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At From Within Healing the focus is to support clients in achieving emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being in a space of acceptance.

I believe that all healing comes from within the individual, as does all dis-ease and suffering. I also believe that to heal ourselves our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves all come into play. Addressing these layers can facilitate a deep healing that filters through every aspect of our lives. I see my role as holding a space, with acceptance, compassion, non-judgment and safety, where the client is allowed to BE. This space alone can begin a healing process. My personal healing began when I got to a point of really not liking how reactive I was, as a mother and a partner. The picture I saw wasn't what I wanted to see. Through a process of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical discovery, an unfolding took place, I started to peel back the layers of me and find out what was going on behind what I was experiencing. This created a clarity and understanding which has lead me to where I am now, in this moment. I have been, and still are, blessed by the key people in my life who have guided me through this awakening process. I am passionate about continuing this work with myself and others: to share what I have learnt and continue to learn, to guide others as I have been guided, to hold a light showing a way out of the darkness of suffering. I am grateful to be in a position to hold out my hand and offer my support. Blessings to You.

Just because you have a thought, it doesn't mean...

You have to pick it up and hold as true about you or someone else.

You have to follow it where it wants to lead you.

You can't put it back down and leave it where you found it.

I find it interesting how caught up in fear we can become when faced with decisions, especially ones that foretell what seem like massive changes. I am currently standing at the precipice of such a decision, with many fears keeping me stuck.
From the outside looking in what advice would I give myself? What ever choice you make will be the right one, what is meant to be ... Not making a decision is a choice in itself, choosing the status quo ... The irony of choice is that we really don't have one, there is only one choice we will make in any given situation, because of who we are and what we know in that moment ... In the big picture none of it really matters ... It will always work out for our highest good.
Does any of that help from the inside looking out? Only time will tell!
What I hold most passionately to is that in every moment we have a choice, and we are making a choice in every moment whether we realise it or not.

Sometimes this is easier said than done!

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Healing isn't always about something being 'wrong' or 'fixing' something. Healing is also about the opportunity to let go, let go of the defenses, let go of the pretenses, let go of the need to be something for someone, even if it's for ourselves, to let go of the tension we hold in our bodies and give ourselves permission to be, exactly as we are, whatever shape the thoughts and feelings take and being okay, in a space of total acceptance.
Holding on to all that we do can be exhausting, is it time for you to let go.
For appointments contact Abbie 021588952 [email protected]

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The more I know the suffering within me the more I recognize the suffering within another. From this place compassion is born, compassion for self and compassion for others.

Wondering what to give someone for their next birthday, Christmas or to say thank you? Have you considered giving them the gift of themselves? Some quiet time to turn off the phone, be still and relax, all the while receiving healing energy in a peaceful loving space. I have gift certificates available and can post to you if you wish. Contact Abbie: 021588952 / [email protected]

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I learnt something new about myself yesterday, I get this feeling sometimes, it's like fear mixed with foreboding, I have always read it as my internal warning system telling me that whatever I am considering I 'shouldn't' do it, it's not the 'right' choice. What I figured out was that it is a fear, just not one that is keeping me safe, it is a fear that is keeping me safe in my box, a fear that is keeping me from reaching my full potential. This new understanding hasn't made the feeling any less real today, what it has done is allowed me the opportunity to move forward in spite of the feeling and take a chance at seeing what the world looks like from the other side of these walls. I wonder...what keeps you in the safety of the known, the safety of your box, what stops you from stepping outside of your walls?

We have been discussing visibility in our group therapy paper at uni, what we are willing to let other people see and what we keep hidden. It is interesting how we invest so much energy in the masks we wear, our mother, father, daughter, son, friend, sister, brother, employee, co-worker, social masks, the selves that we use to play a role, to be the the person that we think is expected, to be the person we think we want to be, endlessly trying to hide what we perceive as imperfections or faults. When the truth is no-one is perfect, we all have these parts of ourselves we try to hide, yet they are what make us human. Our uniqueness, our beauty is in our idiosyncrasies, we shine our brightest when we are fully ourselves.

From Within Healing's cover photo

From Within Healing's cover photo

As I lay in bed this morning I observed my breath, I connected to the stillness of this and wondered - does there need to be anything else, anything more than this, more than the breath. We put so much on ourselves - expectations, judgements, responsibilities, commitments ... we attach stories and meaning to every moment. When we come back to the breath there is none of that. In the simplicity of our being there is our self and our breath.

I do not have to agree with you,
I do not have to believe in your worldview and take it on as my own,
I do not have to accept any judgements and assumptions about me made by you as truth and feel I am less because of them,
I have the right to my unique view,
You have the right to your unique view,
It is the same right that every human being has,
My duty is to ensure I honour this right in all my interactions.

So many times it is said "if I knew then what I do now I would have done things differently, my life would be very different". We can only make our choices with what we know and who we are at that time, there is no value in continuously punishing ourselves for what we see now as a mistake, something we wish we hadn't done. Forgiving ourselves doesn't mean we are saying that what happened is okay, it means we forgive the person we were for doing the best they could, knowing that we are only able to be the person we are now because of those experiences. They are not mistakes, they are opportunities.

Is your reactivity impacting on your relationships, with yourself and those around you? You have a choice, you can rewrite the stories that keep you reactive and change your responses to others.
For appointments contact Abbie 021588952 [email protected]

In those moments when we question why someone would do this or say that, when we judge or criticize another, remember that we do not know their story or the path they are walking, we cannot truly know their thoughts or how they see the world, we cannot say that if we had lived their life we would make a different choice.

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We can be in a room full of people and feel completely alone, we can be completely alone and not feel lonely at all.
Loneliness is not about how many people are around us, how many friends we have, how close we are to our family or if we have a partner. Loneliness is about how connected we are to ourselves, how much we are able to look beneath the anger, frustration, hurt and sadness to see the feelings of fear behind them, how open we are to revealing what is on the inside, how open we are to being vulnerable, and how safe we feel to do this. We can reflect this loneliness in our outer world by progressively isolating ourselves or surrounding ourselves with superficial relationships, both reinforcing feelings of loneliness.

Today I am going to go outside of my comfort zone and share with you:

I was successfully taught to shut everything in, to not express what I was feeling, to not show my vulnerability, I spent many, many years feeling lonely. I have successfully taught, through my role modelling, my two older children to do the same. I do not know if they feel lonely, would they even share that with me? Last night I asked my 10yr old daughter what was going on inside, her energy had been flat for a couple of days, she said she has been feeling lonely. I am grateful that I no longer feel loneliness, that my personal growth so far has allowed enough change in me for my daughter to express this, I also see that I still do not show my children (or many others) my vulnerability, my fears. I suggested to my daughter that we have a sharing time, where we BOTH share things that are going on inside, she was very keen to do this. I hope that as a busy mum I follow through on this with her and regularly, I hope this helps her to connect to herself, I hope that I can show her how to know and be okay with her feelings and not feel lonely anymore.

I share this with you in the hope that we can all begin to change this disconnection, for ourselves, our friends, our families and our children. I ask not that you share on social media, this is not connecting, I ask that you share with someone personally. If you share with your child, ensure that it is age appropriate - they do not need the to carry the weight of the world, they do need to know that when you are angry, frustrated, hurt or sad, that really, underneath, you are afraid.

As soon as we name what we see, like a sunset, we stop experiencing it with our being and start labeling it with our mind. Breaking it down into parts, like the sun, clouds, red, orange, yellow and blue, instead of allowing ourselves the fullness of the moment. There is a profound depth in each moment that defies all labels, cannot be confined by limits and boundaries, that can fill our being so completely if we open ourselves to it.
Life is to be experienced, a full immersion of the self, not labeled and cataloged in the mind, separated from the self and kept at arms length.

Sometimes life is about taking a closer look and noticing the little things, sometimes it's about taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture, it is always about being in the present moment and experiencing what is, without, as much as possible, attaching our stories.

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The more I look around the more I see people, whether they are on their own or with others, absorbed in their phones. Escaping from the world and themselves, oblivious to their surroundings, missing opportunities to experience life. How far are we going to travel down this path?

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you start to photograph or video something you miss what is happening?

Have you looked up from your phone and noticed your child looking to see if you had watched the amazing thing they just did?

Have you considered how many times they have looked to you and you are completely absorbed and unaware?

I wonder:

Are the digitally rich becoming the relational and experiential poor?

When we see a single star in the sky do we believe that that is the only star that will shine or do we know there are an infinite number of stars shining that we do not see yet.
Why is it then when one person shines we feel defeated or inferior, we feel that our chance to shine has been lost. Why is it then that in our moment to shine we feel threatened by others, we feel that if others shine our light is dimmed or our moment is taken from us. Whether it be in your family, with your friends, at work, in the classroom, where ever you are, celebrate the one who shines brightest first for they light the way, showing the rest of us that we too can shine as brightly. If you are the shining star allow others to shine with you, together we light up the whole universe. WE ARE ALL STARS.

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Happiness is not something that is dependent on a future goal - the right job, house, body, partner, money, holiday, friends... it is something that resides within us, a natural part of our being. When we stop searching for happiness we find it where we already are.

Our perspective is the culmination of all of our experiences to this point, it is what shapes our life, guides our actions and instructs our thoughts, it is unique. Some people may see things in a similar way and others will be completely different, this does not make one right or one wrong. It is not our role to force our perspective on others, it is our role to be open to another's point of view, knowing that we do not have to take it on as our own and that by expanding our understanding we grow as a person.

One of the great gifts in our lives are the people who challenge us the most, for they have the most to teach us about ourselves, provide the greatest opportunities to grow and do so with the least amount of gratitude. Take a moment to send love to the person who you least want to as they may be the most deserving.

Life is a continuous series of choices, including the ones made by default through not choosing something else, when we do something because we feel we have no choice or when we are stuck and unable to make a decision, by not deciding we are choosing the status quo.

Through ownership of ALL our choices comes strength and empowerment.

You choose...

Empowered choice vs Passive victim.

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From Within Healing

Are you tired of feeling angry or hurt by the things that are happening in your life? Are you over feeling powerless with no control?

Life would be simple if we viewed our experiences as they are, often though we add our own texture and colour, sometimes even completely distorting 'what is'.

Relandscaping is an in-depth exploration of core beliefs, habitual behaviour patterns and reactive triggers, through which a place of understanding and clarity can be reached. From this place an opportunity exists to begin consciously creating our experiences and be released from the aspects of ourselves that keep us trapped in repetitive patterns.

I have appointments available, contact Abbie 021588952 or [email protected]

When we reflect on the past we can be filled with guilt and regret, phrases like "if I had my time over" or "if I only knew then what I know now" in many conversations. This can be especially true for parents, guilt seems to be part of the package. As a gift for Mothers Day let us remember that we all do the best we can with what we know at the time, we learn, grow and change every day so our choices will be different today than they were yesterday, last week, last year...
Let us not harbor blame or guilt, let us forgive, accept and love, finding a place within for compassion and understanding for ourselves and all mothers, who in every moment are doing the best that they can.

In fear we judge,
In love we accept,

In fear we criticize,
In love we encourage,

In fear we condemn,
In love we forgive,

In fear we exclude,
In love we include,

In fear we compete,
In love we cooperate,

In fear we hate,
In love we have compassion,

In fear we disconnect,
In love we openly connect with ourselves and others.

Who is in the driving seat? Love or Fear?

Things have no meaning, it is us who give meaning to everything, we make things right or wrong, good or bad, according to how we see the world. When we react, it is the meaning we have given to the words or actions of others that causes our pain, anger, sorrow... Know yourself, know the lens through which you see and begin to free yourself from suffering.

Unsure what to do next? You don't have to weather the storm alone.Through clearing, balancing and grounding your energy fields you can find more clarity and feel more able deal with whatever is in front of you. I have appointments available Thursday, contact Abbie 021588952 or [email protected]

Drama after drama keeps us bound to the mind, feeding a need within us and at times can be all consuming. These dramas are but a moment in an infinite existence, in one physical reality, that happens in the blink of an eye.

We are all a piece of the same puzzle, all pieces are equally important, no matter the size, shape, colour or place in the puzzle, no piece can take another pieces place, as each piece is unique, without a single piece the puzzle is incomplete, as EVERY piece is an essential and valuable part of the whole.

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