsia. Referred for FAG


4144 34yo son (upper) VS 1211 66yo father (below) with POAG VA=0.45. Quite similar structure of cup. Son has RX of +0.75, father has -8.00


4132 OD very deep cup. IOP [email protected]. VA=1.0


Got my new OCT-1 Maestro from Topcon today! It has an automated periferal fundus photo function. This is my right eye. 9 pictures stitched together. You can see I have almost no pigment. Burden of my Nordic genes.


1055 OS after having a parasite. VA=0.2. Age of 25. Male


1619 61yo female. OS. Sudden drop of vision to 0.20. PVD with some tissue damage. A small macular hole is visible.

Melanoma 08/11/2012

1832 - Probably picked out a melanoma today. OD Woman 63yo. Sudden vision loss with central blur for 5 days without pain. VA=0.15


338- OD foveal CV traction. 3 months ago saw some incomplete PVD. Told client to come in when she noticed changes in vision or flashes. Came in today and saw quite an elevation of the central area. The other eye is amblyopic so I hope this will continue in a smoot complete PVD. VA was 0.9 before. Today it was 0.75 and some difficulties in fixation when reading.


2093 spontaneous resolving of macular hole in 9 months after PVD with traction. Click to observe

Refractie Eye Churgery 15/10/2012

Refractie Eye Churgery

Glaucoma 15/10/2012



Pseudo hole with CV traction OS stage 2. VA=0.95! Hx with OD full macula hole. VA after retina chirurgy =0.3 !!
Time between two scans is only 6 months. 2470

orthok.co.uk 29/08/2012

Double Reverse Geometry, Four Curve Lens

Started fitting a new Ortho-K lens. Much better comfort and better results. Can now be fitted up to -6.50 with -2.50 cylinder of myopia. Link to a presentation: http://www.orthok.co.uk/slides/sld002.htm



Does anyone know what this is? VA=1.0. History of psychic problems. Just slightly more deep pigment on fundusfoto, nothing suspect.2952 OS


Zo ziet dus een donor hoornvlies eruit! Doneer!

PKP - penetrating keratoplasty 05/07/2012

PKP - penetrating keratoplasty


2740 Macula Bleeding. Blood under the retina.


1685 ARMD VA=1/300 with fluid behind macula


Faulty constriction of the pupil after phaco cataract surgery. Waiting for the iris to go over the IOL gradualy. If not, secondary surgery is needed.


CV traction on the right photo. Left scan is 6 months later. You can see a full CV detachment. The traction is gone and normal macula pit is present again. Risk of macular hole is no longer present.

[01/15/12]   Recently tooooo busy for posts. My practice is growing fast. When I have my routine back I will post some interesting new cases.


58 yo woman comes into my practice for a second opinion. OD VA=0.70 OS VA= LP. Toxoplasmosis ODS. OD seems quite ok but has scars under de perimacula. ONH OD is ok. Her opthalmologist mist a stage 2 Fuchs' dystrophy in the corneas. 2045





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