Matt Foreman Fitness & Nutritionist

Matt is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with experience in all areas of health, exercise and wellbeing.

Matt is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with experience in all areas of health, exercise and wellbeing. Operating from the top of the line Movement Lab facility in Grey Lynn.

Coming soon! A premium Health & Fitness facility located inside the luxurious The International complex in Auckland’s CBD. ⁣

The interior a contemporary and timeless look designed by Rufus Knight. Residents and members can expect a luxuriously restrained aesthetic using materials that have been chosen for both their beauty and durability – natural stone, custom timber cabinetry and wide-boarded timber flooring.⁣

Follow @bodyformtheinternational for more updates ⁣
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Taking on new clients this March for Personal Training!

Flick me a message or email [email protected] to get started! 🙌🏼💪🏼

Body Form Ponsonby

🔥🔥🔥 Kickstart your 2019 fitness goals with our awesome Personal Training special! Join us in Auckland’s premium private health & fitness boutique and let our team of expert trainers help you. ⁣

Limited spaces available for new clients only. Send us a message to get started this January. #bodyform #ponsonby #auckland

Time to start that summer shred 🤔💪🏼👊🏻. Our trainers at @bodyformponsonby are taking on new clients this November! Very limited number of spaces. DM me or email [email protected] to get started! #bodyform #ponsonby #auckland #personaltrainer #fitness #summer

Lifting weights is good for the body and mind! 💥 ⁣
The latest meta-analysis published last week looked at the association between depression symptoms and weight training. Of this they found in 33 different trials covering 1877 people, that depressive symptoms were reduced significantly in those who did weight training. ⁣⁣
The researched showed that weight training can be used as an alternative or adjuvent treatment for depressive symptoms. I certainly feel better after a training session and my mood is definitely enhanced overall. 💪🏻👍🏻 Who feels the same?

Rainy days call for a long high intensity session. Working on that cardiovascular fitness. Give this a try:⁣

3 Rounds non-stop ⁣
50 Calorie Assault Air Bike⁣
40 Double Arm Battle Ropes⁣
30 Med Ball Slams⁣
20 Thrusters⁣
10 Burpee Box Jumps ⁣

💪🏻😅 Was wrecked! ⁣

Great afternoon spent yesterday over lunch learning all about the latest research on Nutra-Life New Zealand Kyolic-Aged Garlic Extract by Dr. Karin Reid. ⁣⁣
As a Clinical Nutritionist I would say garlic has to be one of the most underutilised natural health products on the market with life changing benefits. It can reduce blood pressure, ensure your blood pressure stays in check, aids in healthy cholesterol levels and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Always invest in your health and ensure you use good quality supplements 💪🏻👍🏻. ⁣⁣
Blessed In Doubles

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👍 Exactly.

Favourite back day finisher 💪🏻👌. Hits all the right places and even gets into the booty! 🍑 Give this one a try!

Excited to be getting back into more things I love with some nutrition work! I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist as well as qualified in Performance Nutrition.

I am teaming up with Key Nutrition out of Body Form Ponsonby. To book in head over to our website:

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TRX Leg workout 🔥
What better way to spend your rainy day than a killer TRX leg circuit with Anjuli Mack
10 Split Squats
10 Pistol Squats
10 Squat Jumps
30sec Rest, repeat 5 times! 💪🏻

Body Form Ponsonby

At 24 years old I never expected to ever have my own place. It was always a dream of mine since entering the health and fitness industry. I wanted to create a space that made people want to train. An environment that made people realise workouts and your health did not have to be boring. Somewhere fun, friendly, and a place that made people go wow! 😁 I have never done things in halves, it always has to be absolutely perfect or why do it at all. I have taken all my experience over the years working in the industry to make Body Form Ponsonby the best! From every minor detail, like GHDs, towels, hair ties, right through to the best equipment, best location and best team around.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me to get to where I am today. Lets see how this place goes! 🤗

What an amazing time at the opening night of the new space Body Form Ponsonby!

Thank you for everyone who attended and for all the love and support!

Harvest & Gather
Blooms With Gi
Remedy Kombucha


3x 30 Min Personal Training Sessions for only $99

Send me a message to get started!

Body Form Ponsonby

I'm back! Time to get back into Personal Training 💪🏻. Here's a sneak peak of my new space with equipment to come! This is only half of it! It's not just me also! I have a team of amazing trainers, physios, nutritionists, pilates instructors, massage therapist! So send me a message to get started!

Body Form Ponsonby

Body Form Ponsonby coming to you soon...stay tuned! #10DaysTime

Emma Storey-Gordon Fitness

Who loves Coffee?

A recent review of over 200 studies concludes that drinking coffee is safe (in reasonable doses) and may offer some health benefits.

Drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day was associated with reduced risk of death as well as reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, liver disease and some forms of cancer

However, the BMJ were quick to note that it is too soon to advocate drinking coffee for health benefits as the majority of the research is observational meaning that cause and affect cannot be identified.

I’d also add that if you’re drinking 3-4 cups of sugary frappachino crap then I imagine the extra calories will outweigh any health benefit

What we can say is that the consumption of 3-4 cups of coffee per day is safe (unless you have an intolerance) and that some of the benefits may be related to caffeine given that less of a trend towards reduced disease risk was seen in decaffeinated coffee consumption.

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Summer's here 👌 #summer #beach #newzealand

What an awesome day Holistic Performance Nutrition annual conference. Learnt some awesome techniques on how to keep clients on track with Eric Helms, followed by when to use low carb keto approaches with Cliff Harvey finished off with an awesome insight into training programming by none other than Bret Contreras PhD 😁🍑. #hpn #learning #nutrition #training

Binge Eating

This is something that comes up numerous times in clinic and is more common than what people tend to think. You are not alone and there are strategies that tend to help those who struggle with binge eating.

The most common misconception is that people seem to think it is a food issue, “like what foods can I eat to stop binge eating”, or “what foods lead to binge eating” and this mindset can be harmful and usually will lead to more binge eating. Reason being, all that is doing is separating foods into “good foods ” and “bad foods” categories. When really there is no such thing. Anything in excess or not enough can be bad for you. There is no such thing as fattening foods, or fat burning foods. Usually 9 times out of 10 it comes down to being in a calorie deficit for weight-loss (quality of foods and health is another topic). I’m not saying go and eat “sh*t”, like pizza, ice cream, lollies, etc, but I am saying, if you have those foods, in moderation you can still lose body fat.

When people tend to binge, it is usually them having foods they consider to be “bad” and this leads to a negative cycle. They eat the “bad food” so they then think “ah I messed up”, then they think, “well I’ve already messed up, I may as well keep going, I can get back on track tomorrow, or Monday.” I see this daily in clinic. This process of them thinking they have eaten something bad, causes the negative cycle of them thinking they have already messed up, so they may as well keep messing up.

SO how can you help this?
1) Stop weighing yourself. If you are emotionally tied to weight and food, weighing yourself for some people causes a huge negative impact. You weigh yourself in the morning and it dictates your mood for the day. You lose weight, you are in a good mood for the day, you don’t lose weight or go up, you are automatically in a bad mood for the day setting you up for negative thinking. “Oh I didn’t lose any weight, this diet isn’t working, I may as well just go eat everything.” Get off the scale!

2) Now lets say you have a really long day at work, you’ve eaten great all day, and you get home from work, sit down for the evening, but you feel a binge coming on. Now you need to set a rule for every time you feel this coming on. This may sound stupid, but trust me it works! So what is the first action you are going to do when you feel a binge coming on? It can be as simple as saying “I’ll have it in 20 minutes”. Straight away what this does is gives you permission to eat the food you desire, so it takes away that restriction that a lot of binging is caused from and gives you back control. If in 20 minutes you still feel like eating it, then have it. But wait 20 minutes, because usually within 20 minutes you have completely changed your mind about wanting it and the binge desire is gone.

3) You CAN’T mess up! The only way you mess up on your nutrition is if you quit! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh I can, I can go smash a pizza, have a tub of ice cream, then eat a block of chocolate.” Even if you do that, you still didn’t mess up! The only way you mess up is if you quit and don’t try again. Get back on track the next day, try again and create that rule around when you feel the binge coming on. But don’t ever think you messed up!

4) Seek professional help! There are professionals who work with disordered eating and in clinic we work alongside psychologists, councillors etc, to help clients with eating problems. If you don't feel you want to see a psychologist, or therapist of some sort, start by seeing a qualified nutritionist and they can point you in the right direction and begin your journey to help you get back on track :).

Absolutely blown away by the progress @kp.fitnessnz has seen over the past few months! Our approach was not a bikini prep approach, but one of a healthy lifestyle where she could still cook nice recipes and enjoy foods she loved.

Consistency with nutrition was the key to her success, and putting in the hard work in the gym accelerated her results. It's always about creating a healthy and maintainable lifestyle, as well as educating when it comes to nutrition 👌. #nutritionist #healthy #lifestyle


Body composition and nutrition 👌

If you peeped the ISSN study about body composition and diets (and it was very thorough) you'd be left with some very fantastic clues as to how you should be eating for better body composition.

1. Protein is your key macro - Protein being equal, all named diets in a hypocaloric state provided the same value in regards to fat loss and muscle retention.

2. What this should tell you is simple - stop fretting over what diet is "best" or "better" for fat loss. So long as you are making to sure to meet your protein needs (about 1 gram per pound of bodyweight) then pick your fats and carb intake based around YOUR PREFERENCE.

3. That means low carb/high fat works about the same as low fat/higher carb works, so long as protein is sufficient and energy in vs out is adhered to for goal attainment.

4. Meal frequency is also another preference, and has no outcome in regards to body composition. So if you prefer eating 5-6 smaller meals a day, and feel that suits you then do it. If you like eating 2-3 larger meals a day, and can meet goals doing that, then do it.

5. Remember that sustainability is really what's key. If you're trying to lose fat and/or gain muscle, then whatever your eating pattern/lifestyle is, it should be something you can do day in and day out with little deviation. If your current diet is causing you to go into fits of binge eating, or having to fight that feeling on a very consistent basis, then something is very wrong. If you're not contest dieting I mean. And then you just have to accept that's a part of getting ready for a show. Otherwise, if fat loss is the goal, some hunger is part of the game. But not so much that you derail yourself by gorging on Pizza and doughnuts because you "just can't take it anymore". Trust me, I know that feeling.

6. One trick I've found that works exceptionally well, is to have a protein shake before each meal, about 15 minutes before you plan to eat, then go with protein first, and then all the veggies. This works especially well for those who don't want to eat 6 times a day, but still want to make sure they are getting in high amounts of protein in the 3-4 meals they are having each day.

7. Also remember that food quality counts. Your calories matter, but if your food choices are also causing you to have cravings or not sustaining good blood glucose levels and not improving gut function, then there will be manifestations of that.

8. In truth, there's actually never a NEED to cheat. I'm not saying you can't cheat, but if you're really dialed in and have a high degree of satiation most of the time, then you actually won't feel the need or the pull to cheat. That's actually a good sign that your diet is dialed in and working. Fat loss is happening, muscle retention is high, and your cravings are under control. A refeed is different, and mostly for those who need to replenish depleted glycogen stores if they tend to run a lower carb version of a diet. For someone who runs a lower fat version, they could end up craving fatty/salty food, and in that case have a low carb day where you up the fats like avocado, olive oil, and whole eggs.

9. Moderation doesn't work great if an extreme is the goal, i.e. preparing for any type of competition. However if you're trying to get in awesome shape, then slow and steady will win the race. A moderate degree of hunger is ok. A moderate degree of fat loss that is sustainable each week/month, is something that will end up being what changes your physique over time. Seek the moderate zone in regards to these things because you can stick with them day in and day out.

Jumping into the short week ahead with @nazzfitness. Make sure to set yourself weekly goals, not just long term. They can be anything from going to the gym a certain number of times, having a certain number of days alcohol free, or even just making sure you smile more at people. Being friendly costs nothing 👌. Have a good week! 💪🏻 #smash*t #goals

Look at the special bond between father and son, & mother and daughter 😍.

Today was all hands on deck with Noah and Harlow joining mum and dad for a group workout! 💪🏼 Blessed In Doubles

Despite having the twins there, there were no excuses and the hardwork still got done! We even used Harlow and Noah to add extra weight to some exercises.

Movement Lab is baby/kid friendly ✔ dog friendly ✔and some of the staff are kinda friendly 😂✔. So you've got no excuses!

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Nutrition Seminar! Monday 16th October at 6:15pm F45 Training Newmarket

Next Monday, my Feel Fresh Nutrition team mate Emily's Formula and I are kicking off the @f45_training_newmarket 8 week challenge with a nutrition seminar!

Emily and I will discuss nutritional strategies for long term lifestyle changes, exercise nutrition, meal planning and prep ideas, supplementation and more!

Head along to this free seminar which is open to all regardless of whether you're doing the challenge or not! @feelfreshnutrition

Also a huge congratulations to Amanda @babyhulkfitness (F45 Newmarket owner) on her NZIFBB bodybuilding success over the weekend💪🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀

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Guide to: Lunchtime Salads

Great tips as always from Healthy Always How to build my favourite lunchtime meal - the (not-so) humble salad!

You can buy the "best" nutrition or training program in the world, but a program doesn't mean anything unless adherence is there.

Too many people think that if they purchase a program then the work is already done. They wait for the program to do it's magic and then act surprised when they don't get anywhere. A program only works if you do.

However, on the other side of the fence is if you can't adhere to the program then how is it the "best". There are thousands of copy/paste programs, E Books, $80 downloadable so called custom plans, overnight nutritionists, and detox shake diets. The fitness industry has headed in a direction of get rich fast schemes and despite the so called "professionals" acting like they care about their clients, deep down it's all about the money.

I'm not saying none of this works, I'm simply saying that there is so much more to a program, and you are worth so much more than a copy/paste program that 50 others received before you.

Find someone who works with you. Who takes into consideration what you enjoy, what your lifestyle is like, how you are feeling, and who makes you feel valued and cared about. Because if you don't like the way you train and eat, then there will be no long term success.

Training & nutrition slots avaliable now! It's never too late to get started. Message me now!

Our Story

Matt is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer with experience in all areas of health, exercise and wellbeing. Operating from the top of the line Body Form facility on Ponsonby Road.

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